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Little Joe
01-08-2011, 12:34
The Tale of Terrain Builders 2011 - 2012

This is the thread to post your work finished in July. After a week it becomes where you post your WIP for August. Hold off commenting about others work until then, as we want a bunch of shiny pictures , but we also want many comments later on. There is no dice roll mechanic for commenting, you should comment on each entry and share your thoughts.

What is it all about?

The aim of The Tale of Terrain Builders is to help motivate those involved to start and complete enough scenery to fill a gaming board in the next twelve months.
Because not everyone can spare the same amount of time for various reasons, there are different levels of commitment. The standard, or Mens, level of commitment is to create a single, reasonably sized piece of terrain per month*. The lesser level of commitment is for the Boys category, and requires the completion of a piece of terrain every other month, but with the commitment to show progress each month!

The builders do this each month for the next 12 months, starting with their first post on the first day of March 2011, and finishing with their last post on the first day of February 2012. So we have this month, whilst everyone signs up, to gather scrap, parts, tools and otherwise get yourself ready to go with the first work in progress starting in February.

* A single piece of scenery at least the size of a hill of building will be considered one piece. A barricade, tree, rock spire or similar would be considered too small on its own to count as a whole piece of scenery, however multiple such pieces would count as a single entry. If in doubt, terrain that covers a diameter of roughly 6Ē is what we are going for, but this is a loose definition. We certainly arenít going to chide anyone because they only built an outhouse and a tree! After all, getting stuff done is the name of the game! Obviously, larger projects can be broken up over multiple days.*

A note on building whole Tables and Dioramas: Both building the actual playing surface for playing games on and Dioramas count for this tale. Dioramas can use the Boys level of commitment (unless they are truly large), and will count each month as long as appreciable progress is made each month. Tables, on the other hand, can range from a simple coating of flock to very elaborate set-ups. For these, if your planned table is pretty simple, use the boys category. If it is complex, use the mens. In either case, entries are judged on whether decent progress is made. Again, none of us are too anal about this. Just build and have fun and everything should be OK!

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can Ďplay a jokerí and rather than post an update they can post "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with 1 piece of completed, usable scenery. That is 1 piece for 10 of the next 12 months.

At the beginning of each month a new thread will appear for the builders to post your previous monthís construction efforts and the rest of the builders to offer words of encouragement.

In twelve months we will all end up with enough Terrain to cover a table, which is awesome! (Or at least everyone who can see it through to the end will... it's harder than you think!)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Am I too Late? Can I still join in?
A : No you are not too late. Yes you can still join in. Just post on this thread saying whether you want to build for the mens or boys category.

Q : Can I build more than one piece per month?
A : Yes, you can build as much as you like. However, please only post one of your pieces in the monthly thread to keep pace with everyone. Save one for the next month... take one off even. Of note though, is the * point above stating small scenery items count as 1/3rd of a whole piece. We would expect 3 of these as a single entry.

Q : What happens if I build a GIANT piece (like a huge defence laser)?
A : If you create a truly epic piece of scenery, then you're welcome to post it as s single months entry. However, you could (based on how many 'buildings/hills' in size you consider/count it as 2 or more monthís entries and post it at the end of that time.

Q : Can I include a short narrative with each months post.
A : Yes. We love background stuff. Write as much as you like it will be read and enjoyed by many.

Little Joe
01-08-2011, 12:35
And here are the participants:

WIP is for work in progress.
bigWip is for work in progress that counts as a full months work (Mens) or two for Boys
done is for finished pieces. This counts for two months work for Boys
done (+1) counts for two full months for Mens (4! for Boys)
Joker is a joker and J's are for default (not requested) jokers.

Please check for any mistakes I made.

You might notice the list is a bit shorter, that is because it only shows the participants that have posted so far. I PMed the rest and will do so again this month with most of the participants with 4 jokers. The entries are not deleted I am just showing a part of the list to make referencing for you and me easier.
On the bright side we have two new participants and I think overall this tale is doing very well.

On a personal note, I am not done for last month yet and if I cannot find a time-bubble soon I will use a joker for this month.

EDIT: Would the list be easier to read for you if I counted the finished pieces instead of the jokers (counting WIPs for boys we all need to reach a ten)?

01-08-2011, 15:24
Huzzah for terrain!

First up is my piece for this month:





Its a wrecked rhino and my first attempt at salt masking. The idea is that they would be terrain/objectives in cityfight games (or normal), they provide protection and firing ports but on the downside they can be blown up with your men inside.

I also found some of my old oil paints and repainted my ziggurat:


I need more foliage as i have something else on the horizon....

