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01-08-2011, 10:46
Hello hello! I am currently sitting in Qingdao, China, with a lot of extra time to think about stuff like small plastic figures as our cash is running low and we're stuck here for about a week. So came up with the random thought of making a Cathay themed Skaven army.

Really I'm just looking for ideas of what could make up an army of about 1000 pts. The theme would be some kind of Eshin peasants' clan rebelling due to the teachings of their Taoist grey seer. Peasant rebellions based on taoist teachings happened all the time in ancient China, and seems like a fitting theme for the Skaven. A religion/philosophy taking the sides of the smaller, weaker, and helping them strike from below against the powers that be? Yes please.

Stuff I know I would like to include if I start this project:

- Tao-tao Sage, basically a taoist Grey Seer converted appropriately.
- Ricefarmrats, Clanrats (obviously with rice hats)
- Shaorat Monks, the quintessential fighting masters played as Gutter Runners
- Snail Swarms, heard of somebody else doing this as rat swarms. Love the idea.
- Fireworks team, played as WLC or catapult or mortar.
- Terracotta Vermin, Stormvermin painted as terracotta. Easy as pie?

For some reason I didn't bring any WFB army books with me on my vacation to China... Yeah, irrational I know. So I would really appreciate some ideas on how to build an army out of this, and ideas on other stuff I could include! I would really like to keep the model count as low as possible as I like my projects to be fun, individually converted and painted to a reasonable standard, instead of competetive.


Jolly Puggles
01-08-2011, 13:27
Your Grey Seer should definitely be standing on or holding (and contemplating) an uncarved block of wood...

As an accidental Taoist, I love this idea!

Really, with the stuff you've mentioned there, you have a pretty decent list. Grey Seer as the General, add a Warlock with a Doomrocket and a Chieftain (BSB optional really, you could have a skaven-parody of "The Vinegar Tasters", perhaps, as the Standard if you do go for one) and you're good to go for characters.

Clanrats and Stormvermin make a good Core, just be sure to include enough of them! I don't think Slaves, though they're probably appropriate to the fighting skills of the peasantry you're theming the army on, don't really fit with the whole Expendable thing. At 1000pts, a unit of 30 Clanrats and 20-odd Stormvermin should do.

I think a WLC would be the best proxy for firework teams...it's unreliable strength and range representing the somewhat haphazardly measured powder charges seems appropriate to me.

As for the Shaorat Monks, just cram as many as you can in there. At 1000pts, this won't be many, especially with a Grey Seer at the top of the list. If you really want to run with this idea, I'd suggest a higher points total...you have some really neat ideas and if you have the modelling and painting skills to back them up, this could be a very nice display piece, if nothing else!

04-08-2011, 11:17
Thanks for the advice and ideas mate, really like the banner suggestions!

If you have the army book (or good enough memory), do you think it's possible to fit:

Grey Seer with minimal upgrades
20 Stormvermin
30 Clanrats
3-5 Rat Swarms
Warp Lightning Cannon
5-8 Gutter Runners OR a fighty Chieftain

...in 1000 pts?


04-08-2011, 13:38
Technically you can't run a grey seer till you hit 2k pts as he is a lord and not a hero, but depending on who you play with, they may not care. But point wise, yeah you can run this list at 1k.

Pawn of Decay
04-08-2011, 13:40
As long as the Grey Seer comes to under 250 points there is nothing stopping him from being fielded at 1,000 points

04-08-2011, 14:52
Technically you can't run a grey seer till you hit 2k pts as he is a lord and not a hero, but depending on who you play with, they may not care. But point wise, yeah you can run this list at 1k.

Me thinks you need to get an 8th edition rulebook. If you already have one, you need to read it a little more closely?!

05-08-2011, 00:47
Okay he's right, I was thinking my army book was newer than the 8th ed. rulebook I have, which the current army book does still have that rule so technically... j/k :D