View Full Version : 1000pt Skaven

03-08-2011, 13:45
Alright gents, finally finishing my rats up (at least to this point). The biggest part of my list I need help with is my core, mainly to decide whether to spear/shield up my core units. The points aren't up to 1000 yet but its getting there.

Warlock Engineer-lvl2, warplock pistol
Warlock Engineer-lvl2, warplock pistol

Gutter Runners-10-15, snarenets

Lightning cannon
Doomwheel (may take another lightning cannon instead but I have the 'wheel)

clanrats-20, full command, 20 shields, 10 spears, poison mortar
slaves- 30, leader/musician, 30 shields, 10 spears
Stormvermin-20, full command, warplock pistol (for leader)

Like I said, the biggest issue I have is that I can't decide how many spears to include in my core, or if I should bother with spears or shields on my slaves (which, I know, I need more of lol). Only so many spears can even be used in cc, so i want to trim the points down a bit. What do ya think?