01-08-2011, 15:26




A jungle fort for games of warhammer siege. Ive cut enough 'dragons teeth' battlements to go all the way round, im waiting on more foliage so i can do the ziggurat and fort together so they feel right on the same table.
The wall sections are about 12" long with the towers being 4/5" square at the top. Each tower has a sloped side, facing outwards. Originally it was going to be two, but i wanted to be able to field it as a barrier wall against a long board edge.

Hope you like!:D

PS: Anyone got the older siege rules?

Little Joe
01-08-2011, 16:48
How old 4th edition or 3th edition?

01-08-2011, 17:57
How old 4th edition or 3th edition?

The last printed siege rules were actually released in 5th edition :)
Though the difference between 4th and 5th is minor at best.

01-08-2011, 18:24
I do believe that I owe you guys a few jokers...


Anyway, Iím slowly piecing my life back together, taking a stock of my resources, and forcing myself to get working again.

Last month saw me experimenting with creating a bare field (an abysmal failure) and adding more grass to the table.

A few pictures for you...

I donít think I ever posted a close-up of block four and seven. So, here they are...

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/flames_of_war/maginot/maginot_024_small.jpg ( http://www.warworks.dk/pics/flames_of_war/maginot/maginot_024_large.jpg)

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/flames_of_war/maginot/maginot_025_small.jpg ( http://www.warworks.dk/pics/flames_of_war/maginot/maginot_025_large.jpg)

A picture of the field I tried to make. I experimented with covering the polystyrene with my usual mixture (wall-filler, water, white glue) with some brown paint and sand mixed in for effect. Sadly, the surface was so rough that the mixture couldnít smooth it out. I think Iíll have to sand it dwon and cover it up somehow...

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/flames_of_war/maginot/maginot_026_small.jpg ( http://www.warworks.dk/pics/flames_of_war/maginot/maginot_026_large.jpg)

Hereís a picture of the entire table.

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/flames_of_war/maginot/maginot_027_small.jpg ( http://www.warworks.dk/pics/flames_of_war/maginot/maginot_027_large.jpg)

Last month (I think) someone asked for a close-up, so hereís a picture of the area around the fortress.

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/flames_of_war/maginot/maginot_028_small.jpg ( http://www.warworks.dk/pics/flames_of_war/maginot/maginot_028_large.jpg)

Well, thatís it for last monthís work. Hopefully Iíll get the time and energy to be more active from now on. I do apologize for not taking fully part of this for the last few months. But being fired did take a lot of ommmph out of me...

This month I need to make some decision that Iíve been putting off for way too long. Firstly, I need to figure out if (and if so, how) Iíll implement the remaining blocks. And secondly, I need to figure out how to tie the different grass mats together.

Abraham Danglebreech
01-08-2011, 18:45
A few months in and all, but I'm inspired to try my hand at some terrain. Not sure how much I'll be building yet but I got my hands on a Realm of Battle board last week and have yet to make it pretty. I plan to make terrain for both 40k and Fantasy. My main modeling project involves converting miniatures to represent characters in WFRP and so signing up for the tale might encourage me to make scenery for some specific encounters.

Hopefully I'll get the Realm of Battle done this month and also some 40k terrain (although I understand I only post one for this month). Due to other commitments I think I'm better off signing up for the boys league...... i think

Looking forward to seeing everybody's July submissions.


01-08-2011, 19:35
How old 4th edition or 3th edition?

4th i think, i had heard they were the superior set of rules?

@f2k The board is shaping up nicely, im trying to think of a solution to the grass mat problem. Maybe if you cut them into irregular shapes and layered flock/grass over the gaps?

02-08-2011, 01:00
PARTICIPANT: Thoume - Mens

THIS MONTH: Gaming Hills



No fluff this month I'm afraid, nothing to tie in these last minute pieces! I wanted to make some more practical hills than my current sloped ones. Having had trouble trying to balance stuff on them I've tried to find a compromise with something that isn't going to cause things to fall over all the time!

I was slightly over-ambitious in wanting to make about 6 of these this month complete with detailing embedded into them, but only managed two with what little time I had this month. Then again they weren't rocket science to make; a piece of blue insulation foam cut into shape with a layer of No More Nails and sand on top, sealing the sides with watered down PVA glue (didn't really need to do that but I went ahead with it anyway!), undercoated white (brush not spray) and washed once with sepia / burnt umbra ink.


No doubt I'll get round to carving a few more over the year, hopefully have time to add a few details. Then again they're fine as they are and with a few smaller pieces on top don't look that out of place!

One advantage I found with keeping the top flat is that I can stack them to make canyons or multi tiered hills!



