View Full Version : Dwarfs 2400pts for (lighthearted) tournament

10-08-2011, 09:45
Hi guys. Tournament coming up and just after thoughts on my list. Restrictions are no single unit can be more than 400 points, ultra-spells allow "look out sir", and the horrible rares are mostly 0-1. It's not a WAAC environment, but I'd like to do alright. We'll only be playing battleline.


Runelord, shield, RO Stone, RO Resistance, MRO Balance, RO Spellbreaking = 247
Thane BSB, Shield, RO stone, RO Rerolls = 122
35 Dwarf Warriors, Great Weapons, Full Command = 375
35 Dwarf Warriors, shields, