View Full Version : 2000 points Vampires that kill Elves

07-08-2011, 21:11
Hi there,

I honestly thought I'd posted this already.. who knew?

As a current Empire player, I decided I want a second army and I'm branching out to the Vampire Counts because a) they're cool, b) Mantic make excellent cheap filler choices and c) they're cool.

Now, my main opponents are of the Elven variety, with some Dwarfs and Tomb Kings thrown in to the mix. I also needed a theme, which came in the lovely variety of a certain Death Knight.

So here goes my first attempt at a 2000 point list - using what I already own.

Arthas Menethil, Vampire Lord
Crown of the Damned, Flayed Hauberk, Sword of Strife, Level 3 Upgrade
Red Fury and Master of the Black Arts, or Infinite Hatred/Walking Death?

Kel'Thuzad, Vampire
Helm of Commandment, Black Periapt, Forbidden Lore (Beasts, Light, Vampires?)

Death Knight Standard Bearer, Wight King
Drakenhof Banner, Great Weapon

40 Skeleton Warriors
Full Command

39 Ghouls

30 Death Revenants Grave Guard
Great Weapons, Full Command, Banner of the Barrows


Coloured segments are what to decide over.

Master of the Black Arts provides much needed power dice, but detracts from combat powerhouseyness (yeah, I made a word) which means I'd need to rely on Vanhel's to get ASF for re-rolls in combat rather than Infinite Hatred just flat giving me it.

Lore of Beasts I find complements the army competitively but not the theme so much (except for Unholy Frenzy = Savage Beast/Wyssan's Wildform).

Light is half/half, it fits Unholy Frenzy and Cripple (Net), as well as previous experience with Timewarp and Speed of Light is very promising indeed.

Vampires fulfills the 'Necromancer/Lich' theme, but I already have access to 3 spells by my Lord already - seems like a waste to pick yet more of the same Lore.

The rest of the list is essentially using what I have to maximum benefit - i.e. Ghouls, Skellies and Mantic Revenants as Grave Guard/Wight King.

Opinions welcome!