New camera, yay! :D
Simplest thing I've made so far, perhaps too simple...!


Wish I had more time for these!

As mentioned in the last thread I'll try and make something a little more inspiring, either in the form of the settlement walls I started a few months back or making some medium-sized buildings. If anyone has a copy of the old (red) GW how to make wargames terrain book, the ork buildings in that should be roughly what to expect, or even the CNC workshop sand buildings. Just with moar rivets and scrap on top :)

02-08-2011, 09:49


I have actually done a bunch of sand testing this month. I will be finishing the obelisk next month.

Oh and I seem to be locked out of my Flickr account so I couldn't upload anything even if I wanted to. :)

02-08-2011, 12:42
@ Thoume - Those are some lovely well done steaks you have there. LOL One thing you can try and use very little is textured spraypaint at a hobby store. Since your stone slabs are already pre painted and based it would give off a two tone two texture and even more if you blended them together.

I'll have my piece pictured later tonight. I want to get in one last WIP work time slot before showing you all how it looks so far. Actually I am lucky as I discovered a major flaw with the ballast not sticking and it kept falling off. had to invest in a spray cement mix which seemed to help a bunch. Still, despite all this and dry brushing areeas multiple times I am still finding minor places where black paint or spray paint failed to catch and the raw ballast shows. Either way I am anxious to shot it off and get your feedback.

Thanks and everyone keep up the good work.

02-08-2011, 17:32
Hi guys, a little bit later than usual but still alive and kicking!

Survived the dreaded 40k things and even had to manage more than intended, one of the other terrainbuilders quit on short notice for the tournament so i did a little bit more (a 1 h job before the deliver time):







Highs: I managed to deliver in a (for the time) acceptable fashion.

Lows: The battery of my camera went dead on me, so the pics of the finished vegetable garden are still missing, i`ll deliver as soon as possible.
The garden was keeping me alive betwixt all that 40k things.

This month: Iīll be working on a new house by Pardulon before i put my fingers on the TTW-house (if i manage), in addition i will have to deliver for the Tale of Skirmish Games Painters and perhaps prepare for the Tale of Board Game Painters.

Happy painting to all of you!

02-08-2011, 18:21
@ Thoume, those are some nice crags (not hills :)), i think if you did a few more in different irregular shapes it could make a great board.

@ DAGabriel, nice work on the fortress, i especially like the lascannon turret end. The yellow on the...flash suppressors? is a very cool touch.

EDIT: I have got the 1988 siege rules, are these meant to be the better set?

02-08-2011, 20:43
Another Joker here...

Sigh, ended up of getting new 600 euro computer so...


Ghost 1 Actual
04-08-2011, 09:03
Ok, I managed to make huge inroads into finishing the pieces for my harbour, and perhaps more importantly my town centre (who knew that hand carving polystyrene into cobblestones would be so muuuuch fun ;-) ...the only thing stopping it being finished is that I ran out of balsa-wood and my castings of Hirst Arts. So it may be a while before I get to complete it to my satisfaction.

So firstly a few shots of the entire setup. (My plan is to add a hill in the bottom corner and then populate it with higher buildings. ie: 3 stories and above, plus another tower type structure, I also plan to add a ruined section of wall near the gate to complete that area) You can also see all the unpainted stuff which classifies as lotsa WIP)

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-e3Z8BQHAeF0/TjpbmngR2_I/AAAAAAAABNA/1Zdaxl6EjuQ/s400/IMG_1173.JPG https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-SU8zuQ-s-3A/Tjpbw0BS3SI/AAAAAAAABNQ/GnQSRpfnU4o/s400/IMG_1175.JPG

Here are some shots specifically of the harbour/dock area.

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-qDCPmGMZxxc/Tjpb4SMeVcI/AAAAAAAABNg/rVcdO2sDLcI/s400/IMG_1180.JPG https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-ePO_UaQs20Q/TjpcPYw95UI/AAAAAAAABOM/XLdJjF4HUSU/s400/IMG_1190.JPG

The plan is to have a "boardwalk" bridge the seawall and the town square, thus the strip of flock in this photo will be covered. (The main reason for doing this is that I can use the same piece in the middle of the board as a town centre and not have the harbour elements.

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-RrK3-q0E6t0/TjpcQlSby9I/AAAAAAAABOQ/5XKlchZJk08/s400/IMG_1191.JPG https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-te2eVMUS8BI/Tjpb-DGKccI/AAAAAAAABNo/Sir3sgujwBk/s400/IMG_1182.JPG

So I need to finish these all off, and thanks to a video inspiration from Terranscapes I have decided to change all my forest bases, which means a little (ok major) re-do, but will give me more flexibility as I start to create jungle bases for WWII Pacific games.

