View Full Version : Loremaster ?

29-07-2011, 18:19
Can a character with "Loremaster" rule take a Lore of Magic and then have another mage take the same Lore in a army list ? Example : Teclis with High magic and then a archmage also with high magic .

Also is "Shield of Saphery" considered a "Signature Spell "

Thanks for reponses =]

Lord Zarkov
29-07-2011, 18:24
1) yes - any spells that you don't roll for (whether because you, have loremaster, have the spells as standard or written into the armylist (like the Necromancer), because you have swapped for them, or any other reason) don't count towards the limit. Only ones you roll for do.

2) it's not technically a signature spell, but if it is the one you may choose to swap for then as many wizards as you want can have it, if that's what you're getting at.