View Full Version : O&G 3000-point tourney

08-08-2011, 06:52
Later this month, I'll be participating in a friend's "Battle of the Beasts" 3000-point Fantasy tournament. In celebration of the Storm of Magic, he's allowing us to field any monster from the expansion (taken out of the points allowance for the character). I have a crazy idea.

The crazy idea is a Night Goblin Warboss with a Wizarding Hat riding a Cockatrice. I've always wanted to convert up the Wizarding Hat Gobbo and the Cockatrice is a sexy model.

Here's the preliminary list:

Black Orc Warboss General with Shield, Battleaxe of the Last Waaagh!
Night Goblin Warboss with LA, Shield, Wizarding Hat, riding a Cockatrice

Orc Big Boss BSB with Shield, Armour of Destiny
Orc Shaman Level 2 with Gold Sigil Sword, Talisman of Endurance
Orc Shaman Level 2 with Talisman of Preservation, Ironcurse Icon
Night Goblin Shaman Level 2 with Opal Amulet, Ruby Ring of Ruin

50x Orc Big 'Uns with Full Command, 2x Choppas, Standard of Discipline
50x Night Goblins with Full Command, Spears, Nets, 2x Fanatics
20x Night Goblins with Full Command, Bows, 2x Fanatics
5x Spider Riders with Full Command, Spears/Bows

20x Black Orcs with Full Command, Shield, Flaming Banner
2x Spear Chukkas with Bullies

1x Rock Lobber with Bully
1x Doom Diver
1x Snotling Pump Wagon with Giant Explodin' Spores
1x Giant


I had also thought of a night gobbo shaman riding a Zoat, but it's monsters only, no monstrous infantry. Any suggestions to the above list? Comments & criticisms welcome.