Ghost 1 Actual
04-08-2011, 09:17
@Momus: Can't wait to see this fortress with details...carving the polystyrene is a real PITA though.:)

@DAGAbriel: Great stuff, I really like the lava flow.

04-08-2011, 11:00
Having a bit of trouble keeping up with this Tale, but finally my second finished piece:

And I already assembled I intend to paint next (which should hopefully buy me back a joker):

I will only paint one of these for the Tale, though. Probably the Magewrath Throne.

07-08-2011, 05:44
Xazil - Mens.

July - The big hilltop ruin.

Highs: Interesting building up a big area and supplimenting with clay and trees.





07-08-2011, 17:13
Finally we had a sunny day so i can deliver the pics of the finished vegetable garden:





Really had fun painting this, even if i see some things that could have been better on the pics.
Next days i will start on the next house.

Happy painting!

08-08-2011, 03:10
@ MOMUS - Keep up with the ziggurat and the fortress looks good at the starting point so far

@ f2k - Darn jokers, lol, the table looks cool, but is it 40k scale

@ Abraham Danglebreech - Best of luck to your terrain

@ Thoume - I'll say again those are some darn good looking steaks, lol

@ Maglok - Darn jokers 2.0, lol

@ DAGabriel - Your fort is impressive and all the terain in the picture can go together or produce different battlefields and effects

@ Ghost 1 Actual - Your city is impressive and makes me want to give Mordhiem a try someday

@ EmperorNorton - I like the house, perhaps the light and shadows are keeping the true beauty away from us. Your other pieces looks really cool and those will look great to see completed

@ Xazil - Your piece reminds me of a cake and your cat reminds me of this


08-08-2011, 03:15
Here is my second round of progress. I wonder if I will ever get to use this piece?


Closeup of middle rubble

Drybrush shade detail

Model POV

This month I am adding the second and final drybrush layers along with the details for sandbags and crew serve weapons left to rust. Will add some weathering rust pigment as well.

Till the end we march.

Little Joe
09-08-2011, 10:10
Sadly I did not find a time bubble, I would have posted a picture of Jack Nicholson as the Joker (who was a lot better at it) but I am not sure whether it is legal so:


@MOMUS An interesting technique with the salt masking. Why is it white (Titanium rust?)? It is nice to see the beginnings of your fortress, looking forward to more WIP pictures.
You want the siege rules for fifth edition; I do have a copy in German. So ask what you need to know. The third edition version also includes 40k and role-playing elements as all supplements of that edition did, it does come with more detailed rules though (compare it to a tech manual).
Both can be had on eBay from time to time.

@f2k I think you have to paint the remaining surface green and add static grass in different lengths/colours (mix yourself). I did a read in some time ago in some rail road forums. Be sure to check out YouTube for how to make a static grass applicator yourself.
With the field a mixture for flocking forest floors might do the trick. Sand and PVA will always give a rough and hard surface. You might also want to use this for groups of trees, unless they actually stand in a field they should not be surrounded by lush grass.

@Abraham Danglebreech Welcome! Boys is best with the time remaining, you can post a finished piece anytime this month or two for next month if you want to kick off fast. I will make the notification in the list.

@Thoume It was about time somebody showed how fast and simple terrain can be done (only books are faster). They should fit your table very well and if you want stackable it works really well.
As a more fantasy orientated player I need hills with slopes that have different rules but I think for 40k these will be better by far.

@Maglok Please indulge us with the testing, I am very interested in the results. Did you try the alcohol technique?

@DAGabriel You still only get a done+1 (no other options), period. Well that is a lot of new stuff (with the old) to post but I see some green paint shining through on some of the upper skulls (only making fun). A great paint job on the fissure as well.
With the new pictures of the garden it just keeps getting better, I just love the detail.

@Ghost 1 Here the pictures come and they deliver. I am truly jealous of that table; it just fits so well together. I like the idea of a water base with the hexagons on top. I can spy a few future piecesÖand where is that boat from?
If you could give me the number of finished hexagons I could up this month to done(+1) if you wish, because I think you did a few more as six of them.

@EmperorNorton Trouble it may be (I just jokered myself) but the results look very fine. I still think a few tufts of dark grass would benefit the result though.

@Xazil A nice piece to base some terrain on and well executed. Though I must admit I had similar thoughts as ASSASSINAWOKEN about the cat: ďHow long will that tree survive in the wild?Ē.
I checked the page it came from and must say I am truly tempted by the river sections.

