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01-08-2011, 23:39
The Tale of Fantasy Painters 2010-2011 Month 11

Hello all,

This is the thread for the work you have done in July and after a week (to give folks time to post their work) it becomes the thread to post your comments on others work and discuss what you are painting in Aug.

Lots of folks dropping out.

The difference between people that fail and people that succeed in life is quite often that those who succeed were determined to do so ....
... and refuse to quit.

Well done to all of you still in this.

All the very best,

The story so far: (Big thanks to Braad for keeping up the table)


640x480 seems to work best OR use thumbnails
Bigger than this results in the scroll bar of doom for many.

What is it all about?

The aim of The Tale of Painters (TOP) is to help motivate those involved to start and complete an army in the next twelve months.

We made a decision early on to split the Tale into two separate 'halves' one for 40K and one for Fantasy. (Just because of the numbers of people involved) They have continued to evolve in slightly different ways but this is how the Fantasy Tale works.

The painters involved have made a commitment to paint and post, by the last day of each month, approx 200 points of their chosen army. They do this each month for the next 12 months. Starting with their first post on the last day of September 2010 and finishing with their last post on the last day of August 2011. So we have this month, whilst everyone signs up, to collect, build, convert, undercoat and otherwise get yourself ready to go with the first work in progress starting in September.

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can ‘play a joker’ and rather than post an update they can post "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with (approx) 200 points of painted and based figures. That is 200 points for 10 of the next 12 months.

At the end of each month a new thread will appear for the painters to post your previous months painting and the rest of the painters to offer words of encouragement.

In twelve months time we will all end up with a finished 2000 point army.
(Or at least everyone who can see it through to the end ... it's harder than you think!)

Men and Boys

Because this is harder than you would think ... As last year rather than try and hold everyone to 200 points a month I have decided to allow folks to join in and paint only 100 points a month. Whilst the goal for many remains getting a 2000 point army painted in a year the original and ongoing intention of this whole thing was to encourage and support folks to get stuff painted and 1000 points is better than no points! As a result we have two catagories. 'Men' (painting 200 points/month) and 'Boys' (painting 100 points/month).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Am I too Late? Can I still Join in?
A : No you are not too late. Yes you can still join in. Just post on this thread saying which army and how many points you intend to paint.

Q : Can I paint more than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes (we are not here to tell you how and when to paint your stuff, it is great to get ahead) BUT we would like you only to post 200 points (approx) each month and try to stay roughly on track with 200 points a month (200 points in month 1, 400 points by month 2, 600 points by month 3, etc.) so as not to depress the hell out of those of us who are struggling to keep up.

Q : Can I paint less than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes. But we try to stay on track by painting more points in the next month to 'catch up'. For example oif you only painted 100 points one month you could try and get 300 points painted the next month. Equally if you paint more one month you can take it easy and paint less the next month.

Q : What happens when I paint an expensive character?
A : This happens a lot. If your character was over 400 points you would simply paint him over two months (the sort of time your general deserves!) So You start posting him one month and post nothing the first month (unless you want to post WIP) then the second month you post the finished model and all the points get added on.

Q : Can I include a short narrative with each months post.
A : Yes. We love background stuff. Write as much as you like it will be read and enjoyed by many.

Q : Can Doi drop out?
A : No he can't.

02-08-2011, 08:12
Hey, look at me! I actually got something finished!

ARMY : Ogre Kingdoms II

UNIT: 4 Leadbelchers

STILL TO DO: Add grass to the bases.

HIGHS & LOWS: Took far too long, but I'm slowly getting back into my old painting routine. Hopefully I will finish this Tale with a success after all!




02-08-2011, 09:14
Aight real quick, I have like no time for Warhammer at the moment (sorry!), but I did want to finish my point count for the tale.

ARMY: Tomb Kings

UNIT: High Queen Isis (Tomb Queen/King)

STILL TO DO: Nothing

HIGHS & LOWS: I love the cloak, I think the mask didn't come out as awesome as it could have.

