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01-08-2011, 05:24
Welcome to the Tale of 40k Painters 2010-2011!

What is the Tale all about?
The aim of the Tale of Painters is to get an army fully painted within the next 12 months.

For most 40k armies the size will be somewhere between 1000 and 2000 points, but you can go higher if you want to (and you're crazy enough)! BFG and Epic armies will be slightly different, but as long as you choose an appropriate sized army for your game system then there's no problem.

Once you've chosen your army, your target is to paint roughly 10% of your army each month. For example, if you've chosen a 2000 point army then your monthly target would be 200 points. The Tale runs for one year (September 2010 to August 2011), so if you stick to your 10% monthly target then you'll only need to paint for 10 months of the year.

To cover the months when you can't/don't paint, you get 2 'Jokers'. You can play a 'Joker' at any time (provided you haven't used them both up!), which essentially means that you don't have to meet your target for that month. They can used for real life events (such as births, deaths, marriages, exams, holidays) or if you're just having a bad/slow month. If you use a 'Joker' then feel free to post a suitable image instead (a Joker or something funny).

What is this thread all about?
This thread is to be used as the completed work thread for July, up until the 10th. Please only post last month's completed work until the 10th.

On the 11th it will then become the work in progress (wip) thread for August. Feel free to post any wip pictures of what you're going to be painting this month, army lists, background stories, battle reports, questions, and comments on anyone else's posts. You can post as little or as much as you like in the wip thread, but please keep it wip. Do not post any completed work for August until the next thread opens at the start of September. The next thread will start out as to place the post your completed entries for this month, and after the deadline (now set as the 10th of each month) will become the next wip thread.

If you have not posted by the 10th, then you will have to use one of your 'Jokers'. If you have failed to post by the 10th and have already used up both of your 'Jokers', then unfortunately you will be out of the Tale.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q : Am I too Late? Can I still Join in?
A : Unfortunately you are now too late! Don't worry though, the Tale of Painters will be starting again very soon (September), so keep a look out for the 'sign-up' thread.

Q : Can I paint more than 10% of my army in a month?
A : Yes, you aren't bound by the rules of the Tale, and it's great to get ahead. BUT, we would like you only to post 10% (approx) each month and try to stay roughly on track with 10% per month. For example, if you're painting 2000 points that means 200 points in month 1, 400 points by month 2, 600 points by month 3, etc. This way you won't depress those of us who are struggling to keep up.

Q : Can I paint less than 10% of my army in a month?
A : Yes, you aren't bound by the rules of the Tale, but we would like you to try to stay on track by painting more points in the next month to 'catch up'. For example, if you're painting 2000 points and you only painted 100 points one month you could try and get 300 points painted the next month. Equally if you paint more one month you can take it easy and paint less the next month.

Q : What happens when I paint an expensive character/tank/unit?
A : This happens a lot. If your character/tank/unit is over 10% of your army you could simply paint him/it/them over two months (the sort of time your general/tank/expensive unit deserves!). For example, last year my monthly target was 200 points and I painted a Stompa (600 points). I split painting the model into (roughly) 3 months of 200 points, posting new WIP shots each month.

Q : Do I have to use my 2 'Jokers' during the Tale?
A : No, you don't have to use them at all. If you can manage to paint/post for the full 12 months then congratulations, you'll have exceeded your target and truly embodied the spirit of the Tale!

Q : If I 'catch up' with my points, can I 'buy back' a 'Joker'?
A : Yes, just let me know in your monthly post if you would like to do this. For example, if you have a target of 200 points per month and have played one of your 'Jokers', you could 'buy back' your 'Joker' if you can manage to make up the 'Jokered' 200 points at some point. This could be from painting 400 points one month, painting 300 points over two months, or just making up smaller amounts here and there (as long as you're back on track).

Q : What's with the D6 roll in your post?
A : The D6 roll was an idea introduced in the last Tale to help ensure that everyone gets some comments on their work. If everyone rolls a D6 when they post (I use the D&D dice roller (http://www.wizards.com/dnd/dice/dice.htm) if I don't have a D6 to hand), then we should have six roughly equal groups each month. Then, if you comment on those people who rolled the same as you everyone will receive some feedback. So, if you roll a 1, comment on all of the other 1's, if you rolled a 2, comment on all of the other 2's, and so on. Of course, if you have the time/want to, there's nothing stopping you from commenting on anyone's/everyone's work.