@ ASSASSINAWOKEN I prefer to start with small pieces of terrain to get a feel for techniques. The reward is faster and you do the larger piece at a higher rate (both quality and time). Overall I tend to be slower though, but it getís me more terrain as well.
The drybrush looks good so far. I do not know enough about 40k to tell anything about usability, but I think I saw a piece just like it on eBay so others must use it.
I strongly advise to add some grass and shrubbery/climbing plants as well to break the colours a bit. I think dark purple/red would be just fine for this otherworldly dark piece. Also the wood and barrels should be painted like you would a model due to their surface nature.

10-08-2011, 08:23
I'll edit this post for my 3 finished pieces and a cheat's WIP.

I'm keeping a list on Excel, with inches squared I should paint terrain to fill.

My 3 finished pieces come to 18 inches squared, and my cheat's WIP is 165 inches squared.

This leaves me with 393 inches squared to fill. Roughly 20"x20". Yeah.

All my terrain is themed around a snowy world.

11-08-2011, 07:06
@Little Joe: Refresh my memory, alcohol?

Little Joe
11-08-2011, 08:21
Well alcohol has that effect;), though of late it gives me pleasant evenings and terrible morning afters.

N810 linked it in your thread here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=294941&page=5) post#82.

Basically it was about dumping the sand down the way you wanted and spraying it with alcohol to glue it on the spot with dilluted PVA glue. For those nice and flowing dunes without having to bother with styrofoam to make the shapes first.

11-08-2011, 17:17
That is quite a good idea. Will copy it, when necessary!

14-08-2011, 15:36
I fear i am a little bit behind with my work:(

Haven`t found the time to take pics.

But i promise that i am painting, Lady J and her Marshals are progressing for ToSGP, a new house for the ToTB is growing and the BloodAngels Termies of SpaceHulk loose their Insignias and learn to be DeathWing for ToBGP!

14-08-2011, 19:40
Have managed some pics, it is a nice house, but some cm smaller then the TTW houses. Am still thinking how to adapt it. Cat seems to like it.



15-08-2011, 08:28
That cat picture is priceless.

15-08-2011, 11:47
Just a quick note to say that I am going to be finishing some stuff again soon!! Life has been extremely busy though. But worry not, I will catch up and redeem my Jokers.

15-08-2011, 14:58
Woops! Bit late on the comments:

@MOMUS - Very interesting! Are those card-stock rhinos? I attempted a card-stock baneblade once but that fell flat, might have a go at something smaller... :p Fort looks promising too! Guess I'm not the only one who bought insulation foam this month!

@f2k - Coming along nicely! I'll agree with MOMUS in covering the gaps with flock/grass, should help seal down the mats too :)

@DAGabriel - Those look amazing! Very clean painting. Well done! :)

@Ghost 1 Actual - That looks like a fun board! Look forward to updates!

@EmperorNorton - Great painitng, looks very realistic with that lighting! Those fulcrums look like a challenge to paint up, good luck!

@Xazil - Looking good! Yay cat! :D

@ASSASSINAWOKEN - One of my friends has those ruins I think, were they some limited run cityfight sections? Haven't seen them in a while. Paintings looking good!

And some replies:

@MOMUS - True enough they're more like crags in appearance but for gaming I'll be treating them as open ground hills, with anything much taller than that (ie 2 or 3 hills stacked together) counting as impassable.

@ASSASSINAWOKEN - Or demented loaves of bread, either way! Might be an idea to do one surface a different colour or try the texture spray idea. When I get the chance I might revisit them.

Cheers all!

15-08-2011, 15:58
Should have some pics up my WIP up tonight.

17-08-2011, 01:17
As promised :D

Little Joe
17-08-2011, 06:56
@DAGabriel Nice house, but it needs a roof and a front door. What company is it from? I do not think I have seen it before.

@Daniel36 Looking forward to see some pictures.

@N810 If you were making a still life I would say it has a nice composition.

I have been a bit lazy myself and will make an update before the weekend as well.

17-08-2011, 07:52
Some feedback...

@MOMUS: That fortress looks massive! Really looking forward to seeing this completed.
@Thoume: Those beefs made me hungryÖ :D Seriosuly, at first glance I actually thought you were posting pictures of your dinnerÖ
@DAGabriel: Thigs are really shaping up nicely. Damn you for making me want to do some 40K terrainÖ
@Ghost: That harbor is almost surreal. Really nice job there. Where did you get the ships from?
@EmperorNorton: Nice work on that building. The stonework is really well done.
@Xazil: Is that hill hollow? Anyway, good start Ė though, if you donít mind me saying so, it might benefit from a bit of washing and weathering to really make the details pop out.
@DAGabriel (again): Nice garden. Damn you once again. Now I not only want to do some 40K terrain but between Thoumeís steaks and your vegetables youíve made me hungry as wellÖ
@ASSASSINAWOKEN: Looks like an easy drybrush work with all those details. Have you considered adding a more gubbinz to it? Just to break up the monotony of the greyÖ
@N810: Nice start. Is that a real lump of wood?