POINTS: 174 (she has a great weapon)



02-08-2011, 15:07

New baby = joker.


02-08-2011, 18:19
Oi, I missed last month recovering from a huuuuuuge marriage.... uggg expensive in $ and time. I'll have an entry soon though, completing my dwarf army entirely!

Congrats on the new baby Hilte2 !!!!

03-08-2011, 15:07
ARMY : Ogre Kingdoms I

UNIT: the second third of Greasus Goldtooth

HIGHS & LOWS: This model will probably drive me mad.






04-08-2011, 14:15
Actually managed to do something this month, finished the swordsmasters unit finally:


And a big scary Chimera:


Who will probably have to go on ebay soon as Im rather poor at the moment.

Here's all my elves done:


...and that's probably all from me for the near future as I don't have any more elves to paint and I can't afford any more, concentrating on my WoC right now.

Its been a fun ride, thanks for the support folks, and good luck.

04-08-2011, 14:25
ARMY:Tomb Kings

UNIT: The King and I... I mean the King and a unit filler for my skeleton spearmen...

HIGHS AND LOWS: High - I got back into the tale! Low - I didn't get as much done as I wanted. Yes, I'm painting characters. Yes, it's a copout... I'm sorry! :cries:


TOTAL POINTS: Sorry, I'm not sure about this one... 1795, I think? Straddling between 2 army books editions, so I'm a little confused.

"You painted this little?!?! Go to your room!"
"Yes, sire..."

@Confessor_Atol and Hilte2: Congrats on the marriage and the baby, guys! :)

05-08-2011, 07:10
ARMY: Ogre Kingdoms (Boys)

UNIT: 30 Gnoblar Fighters w/Groinbiter

PAINTING: This was my first time batch painting more than five models at a time (other than cavalry mounts anyway) so everything was done with a basecoat and a wash with a handful of colours getting highlights if I deemed it necessary.

BASING: Same as usual.



HIGHS: Getting out of my painting slump with this army.

LOWS: 30 models and only 62 points :cries:. I had planned on knocking out 60 this month but 30 took long enough...


My goblins are nearly done but will have to wait until mid-next week for photos because of work/uni.


Fabius Bile
05-08-2011, 10:31
Army - 2000pts+ Ogre Kingdoms

Unit - 4x Bulls w/Iron Fists

Total = 160pts

Total so far = 2107pts

Build/Paint - nothing special this month, just finishing my Bull unit

Highs - seeing the new Ogre models:D

This month = Something a little special to finish off this tale, a converted bruiser, his sword gnoblar buddy, and his dog (luck gnoblar to you!;))

06-08-2011, 21:33
[QUOTE=Fabius Bile;5692032]Army - 2000pts+ Ogre Kingdoms

Units look great cracking stuff

07-08-2011, 16:14
Wow, the dropout rate is quite high!

Well, comments from me then:

EmperorNorton: The leadbelchers look mighty fine. I've said this before, and I'll say it again :p The skintone on your ogres are very nice! And good job on good ole Greasus.

Maglok: I love the Kalida model too. As for the mask, perhaps a little highlight of the base color you used with some white would bring it out. Other than that, well done on the painting of the model!

Tonberry: good job on the swordmasters! A very nice looking force you have there! This is what the ToFP is really about, I believe. You've inspired me to finish up my last 200 points for this month! :)

Doi: So many models, so few points! My heart goes out to you. You've done really well this month.

Fabius Bile: I like the otherworldy feel that your blueskin color scheme gives. 2107 points! You made it! Congrats!

07-08-2011, 19:45
ARMY: Rutgar's Bretonnians

UNIT: 2 Pegasus knights

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight out of the box


POINTS: 110 points + 1747 points =1857 points so far

NEXT MONTH: Paladin on pegasus

Pegasus knight nr 1
Pegasus knight nr 2
Formation flying

08-08-2011, 00:29
I'm done for last month, but my computer has crapped out...grrr

So I'm not sure when I'll be able to post, still have to take photos, process them. Hopefully by the end of this week I'll post my stuff up.