I'll start off by posting an entry for July. Feel free to copy my post to use as a template (edited to suit your army), but as long as you post your Monthly total, Total to date, Unit(s) painted and a picture then that's fine.

If anyone has any other questions, please direct them to me (misterboff).


01-08-2011, 05:25
Here is a list of who's still in the Tale of 40k Painters. Please can you check your entry and let me know if anything needs changing:

bigcheese76 - Imperial Guard - 1795/2000 (2 Jokers used)
biginbelgium - Blood Angels - 1040/1500 (2 Jokers used)
djc - Imperial Guard - 2160/1500 (0 Jokers used)
Doomseer - Blood Angels (Angels of Wrath) - 1750/1500 (2 Jokers used)
Fanny Crowbar - Dark Eldar - 1360/1500 (2 Jokers used)
Irondog - Orks (and Grey Knights) - 1825/2000 (2 Jokers used)
Mini77 - Space Marines (Dead Suns, and Imperial Guard) - 4376/5000 (2 Jokers used)
misterboff - Dark Eldar (Wych Cult of the Blade Denied) - 1716/2000 (2 Jokers used)
perplexiti - Space Wolves - 1864/2000 (0 Jokers used)
pudsey098 - Orks - 2379/2000 (2 Jokers used)
razormasticator - Imperial Guard (Ice Drakes) - 2006/2000 (2 Jokers used)
Rutgar - Eldar (Biel-Tan) - 1038/1000 (1 Jokers used)
superawesomeraptorman - Tau Empire - 1230/1750 (2 Jokers used)
Vimes - Space Marines - 3395/2000 (1 Jokers used)
Zark the Damned - Orks - 3651/3000 (1 Jokers used)

If your name isn't on this list and it should be, please let me know why and I'll get you updated.

01-08-2011, 05:36
misterboff's Dark Eldar: July 2011 (D6 roll = 4)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 185 POINTS (monthly target: 200 points) I increased my target from 175 to 200
TOTAL TO DATE: 1716 POINTS (target to date: 1800 points) I increased my target from 1750 to 2000

BACKGROUND/THEME: "Wych Cult of the Blade Denied"
The Blade Denied is an elder Wych House that specialises in the art of using their foe's weapons against themselves. The irony of seeing a warrior impaled upon his own blade is always a favourite of this cult, for it shows that even a weapon cannot be trusted.

5 Hekatrix Bloodbrides (inc. Haywire Grenades, Razorflails and Syren with Blast Pistol and Power Weapon) - 120 points
Venom (Splinter Cannon) - 65 points

The Venom was straight from the sprue. The Syren is a Venom gunner with a Reaver head, Warrior Blast Pistol and Wych Power Weapon. The Bloodbrides are the Venom 'hangers-on' with the 'old-school DE' looking Punch Daggers and Splinter Pistols. They've also all got small pieces of Cities of Death girders on their bases to help balance out their poses.

I'm roughly following the painting guide from WD371, but substituting purple in where necessary. The bases are simply Astronomicon Grey followed by Citadel Snow.

Silver: Boltgun/Badab/Mithril
Bronze: Tin Bitz/Devlan/Dwarf
Black: Chaos/Adeptus/Badab
Eldar Flesh: Space Wolves+Tallarn/Devlan/SWG+Dheneb/Rotting
Flayed Skin: Tallarn(+Vomit/Dark)/Devlan/Tau Sept Ochre/Rotting
Purple: Hormagaunt/Leviathan/Liche
Blue: Mordian/Asurmen/Enchanted/Ice
Green: Knarloc/Thraka/Goblin/Scorpion
Yellow: Iyanden/Gryphonne/Bad Moon
Orange: MSO/Baal/Vomit/Blazing
Pink: Mechrite+Dheneb/Baal/Mechrite+Skull
White: Astronomican/Badab/Skull

Finish the clear canopy for the Venom.

Highs: I think my Bloodbrides look different enough from my regular wyches, and really enjoyed painting the Venom too.
Lows: My Venom went a bit 'dusty' are a coat of Purity Seal, (which was very annoying) and I shook the can for ages too!

