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Lord Inquisitor
01-08-2011, 20:41
As with my other write-ups, given the large amount of text I'll stick to white text rather than pink. These are a re-post from the Stronghold, but Lukasz_VT requested Ogre write-ups, so here they are.

So I brought my Ogres down to NC for a one-day tournament. I'm used to 1-day RTT-style tournaments being small 10-people affairs at best but this was 30 people strong. So an excellent turn-out and a solid mid-sized tournament. I think every single army was represented there. Comp restricted powerscroll, teclis, kairos and masque and forbade armies from taking two of the same Rare choice if it costed over 100 points. Otherwise all SCs were allowed.

My list!

Tyrant (306 pts)
The Tenderiser
Charmed Shield
Greyback Pelt
Mawseeker Big Name

Slaughtermaster (305 pts)
Hand Weapon; Luck-Gnoblar
Grut's Sickle
Talisman of Endurance
Crown of Command

Bruiser (204 pts)
Battle Standard Bearer; Ogre Club; Ironfist; Heavy Armour; Luck-Gnoblar
Rune Maw
Mawseeker Big Name

Bruiser (204 pts)
Ogre Club; Great Weapon; Brace of Handguns; Heavy Armour
Enchanted Shield
Wyrdstone Necklace
The Other Trickster's Shard
Mawseeker Big Name

Butcher (185 pts)
Hand Weapon; Luck-Gnoblar
Talisman of Preservation
Ironcurse Icon

Bulls (9#, 370 pts)
Full Command, Lookout Gnoblar

Ironguts (9#, 497 pts)
Full Command, Lookout Gnoblar
Banner of Eternal Flame

Gnoblar Fighters (24#, 50 pts)

Gnoblar Trappers (8#, 48 pts)

Scraplauncher (165 pts)

Scraplauncher (165 pts)

Game 1 - Skaven.
List was about as nasty as you can get under these restrictions. Plague Monk horde with a Furnace, Grey Seer in a unit of clanrats. BSB in a horde of Stormvermin. Abomb, Doomwheel, warplightning and 3 or 4 blocks of slaves rounded out the army. VERY solid.

Game was Meeting Engagement. I deployed first. My Ironguts, my Slaughtermaster and the Trickster Bruiser all started offboard. Well, I deployed my Bulls with all other characters in it slap bang in the middle, with gnobs and scrappies around it. Wasn't much else to do! To my great surprise my opponent deployed his plaguemonks and stormvermin directly opposite my deathstar as close as possible - just over 12" away! Whoa. He really threw down the gauntlet. His slaves were behind with the doomwheel way over to the right and abomb and warp lightning cannon over to the left near my board edge. My trappers deployed near the cannon.

Turn 1 - he didn't seize the initiative. I shrugged and declared a charge on his stormvermin. What else was I to do? They make it. The trappers charged the warp lightning cannon (looking back I shouldn't have been able to do this, since it was first turn, oops, but neither of us noticed at the time and it wouldn't have affected the game). The Ironguts with the flaming banner square off with the Abomb. My deathstar smashes into his stormvermin and do a horrific amount of damage for nothing in return, my general flattening his BSB quite definitively. They flee, I pursue, overrunning into his Grey Seer's unit behind. Unfortunately, I didn't quite get out of the charge arc of the plague monks with their furnace, so they charge into my flank on his turn. The Abomb smashes into the Ironguts as expected. Firstly the Abomb - before I roll my attacks, I have to test for Fear. Away from the general they're Ld 8 and I fail! Oh no! Hitting on 5's was not part of the deal! Even with the bruiser I do only 5 wounds and the Abomb kills 4 ogres. So I lose... Stubborn on an 8 but no re-roll. Not my kind of odds at all, for a 1000 point unit! Fortunately I pass (much to my great surprise). Now the deathstar combat. In order to win I needed to clear out the clanrats in front of me... impact hits kill a few but my attacks fluff badly and I can't kill his grey seer either. Oh no! I lose a bunch of ogres to the furnace despite my characters being up against the plague monks. I'm obviously down on wounds when my Tyrant steps up to challenge the plague priest. Plague priest does little and I target the furnace BOOM! With tenderiser, 7 wounds to the furnace. A few stomps and I actually win combat by a couple. My Tyrant really showed his mettle and pulled my butt from the fire. Both skaven units break. I chase after the grey seer, the plague monks flee slap bang between my two gnoblar units.

