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05-08-2011, 07:53
Hey Guys,

I've just started playing warhammer (well, 've been busy for almost 6 months now) and I wanted some feedback on my army list. I started out playing 500 pts and now I'm upgrading to 1000 pts. I'll post both list here, lemme now what you think!

500 pts.
10x Marauder Horsemen - Spears - Light Armour - Mark of Slaanesh - Musician
10x Warhounds
16x Marauder - Flails - Mark of Khorne
Sorcerer - Chaos Steed - Mark of Nurgle

1000 pts
10x Marauder Horsemen - Spears - Light Armour - Mark of Slaanesh - Musician
10x Warhounds
16x Marauder - Flails - Mark of Khorne
10x Chaos Wariors - Shields - Mark of Nurgle - Full Command
5x Chaos Knights - Ensorceled weapons - Full Command
Sorcerer - Chaos Steed - Mark of Nurgle

(PS: I got a box of Warriors and a box of Knights for my b'day last week so I really want to use those in my 1000pt army )

05-08-2011, 13:28
hey dude.

How have you done in the game at 500pts?

First things I would change are;

1. Breaking the dogs down in to units of 5.
2. On the warriors change the mark to tzeentch, find the points for 2 more warriors, and field the units 6 wide, 2 deep.
3. Dont brother with the champion for the knights. and extra 20pts for an extra attack isnt worth it.

A couple question for you;
1. is the sorcerer lvl 2?
2. what the idea behind the block of marauder horse? they seem setup as light cav, but with no missle weapons.

Ideas for the future;
Beef up the marauder with flails, (I run a unit of 40 with gw and khorne)
split the marauder horse into two of 5, with flails, to annoy warmachines.
make your choosen, and chaos trolls and trogg to lead the trolls.

05-08-2011, 13:35
Split those marauder horsemen to two individual units they work at the best as 5 or 6 strong units and flails are very good option to make good and solid impact when you charge your enemies. Also split those warhounds to 5 strong units as well. Change foot marauders flails for great weapons, so you can have always str 5 at combat. On your 500 point list drop mark and horse of from your mage and give him extra lvl and use one of the basic lores of magic.

On your 1000 points list same things as above, but give your mage steed. Also drop champion out from knights, you don't need it and you can get some magic items for your sorcerer. Spell familiar is good for getting extra spell or infernal puppet for miscast controlling. If i would have some more extra points i would raise warriors to 15 strong and marauders at least to 30 strong.

They are very fragile target right now and won't make to combat at 16 and 10 strong.

Here some advices for your list.

05-08-2011, 18:47
first of all, I"m a girl and not a dude ;-)

the horsemen and hounds are in units of 5, sorry if the list was confusing.

my sorcerer is not a lvl 2 right now, what would the advantage be?

Thanx for the feedback guys!

05-08-2011, 19:00
upgrading Lvl 1 to Lvl 2 give you +1 to cast and +1 spell and that is good but more importantly it gives you +1 to dispel and this little +1 can be really really useful.