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sons of osiris
07-08-2011, 22:00
Hey guys im posting this as a help to my freind- hes a dwarf player and is going into a tournament. 800pts to start in this one all the way through.
heres our list we made for him but we need help. we need him to win and he wants to win so please can you help us make a realy competative list which is solid??-

Runelord- 163
Rune of cleaving

20xWarriors 105pts

10x Thunderers 140pts

8xMiners 118
blasting charges

Grudge thrower 90pts
Rune of reloading

Grudge Thrower 85ts
rune of burning
Thanks guys any comments are appreciated :)

07-08-2011, 22:04
the grudge throwers can't both have the same set of runes. Give one the flaming rune as well to make them different :)

what's the plan for the miners?

I played 800pts the other day (for SoM) and had 2 rune priests, one with MR of binding (+1 to dispel)
2 units of thunderers, 20 (or 25.. cant remember) warriors with banner and musician, and a cannon.

sons of osiris
07-08-2011, 22:11
Okai i didnt know that thank you :) ill replace the rune.
the plan was to pop them up to tackle enemy war machines the like.
wer playing using tournie rules which are effectifly the school leuge stuff ( it what i relate to as v done it many times)

The bearded one
07-08-2011, 22:16
A runelord in 800 pts? That's a bit much, isn't it? A runesmith with the master rune of balance is cheaper, gives you a dispeldice and steals a powerdice from your enemy and adds it to your dispelpool too, making him more effective and more costeffective. Add in a rune of stone to improve his save to 2+.

What equipment do the warriors have? Judging from the 8 miners and 10 thunderers I assume this is the battle for skull pass dwarf army, so warriors with shields? While warriors with shields aren't so bad, they're more badass and killy with greatweapons.

Miners are probably not worth it in such a small game as there will most likely be few enemies staying near the boardedge to fight. I would reduce these to 5 to mop up a warmachine if they come across one.

10 thunderers are fine.

Runes of reloading are not really useful. In fact, they will almost never come into play unless the GT suffers misfire result 2-3. The artillery I would really shake up:

Grudge thrower, rune of penetrating, rune of accuracy. Who doesn't like a nice str4 stonethrower that rerolls the scatterdice?

And use the leftover points for a cannon with rune of forging and rune of burning.

So the list would be...

Runesmith, master rune of balance, rune of stone shield
20 warriors with great weapons, musician and banner
10 thunderers
5 miners
Grudge thrower, rune of penetrating, rune of accuracy
Cannon, rune of forging, rune of burning

So unless my math failed me, that's 797, and equipped to take on most foes you will face :)

sons of osiris
07-08-2011, 22:28
wow. ajhha thank you :) thats a nice list ill make sure to give him to play test.
erm its not a list from skull pass but you were correct on the warriors.
is it worth keeping the miners at all or not as 5 arnt realy going to do much. asif he were against me hed have 40 skellies to get through before reaching my casket. :P
its a nice list like i said but is there a stronger combo out there?

The bearded one
07-08-2011, 22:40
8 miners wouldn't get through 40 skellies either :D
5 miners should be enough to wipe out most warmachine crews, or missiletroops when charged from the rear or side, you don't really need anymore and in fact you would want to keep them to the minimum so that your opponent has to spend a disproportionate amount of resources to kill that little 55 point unit.

This should be about the best runes for the artillery, apart from adding a second rune of penetrating to the grudge thrower :) 800 points is not much to play around with, but what might improve the combat ability of the list is to take out the thunderers and add 14 warriors to the unit, and deploying them in a horde formation. With some softening up from your artillery, this horde should be able to carve through pretty much everything they come across, with 30 str5 attacks.

sons of osiris
07-08-2011, 22:44
ahh i see your point. i would be moving my anvilout to deal with it leaving my chariots nd necro knights ( which plow throygh anything anyway :D) on there own. hmm nasty against other armys.
so miners to keep then.

sons of osiris
08-08-2011, 00:42
hey erm how about this list also. i know you posted a cracking list but my freind got help on this-
Runesmith (general): MRoBalance, RoSpellbreaking, shield -147
Thunderers: x14, shields, Musician -215
Quarrellers: x14, Great Weapons, Musician -187
Cannon: RoForging, RoBurning -130
Organ Gun -120

Total: 799 points

How about this list is it any good or? take in mind my tk army posted on here lv2 preist casket 40 hw/s skellies 4 chariots 3 necro knights thats the sort of things gonna be feilded and big monsters ( shpinks, o nd g big spider thingys ect...