View Full Version : 2400 pts high elves `1st attempt

04-08-2011, 18:46
Teclis(Life) 475 points

Noble-122 points
(battle standard bearer, great weapon, heavy armour)
Dragon Mage-380 points (silver wand, dispel scroll)

42 Spearmen-403 points (full command)
20 Spearmen-205 points(full command)

Special[905 points]
20 Phoenix Guard -380 points (full command; banner of sorcery)
20 Swordmasters-330 points (full command)
5 Dragon Princes of Kaledor-195 points (full command-Banner of Ellyrion)

04-08-2011, 21:30
Well, you've taken Teclis, so I assume this is for a fairly competitive environment. With that in mind I assume we're looking for an optimised list.

- Why the odd numbers on the Spearmen? 20 is a little small - a single casualty and you're losing attacks - so I'd even them up slightly. 35/25 or something.
- You don't see that many Dragon mages around the place. Also since he's the only thing in your list that's really shootable, he'll be getting every bolt and cannonball thrown his way. (Arrows will go at the swordmasters, of course). What is he for? Could he not be replaced with a couple of Eagles, another mage and some more knights or a chariot or two, all for about the same cost?
- 20 Swordmasters seems like an odd number. They're normally put 7-wide, so you're lacking a full rank. Unless the BSB is going with them, in which case he seems pretty weak in terms of armour.

04-08-2011, 21:33
You are going to want better defensive gear on your Noble. Drop 2 swordmasters and a pheonix guard to pay for it. Should net you 45 pts to get a good save, think there is a 2+ for cheap in your book. You would then field the swordmasters in a 6x3 block, larger frontage the better to maximise your attacks.

The Dragon Mage is usually seen as a sub par choice but if you like him them keep him. The trouble you see is keeping him alive. Ideally that problem can be solved with a quick casting of flesh to stone from Teclis. This would however leave the swordmasters horribliy vulnerable for a turn. You could put teclis in the unit of swordmasters and buff them with earthblood and the dragon with flesh to stone but that puts teclis in a unit you need getting into combat, never a good idea that. Your last option is to leave the swordmasters at home and take a unit of white lions or a second unit of pheonix guard as these don't NEED teclis to survive incoming damage.

04-08-2011, 21:54
20 spearmen: this is for the watchtower mission. if i see i dont need it i'll use two blocks of 30-something.

i normaly use flesh to stone on swordsmasters or rarely dragon princes for the 7-toughness. hence why my BSB , who will be there, wont have much trouble surviving.(swordsmaster ranks are hence 7 x 3 total)

on dragon mage: he is a dragon/dispel scroll platform. if he survives one turn to use the scroll and maybe one flaming sword spell, then i realy dont care if the rider dies turn 2 onwards. the dragon can then hunt warmachines and/or infantry units with aid from teclis' shield of thorns. INDEED, though, i agree with your advice that he is not the best choice(especialy calnen's suggestions). will see what i'll figure out.

05-08-2011, 10:11
[QUOTE=Pyriel;5690937]20 spearmen: this is for the watchtower mission. if i see i dont need it i'll use two blocks of 30-something.

Id even the spears up to 2 blocks of 32. Deploy them 8 wide 4 deep and everyone gets to attack making them effectively a horde with 4 ranks.

For the watchtower mission you have far better options for a garrison unit. The swordmasters are actually one of the best units in the game for that for the sheer amount of damage that they can do.