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03-08-2011, 20:05
Here we go Warseer Community!


Myself and my good friend Nathan138 are finally starting a painting blog together, showcasing the various models we both have kicking around being generally under appreciated. Sometimes plastic gets lonely too, eh?

We're both hoping to keep the thread fairly active, though we both work 40hrs a week and have a lot on our plates. We're going to try for weekly updates with at least some WIP shots of what we're working on and posting completes when we can.

What we've got for the beginning will be included in the following posts. We're here for fun, comments, criticism and the like so let us know what you think. Useful tips are always appreciated, but Nathan138 has made it very clear that he does NOT want painting lessons.

More in store in the next couple posts.

03-08-2011, 20:06
Hello Warseer,

I don't post here much, but I will do so more I promise.

As was said before, we are doing a Plog together. The main purpose of which is to push off each other to keep motivated.

An Intro for me, I have been painting since 2003 and I am completely self taught. I started with Orks, moved to Eldar then actually settled on Marines. Shortly afterwards I started my Art Project, my Tyranids. I plan to rekindle my first love with Orks, the idea behind it being I just smashed my Old PC so I am going to use the smashy bits to make it more Orky. My style is to make detail with paint that provokes the eyes, admittedly not the cleanest but interesting. Also as you can see, bases are a love of mine and I spend alot of time with them.

Here are my two armies at the moment. First up is my Tryanids: Hive Fleet Nyogtha. The Idea behind the army was to do something that looked more Organic than the normal two tone Nids. To do that I looked to Insects, and as I looked through I found spotted carapace. That gave me the Idea to do the Ink Blotting. I hope you like 'em.




And this guy is my Pride and Joy, he just one me a Competition at my Local GW against some other great models and currently sits in the store on display ~8)


03-08-2011, 20:07
Next is the army the I will Actually be working one. Space Marines: Puritan Chapter. Not much back story here though, I just wanted to do and army and this is what came out of me.






03-08-2011, 20:08
And Here are the WIP's for me right now



Please let me know what you think, C&C and you won personal tips and tricks are always welcome!

03-08-2011, 20:08
Alright, it's my turn. QUICK WARNING, Nathan will greatly out show me all over the place in this blog.


Here's the start to my Imperial Guard army, the Carsellian 488th, a deathworld hardened fighting force raised from birth to be ruthless warriors. Utilizing guerrilla infantry tactics, heavy artillery and air strikes, they move with reckless abandon for their own kind. Completing the objective is more important than the life of one(thousand+) men.

Definite possibility for fluff in the future, but not today. For now, on with the show!

I had mentioned artillery, hadn't I?


And what's artillery without a little close range support?


Infantry Squad #1: With many, and I do mean many, more to come.


Scratch Built Guardsman Marbo, with his glorious "Haters gonna hate" gait.


Finecast Lord Commissar, who is going to be used as a Company Commander (because honestly, Independent Characters are not my style)


With a shot of the cloak.


03-08-2011, 20:09
As it stands, there's everything that I have completed. I've got a lot that is nearing the finish line however. Here's a peak at things to come:


Stay tuned folks, there's more where this came from.

The Laughing God
03-08-2011, 20:39
Both of you guys are really good painters. Those nids are amazing. I love the unusual color scheme. The marines look ace. Blue and bone always look nice together. The guard with the pig iron heads turned out fantastic. I'm liking the color scheme on them as well.

03-08-2011, 21:43
Thanks, Laughing God.. I've given this kinda thing multiple shots before, and never really have I been motivated enough to keep it up. Usually I get side tracked by other things far too easily, but overall I am really happy with the simplicity and overall look of the scheme for my guard. It's going to make painting 90+ infantry reasonable!

04-08-2011, 06:43
I am super digging the Tyranids! It's always good when a couple friends can motivate each other to paint more. We're doing it at hobbyatallcosts.blogspot.com as well. You always hate being shown up my a friend. Even if it's just quantity if they're the better painter. Keep this going and by the end you'll see dramatic improvement on already stellar stuff.

New Cult King
05-08-2011, 05:02
That Termie Chaplain conversion is perfect :D

12-08-2011, 05:55
Subscribed :)

17-09-2011, 17:20
The free hand on that Chaplain's banner makes me want to go paint some banners RIGHT NOW... I love it!