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30-07-2011, 19:40
well like the title says, any suggestions or advice?
Liche high priest, lvl 4, earthing rod

Tomb prince, glittering scales, gw


40 skeleton warriors, fc

40 skeleton warriors, fc

20 skeleton archers, mus, standard

3 chariots, flaming banner

4 carrion

Collosus, ehw

Warsphinx, roar

Warsphinx, roar


Should be approx 2k

01-08-2011, 00:34
I'm not a tomb kings player but there are a few things I'm wondering about. I play Vampire counts so am familiar with the issues of crappy troops and crumbling to combat res.

How do you see the skeleton blocks interacting with the rest of the army? I mean how do you plan on them deploying (horde formation or 5 wide and 10 deep for example) and once they do get into combat how do you see combat ending?

My vampire armies often see a unit of skeletons in them but they are very much a throw away element because once they get caught up in combat I need to gauge how many of them I am likely to lose each round before commiting any other units to the fight. They can inflict damage as a horde but they will still die in droves so combat res is likely to go very badly against you if you deploy wide. This make supporting them or using them to support other units very tricky if not outright disastarous.

Now I can see Tomb king skeletons working quite well if they have some tomb princes to add some kills and raise the WS to impressive levels. However you only have the one prince and the necrotect whilst quite useful for improving their hitting power is quite squishy.

I am also a little worried to see only the one wizard, you've got some protection for him but I alway want to see a couple of wizards to improve your chances of channeling and a better range of spell options.

It looks like you've got the monsters to give people a scare and the casket is nastier than before, very good against those elite units that like to move around your army.

It does feel like you are going to be extremely reliant on the monsters to do most of the work in which case you'll have to be very careful how they engage foes in multiple combats.

I'd probably like to see a monster go or one of the big skeleton blocks reduced so you can get another hero or two so you can make both more difficult to kill or one hit significantly harder. Also look into one or two level two priests as the lore and death and light have a number of really awesome spells to help undead and it's worth taking advantage of them.

sons of osiris
01-08-2011, 00:57
in general as a tk player it is beeter to deploy deep not n hordes the reason for this is as skeletons are not very good when we lose fights we crumble however by going deep we reduce our frontage also it alows us to break steadfast units due to combat res also means we lose less guys from failing xD
Our skeletons are used as tarpits using magic we bring them back to continue holding up units waiting for our stronger units (monsters, chariots,tomb guard) to counter charge to finish them off. tomb kings rely on our constructs and magic basicly using other units as hold ups.
in regards to the list keep the characters as they are :)
maybe drop the colosus for something diferent- i generaly just dontlike them if im honest.maybe spend some points on more chariots maybe a unit of 4 or 6 or another unit of 3.

01-08-2011, 22:30
yeah dropping 40 skellies and the collossuss for chariots/archers and/or a second spellcaster probably would help... I just like the collosuss :)

Marshal Augustine
02-08-2011, 01:12
I have been using Skeleton warriors quite effectively and I like them a lot. My Journey of 20 Games has a lot of field testing with the hordes of skeletons.


Tactically they stall while your hammers get into place. Sometimes they win games, sometimes they don't. I like chariots and have also had great success with them, but without the numbers that the skeleton hordes offer I would have lost the games that I played with the chariots.
Yes and king or a prince are quite useful in the units but not mandatory. The reason why I dont like large archer blocks as a fighting force is because as a hierophant bunker you want them towards the back and out of danger.

02-08-2011, 12:33
indeed your blog gave me the idea that big skelly units had their uses, Marshal Augustine

thanks for the advice people