I'm going to finish off the Tale with a large unit (20 models) of converted (plastic) Beastmasters and Warp Beasts...


[Bloodbrides, Venom left, Venom right, Unit]

02-08-2011, 06:44
Hi chaps,

I'm not going to be able to post until next week; have been suffering a serious lack of motivation for over a month (only really picked up a brush the weekend just gone) and need this weekend to finish of my entry.

02-08-2011, 16:27
Mini77's Dead Suns: July 2011

TOTAL TO DATE: 4376 Points

BACKGROUND/THEME: Dead Suns Space Marines

DIY Space Marine chapter. I have units and characters from across all the Marine books (except Space Wolves) so I can switch at will for different play styles and models.


Nothing new really, just more of the same units filling the army out.

Assault Marines 155 points
Power Sword, Thunder Hammer, CCWs

Furioso Dreadnought 140 points
Blood Talons

Storm Raven Gunship 215 points
Twin-linked Multi Melta, Twin-linked Plasma Cannon


Dread uses the arms from the Furioso kit on a Venerable body so I could have the exposed helmet. I don't remember where the 'wing' details came from. Everything else is pretty much straight out the box.

Nothing new here, simply following my basic routines.

These are finished.

Highs: Storm Raven is a real pleasure to build and paint. Great kit.
Lows: Good month again.

If I can finish the Fellblade I'll reach my target...... Depends how busy I am. If not I'll have to settle for mutiple smaller units to make up the remaining points.




Zark the Damned
03-08-2011, 21:11
Zark the Damned and the aggressive expansion of Waaaagh Kargrak: July 2011

TOTAL TO DATE: 3361 + 290 = 3651 Points

BACKGROUND/THEME: Waaagh Kargrak is currently undergoing aggressive expansion into Imperial space following the Green Kroosade.

This month I finally add some Evil Sunz, meaning I now have all 6 'official' Klanz represented! Of course, I could add some Freebooters...

I also named my 'Red Goffs' - they are now the Bloody Fangs, an offshoot of the Goff Klan whose 'philosophy' lies somewhere between the Goffs and Speed Freeks/Sunz - they're all for doing it proppa Orky, but like having the extra speed to get in your face fasta!

10 Warbikes with Nob, Bosspole, Power Klaw = 290pts

Pretty standard build. Only conversion is one guy has an Axe arm scavenged from one of my AOBR Lootas.

Nothing new to report really. Went for a mix of red and yellow to contrast with the red and black/white checks used by the Bloody Fangs.

NEXT MONTH: Final month! No idea what I'll go for... I have a huge pile of stuff awaiting assembly, but I'll try see about getting up to 4000pts.

PICS: To come when the lighting's better (I have literally just finished painting them)

04-08-2011, 14:04
I may be looking at a Joker this month guys. I will let you know later tonight.

07-08-2011, 19:57
ARMY: Rutgar's Biel-Tan eldar

MONTHLY TOTAL: 60 points
TOTAL TO DATE: 1038 points - I have reached my target... :D

UNIT: War Walker with 2 scatter lasers


HIGHS AND LOWS: Some of you may notice that the canopy in front of the pilot is missing. It's been quite some time since I assembled this model, and I believe that I put the canopy in a very clever place so that I wouldn't lose it... Noone have seen it since... :mad:
Other than that, quite pleased with reaching my goal. Now I need to start basing all of them...


07-08-2011, 20:45
Another Joker for my Im afraid. Ive been concentrating on my Bretonnia army for fantasy, but I'll be back with a tank or two and an army shot next month!

07-08-2011, 22:01
djc's beastman guard

MONTHLY TOTAL: 100 points
TOTAL TO DATE: 2160 points

10 vets, 3x melta

Finish off the bases

Highs: Regaining my motivation.
Lows: Not doing any painting for the bulk of the month.

Next Month: I'd like to try and get some Sentinels done, if not then I'll try for another Russ.

08-08-2011, 00:27
I'm done for last month, but my computer has crapped out...grrr

So I'm not sure when I'll be able to post, still have to take photos, process them. Hopefully by the end of this week I'll post my stuff up.