Turn 2 - my gnoblar trappers charge the fleeing monks, sending them towards the gnoblar block. They declare a charge, sending the plague monks scurrying back to the trappers. Then I roll charge distance and my 4 gnoblar trappers easily catch them (since they've already technically fled) and run 30 plague monks down. :glol: Some slaves panic and I charge and kill some more, trying to get to the fleeing Grey Seer. The Abomb can't take another hit and is cut down easily.

Turn 3 - I charge the Grey Seer's unit. One of the scrappies charges and destroys the doomwheel. The Grey Seer is cut down and it is a matter of mopping up slaves now.

Game 1 - win to me and I achieve the objectives for bonus points.

Game 2 - Beastmen

So for my second game I was ranked up against a beastmen player. Two units of Bestigor, a Level 4 Shaman (with the dreaded Purple Sun) a couple of lower casters (no Herdstone though), beastlord, BSB, a couple units each of dogs and ungor skirmishers, a pumbagor, a big block of ungor and a couple of ambushing min-sized archer ungor units.

Scenario was Blood and Glory with us more or less facing off, with my characters in the bulls apart from the slaughtermaster, who went with the ironguts on the right flank.

Initial moves involved him maneuvering to block my charges but I was able to squeeze my deathstar through between his skirmishers after charging them to make them form up. He had his second unit of bestigor posed for a flank charge as well as a ghorgon, but combat was short and bloody - the bestigor were torn to shreds and couldn't touch my wall of T7 at the front of the unit. His general was run down and killed and I smashed behind his battleline. In his turn, he maneuvered around to try to get to grips with my unit. One scraplauncher was busy engaged with some dogs and the pumbagor, eventually finishing them off. At this point his bray shaman was finally able to IF a big purple sun, basically running through both units, killing 5 ogres from each and netting him a whole pile more dice even after the miscast removed some. Bad news, but my deathstar was still more than capable of crushing his army. At this point a friend stopped by the table and pointed out that actually my opponent lost ages ago since I killed his general and a banner. Ha! My opponent asked to continue, my deathstar turning around to face his other bestigor unit and ghorgon. My scraplauncher, high on finishing off the pumbagor and dogs, decided to have a go at the ghorgon, smashing into it. Unexpectedly, it did 5 wounds to the beast for only a couple in return! While it got counter-charged, it was able to finish off the ghorgon and my opponent then decided to call it a day as he realised his remaining bestigor couldn't even begin to hope to take on my deathstar even depleted of bulls.

Game to me, a few bonus points (one for killing the enemy general, another for miscasting with my butcher on two dice early on - that was a scary roll!)

Game 3 - Dwarfs

My opponents list included a smallish (about 15) unit of hammers, a huge horde of about 35 hammerers, a massive unit of about 40 quarrelers (my opponent was under the mistaken understanding that they could volley fire). Organ gun, couple of stone throwers, cannon. All flaming. Couple of small units of miners for warmachine hunting. A unit of warriors, BSB and couple of runesmiths rounded it out. He deployed pretty much refused flank on the right two-thirds of his deployment zone. I deployed my ironguts with slaughtermaster on the right against his big hammerer and warrior units while my deathstar and support units were in the middle opposite his quarrelers and smaller hammerer unit.

