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Time of Madness
02-08-2011, 14:35
Hard hitting mounted Tomb King list


Tomb King (General)
- Great Weapon
- Chariot
- Dragonhelm
- Talisman of Endurance
- Deathmask
= 331pts

Tomb King
- Great Weapon
- Chariot
- Dragonbane Gem
- Armour of Fortune
= 271pts

Liche Priest
- Hierophant
- Horse
- Talisman of Preservation
- Iconcurse Icon
= 165pts


5 Chariots
***Tomb King Here***
- Standard/Musician
- Banner of Swiftness
= 310pts

5 Chariots
***Tomb King Here***
- Standard/Musician
= 295pts

14 Skeleton Horse
***Hierophant Here***
- Full Command
- Light Armour
= 226pts


4 Carrion
= 96pts

4 Carrion
= 96pts

= 85pts

3 Necropolis Knights
= 195pts

3 Necropolis Knights
= 195pts


- Envenomed Sting
= 235pts

TOTAL POINTS = 2500pts

The general idea is to use the 2 units of chariots as anvils and get the knights on the flanks.

The carrion/scorpion will take care of small units and war machines.

The skeleton horse act as a bunker for my liche priest. They usually end up in combat later in the game.

The Sphinx goes after my opponents big nasties.
Time of Madness

02-08-2011, 15:11
I think the list is going to take a lot of damage from warmachines early. The mounted units hit at earliest turn 2 and the scorpion turn 3. To add to the diffuculty you have only one caster so only one chance at casting the signature spell. If you face any kind of skilled opposition he is going to dispel that with everything he has. Making your best option to get irresistable and miscast with your hierophant...not what I would call a good option.

I think you would be better served with 2 caskets instead of the Necrosphinx. Their bound spell is innate so it suffers no ill effects from miscasting and still counts as irresistable. They are also devestating to warmachines and should be able to deal with them in short order, making your battle plan something like; move straigh at the enemy, throw as many dice evenly distributed between the two caskets to remove as many warmachines turn one, turn two charge.

02-08-2011, 18:45
> chariots as anvils
I don't think this will be very effective

02-08-2011, 18:57
I quite like the sound of it, not gonna win any big tours anytime soon but sure would be fun to see it play.

Only thing i would change is the Necrosphinx for a Warsphinx but the Necro model is so cool!
Also I'd feel much safer with Necro Knights in 4's, just a personal preference though.