View Full Version : Thick Green Line - 2000pts Runny Nose Tribe

Sicarius the 2nd
05-08-2011, 11:48
Here's my 2000pts, friendly/competative/messing about Night Goblin army list.
Take a look and what do you think, any changes, i gained a masacre yesterday at my gaming club with it!

Skarsnik: 275pts

Night Goblin Big Boss, Battle Standard,
Wailing Banner, Light Armour, Shield: 109pts

Night Goblin Shaman
Level 2 Upgrade: 85pts x2= 170pts

49 Night Goblins, Spears & Shields,
Full Command, 3x Fanatics, Netters: 297pts x2=594pts

43 Night Goblins, spears & Shields,
Full Command, 3x Fanatics, Netters: 279pts

20 Night Goblins, Bows,
1no Fanatic: 85pts x2=170pts

2 Giants: 400pts

Total: 1997pts

185 Gobbos, 2 Giants, and a giant cave squig! :)

05-08-2011, 12:06
No horde of squigs, or chariots for hammers?

Sicarius the 2nd
05-08-2011, 13:13
NAH, the giants and the 11 fanatics are all the hammers i need! Plus a lucky magic phase give the oportunity of me having a horde unit of spearmen with poison :) and if im super lucky i get gork'l fix it on the enemy unit ha did it once yesterday, was ace!