View Full Version : Used to use Thanquol, moving on to normal grey seer

08-08-2011, 23:58
So. As the title suggests.. I'm moving to a normal grey seer to make points for a warlord on bonebreaker..

I'm Having troubles deciding how to equip my grey seer until I get a bell..

So.. I'm thinking he should have some kind of ward save.. Dispel scroll, and or skalm?

What are some interesting builds you have all come to appreciate for these lovely non special characters? Any unique approaches out there? Or is it mostly ward save items and such?

Any and all help would be lovely, thanks:-)

09-08-2011, 00:05
I use: Skalm and a Dispel Scroll, as mine hides on his bell. A ward save is always nice.

09-08-2011, 01:54
if you go that way, finish out the points with warpstone tokens. Thats what the skalm is for :p

09-08-2011, 03:46
But no bell yet:-/ will be a couple weeks.. So until then.. I should just give him tally of pres. Skalm and a warpstone token? Any other interesting kit ideas for a grey seer in a 35 strong Clanrat bunker?

10-08-2011, 00:25
I run mine naked with the Warp-Energy Condenser in a clanrat bunker of 20.

You have to be aware of enemy flankers, flyers and lore of death wizards.

Flankers are typically easy to avoid, since skaven armies tend to deploy far more units than most other armies. Nifty skaven units, like the hellpit abomination, doom wheels and gutter runners are excellent flank defenders.

Flyers are a bit more tricky, but not very hard to avoid either. Keep other units nearby to block sneaky charges.

Death wizards are the trickiest. Here you simply want to stay out of range from his death spells, unfortunately, skaven spells also have very low range so you'll be very likely to be out of range yourself whilst doing this.

Flying death wizards is the most problematic of all (damn those vampire flying loremasters!!), luckily for me, most people around here seem to avoid them :)

The Warp-Energy Condenser, along his built-in warpstone tokens, provides alot of magical power to lightning any nearby threats if need be.

However, like this he's not suited to be your general - I run mine together with a bonebreaker riding warlord (who kicks butt I must add!). If you plan on running him as the general then go with the Screaming Bell + skalm kit (and anything else you fancy) to make him very survivable.

Just my thoughts and experiances.