09-08-2011, 14:37
Great work everyone.

@Malorian & Braad: Can we have a table soon please? :)


@EmperorNorton (OK): Looking suitably mean. The evil yellow eyes are awesome. :evilgrin:

@Maglok (TK)L: The bloody, gory red with its 'wet' look is great. I think that you chose the wrong colour for the mask - I reckon you should keep the red part and make the rest either a shining bronze/gold or a creamy porcelain type colour.

@EmperorNorton (OK): Looking good.

@Tonberry (HE): Great colour scheme, I love your army. I'd like to see a clearer/brighter army shot though please!

@juicytomatoes (TK): Nicely done there with the weathered, ancient look.

@Doi (OK): Maybe you should try the all-Gnoblar army. Me and a mate worked it all out for a laugh once - you could get about 400 figures into a 2000pt army, and all of the goodies, scrap lobbas, etc. That was under an old edition too - under the new one, you'd probably manage 500. See if the Warriors of Khorne can kill all of those in 6 turns!

@Fabius Bile (OK): Great army. Lots of variety.

@Rutgar (Brets): They look like a lot of fun. Huzzah!

As for myself, I don't think I'll have a proper entry for this month, but you never know. I have some Rangers about 90% done, and the Miners are unchanged since last time I posted them. I have to finish with the Dwarves because although I'm technically over the 2000pts mark, that is partly with these half-painted figures.

As for the Gnomes, I can definitely get the Wizard Lord and 2 Wizards done, but I'm running out of figures! I have a few more Dwarf cavalry, and a few old C Series/Gnome Crossbowmen, but probably not enough to fill the 175pts I will need to round out to 1000pts. Aaaarrrrgggghhhhhh!

09-08-2011, 17:05
Here they are! I AM DONE!



09-08-2011, 19:29
@Malorian & Braad: Can we have a table soon please? :)

Braad told me he would be busy for a while. Not sure when it will be ready.

10-08-2011, 00:01
Orcs & Goblins : 1000 POINTS

UNIT: Skarsnik & Gobbla

BACKGROUND/THEME: The one and only!

BUILD/CONVERSION: Standard without the snotling

PAINTING: Well, more red and orange than usual.

BASING: Standard.

STILL TO DO: Finished.

HIGHS AND LOWS: The general. Pretty pleased with how he came out.

POINTS : 275.


10-08-2011, 00:02
Vampire Counts : 1000 POINTS

UNIT: 60 skeletons with Full Command

BACKGROUND/THEME: Additional bodies for the previous skeleton units.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Mantic Skeletons. Very good value for money.

PAINTING: As previous GW skeletons.

BASING: As previous GW skeletons.

STILL TO DO: Finished.

HIGHS AND LOWS: My last big block of core troops!

POINTS : 500.


10-08-2011, 00:03
Empire : 1000 POINTS

UNIT: Arch Lector on War Altar.


BUILD/CONVERSION: Warhammer Quest Warrior Priest, with plasticard, metal griffon, high elf chariot and empire mortar bits and steam tank wheels.

PAINTING: Lots and lots of brown.

BASING: Lots and lots of brown %2.

STILL TO DO: Finished.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Love it, but the wings keep falling off!

POINTS : 225.


11-08-2011, 21:10
It's slimming out a lot, but good to see some still coming along!

I'm back from my vacation. Just updated the tables, and I'll send them to Malorian asap.

I can already announce that we just exceeded the amount of points painted last year!
133499 points in total, including everything posted here!

11-08-2011, 21:57
That's great to hear, thanks again for all your hard work Braad.

12-08-2011, 16:34
Excellent painting this month people and congrats to those with finished armies. Wish I could be graduating with you next month, but I just lost momentum with my armies. Will be back next year with a vengeance. Appropriate as I'll be painting Dark elves as opposed to this years High Elves :D

14-08-2011, 18:27
A bit late, but I finally got my pics to a computer that works! One more broken computer and I'll be an ace too!

Dawi : 2000 POINTS (MEN)

UNIT: Grudge Thrower & Crew with Engineer.