He got first turn and shot up my ironguts a bit. I marched forwards with both units around a big rock formation in the center. Turn 2, he shot me up a bit more, mostly focussing on the ironguts but a bit on the deathstar unit too. I moved up a bit closer, my slaughtermaster, bailing out of the now-4-strong Irongut unit and joining the other 4 characters for a full all eggs in one basket party in the bulls unit. The Ironguts were now within charge range of the crazy hammerer unit-o-doom. My scraplaunchers failed to achieve much other than blowing one of themselves up, my scouting trappers found themselves up against a unit of 5 miners and died badly. In his turn, he charged the Ironguts and I fled, bouncing through the rock formation in the centre of the table, leaving the hammerers stranded. His organ gun decided to blow up thankfully and the remaining fire proved largely ineffective. In total, he'd killed 5 bulls from nine, but with 5 (!) characters in that unit now, that was still 3 ranks. In my turn 3 then I charged past his hammerers and walloped into his quarreler unit with his BSB and runelord in there. Magic all game was entirely ineffective, I didn't even bother trying to get buffs up as he'd just dispel them and frankly I didn't get any spells through his defences but here I did get +1 Toughness on the deathstar when it counted. I did a couple of wounds with impacts, but then my characters fluffed BADLY. I rolled I think 9 attacks from the heroes and hit with none or one, and failed to wound. My Lord attacked his BSB protected only by a flimsy 1+ re-rollable save but I achieved one hit, one wound and that he saved (grr, had the tenderiser!). I was okay, I had the second rank of bulls - and they missed entirely too! I was certainly a bad sadfaced at the total wiff my 1600-point unit just did! My stomps did kill a few more, he did maybe one wound back. S5 is good but isn't going to touch T7. I have to say I was a bit whiny about my total, total failure to wreak wrack and ruin on his unit before I realised it totally didn't matter - I cancelled out his steadfast and with the paltry 4-5 wounds I did inflict, charging, ranks and BSB, he was looking at snake eyes anyway! I smashed past his units and into a war machine. By this point my opponent realised he had pretty much lost because he couldn't catch my deathstar with his big hammerers but he tried to box me in anyway. At this point my surviving scraplauncher was in the rear arc of the 15-strong hammerer unit (as they had turned away from it to face the deathstar). Faced with overwhelmingly superior enemy, you guessed it, it failed its test and it charged into its rear. Except... it did a solid set of impact hits and a couple more wounds from the rhinox, they did a couple of wounds, with a charge and rear cancelled out their static res, they lost... and failed their stubborn test! They were run down by exultant gnoblars. Every game in the tournament, the scraplauncher failed its restrain test and three times they proved themselves beyond a shadow of a doubt! They even smashed another war machine before finally being brought low by a cannon and the game ended there. I played it safe and even though I figured my deathstar could handle the big unit of hammerers I stayed away. Bit boring but I wasn't going to throw the game away then.

Third game, win for me, with a few bonus points for getting units in the opponent's deployment zone.

Great fun day, three good opponent. I enjoyed playing, not sure about my opponents - my sports scores were pretty low so I need to work on that. Part of that is probably that the ogre deathstar build is apparently bloody annoying to play against as it's just a big unsubtle hammer that you can't do anything against, but I need to take some of the blame myself. I did come away with overall champion though, my top battle points and reasonable comp points helped me press out ahead of the other two guys who went 3-0.

Lord Inquisitor
01-08-2011, 20:43
Second tournament write-up. This was for a smaller, local tournament. The only changes were that I dropped the Greyback Pelt on the Tyrant for a Potion of Strength, Dragonhelm and luck gnob (I knew I was likely to face a Steam Tank). My bulls were ranked 3-wide and my ironguts 5-wide.

Game 1: Vs Empire.

Empire had popemobile, steam tank, large horde of halberdiers with second archlector and BSB, outriders, horde-o-flagellants and the usual 2-cannon-2-mortar artillery battery with an engineer. Plus a couple of other infantry blocks.

He deployed the flagellants over to my right, with his halberdier horde and steam tank in the middle with the artillery behind it. I put my troops in the middle-left.

I advance up the middle and to the left. There were a lot of buildings on the board. He tried a bit unsuccessfully to whittle me down with artillery fire and killed a few ogres. I returned fire with the scraplaunchers and took some men off his big units (one spectacular scatter landed a shell dead on a unit I wasn't aiming at...). He parked his steam tank behind a building at an angle so that if I charged I could only get 2 models in contact and it'd leave my unit open to a flank charge by the halberdiers. Challenge accepted! :D I whacked into the steam tank, exposed the flank of the big bull unit deathstar with all my characters (except SM) in it. The irongut unit moved around to flank the halberdiers if they did charge in.

