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06-08-2011, 00:50
So I have 40 bestigor, and when they get into combat they serve me very well. However they often get shot to pieces before that and thus I have to buff them with lore of beasts, the problem is I really need to buff my gore block over them otherwise they just bounce off things.

So is it worth expanding the unit to absorb more casulties? Maybe 50 or 60 so I know I wont lose any attacks in horde? How do my fellow beastmen generals manage their brays and the magic they use?

06-08-2011, 01:00
Boost them with wildform early. Ironcurse icon in the unit would be great too. Chalice of dark rain should protect them for a turn. Blackened plate in the unit gives them a 4+ ward against flaming shooting. Other options are to support them with a few units of harpies to shut down shooting, and to use miasma to lower BS based shooting.

40 bestigors should be plenty though.

06-08-2011, 01:03
Certainly when you're in Horde formation, you can afford to lose 10 of them on the way across the board, as you're essentially after a good solid combat res, rather than looking to maintain your static.

I face the same problem with my Ogres, so I buff them fast as I can, and just keep barrelling forwards.

You could also look into sacrifical prawns, something to draw your opponents firepower. Two or three Chariots ought to do this. Get it right, and your opponent is looking at the classic 'rock and hard place'. Concentrate on one, and the others get through. Spread it about, and you won't do enough damage. It should go without saying of course, but just be mindful of possible panic tests caused by destroyed chariots!

06-08-2011, 01:32
I run a lvl 4 and 2, I ussually buff the bestigor up first to help them survive. However if I dont buff up the my gor horde they just bounce off things thanks to the piddly str 3... probably going to guy buy another 2 sets to get them at 60, or atleast 50.

what kind of character set ups do you guys run? I was thinking aboutr magic spam with 3 lvl 2s and a lvl 4 with herdstone and all that goodness, but am not sure about how that list actualy works deployment wise and the like.

06-08-2011, 01:41
Take a BSB with the beast banner to make those gors S4.

Wargor BSB w/ Gnarled Hide, Beast Banner, Heavy Armour, Shield

Pretty standard in most beastmen armylists.