BUILD/CONVERSION: No conversion, just the classic mini (I believe he was named Kragg the grim,not sure though).

PAINTING: For the metal, chainmail, with a badab black wash then a chainmail drybrush, Tallern flesh with an ogryn flesh wash and a dwarf flesh drybrush. The gold was Shining gold over black with the dregs of my dryed up chestnut ink.

BASING: Was done the same as the rest of the Dawi.

STILL TO DO: Nothing.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I know I seem to say this every month, but I still think the older metal Dwarfs are just great, so much character and the sculpts a just so Dwarfy.



Crew & Grudge Thrower:


Army so far:


Next month: A flame cannon that I need to assemble and paint. Although I've made it even if I don't get the flame cannon done so we'll see what happens.

14-08-2011, 18:28
Lizardmen : 2000 POINTS (Men)

UNIT: The Engine Of The Gods.


BUILD/CONVERSION: No conversion at all.

PAINTING: Basecoated black, then the foundation green, followed by drybrushes of dark angels then camo green. The howdah I did to look like stone. The gold was done with shining gold then chestnut ink. The skinks were painted the same way as all the others.

BASING: Sand, painted black with a heavy vermin brown drybrush.

STILL TO DO: Some few details are left, nothing major though.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Just a high this month, loved making and painting this kit, it's just fantastic to work with.





Another view:


Army so far:


Next month: Something smaller, and in no way skink related, for a change.

15-08-2011, 19:22
Ok finally I took pictures of my 1 guy I did last month ;)

Unit: Snagla Gobspit

Points: 115

Highs and lows: This was a fun model to convert and to paint up. He might be useless but he's at least cool :)


16-08-2011, 19:30
Im still moving house so its another joker from me im afraid.

16-08-2011, 22:10
Alright, comments time. As there's not many of us left I'll comment on everyone's work.

@Emperor Norton: Nice leadbelchers man, it will be good to see you finish your 2k. Greasus is coming along nicely as well.

@Maglok: Well done, I love this mini. The gold looks very rich. I bought one even though I don't play Tks just to paint up.

@Tonberry: Nice swordmasters, cool chimera as well.

@juicytomatoes: Cool Tomb king, nice gold man.

@Doi: That's a lot of the little fellas to paint in one month, they look cool.

@Fabius Bile: Looks good man, the rusty metal; is especially nice.

@Rutgar: Nice pegasus knights, the heraldry looks really nice.

@doc_cthulhu: Cool bright wizard, the army looks great all together.

@Harvey: Skarsnik looks great! Love the skin tone, Gobbla looks nice too, although I was wondering if you missed his eyes? Or if they are just orange as well? That's a whole lot of skellies man, looks sweet as. That's one brutal war altar!

@Malorian: Awww he looks so cute, great work man.

Well done everyone who's posted, almost finished now.

17-08-2011, 21:12
Comment time!

EmperorNorton: It's a good looking unit. Glad to have you painting again. Why is Greasus driving you mad? Just all the detail?

Maglok: The cloak did come out well. The face seems to be missing something though.

Tonberry: Congrats on finishing! What did you think about the chim? I heard some bad things about the model.

juicytomatoes: Painting characters isn't a cop out. Or at elast I hope it isn't since I do it all the time ;)

Doi: The unit kind of blends together to be a massive non-discript mob. Which might not be a bad thing if that is what you wanted from gnoblars :)

Fabius Bile: I hope they come out with new sprues the allow for more dramatic poses.

Rutgar: Almost done!

doc_cthulhu: Congrats on finishing. That's one mad looking wizard!

Harvey: Awesome looking Skarsnik. Only Goblas eyes seem to be missing. 60 skeletons in a month is crazy though. You must be pretty tired of them.

perplexiti: My favorite thing about the old dwarf stuff is the fact that it was on wheels. It's not like they just build a grudgethrower, boltthrower, anvil and leave it there forever.

Malorian: Good god man, a character cop out again? Get in the game or get out! I'm tired of your crap!