And some repliesÖ

@ f2k - Darn jokers, lol, the table looks cool, but is it 40k scale

No, itís for Flames of War so itís 1:100 scale.

@f2k I think you have to paint the remaining surface green and add static grass in different lengths/colours (mix yourself). I did a read in some time ago in some rail road forums. Be sure to check out YouTube for how to make a static grass applicator yourself.
With the field a mixture for flocking forest floors might do the trick. Sand and PVA will always give a rough and hard surface. You might also want to use this for groups of trees, unless they actually stand in a field they should not be surrounded by lush grass.

@f2k - Coming along nicely! I'll agree with MOMUS in covering the gaps with flock/grass, should help seal down the mats too :)

Having thought about it, I think I need to do this one properly without rushing or taking shortcuts. Right now the plan is to carefully shave a bit of the grass mats, to give them a rough and non-uniform edge, and then carefully glue a bit of paper down on the polystyrene, overlapping the shaved of areas on the grass mats. That way Iíll give myself a much better surface for gluing the flock onto.

Iíve also been thinking about making small pieces of removable terrain with trees and hedges in order to allow some variation of the terrain, even though the major features of the board are fixed in place.

In any case, Iím not sure if Iíll get anything done on the board itself this month. Partly because one of the other members of the club have my keys right now, and partly because I need to force myself to start working on the other blocks. But the thought of having to sculpt all those little detailsÖ BrrrrrÖ.

17-08-2011, 19:37
@Little Joe: The house is made by a german company: http://www.pardulon-models.com/

17-08-2011, 20:04
Yep it's a real chunk of wood, I did paint it a bit though. ;)

21-08-2011, 14:36
Some comments:

@Momus: That's an interesting effect. Would you mind explaining this salt masking thing?
I'm very much looking forward to seeing your jungle fort.

@f2k: The table looks extremely promising. I wish I'd get to play on a table like that.

@Thoume: It's a great idea to keep the hills stackable. If I ever make my own I'll copy that.

@DAGabriel: Nice job on the 40K terrain. And the vegetable garden is beaaaauuutiful. The graffiti on the door is a really nice touch. I haven't managed to do anything with mine so far aside from green stuffing the worst bubbles. The casting quality was rather poor.

@Ghost 1 Actual: Very impressive. What game(s) is the board intended for? And where did you get those boats?

@Xazil: Are those trees storebought? They look very nice.

@ASSASSINAWOKEN: Looking good. Why wouldn't you get to use it?

@N810: Great start. Odd as that may be, I never think of using natural materials. I should go into the woods more often.

22-08-2011, 23:30
Managed to get it finished...
Ok mostly the Water FX is going to take a while to dry yet,
I kind of went overboard and covered up some of the earlier detail... again...
Oh well it still looks decent enough.

Little Joe
23-08-2011, 18:30
Truly amazing, I love it.

No, it needs to be slightly covered up in your damp jungle. It makes it look more real.

And still no updates here, but I started working on it again after about a month or so. Nothing worthy to show but I will post as soon as I get it partly finished.
I did do some design scetches on my mountain, so I kinda know what I want to do with it now. After thinking it over again this weekend I will share them.

23-08-2011, 18:41
Here's the general idea of what I was going for.

Little Joe
23-08-2011, 18:46
In that case you need some green moss on your tree. But the floor with all it's greens looks just like it.
But you should not do it to keep in line with your other terrain. It looks great already and fits in with the rest.

EDIT: It has a certain style and that makes it stand out.

25-08-2011, 17:08
Here the last WIP pics of the next house:



25-08-2011, 17:11
The house is looking prety good, like that you put some moss on the roof. :)

25-08-2011, 17:17
It is a really nice one. If i hadn`t had the experiences with the TTW things i think i would be satisfied, but you will see. In the finished post i will put them next to each other and there is a world of difference betwixt them.

25-08-2011, 18:20
Urgh, not doing too well with my latest project. Mixed with a busy month and lack of enthusiasm I've at least managed to get somewhere with one of the buildings. I really don't do big stuff too well!


Just don't know what to add to it other than a mud texture layer on the walls and a few rivets on the doors. Too bland or good enough as it is?

25-08-2011, 18:23
Depends, is it suposed to be just some generic building,
or some building taken over by Orks or something like that?