08-08-2011, 16:58
Dark Eldar 1500 points: June 2010

MONTHLY TOTAL: 66 POINTS (monthly target: 150 points)
TOTAL TO DATE: 1360 POINTS (140 points to go :D)

By the end of the tale my army will not be complete. I will have 1500pts, however, I will just enter my Dark Eldar into the Tale next year to finish off the army.

The Kabal of the Bloody Tongue

Scourge Sybarite with blast pistol (47pts)
Kabalite Warrior (9 pts) EDIT: I've just spotted that the warrior pictured has been shown before. I assure you all
I HAVE painted a different one :D
Wrack (10 pts)

Straight out of the box.

I want my Dark Eldar to have a neon/Tron feel to them.
The armour is mostly dark blue (Necron Abyss) with light blue (Ice Blue) highlights. Some plates are painted silver.
Glyphs and hair are bright green (Scorpion Green) highlighted to white.
I'm painting the Dark Eldar's skin as I would bone. Dheneb Stone base with a Devlan Mud wash. Highlighted with more Dheneb Stone up to white.
The bases are bits of slate and sand. The slate is painted Codex Grey and drybrushed with Fortress Grey. The sand is painted Snakebite Leather and drybrushed with Dheneb Stone and then given a wash of Devlan Mud. Finally I added some static grass.

Highs: Adore the Scourge models. Finecast minis were fine too. Probably dodged a bullet there :shifty:
Lows: None whatsoever.

A Talos should see me finished for this year, bring on the next!


09-08-2011, 05:32
Irondog's Orks (and Grey Knights)

Total Painting for July '11: 150 points of Orks

Total Army Size: 1825 points (Orks - 1185 pts / Grey Knights - 640 pts)

Die Roll: 2

It's been a busy few months for me. My daughter has been on summer break and I've had a metric crap ton of commission stuff to chew through. Having said all that, I did manage to scrape together enough time to get some Orks painted and to keep myself in the Tale.

I painted up Boss Snikrot and 5 Kommandos for a total of 150 points

None. Snikrot doesn't need any. In my opinion he's one of the coolest Ork models ever produced.

I used my standard Ork Skin technique (http://www.irondogstudios.com/tutor_skin.html) and a predominately Black color scheme for the clothing. I painted these guys to fit in with an existing mob of Orks that I painted several years ago.

The compass on the hilt of Snikrot's blade was a special pain in the ass, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Bestial Brown followed by drybrushes of Bubonic Brown and Bleached Bone.

Still to Do:


Here's ol' Snikrot, ready to shank some foolz....


... and a few of his Kommandos...


... a group shot...


... and finally an 'Army Shot' of the Orks I've painted for the Tale thus far.


09-08-2011, 11:54
Yep its a Joker for me this month. I will post double points for the final month. Comments in a few days for everyone who posted!

10-08-2011, 19:03
Well done to everyone who's managed to post this month - only one more to go!

For those of you that are interested (and haven't already), The Tale of 40k Painters 2011-2012 Sign-Up thread link is in my sig. Go on, you know you want to...

As for this Tale, I've done pretty well so far. I've managed to paint up 14 of my 15 Warp Beasts, and have half basecoated my 5 Beastmasters. I just need to finish them and then convert/paint up my Clawed Fiend...

(comments to follow in a couple of days when I've got the time)

10-08-2011, 20:22
Pudsey098 Evil Sunz Orks : July 2011 (D6 Roll = 1)


Looted Dreadknight (Counting as a Meka Dread IA8) - 185


The Dreadknight model screams out to me loot for my Orks, so with the combination of the Deff Dread kit and my bits box the model was born, although as you can see his close combat arm is missing, as I am unsure how to build it yet, but I aim to finish it during the month and will post along with the finished base.



Finish the close comnbat arm and the base, along with a bit of touching up here and there.

Converting the Dreadknight was fun, although the converted legs didn’t go together as well as I hoped. Overall I think it works.

The sound of pigs and engines….

14-08-2011, 18:30
A little late, but here's my months work.

Perplexiti’s Space Wolves: 2011




BACKGROUND/THEME: Ragnar Blackmane’s Great Company.

UNIT(S): 7 Blood Claws with Wolfguard.

BUILD/CONVERSIONS: The Wolfguard is the classic 2nd ed Blood Claw sergeant. There's also a couple of 2nd ed Blood Claw minis in there too. Apart from that standard 3rd/4th Space Wolf plastics with a couple of chaos chain swords.

