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03-08-2011, 17:20
Greetings. With the new VC stuff just around the corner I thought that
it would be very suitable to resurrect my Vampire army. With the Terrorgeist and the Strigoi looking vampire I thought that it could be fun with a rather beastly build. Yet I would like a civilized Vampire who can manage to cast spells. I am going to try and raise Zombies who can annoy my opponents and work as tar pits so that my Ghouls and Terrorgeist/Varghulf can smash into the enemy. I guess that more Ghouls and some Dire wolves would be more suitable than Skeletons and Grave guards... What do you think about that? Is it possible to play such a list?

Vampire Lord: +1 Level, Motba, Summon ghouls, Dark acolyte, Skull staff, Crown of the damned.
Vampire: Ghoulkin, supernatural horror, (Helm of commandment?).
Wight king: Banner of swiftness.

28 Ghouls
28 Ghouls
20 Skeletons: HW, Shield. (Bunker for the Lord).

24 Grave guards: GW, Standard (Barrows).

Varghulf/Black coach?.

All help is appreciated, would love to get some suggestions for Vampire builds.

04-08-2011, 06:04
Hmmm, interesting theme. We share enough similarities with our lists (although mine is very different) that I'll offer some suggestions:

Consider this build for lord:
Vampire Lord w/ General, Motba, Forbidden Lore (Vampires), Summon Ghouls, Helm of Commandment, Opal Amulet (or tailsman of preservation), +1 level
-You want the lord to have the helm for the WS3 enemies out there. I usually run my general naked and she has only once died before the army went down (failed her 7th LoS and took a cannonball to the face). I think you will be better suited as a level 3 with all the spells. You want want want vanhels and summon undead horde for this army, but honestly every single spell is very good outside of maybe summon dead.

For your vampire, consider what you want him to do. I would recommend another vampire with Forbidden Lore (Vampires)/ Summon Ghouls and maybe add a 3rd as the BSB and give him Ghoulkin. However, unless you know you are playing Blood and Glory (or similar victory conditions) I don't think a BSB is necessary with this list. Its just extra points you are giving up for minimal gains, if any (one less dead is nice and all, but you can just raise them back. You should only be taking a few leadership tests a game and if you do get march blocked, just vanhels in the magic phase).

For your troops drop the skeletons and make the bunker more ghouls. They will soak up missile fire better and can actually defend your general, something skellies really can't claim. I run my bunker as a smaller unit of ghouls and it has worked well for me, especially in the end game phase when I can always pop my general out and use the ghouls in important fights. I think 28 is a good starting size for your main line units. Always put Ghasts in the units. They are the first raised back and have no real drawback anymore. The extra attack is worth it in my opinion (that extra body only matters when you are already losing anyways).

The grave guard are going to be a necessary evil in this list. You could drop them and add more ghouls, but you need at least one unit the enemy is afraid of. I wish we had a themed special that could match them in damage output, but its just not there.

For theme (and because they are generally solid), I'd say go with 2 vargulfs for sure. The terrorgeist is a cool model but that base is a major drawback. On the plus side, he should draw lots of artillary attention which means your general and other units aren't. So use him to your advantage. I know a black coach is a really good unit, but you already have the grave guard to disrupt your theme, unless you are out to win big at all costs, I'd say let it sit this list out.

Hope that helps somewhat. Parts of it are very similar to how I run my list. If you are playing more to have fun and explore a theme then I'd say drop the grave guard and put a lord on a terrorgiest and have at it. If you are trying to balance theme with being competitive (in a tourny environment for example), then you are already on the right track.

04-08-2011, 06:35
Thank you very much for the input :) I guess that I would like if the list was balanced but fierce at the same time. The whole beast theme suits me but I'm not willing to go all in and play games which I simply just cannot win. I'm working nights this week and I keep myself busy with writing armylists based on this theme.