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04-08-2011, 02:58
so in a few weeks I'll be playing a 4k SoM game against VC. I'll be taking my Skaven, of course, and am unsure of what all to add. At 4000 points, I can bring a LOT of extra stuff, so I'm thinking of starting with a Windcatchers Prism and the Black Book of Ibn Naggazar. My army will have a Grey Seer on a Bell, a Plague Priest on a Furnace, a Warlock Engineer, and a second Plague Priest on foot. I'm just not sure where I'll put the book, since I want it in a large-ish unit of rats.

What else should I bring with the other 700 points? I thought of bringing some Vampires with a sorcerous pact, in order to combat his vampires, and help me control extra fulcrums. I'll probably summon some elves, including a mage, to help out. My Skaven army is rather balanced, with all clanrats, queeks stormvermin, plague monks, 2 doomwheels, 2 WLC, and maybe an HPA

04-08-2011, 18:15
Well, are you bringing Dark or High Elves?

Some VC w/A Grave Guard unit would be very heavy hitter.

But what besides magic are you hoping to get? As a Skaven player I am presuming some heavy/elite infantry, but may be wrong on that count.

08-08-2011, 08:25
I recommend something that can kill a fair amount of stuff, but doesnt care about getting bogged down and still hard to kill. Rhinox are great, you can take out multiple small units that you may have been worrying about flanking you, like dire wolves, ghouls, stuff like that. Just be careful of ethereal stuff cos the only combat res you'll get is for charging.

08-08-2011, 12:29
Monsters! Lots and lots of monsters! :D

A giant would fit the skaven theme nicely with some small conversion :) Perhaps attach a left over head from the HPA? (if you have one of course) add some fur, etc. Voila skaven giant :)

08-08-2011, 20:17
monsters with breath weapons are a solid choice. Since it's a VC army you will be facing he will not be shooting the large targets to death. Dark Emissary and Truthsayers are two models from SoM I absolutely love. Shadow/death and Life/Beasts can make for some really nasty rats when buffed or against a debuffed enemy. Giants and the "i fall on you, haha" stuff can be fun and add a bit of that skaven self destructiveness everyone loves (or at least i do)

Puzzlebox can be interesting for one of the guys on foot, if they are not on a fulcrum. Adding D3 to all your characters stats during your opponents phase can be rather interesting not to mention its the only way you can get IF on cataclysm spells. Wind catchers is just as good as this though.

Don't forget about the seven sigils summoning spell either. My favorite summons for 300 points is a Slann (and poetic for skaven if you have a model). Unfortunately a chaos shrine is considered a monster and so you cannot summon it :(