PAINTING/BASING: Basecoated black, then a Fenris grey coat, with very heavy drybrushes of shadow grey then spacewolf grey. The metal bits were chainmail with a badab black wash. I forget the name of the yellow I've been using for the lenses, but it's put over a iyanden darksun base.

STILL TO DO: Nothing but the basing, I've decided to sit down at the end of the tale and base all of them at once.

HIGHS AND LOWS: No real lows, although I've been struggling with my motivation the last couple of months.

NEXT MONTH: The rest of the blood claws. And that's it for this tale I believe.

Blood Claws:


Land Speeder:


Army so far:


16-08-2011, 20:54
A little late but comments time!

@ Mistaboff.. once again love the pink hair on the blood brides. Simple yet effective scheme throughout. Your army is shaping up nicely.

@ Mini77 your marines are rocking as usual. Love the Jump pack guys, especially the cat with the hammer!

@ rutgar.. keep plugging away at that Biel Tan eldar bro! love the green. Biel Tan is my favorite craftworld.

@ DJC, those up armored beastmen are... BEAST! Nice work man.

@ Fanny Crowbar, love the models dude. The Scourge is gorgeous and the Wrack is no slouch either. How did you find the finecast? the wracks I bought are amazing. No issues whatsoever.

@ Irondog... amazing work as always. Your orks are my inspiration!

@ pudsey... LOVE that conversion. Great paint job as well.

@ perplexiti.. nice work on the wolves. the photos are tad bit washed out but the solid paint work still translates bro!

16-08-2011, 21:50
Alright, comments time. As there's not many of us left I'll comment on everyone's work.

@misterboff: Nice work, the pink and purple play really well together.

@Mini77: More fantastic work from you mate, looks great. Are those wings on the dread the ones from the Dark angel upgrade sprue? The ones that you can glue on a helmet.

@Rutgar: Great white, really clean looking walker. I hope you find that canopy too.

@djc: Nice Bestiguard mate, really well done.

@Fanny Crowbar: Awesome, just awesome. I can't wait for a finidshed army shot from you, that Tron armour is just perfect.

@Irondog: More great looking Orks, your guys just look so good I never know what to add.

@pudsey098: Great looking kitbash! Can't wait to see it with the CC arm on.

Well done everyone who's posted, almost finished now.

16-08-2011, 22:48
My PC's been under a dust-sheet for almost a week while I have some home improvements done, so here are some delayed comments:

@Mini77: Brilliant work once again. I love the wings on the Dreadnought and the Marine with the huge Warhammer.

@Zark the Damned: Looking forward to seeing your Warbikers - I love the models.

@Rutgar: Good work on the War Walker. The green/white scheme suits it nicely.

@djc: Boy, those Beastmen sure look angry! Another lovely squad.

@Fanny Crowbar: I love the colour scheme for your Scourges wings, and the Wrack gives plenty of visual contrast to your army.

@Irondog: Superb. The compass is a brilliant idea, although I imagine he breaks it a lot...

@pudsey098: An excellent bit of kit-bashing, and great basing too. The Orks green face really stands out to show who's in charge!

@perplexiti: More characterful Space Wolves - they really suit the mixing of various editions/marks. That Sergeant always reminded me a bit of James Hetfield (Metallica singer), and I can imagine him screaming 'KILL' in a heavy metal style!


I've nearly finished my 5 Beastmasters now (just highlighting and neatening up to do), so my final model for this year's Tale will be my converted plastic Donorian Clawed Fiend.

I've attached a picture of the 'ingredients' for my Warp Beasts pack, which has/will make 5 Beastmasters, 10 (counts as) Khymerae, 4 Razorwing Flocks and a Donorian Clawed Fiend (all in plastic)...

18-08-2011, 21:57
Right, time for some comments.

misterboff; Nice looking squad you have there, really like the Venom, the splashes of pink work well with the darker colour.

Mini77; Good stuff as usual, I have to echo everyone else and say I really like the wings on the dread.

Rutgar; Nice walker, the colours work well together. Although I have to say I think I prefer it without the canopy, reminds me of the old school walkers!

Fanny Crowbar; Great work, as always. Love the scourge.

