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04-08-2011, 02:40
Hi guys, this will be my 1st ever fantasy list, still not quite sure what everything does and am still reading/re-reading the rules so any help with this list would be most helpful

Sorcerer lord, level 4, mark of nurgle, palanquin, spell familiar, skinhidden plate, power familiar = 440

20 chaos warriors, FC, shields, hand weapons = 400
20 chaos warriors, FC, shields, hand weapons = 400
10 chaos warhounds, poisoned attacks = 90

10 chaos knights, mark of nurgle, lances, FC = 530

total points are 1860

if possible I would really like to avoid having maurauders in my army as i dont much like the models, however with only 4 units my army seems kind of tiny, and im still not sure what benefits lances or the palaquin give my army...

This is the 1st time i ever wanted to do fantasy, normally im a 40k player, hope you seers can help

05-08-2011, 01:38
i don't know that much about everything else, but your Sorc lord can't have both familiars...Shame I know but thems the rules :(