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Von Wibble
31-07-2011, 11:25
Liche High Priest, Level 4, Talisman of Preservation 255 pts

Fairly obvious choice I hope. I can't find the points to get him an arcane item.
Liche Priest, level 2, dispel scroll. 130 pts

Liche Priest, level 2, sceptre of stability 120 pts

Both of these guys start on fulcrums. They are level 2 to provide a little bit of protection against magic duels, and to maximise chances of getting decent non cataclysm spells.
I'm not sure what lore to give them. I had 1 light, 1 death last game, but the light wizard didn't cast a single spell.

Tomb Prince, general, chariot, flail, Dragonhelm, the other tricksters Shard. 184 pts

Has a decent 3+ saving throw with his T and W on top, and will lead a chariot unit. Having him as the general means teh game isn't unwinnable if the high priest dies.

35 Skeleton Warriors, fcg. 170 pts.

5 Chariots, Banner of Eternal Flame 295 pts.

25 Archers. 150 pts.

High Priest has choice of starting with archers or warriors depending on how things look. Chariots are led by the prince.

The skeletons aren't a huge unit because they only need to hold the enemy in place briefly - they are there to give my fulcrum priests a little extra time.

Warsphinx, Fiery Roar. 230 pts

3 Sepulchral Stalkers 165 pts

Tomb Scorpion 85 pts

2 Base Tomb Swarm 80 pts

Casket of Souls 135 pts

The warsphinxes high toughness means he can actually take on a lot of monsters as well as units is necessary. The Stalkers are also monster killers as a lot of them have I2. The scorpion is a cheap threat to wizards thanks to KB.

The casket adds valuable power dice and gives me a very nasty attack - again good vs monsters.

Monsters and magic

Living Deadwood Staff - carried by the high priest.


Great Eagle - Swiftsense, Blood of the Flame Roc

6 Harpies, Manbane claws.

The idea is simple - make sure that enemy units are in a wood when charged by my sphinx or chariots, or combo charged by anything else. That way they lose steadfast and should break. The chariots will oc need to charge in with something cheap since they won't pursue through the woods - the tomb swarm, scorpion, eagle can all fulfill this role. The eagle also isn't too bad at attacking fulcrums or war machines, and with his ASF flaming attacks will make things difficult for any Hydras or HPAs.

Total spent - Lords 255, Heroes 434, Core 615, Special 560, Rare 135, MM 497

Additional points - With hardly any units it is all about using magic to ensure enmy units are less effective and setting up combo charges. The way the meta is going, I can face any army that is not Order - therefore I won't be facing Empire, High Elves, Dwarfs, Brets. I am therefore less worried about shooting as only dark elves and tomb kings are really a threat there.

My intention when models allow is to have 2 units of 4 chariots, and to change the monsters to 2 175ish pointers - at the moment my MM allowance is very much model limited. I have a Hydra and a Chimera, so any combos involving these instead could be considered.

Thanks in advance for any constructive criticisms.

01-08-2011, 12:31
Nice list overall only things is you have only a little protection for your own fulcrums.

Von Wibble
01-08-2011, 20:00
Each fulcrum already has potentially a unit and a monster to protect it, and a lot of the army is anti-monster, so the biggest threats, other than magic duels, shouldn't be an issue. Granted, the units in question won't last long, but they don't need to.

What changes would you make to improve this protection? Also, what lores would you give the priests?

01-08-2011, 20:14
I think a unit of Tomb Guard would make excellent defense, but you are strapped for points. Maybe drop swarms + L2's to L1's as a start?

Spiney Norman
01-08-2011, 20:31
Light is a poor lore for TK in SoM, none of the cataclysm spells are useful, I would avoid it, take the Hiero and 1 L2 with LoN and the other L2 with death.

I'd also think about getting a wizard from your M&M allowance to expand your available cataclysm spells, as first choice I would look at a Truthsayer or Zoat as the lore of life synergises well with the deadwood staff, but a Lammasu is a good option if you want to give fire/shadow a whirl.

02-08-2011, 01:06
You want at least 2 wizards with Nehekara, as both of the SoM spells are remains in play and very good. The first one is easy enough for a level 2 to cast too.

Von Wibble
02-08-2011, 16:55
Thanks for the advice. A lot of it makes good sense, but because of lack of models there are some things I would like to do but can't, eg getting a dark emmisary or lammasu to get shadow magic. I also have no tomb guard models, and at 75 for a decent sized unit I won't for some time. I did think about a tomb king with wizards hat for exactly the reason Spiney Norman gives (more access to cataclysm spells), but that would somewhat cramp my points available for the Hierophant.

I have just found out that I will next be facing Ogres, Orcs and Goblins, or Daemons (mostly Tzeentchian). I'm thinking Light and Death could be good choices for lores -Light to really put the hurt on Daemons, Death to assassinate the likely bsb with light miscasts banner. I'm not so concerned about the light cataclysm spells as the base spells are pretty good for tomb kings and I will cast those and Nehekkara together instead. Meanwhile the Death Presence spell is quite good. I want level 2s because the chances of getting decnt spells from the base lore are increased, and they are also more resilient to wizards duels (that orc and goblin army could have a fair number of those).

Options I have with models available now

- I now have 3 more chariots, so I could drop the prince and go to 2 units of 4 chariots with no command. This would give me an extra element to the army, but at the cost of having to make my Hierophant the general.

- I have another priest, so could have an extra wizard - I might in that instance have a level 1, drop one of the others to level 1, and lose the tombswarm to afford this.

- If the thing ever sticks together, I could replace something in the army with a screaming skull catapult. With units being of less importance I'm not so sure about this option.