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02-08-2011, 21:51
Hey folks,

Am having a three way game on Thursday against beastmen and skaven. All three of us are playing 3500pts and I'm habit trouble getting a list sorted. I am set on an idea, namely dual manticores and hydras, other than that I'm open to suggestions. I have thought about two supreme sorceresses usig shadow and dark for the nice combo set ups but have also thought about ditching magic altogether and showing the vermin how a real warrior fights. List at the moment is stuck at this:

Sup sorc (dark)
Level 4, Pegasus, black dragon egg, pendant of khaeleth, FOcus familiar

Sup sorc (shadow)
Level 4, dagger, seal of ghrond

Manticore, bsb, armour of darkness, crimson death

Manticore, whip of agony, blood armour, sea dragon cloak, shield

40 warriors
Command, shields, war banner

20 corsairs
Command, sea serpent standard, Handbows

16 xbows

10 dark riders

10 harpies

14 black guard
Command, banner of eternal flame

20 witch elves
Command, banner of murder

Reaper bolt thrower

Cheers guys! Look forward to the replies.

02-08-2011, 21:55
for a 3.5k game, I'd max out the black guard unit to 20

03-08-2011, 00:05
OK, what about the rest of the list? Where would you suggest I find the points for the BG?

03-08-2011, 00:19
At 3.5K, both of the armies you'll be playing will have lots of huge units, whereas your army has no substance to it- there is nothing that a unit of 40 Gor won't walk over.

I think you really need to drop one of the level 4s and flesh out the units- think maxed out BG, and 30s for the Corsairs and Witches. I'd drop the peg level 4.

Also, swap the Banner of Murder and the Banner of Eternal Flame around, the only thing you need to worry about with regards to flaming is the abomb, and this will go down faster vs poison.

You need a bunker for the level 4, don't have her in a frontline unit. 20 Warriors with standard bearer, musician and the Standard of Discipline will do.

Double manticore is certainly interesting, just don't expect them to survive the first couple of turns.

Split the harpies into 2 units, and drop the dark riders- they don't do anything shades or harpies don't do cheaper and better.

The reaper can go as well. They're not great at the best of times, and at this points level 1 will just be a drop in the ocean.

Other than that, at least one Cauldron and 2 units of 10 shades would be valuable additions.

03-08-2011, 01:11
Thanks for that info Tmarichards.

I have also been thinking of just dumping both of the level 4's and switching the manticores to dreadlords. Then using the hero points for a Cauldron BSB and some other bits and pieces. Worth a try? Leaves me potentially vulnerable to magic, but since we'll be splitting dispell dice as per an uneasy alliance I'm wondering if it'll be easier to just slam any magic users with fast things like Shades etc.