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04-08-2011, 14:41
I'm st grasping the concept of fantasy and stuck between two list to go up to 2000points and looking at a list that will be good at storm of magic too

List one

Teclis -475

Lv 2 mage -209
Annulian Crystal
Mask of the Merlord
Barded Steed

Noble BSB - 168
Great weapon
Armour of Caledor
Guardian Phoenix

2x 18 Sea Guard FC with shields - 259 (518)

5 Dragon Princes FC - 200

20 White Lions FC - 380
Banner of Socery

1 Great Eagle -50

Or list 2

Lv 4 Archmage - 315
Silver wand
Folriath's Robes

Lv 2 mage - 185
Dispell Scroll
Armour of Heroes

Lv 2 mage -209
Annulian Crystal
Mask of the Merlord
Barded Steed


28 Spearmen FC - 277

9 Archers, Hawkeye, Musican - 114

10 Archers - 110


6 Dragon Princes FC-245
Banner of Eilyron

12 White Lions FC -220
Banner of Eternal Flame

12 White Lions FC -210

Tiranoc Chairot - 85

Great Eagle - 50

All suggestions or changes are greatly appricated.

04-08-2011, 14:47
first thing i noticed : you cannot give mages armour. so the merlord mask and other peices of armour the lvl 2 is holding need to go.

where will teclis sit? you seem to have small units, and not many places to hide him. remember if he hits combat, he will die.

if your using him take pheonix guard, and alot of them as a bunker to help him sit back and stay out of combat.

if your looking to feild this for SOM, id consider fitting 2 lvl 2's with no items and also a cheap lvl4. leave teclis at home.

if you can find room, get 2 great eagles.