Little Joe
25-08-2011, 19:44
I think it needs some breaking and smashing. Paint a large bulls eye on a wall and sift it with holes (at least one bazooka hole).
Come to think of it how about a space marine shaped free zone in the middle.

@DAGabriel I am looking forward to that comparrison.

25-08-2011, 19:58
Its supposed to be a generic ork building, similar to the shanties I did at the beginning of the tale but leaning more towards the 2nd ed. aesthetic of mud walls and stuff. Battle damage would be fun but would rather keep it intact (maybe have bits of scrap nailed to the sides for 'repairs').

Might cave in and get some texture spray paint tomorrow, see if that improves it! :p

25-08-2011, 20:03
Its supposed to be a generic ork building, similar to the shanties I did at the beginning of the tale but leaning more towards the 2nd ed. aesthetic of mud walls and stuff. Battle damage would be fun but would rather keep it intact (maybe have bits of scrap nailed to the sides for 'repairs').

Might cave in and get some texture spray paint tomorrow, see if that improves it! :p

What's the material?

I've found that a slightly thin mixture of wall-filler, white glue, and water gives a nice texture (see my bunkers for an example). But if the material is too "soaky" it might not work...

25-08-2011, 20:23
Cheers all :)

Main material is foamboard, this sort having a papery matt texture to the card instead of the glossy vinyl-ish texture thats normally with the white ones, so slightly absorbent but not enough to totally absorb the 'No More Nails' I'm using to glue it together. For everything else there some thick card on one platform, left over card from the Space Hulk counters for the frames of windows, some wire mesh and of course plasticard for the door on the first floor and the top hatch.

I have used polyfilla in the past to texture walls, though its been very hit and miss with me the last couple of times. Had a couple dry out on me for some inexplicable reason even with the lid shut and the plastic insert covering it (other than not using it all in one go so it wouldn't! :p)...

25-08-2011, 20:32
I have used polyfilla in the past to texture walls, though its been very hit and miss with me the last couple of times. Had a couple dry out on me for some inexplicable reason even with the lid shut and the plastic insert covering it (other than not using it all in one go so it wouldn't! :p)...

Did you buy the ready-for-use polyfilla? I always buy it in powder form as that allows me to change the mix depending on what I'm doing...

25-08-2011, 21:06
Ah, now, that could be something to look out for! Can't say I've seen any around here. But yea, its the pre-mixed stuff I have been using since first getting into terrain making:


The middle two I'm looking at renovating at some point :)

27-08-2011, 16:43
And here you see my problem, the new house seems definitly smaller than the old one (even diregarding that i assembled that one wrong, but the height is ok!


I think i will use the +1 of last month to put it on some stone walls and do the interior and perhaps do a little garden.

What do you think?

Little Joe
27-08-2011, 17:11
Those window lids are huge in comparison, but they would work together. How about showing it with a model?
If it really bothers you and I guess TTW is in scale, a bit of balsa wood can make the door a bit smaller. If you put some wire in it you have kind of a window over your door and do not need to cut round.

I think it will do for this month, but do not let me stop you. On a second thought it needs a nice garden and furniture. Make it a merchant house with the window for cargo hauling so you can store it on the first floor.

I need to plan my vacation in Croatia next year and smuggle some toy houses over the border.:shifty:

27-08-2011, 17:35
Lol, i thought the same. With helping them a little bit and learning their secrets.
About that door, good idea.
About that thing with storing it in the second floor? I have bought some furniture, but the rooms are rally small, thought working/eating room downstairs, bedroom upstairs but perhaps i will rethink. I will do some pics with models and beds soon that you can have a look!

28-08-2011, 05:31
Comments a bit late this month.

MOMUS - Interesting technique on the Rhino. Nice seeing more texture on the ziggurat and that is a huge castle structure. :)

f2k - Good to more of the table. There is actually washing and some dry brushing on the hill. The flash just washed a lot of it out. It is hollow with some DAS clay used to build up a few places.

Thoume - Nice texturing and colouring over the hills. Interesting buildings bringing forth the Orkiness.

DAGabriel - Great series of terrain all put together, great detailing even if you didn't have the time you wanted. The garden is superbly detailed and brings you into it visually. The house scales probably look worse while close together. Calling the larger shutters 'storm shutters' or just a more wealthy place has big windows while a cheaper has smaller.

Ghost 1 Actual - I love the themed table and the ability to move things around that all fit in. Makes me want to play Mordheim.

EmporerNorton - Huge amount of detail over those houses. The trees are basic ones bought from a railway model section.

Assassinawoken - Nice progress on your fortified area. Luckily my cats don't actually nom on the hill.