Here's the fun bit... I didn't use make way except for the tyrant (who chugged his potion of strength). The tyrant did 5 wounds to the tank, with another from the unit. He then counter-charged with the halberdiers and popemobile - NOW I made way and it meant the 4 models they were in combat with were the BSB, OTS bruiser, butcher and unit champion (tyrant stuck at the front!). The bulls finished off the steam tank with some good rolls (and the fact that my opponent attempted and failed to grind with the tank). My characters took some wounds (he had light of battle and flaming sword active, meaning they were wounding my T8 characters on 5+) but I smashed the popemobile and murdered plenty of halberdiers. They held but then my ironguts came smashing into their flank and that was enough to break them and the game ended there as it was Blood And Glory with a major win to me.

Game 2 - vs Dark Elves.

Commanded by a friend of mine, Dark Elves represented a major threat as all elves do. Re-rolls to hit + Mindrazor you can't stop = problem for a deathstar that relies on high toughness to win out.

He had a massive block of 50-odd elves, 20 crossbowelves, 20 black guard with BSB (+1A banner) and tricked-out assassin and level 4 with pendant and ASF unit banner, three chariots, some harpies and a level 2. Oh and a cauldron, which spent the game handing out a 5+ ward to whatever units were in combat.

It was battle for the pass so there wasn't much room to maneuver (not that my battleplan is ever particularly subtle). He had crossbows on the left, spearelves in the middle and black guard deathstar and chariots on the right. I put the ironguts with the SM over to the right facing off against the chariots and deathstar and my own deathstar bus (armoured bus?) in the centre. He moved up and reformed his spearmen into horde, only 5 ranks deep but no magical buffs on them yet. I tried to grab the initiative and attempted a long charge to hit them (with 4 ranks in my unit, I would almost certainly bring them down to below 5 ranks, cancel steadfast and break them, something I don't think my opponent was expecting). No such great luck so I stumbled forward and waited for the inevitable Mindrazor-buffed charge next turn.

My ironguts didn't want to get anywhere near his deathstar so moved only a bit forward so the SM could help buff the tyrant's unit and promptly sucked up a large pit of shades that killed half the unit. My scrappies fired in on the black guard, killing half of them (I nearly killed his level 4, he failed his look out sir and I rolled a natural 6, and being only S3 the pendant was only a 50-50 shot... but he made it ... so close to a scraplauncher legend :cries:).

The next turn, his spearelves charged my deathstar in the front and the ironguts got combo-charged by all three chariots. In his magic phase he threw all his dice at mindrazor but despite throwing around 10 dice, didn't get IF ... but I couldn't throw two sixes to dispel so it went through. On the plus side, he didn't dispel most of my buffs. The Ironguts took the chariot charge and lost a few ogres but held due to stubborn. With the deathstar, I pushed my characters forward (T7 at this point) and took the damage, but with some poor rolls, my opponent didn't get more than a few wounds on each. The return attacks pulverised the elves and they broke. I charged and ran them down in my turn, turning to face the black guard. He charged the depleted black guard into the deathstar and threw on (you guessed it) mindrazor. This time my characters let the bulls soak up the damage and I lost about 5 bulls. Return attacks killed off the black guard and only the assassin, BSB and sorceress were left. I was steadfast so held. Next turn

Endgame, I foolishly challenged and he accepted with his unkillable sorceress. I butchered the BSB and assassin though, despite their crazy number of high strength attacks. Fortunately the sorceress broke and I ran her down. His chariots finished off the Ironguts but lost 2 of them in the process.

End result - major win to me, I lost the IG but he lost basically everything.

Game 3 - Daemons of Chaos

Third opponent had Daemons. He had: 6 fiends, block of bloodletters with the herald (and the 3D6 banner), block of nurgle daemons with a herald on a palanquin (and the re-rolls banner), big unit of 16 flesh hounds (!), two units of furies and a herald BSB of tzeentch with loremaster shadow and flight.

