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07-08-2011, 17:19
Hey All:

2500 Battle Report vs Demons of Chaos (mixed force) using Meeting Engagement Scenario

My List:
Spellweaver, Lvl 4 Life w/Rhymers Harp & Dispel Scroll
Noble BSB w/Asyendi's Bane & HODA
28 Glade Guard (Weaver and BSB Here)
16 Glade Guard w/Banner of Eternal Flame
18 Dryads
6 Treekin w/Eldar
5 Warhawk Riders
2 x Treeman
I rolled Awakening of the Woods, Throne of Vines, Shield of Thorns, Regrowth

His List:
Herald of Nurgle on Palanquin w/Slime Trail (General)
Herald of Tzeentch w/Master of Sorcery (Metal Lore)
Bloodcrusher of Khorne Juggernaught
39 Plaguebearers of Nurgle w/Full Command (Herald Nurgle here)
24 Pink Horrors w/Icon of Sorcery (Herald Tzeentch here)
25 Bloodletters
5 Flamers
5 Harpies
2 x Fiends of Slaneesh
3 Nurgling Bases (scout)

The Structure is an Acropolips of Heroes for Stubborn. The NE Woods are Wildwoods (ate many Dryads). Demons deployed first and went first. Warhawks vanguard up between Fiend and Plaguebearers. One of his Fiends and one of my Treemans start as Reinforcements.

Demons 1:
Fiend Enters up North. Everything else moves forward. Dispel Flickering Fire with Scroll, Prevent Plague of Rust on Treekin. He fails to wound Treekin with Flamers.

Wood Elves 1:
Warhawks move up behind Fiend, Glade Guard turn to face Fiend. Treeman enters from sout, 2nd Treeman repositions to Strangleroot some Nurglings. Dryads enter Wildwoods, lose 1. Magic sees Throne + Shield of Thorns on Dryads. Glade Guard + Warhawks shoot down Fiends. Glade Guard + BSB Hail of Doom on the Flamers killing 2.5 of them.

Demons 2:
A bunch of Charges. Nurglings rear charge Glade Guard. Bloodletters, Fiend and Jugger combo charge Dryads. Lose 4 Dryads at end of movement phase.
His magic is shut down. At end of magic he forgets Shield of Thorn (str 4) and loses his Jugger, 6 Bloodlettes and the Fiend takes a wound. Combat sees the Dryads destroyed and the Fiend and Letters overrun to clear the Woods. Glade Guard/Nurglings is a push.

Wood Elves 2:
Both Treemen charge Nurglings. Flame Banner Glade Guard turn and shoot a few Plaguebeares. Warhawks fly around behind Horrors and shoot down a Flamer. Both Treemen and Glade Guard dispose of Nurglings and reposition.


07-08-2011, 17:35

Demons 3:
Plaguebears charge through Earthmire Swamp, losing a handful into the Treekin (who are postitioned behind the Woods so his Ranks are negated). Letters fail charge on Treeman. Fiend flank charges Treekin. Treekin win combat killing 8 Plaguebeares and the Fiend, losing 8 Wounds in return. He makes his leadership saving some Demons.

Wood Elf 3:
Flame Banner Glade Guard charge flank of Plaguebears (gotta negate that Regen). Warhawks charge Flamers. Rest of Army dances around to stay away from soon to be shot up Bloodletters. Magic sees Shield of Thorns and Regrowth on Treekin, replacing the lost Kin. Between Thorns, Flaming Guard and Treekin the Plaguebeares lose a bunch. Warhawk riders/Flamers push

Demons 4:
Bloodletters fail another charge and get shot up a bit. Harpies charge into Warhawks. Dispel Searing Doom, Flickering Fire does 3 wounds to flammable Treeman, killing him. Forgets to dispel Thorns (str 4). Rapidly diminishing Plaguebeares leave only the Herald. Harpies and Warhawks die, 1 Flamer survives (Honestly don't remember exactly what happened here, just know after we were done 1 Flamer was left).

Wood Elves 4:
Plague Herald finally dies to Shield of Thorns. Unable to kill few remaining Bloodletters and single Flamer.

Time is called (Wife Aggro so he need to head home).

Win to the Wood Elves: 1300 points to like 750. Might have killed the Letters and Flamer but his Horrers could have burned up a bunch of Tree Spirits before he was done.

Thanks for reading, comments welcome.

Gabacho Mk.II
08-08-2011, 22:02
Very well done!

I am somewhat surprised as to the Daemon deployment though.... I dont know, I would have expected a stronger center with both the Plaguebearers and the BloodLetters packed together, with the support units (specifically the Flamers) on the flanks.

Go Woodies, GO!!! :D

09-08-2011, 04:51
Confused why/how the plague bearers did not crunch the glade guard...
Maybe a head first charge into the treekin in woods was not the best tactic?

09-08-2011, 12:29
Confused why/how the plague bearers did not crunch the glade guard...
Maybe a head first charge into the treekin in woods was not the best tactic?
Well the Flaming Banner Glade Guard were in his Flank. He only had 3 Ranks at that time so I had 8 attacks to his 3 on the flank. I think I killed 2 and he killed 2 Glade Guard. I just needed to knock down the Regen for the Treekin to pound on him. 19 Str 5 Attacks (Eldar) plus 3 Stomps was wicked without the Regen.


10-08-2011, 12:04
Woodies are OP!

10-08-2011, 19:06
Woodies are OP!

So speaks my younger brother. Who knows maybe in my Meta they are. Gonna play against Dwarves tonight. I expect a losing Battle Report in my future.


p.s. Remember the character Steve Martin played in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels? Ruprick was it....or Pulstar? Can't remember.....

11-08-2011, 08:31
Ruprecht! The guy with the cork on the end of his fork!

11-08-2011, 14:24
May I go to the bathroom?
Thank you.