17-08-2011, 22:20
@Malorian, I know right? How do they get the new ones to the battlefield? They must have a cart to carry them on, which is a waste of time if you just build wheels on the thing!

19-08-2011, 09:03
My (quite late) update:

ARMY : Dwarves: 2000 Points (MEN)

UNIT: 12 DHW Rangers (Finished)

BACKGROUND/THEME: A Hold of Dwarves living in the far north of the world, in a region under the terrible influence of Chaos. Led by the ancient and dwindling Purplebeard family, they fight to survive against the unending tide of Chaos. Many Gnomes live and fight alongside them too.

BUILD/CONVERSION: GW plastics straight out of the box, plus a few metal oldies - no conversions.

STILL TO DO: Nothing. These guys are all done.

HIGHS & LOWS: Coming close to the end of the first 2000pts.

POINTS: 78. I made a small error on these when I put them down for half their points - I put them at half-done for 84 in month 9, but they were actually 78.

TOTAL POINTS SO FAR : 2031 + 78 - 12 (for error) = 2097

DICE ROLL : Er, probably not relevant anymore - the mighty throng has wilted to a small band of brethren. I'll try and comment on everyone this month.






I've finished the small unit of 12 Rangers. As I've said before, the various small units of Rangers and Warriors are designed to buff up various pre-Tale units to decent sizes. I really don't like the monopose phenomenon, so I've tried to find other figures to add variety to all of my units. These guys will go with my 2nd Ed Bugman's Rangers.

My plan for the final month is to finish the Miners. I am undecided about the 18 Ranger unit. I might go and buy the figures I need/want to get my Shieldmaidens to 40 figures. As it is, I'm really after some of the Tale of War ones. I've also got a couple more figures for the Hammerer unit, so I'll get those done.

22-08-2011, 20:56
Comment's time

@ Emperor Norton: Nice leadbelchers & Greasus to greet the coming book

@ Maglok: Isis looks nice, but I think the staff could use som more highlights

@ Hilte 2: babies are the best miniatures. Congratulations

@ confessor Atol: Congratulations on your marriage

@ Tonberry: Nice High Elves. Good luck with your WoC

@ juicytomatoes: Good looking Tomb King

@ Doi: 30 models - 62 points, now that's depressing. Good looking Gnoblars though :)

@ Fabius: Nice bulls. The new ogre models are looking good, aren't they

@ doc_cthulhu: That's a nice wizard

@ harvey: I love that Skarsnik. That's a LOT of skeletons, if I had to paint that many I think my brain would turn to mush. The arch lector looks good

@ perplexity: Those are some nice dwarves. The stegadon looks ace

@ malorian: Useless is cool, at least in this case

@ purplebeard: Nice dwarves

23-08-2011, 07:27
hey folks, some comments from me. Getting in preparation for coming back to the Tale when the new one starts

EmperorNorton - very nice looking Ogres and the Greasus looks ace and already completed!

Maglok - very nice minature and loving the scenery too

Confessor Atol - congratulations

Tonberry - both the SM's and the Chimera look amazing, the army looks very impressive

juicytomatoes - nice look tomb king. Painting characters definitely isn't a cop out, it's a good way or maintaing/regaining motivation and they're needed in the army!

Doi - very cool looking gnobblars, I know what you mean about the points sink, I struggled with my night goblin army at times! Are those miniatures without snow bases I see too ;-)

Fabius Bile - very nice looking Ogres. They look similar to an army I was planning on doing based on the Ice Giants from D & D (i.e. blue skin and snow bases). Guess I'll have to go with the Nurgle theme when I do mine! How did you get the rusted looking effect on the metal as it's looks amazing?

