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30-07-2011, 23:32
The black Coach, Evocation of death used to be 6" is it correct now that it covers the whole table thus stealing all the dice that are rolled sixes etc table wide? Just curious as it seems to be rather excessive and the Black coach seems over-powered because of it (just my opinion)???

31-07-2011, 00:01
The Black Coach has been FAQed. The 6 inch auto-suck range is gone. And yes it affects the whole table now. It captures all power dice that are rolled at the beginning of the magic phase (6's only). It does not suck dice when someone attempts to cast a spell or dispel, nothing like that. Its not over-powered because it only sucks power dice, and DO NOT forget it sucks your own dice in your magic phase. So the Black Coach is a wonderful rare choice if you are playing a very combat oriented Vampire Lord and characters. And if that is your goal, it takes the place of Blood Knights, so you must choose what you are truly looking for.

31-07-2011, 00:05
Ok thanks brilliant

31-07-2011, 00:11
The 6" range only applied to a wizards own pool of power dice. You always rolled for the dice in the collective power pool, regardless of range. (Normally this was 2 but certain items added to it such as the black periapt and rod of power.)

In 8th since all power dice are in the collective pool you always roll for all the dice available.

It's not overpowered as it affects the vampire army as much as it does the enemy and vampires need a solid magic phase. However it does mean the coach tends to be flying by the end of turn 2 or 3 without difficulty.

I don't think I could ever call the coach over-powered though as the unstable rule makes it very brittle, one charge against it and there's a good chance it'll just crumble to dust that turn. The only thing that makes the coach possibly too powerful is ethereal status.

31-07-2011, 00:24
I agree with Darkangeldentist - The Coach doesn't usually need to charge something head on (unless its Ethereal and its Night Goblins trying to seek in fanatics, which is cute to see fanatics trying to swing at a ghost). Usually a flank charge hurts. Impact hits, hatred, terror, the ward save, killing blows, you can't go too wrong. Avoid characters and kill off those core units. I laugh when I can throw my Coach at Tomb King chariots and they can't touch me.

31-07-2011, 00:30
Ok i agree over-powered was the wrong word to use, what I should of said was "powered-up very quickly" lol. My opponent wasn't rolling his own power dice just mine. Had no trouble getting rid of it i was just curious about its rise to greatness so quickly :) I will tell him the good news as he's just bought another one!!