View Full Version : Dark Elves 2400 ETC Competitive list

05-08-2011, 21:05
Hi everybody. After some playtesting and advice(and serious beat-up :P ) this is what I got:

Dreadlord (General,Steed,HA,SDC,Sh,Dragonhelm,Sword of Might,Pendant of Khaeleth,Crown of Command) 268
Supreme Sorceress (Shadow lvl 4,Sacrificial Dagger,Lifetaker) 315
Death Hag CoB,BSB 225
Sorceress (Metal lvl1,chanelling staff,seal of ghrond) 145

17 Spearmen (FC) 117
24 Black Ark Corsairs(AHW, mus,std,SSS) 280
20 Crossbowmen (mus) 205
5 Harpies 55
5 Harpies 55
20 Black Guard (FC,Banner of Murder) 320
7 Shades (AHW) 85
7 Shades (AHW) 85
War Hydra 175

SS is obviously going with the spearmen and metal sorc. with the x-bowmen. Harpies are cheap giveaway diverters and warmachine hunters and shades are the nerve-breakers of the foes :P Black Guard and Corsairs are providing a solid flank for the battleline and ocassionally crushing through horde units buffed up with CoB. what do you think?

vinny t
05-08-2011, 21:09
Seems pretty good. Why the channeling staff on the little Sorc and not the tome of furon? The channeling staff gives you one extra PD per game on adverage which is pretty crappy while the tome lets you know more metal spells which are pretty good.

05-08-2011, 21:13
The chanelling staff is just for when those dice-gods abandon me in the winds of magic and maybe to ocassionallgive me an extra edge on the offense. I dont know about tome of furion because usually I just take the signature spell if I dont roll the 6th one.

05-08-2011, 21:26
I'd swap the Channelling Staff and Seal for a Dispel Scroll personally, I also think that with AP Black Guard and Shadow magic you'll be just fine against armour, whereas an abomb or unit of wraiths could cause you some problems- personally, I'd go with Fire over Metal.

I'd also split the xbows into 2 units, because I like the added flexibility.

Other than that, this is pretty much what my list would look like under ETC comp, except that I prefer Witches to Black Guard.