The third scenario was Dawn Attack. With somewhat random deployment, I got to see his deployment first. He had his bloodletter block over to my far right, fiends, plaguebearers and flesh hounds in the middle and furies on each flank. I had my deathstar far left, gnoblars far right, ironguts I deployed left of the middle with nothing really other than the poor forlorn gnoblars on the right. He had first turn, moving his middle line rapidly towards me. His dogs were sufficiently close to me that I threw the Ironguts with slaughtermaster forward in a charge turn 1 (the deathstar also attempted it but failed). My opponent didn't seem bothered about stopping my magic too much and allowed the IG to be T5 regen. They smashed into the hounds and battered them for limited damage in return, but weren't able to kill them all (about 6 remained). In his turn, the plaguebearer block and the fiends smashed into the Ironguts' flank, despite heavy casualties they held (stubborn crown FTW).

Deciding not to risk an uncertain charge with my deathstar, I moved it up so the butcher could help buff the remaining few ironguts and the SM so they could hold out. 11 dice magic phase, alright! SM tries to 1-dice a spell. 1. No problem, that's what Grut's sickle is there for. Another 1. Damn. Uh, okay. 2 dice from the butcher. Snake eyes. Argh! Irongut unit takes another pounding. In his turn, he Mindrazors the fiends as the bloodletters continue their long march from the far right side of the board. They kill off the remaining Ironguts, leaving only the SM.

Finally my deathstar charges the remaining 2 hounds and kill them easily, following up into the front of the plaguebearers. The mindrazor fiends finally off the Slaughtermaster (close, but they got him). In his turn, the fiends are free to charge into the flank of my deathstar, which they do. Then his magic phase. He tries to cast Miasma from the Nurgle Herald (all troops in contact have their stats reduced to 1, bad news!). I dispel it, using all my dice. He then goes for mindrazor on the fiends ... and fails! Phew. My characters move to the flank to block the fiends (apart from the butcher, who moves up to deny poison from the plaguebearers). The fiends and plaguebearers achieve very little. My tyrant and hero with the OTS tag team on the fiends, the general accounting for 3 of them personally. All 5 fiends are smashed apart, and the bulls account for a few plaguebearers too. Plaguebearers lose combat by 19 and essentially disappear. On my turn I mop up the surviving herald, just in time to be charged by bloodletters with mindrazor. My general challenges his general, a khorne herald. The herald gives a solid attack and survives for two turns, bringing my tyrant down to one wound before being finally crushed by the tenderiser. The bloodletters are whittled down and a charge from both scraplaunchers finish off the unit. The field is mine.

So third major victory putting me solidly in first place. That's actually the third tournament I've won with my ogres... come to think of it, that's three out of the last four tournaments I've attended, so I think this is the list I'm most happy with and while 5 characters might seem a bit much, they're needed.

01-08-2011, 23:17
You owned with pretty much 18 Ogres. That's awesome, seeing as you were outnumbered so much.

Question, You mention fleeing through a terrain piece to escape some dwarves, is this legal (IDK, I play undead so don't worry about fleeing ever, I'm not saying you made a bad call or anything.)

02-08-2011, 01:08
Why GW + Enchanted Shield on Trickster Bruiser? Just for the better AS vs Shooting since its so cheap?

02-08-2011, 01:17

These reports are just awesome. Bravo.

The only thing I think would be VHS from the Empire to pop a character or two, otherwise that list is scary.


Lord Inquisitor
02-08-2011, 01:33
Question, You mention fleeing through a terrain piece to escape some dwarves, is this legal (IDK, I play undead so don't worry about fleeing ever, I'm not saying you made a bad call or anything.)
In 8th edition (this was different before), fleeing units can flee through impassable terrain or enemy units, treating them as dangerous terrain. p25.

I know how you feel, I used to play only undead and daemons, I had to learn all this "psychology" and "panic" and "fleeing" business when I started ogres... ;)

Why GW + Enchanted Shield on Trickster Bruiser? Just for the better AS vs Shooting since its so cheap?
It's just for shooting. It means the Tyrant could possibly make a break out from his unit without biting it from a cannon, but it also means that I can potentially soak up a cannon shot or stone thrower hit rather than taking a Look Out Sir roll and protect the unit a bit. My deathstar is vulnerable to being shot to pieces, if I can negate a stone thrower or cannon hit then that might be worth it. Or, as has happened before, as a backup defence for if my tyrant gets hit on the head with a rock and fails his Look Out Sir roll - this happened enough times that I decided I could spare 5 points for the shield!

