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02-08-2011, 03:00
I have decided to try out a Non-Slann Lizard Man list to see if it is competitve. Here goes.

OldBlood, Carnosaur, LA, Charmed Shield, Burning Blade, Tal of Pres 450

Scar vet, BSB, Tal of End, Venom of the fireflyfrog, DragonHelm, Halberd, Coldone 189

Skink Priest, lvl2, Cube of Darkness 430

25 Saurus Warriors, FC 305

10 Skinks, Mus, Std 60

10 Skink Skrimishers, Champ 76

10 Skink Skrimishers, 70

Skrox unit, FC, 28 skinks, 3 Krox 319

5 Chamelon Skinks

5 Chamelon Skinks

3 Terradons




Comments welcome.

02-08-2011, 20:47
Is that 2500?
Heres a non slann, all combat list i thought of a little while ago, packs alot of punch.
On top of this you could add the salamanders and camo skinks or terradons (if you grouped the cav).

Oldblood, phirana blade, armour of destiny, shield, cold one 261pts
scar vet, great weapon, dragon helm 104pts
scar vet, scimitar of the sun resplendant, L armour, shield 143pts
scar vet, great weapon, enchanted shield 101pts

20 saurus, full command 250pts
20 saurus, full command 250pts
20 saurus, full command 250pts

5 saurus cavalry, full command 255pts
5 saurus cavalry 175pts
4 kroxigor, ancient 240pts

vinny t
02-08-2011, 21:52
I wouldn't take a carnosaur for the oldblood. Instead you could run a crown of command, armor of destiny, other tricksters shard oldblood on cold one. Then you just throw that at their biggest baddest unit and just sit there.

06-08-2011, 15:14
Can you take 2 enchanted items on a single model? I thought you were only allowed one from each slot...

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