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07-08-2011, 18:08
Hey all. I've been drifting away from Fantasy for a while now and think a new army would be a great way to get back into it. My only problem is I can't do an army unless it is very niche and themed.

Please see my poll for my ideas, comments welcome please.

07-08-2011, 18:16
Morr Empire -simply because it would look cool, is actually playable as an army, and won't break you mentally/cash wise doing! Parts are easy to get hold of also

07-08-2011, 18:20
Some of these ideas could be a nightmare to get to work in game and/or cost a fortune. I quite like the Strigoi/VC list though, lots of ghouls and no Grave Guard or skellies could work rather well and be visually quite striking.

07-08-2011, 18:24
Sotek Skinks

Usable...youll be missing out on lord choices opening more points for other toys, just ignore the Saurus(Old Bloods) and Slaan

maybe not the strongest army but definitly funny and with the Lustria Book you already have a theme to go for

strigoi is too mainstream atm....any vampire army already has a lot of ghouls... it will be hard to differ enough from these to feel like a niche

kislev will be very expensive to get a complete army together]

07-08-2011, 18:40
Strigoi vampires sound cool but so would vampire coast. Thinking of doing vampir pirates myself atm.

Paint it Red
07-08-2011, 19:05
A lustrian norse army sounds interesting. A chaos warriors list with a large amount of marauders is good in 8th edition. You could use lizzardmen mounts and monsters for conversions.

Marauder horsemen mounted instead on cold ones.
Tzeentch wizzard flying on a terradon.
Warshrine convered from a stegadon.
Kroxigor used as ogres/trolls/dragon ogres.
Chaos warriors converted into huscarls.

07-08-2011, 19:22
What is Morr Empire?

07-08-2011, 21:23
What is Morr Empire?

Morr is the empire's god of death. Morr has both an order of knights and priests dedicated to him, so I'm presuming the empire army would be based around that.

Great idea for an army, especially since you could use bitz from the Garden of Morr for conversions and unit fillers.

Brother Alexos
07-08-2011, 22:45
I vote for the Vampire Coast. You could include anything lustria into your army. Undead skinks, lizardmen, chaos, and Dark Elves. And pretty easy to do in the first place.

07-08-2011, 22:52
What is Morr Empire?

If you've got 1000 pts of Empire and I've got 2000, I've got Morr Empire ;)

07-08-2011, 23:29
I can't really vote for anything. All I'd be doing by voting is picking what I would choose from the list. What I would do doesn't really help you.

What Would Batman Do?
08-08-2011, 10:02
Morr Empire for sure, just give The Empire models the Grimdark of 40k (skulls and death EVERYWHERE) and a quite, gloomy and dark paintjob. Would look ace.

08-08-2011, 10:18
Kislev/Empire is just perfect for any themed army, and you can also find massive amounts of suitable models in historical ranges for your army.

08-08-2011, 10:25
I voted for kislev because it's probably one of the hardest to do, but it will be the most rewarding when it's done!

Col. Dash
08-08-2011, 13:09
Kislev because Polish Hussars are the most blingy cavalry ever in the world with the most advanced armor ever produced before it was phased out completely in the industrial age. (They were still riding around lancing things during the French and Indian war) Swiss army knives carrying 4 pistols, a rifle, a warhammer, an 18' lance, a 6' piercing only sword, a saber and that was just the standard load-out.

08-08-2011, 21:38
I voted for Kislev. I think they should be partly doable with historical eastern European models.

08-08-2011, 21:52
Well, if you go Strigoi vampires you have an excuse to take that wonderful new Terrorgeist...just saying ;)

08-08-2011, 22:22
Well, if you go Strigoi vampires you have an excuse to take that wonderful new Terrorgeist...just saying ;)

That is aa very tempting model I have to say :).

The Yak
09-08-2011, 00:02
Ive voted for the Morr Themed Empire force.

You can combine it with the amethyst order and make for a really dark themed army, Morr hates the undead so vampire hunters would be good. There is some bloke on here who does a Cracking Slyvanian reclamation force creeping (marauding) through a grave yard!

The New Forgeworld Dragon rider Elsepth Von Draken looks really gloomy and would fit the theme (Great Model).

Greatswords converted to have scythes and hoods?
Knights with coffin lid shields (Representing all the vampires they have slain)?
Lynch mob peasants for free company?
Could even use your priests of Morr as light wizards as Morr is not a warrior god like Sigmar and Ulric, but they are meant to be good at banishing and the like.
Could include state troops of the province of your choice (Wissenland or Nulns colours could work quite nicely)

Go for it, you know it makes sense!

09-08-2011, 12:11
I voted for kilsev.

It is such a shame that GW have a book that you could easily use to represent them, and you cant buy the models.

They always look cool. And if you find some of the originals for them, its a bonus.

However, Morr empire was a close second...


09-08-2011, 12:21
It would be easier for us to give you an informed opinion if you were to list the various ideas behind the poll options.

That said i'd personally go for Lustrian Norse. Give them all jungle bases, paint furs like jungle cats and you've got a distinct looking army with sod all effort. Maybe even chuck in a few riderless stegadons for Storm of Magic games.

09-08-2011, 13:10
You could do a Praag themed army and go Kislev with some Morr themed support/auxiliaries. Some awesome fluff and great scenery modelling opportunities as well!

09-08-2011, 17:17
Lustrian Norse seem like a coll idea. I think only a few people ever considered it and fewer still had completed such an army.

I don't recommend Morr Empire - an Empire army with even more skulls... jeez please no ;)

You won't handle the number of skulls sir!

09-08-2011, 17:51
A Morr army is tempting. Knights of Morr, Flagellants, priests/witch hunters. Though you could also change sides: a Mousillion army. Knights (Vampire, Blood Knights, Black Knights) and ragged peasants (Ghouls), Corpse Carts should also fit.

Maybe not a niche army on the paper, but with appropriate conversions (Bretonnians and Undead) a (literally) feast for the eyes.

Spiney Norman
09-08-2011, 22:43
I went for Strigoi vamps in the end. Morr themed Empire is interesting, but in practice it would just look like every other empire army but painted purple and black instead of red and white.

The strigoi theme not only gives you a strong theme to work to, but it emphasises certain units over others and would make your army look very different to the average GG deathstar VC army that seems to crop up everywhere. Not to mention the new Terrorgeist makes this idea even better.