Little Joe - The top tree is based on some of the craggy hills I've seen where huge trees sitting on tiny overhangs.

N810 - Makes an intersting little vignette. I love the water effect and plants setting off the tree.

29-08-2011, 07:25
I'm almost ashamed by this monthís entry. So incredibly tiny...

http://www.warworks.dk/pics/flames_of_war/maginot/maginot_029_small.jpg ( http://www.warworks.dk/pics/flames_of_war/maginot/maginot_029_large.jpg)

This is the part of the above-ground structures of the fortress. The tiny thing on the left is a LG cloche (basically, a buried mortar pit) and the even tinier thing on the right is one of a multitude of air-vents.

To give you a sense of scale, the air-vent is modeled on a small piece of plast-card, 8 mm. across.

Right now Iím looking into the possibility of making small moulds from these. The air-vent, in particular, is needed for many of the remaining blocks.

Iíve attached pictures of the real thing Ė that might make it slightly easier to see what Iím talking about...

29-08-2011, 14:00
In that case you need some green moss on your tree. But the floor with all it's greens looks just like it.
But you should not do it to keep in line with your other terrain. It looks great already and fits in with the rest.

EDIT: It has a certain style and that makes it stand out.

Added a little bit of moss to the stump, looks better now, pictures should be forthcoming.

29-08-2011, 16:00
I haven't exactly been showing any progress, or commenting on others. For that I apologize. My wife and I became parents, so that sort of changes a whole lot of things! :)

Anyways, I did make some progress.

This will hopefully be finished for next month, together with a ruined tower that is pretty much done except for a couple of small things. So when I show those, I am probably back on track actually!

Also, I made these things just for fun, and to get rid of a couple of bitz. The tables aren't that special but I do like the cupboard. I want to make another one filled with books but I have to figure out how to make books easily first.

Cheers everyone!

Green Feevah!
30-08-2011, 01:48
I'd like to join up, if it's not too late.

For the month of September, I'll be doing some Craters to start.

Little Joe
30-08-2011, 14:15
We still have 6 months to go so you can sign up for 6 pieces of terrain, but that will leave you without any jokers. Or you just work like hell and get a few done(+1) and take another month off.

So welcome to the thread and hurry up, next month is just a few days away, I will add you to next month's table.

It is better to try and fail then to never have tried at all.:angel:
EDIT: How about some russian roulette?

@f2k: I remember something in the rules about inches but it might have been mm's just the same.:D

@Daniel36: Mordheim?

30-08-2011, 14:31
@f2k: I remember something in the rules about inches but it might have been mm's just the same.:D

What? Where? Never...

I ainít seen no such thing...

As I warned last month, I needed to get down to some really small details. To be honest, Iím not really sure if itís worth it in the long run, but meeeh...

Also, Iíve been rather busy lately, freelancing for a company in the hope of securing permanent employment. Had a good long talk with the boss today and he seemed positive in that regard so fingers crossed...

Unfortunately, I must admit that Iím simply burning out on this one. Flames of War is all but dead in my area right now. So, in effect, Iím building a board that no-oneís really interested in...
Iíll stick to it for now. But the urge to do some 40K terrain instead is becoming almost overpowering...

30-08-2011, 14:58
I rather you take on the creater Daniel36. :D

Green Feevah!
30-08-2011, 20:25
As luck would have it, I spent all night last night painting my craters. I still have to trim the edges off all but one of them, but that should be done tonight.


So I guess I can count that for August?

And I'll make September's Challenge all of the Blastscape craters.

This thread has been so inspiring... you guys do amazing work, keep it up! (I'll individually praise people from this point on. If I praised all the work in this thread that has impressed and inspired me, my post would be enormous!)

Little Joe
31-08-2011, 15:51
@f2k: Do whatever you like, rules are there for guidance. I do not play FoW but am interested in the techniques for your board none the less.
That brings me to a question: "Are those white sheets under the parts self adhesive or just paper for easier glueing?"

@Green Feevah! That should do.

31-08-2011, 17:47
@f2k: Do whatever you like, rules are there for guidance. I do not play FoW but am interested in the techniques for your board none the less.
That brings me to a question: "Are those white sheets under the parts self adhesive or just paper for easier glueing?"

Those are thin pieces of plastic that the are simply there to provide a base for me to sculpt on. The plan was to glue them down on the table as is and then use my trusty mix of wall-filler, glue, and water to smotth out the terrain around it.

However, having thought about it for a while I think I'm going to change the basic idea behind it. Rather than glueing them down to the board itself I think I'll make them as small stand-alone pieces of terrain. Not only will it be easier for me to make them that way but it will also allow me to remove them for normal games.