Irondog; Superb, love the compass! Really like the texture effect you've got on the blades too.

pudsey098; What a great conversion! Love it.

perplexiti; Cool unit, really like the mixture of different edition models.

Keep up the good work everyone, not long to go now!

Then it's next years tale!!!

20-08-2011, 22:01
On a slightly related note, I've posted a small Apocalypse battle report (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=314768) featuring the Deathskull Ork army that I painted up over two previous Tales (and will be adding to the next Tale).

And on a more related note, here's a very early WIP shot of my Donorian Clawed Fiend. Next stage - green stuff...

22-08-2011, 21:15
Time for some comments:
@ misterboff: Nice dark eldar.

@ mini77: Nice marines, good highlighting.

@ djc: I love the theme of your army

@ fanny: The wrack looks good

@ irondog: Nice orks,

@ pudsey: that's a cool dreadknight

@ perplixiti: like your space wolves

@ razormasticator, perplexiti, misterboff, djc: Thanks :)

23-08-2011, 07:07
Hey folks, here's some comments from me. Getting excited about the start of the new TO40KP when I'll be back properly and painting my own stuff to post.

misterboff - very nice stuff, I love that Venom model in particular and you've done it the justice it deserves

mini77 - very nice stuff, really liking the bold black colour scheme

rutgar - nice looking war walker although the colours look a little flat in the photo as if it could do with some washes to give it a bit more definition. this may be the photo though!

djc - very nice beastguard, love the idea and they're very well painted. Have you got your own plog where I can look through the rest of your stuff?

fanny crowbar - gorgeous looking DE, really looking forward to seeing your Talos

Irondog - amazing looking Orks again, where are those vehicles from as they look ace?

pudsey 098 - awesome conversion and painting, looks much better than it does when built normally in a GK army!

perplaxti - very nice stuff and the army is looking very impressive all together

24-08-2011, 21:09
@ Fanny Crowbar, love the models dude. The Scourge is gorgeous and the Wrack is no slouch either. How did you find the finecast? the wracks I bought are amazing. No issues whatsoever.

I was fortunate too. A very tiny amount of greenstuffing. Very pleased.

25-08-2011, 17:48
djc - very nice beastguard, love the idea and they're very well painted. Have you got your own plog where I can look through the rest of your stuff

Thanks! Don't have a plog, other than the tale threads, that is.

26-08-2011, 05:14
Sorry for the late comments - been really busy with real life garbage unfortunately.

Misterboff: As good as ever. I really like the hair as it gives it an almost Japanese anime styling.
Rutgar: I know what you mean about putting stuff in 'safe' places. :(
DJC: Really, really nicely done. It still surprises me how they 'work' so well.
Fanny Crowbar: I really like your highlighting on the warrior and the skin on the wrack.
Irondog: Your pics make me cry. Awesome stuff as usual.
pudsey098: Nice conversion. You could possibly build a CC arm from some Sentinel legs?
perplexiti: Again, nicely done. I think I've said before but these 2nd ed minis hold so many memories for me.

@Mini77: More fantastic work from you mate, looks great. Are those wings on the dread the ones from the Dark angel upgrade sprue? The ones that you can glue on a helmet.

I really don't remember. I thought they might have been from the Death Company kit but I've bought some of the DA Vet boxes in the past so they could be from there. I tend to clip parts from the sprues and stick them all in my rather unorganised bitz boxes.

26-08-2011, 19:04
I'm really struggling with an intermittent internet connection at the moment, sorry for the lack of individual comments.

Well done everyone still in the tale, some great work again this month, really looking forward to seeing the finished army shots. Who knows I might even manage some half-decent pictures myself!;)

27-08-2011, 08:35
Following on from my earlier post, here's an updated WIP shot of my Donorian Clawed Fiend - now with green stuff!

Hopefully with it being mostly fur it won't take too long to paint, and then that's me done for this year's Tale.

On a side note, does anyone else think it looks a little bit like a D&D Owl-Bear?

01-09-2011, 06:43
Hi guys and gals,

The new (and final) thread is now up:

The Tale of 40k Painters 2010-2011 MONTH 12 (FINAL THREAD) (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=316005)

Please post August's completed work in that thread, along with everything that you've painted for the Tale this year.