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01-06-2005, 21:12
Anyone know of any free army builder programs online?


02-06-2005, 04:10

02-06-2005, 04:28
Sadly army builder isn't exactly free.

The forge is a good army building program, but it is hard to find data lists unless you make them yourself. I'll edit this with a link to the program when i get home :)

03-06-2005, 16:41
You can find a link to The Forge in my signature below. As for data lists check out the link I posted below. You will need to make a Yahoo acount, which is free, to access the data lists.


03-06-2005, 17:33
for the palm?! amazing!

I use army builder 2.2C simply because i don't wanna go out and buy the new ABIII when AB2.2C is perfectly fine. they just need to fix up the deathwing lists; according to that the DA heroes and DW heroes get terminator honors and stubborn for free!

03-06-2005, 17:39
for the palm?! amazing!

Pocket Forge is a stripped down version of The Forge for the Palm. The idea behind this is that you do the bulk of your work with The Forge and then can tweak that work on the go (i.e. at the hobby shop) with Pocket Forge. You can, however, build complete lists from within Pocket Forge if you like.