It should be noted that in the second tournament, I dropped the charmed shield (as the dragonhelm was his 1 magic armour allotment.)


Argh, why don't I read the question properly?

Okay, why the enchanted shield on the bruiser... Since he has an Ogre Club as standard, and an Ogre Club is a special weapon, he can use that in preference to the Great Weapon and therefore have Club + Shield.

I know there's some contention as to whether the Ogre Club is a "special weapon" (which is possibly where you were going with this), but I'm satisfied that it is and I even checked this with the TO of the first tournament.

The only thing I think would be VHS from the Empire to pop a character or two, otherwise that list is scary.
Funnily enough, I don't have an issue with a pope on a popemobile with VHS. There's a simple, simple solution. Don't accept the challenge. Sure, put my tyrant at the back of the unit. I still have the OTS at the front and 6 angry ogres that will smash the popemobile to bits. Incidentally, that's exactly why the OTS isn't on the Tyrant. Otherwise, sure, it'd make sense to put the OTS on the Tyrant to help him out in challenges. But it's on the bruiser so that you can choose to put my Tyrant with the S7, D3 wounds weapon at the back OR the bearer of the OTS.

02-08-2011, 08:35
Ahh, didn't realize the ogre club special weapon thing. I wasn't questioning.... well I was asking a question but because I was curious not in a round about passive aggressive "you're doing it wrong" sort of way.

02-08-2011, 14:22
Great reports! They made me scared to play Ogres. Congrats on the wins, sir.

02-08-2011, 18:14
Always confused why dark elves bring black guard-such an easy unit to crunch.

03-08-2011, 13:11
nice reps and well done

I am really looking forward to the new OK book coming out though, time to dust of the fatboys :)

you've certainly shown that ogres still are competetive, even if it is a deathstar sledgehammer army ;)

Lord Inquisitor
03-08-2011, 20:34
Always confused why dark elves bring black guard-such an easy unit to crunch.
Yeah... Well, that particular opponent does like to bring non-standard lists. That said, with the extra-attacks banner and hatred and the mindrazor, it's a glass hammer that can really hit hard.

you've certainly shown that ogres still are competetive, even if it is a deathstar sledgehammer army ;)
Yeah, I know, I'm really looking forward to the new book in the hopes that it'll allow for more builds than just the deathstar build. I know people don't like deathstars and while I think it's kind of fun for ogres (they really need a "hulk smash" sort of feel to the army, which only the deathstar can really provide), it'll be nice to get some variety.

03-08-2011, 21:52
Thanks so much for taking the time to write these up Inquisitor! Loved them :D

Looking forward to sharing some reports with the new book!

EDIT: Just a though, but adding the banner of discipline to your ironguts might be a good idea. They seem to get separated from the general's inspiring presence radius in these reports, and Ld9 is a lot better than Ld8 for just 10 points!

Gork or Possibly Mork
05-08-2011, 03:44
Very nice reps and list. Congrats.

Also thankyou for saving my eyes.

Can't wait to hear about when the groinbiter takes up a challenge and wins some points:eek: I won't hold my breath but that would be Epic!

Toe Cutter
09-08-2011, 12:00
Thanks very much for the reports - a most good read. Just out of mild curiosity, how many bestigor were in that unit that you killed off? They just seem set up to kill off ogres fairly handily as long as there are enough of them. Even toughness 7 shouldn't be too much of an issue if they're wyssaned once or twice.


Lord Inquisitor
09-08-2011, 19:21
Relatively few... 20 or 25, not in horde formation and not Wildformed either. He wasn't expecting me to be able to charge that turn, I was able to force the skirmishers to form up and then charge through the gap.

Toe Cutter
10-08-2011, 12:15
Ah yes you mentioned that now I reread. Cheers. :)