Rutgar - those pegasus knights look very nice, like the idea of glueing the regular flying base to the square base for more stability

doc_cthulhu - very nice looking wizard

harvey - I love the Skarsnik model so well done on painting it so well! Those Skeletons are very nice minatures and getting that many painted in a month is impressive as they look more difficult to paint than the GW ones due to the clothing. Nice conversion on the War Altar too and it's nice to see some Quest miniatures around as I love this game (probably my favourite GW game ever)

perplexti - ace looking Dwarfs and Stegadon

Marlorian - very nice looking conversion and painting, all goblins are useless but that isn't a reason not to take some time on them!

purplebeard - gorgous looking Dwarfs

23-08-2011, 23:49
Are those miniatures without snow bases I see too ;-)

No :shifty:.

Dark Elves are back in the next TOFP and the Orks I'm starting in the TO40KP will both have snow bases though :angel:.


Fabius Bile
24-08-2011, 06:43
Fabius Bile - very nice looking Ogres. They look similar to an army I was planning on doing based on the Ice Giants from D & D (i.e. blue skin and snow bases). Guess I'll have to go with the Nurgle theme when I do mine! How did you get the rusted looking effect on the metal as it's looks amazing?

Thanks a lot Jonahmaul! The rust effect I use is Black basecoat, scorched brown coat, followed by either a vermin brown or a snakebite leather drybrush (alternate them so everything doesn't look the same, try mixing in a little hormagaunt purple before you drybrush), followed by a light stippling of macharius orange, then finished off with a very dry drybrushing of boltgun metal. I hope this helps!

24-08-2011, 07:17
Doi - my DE's have melting snow patches & my 40k army are going to be on snow too!

Fabius - yep, help's loads, although means I need to buy some more paint when I start painting rusted stuff! Just noticed that you live in Ashford, I was over that way living in Canterbury for a couple of years before I moved to Cambridge this summer although I'm still in UKC!

Rik a Kadrin Kazad
25-08-2011, 07:55
Hi again :)

I've finished 15 more pinkboots, for 15x17 pts? 255pts. Five of them can swap weapon for sword, hammer to make heroes with magic, or banner to split my 30 man group into 2x15 men groups.

Here is a photo of five of them drying up a week or so ago. i'll post a better and more recent picture later :)

26-08-2011, 14:52
WIP Shots:

I've been doing a bit of painting and thought I'd post some WIP photos.

Asgard Shieldmaiden and couple of figures for the Hammerer unit.

Gnome Wizards - finally settled on colour schemes!

Miner unit - 2/3 done.

I've decided to stop on the 18 Ranger unit and instead to focus on finishing the Miners and getting a few more figures done for the Shieldmaidens and Hammerers.

I'll get the Wizard Lord and Wizard finished, and I've managed to procure the C-Series Cleric (he will be a Warrior Priest). The 3 of them together will take the Gnome army to 826pts. I do have 6 more cavalry (a Gnome, 4 Dwarves, and an 80s Frodo), and/or a small unit of 10 Crossbow Gnomes to push it over the 1000pt line. Or I may get a Cannon to make the job a bit easier.


30-08-2011, 15:26
Hi everyone, congratulations to those still in the running. Here's some very late feedback. One month to go!

@EmperorNorton - Good looking ogres. I particuarly like the shoes. Greasus is coming along nicely. Keep going!

@Maglok - Great painting, and a lovely scenic background.

@Tonberry - Cool elves and a striking looking chimera.

@juicytomatoes - No copout at all, great red and brass colour scheme.

@Doi - Well done on the batch painting, it gets easier with practice.

@Fabius Bile - Great purple colour well complimented by the bronze.

@Rutgar - Nice flying horses! They really are very cool models.

@doc_cthulhu - Cool wizard and a great army shot.

@perplexiti - Nice bit of artillery and a mean looking stegadon!

@Malorian - Cool character conversion, I was going to do a snagla as well, maybe next year!

@Purplebeard - A nice mix of old and new, with great painting.

@Rik a Kadrin Kazad - Great swappable weapons, and very pink boots.

02-09-2011, 13:14
Where ever did the summer go! Joker - first one since I joined (cheap solace). I actually did paint a model, but i think I'll save if for the finishing flourish in a week or so. - Unless I play it wise and save it all for the opening flourish in the next TOFP.

Good work to those finished and still persisting. Some lovely painting!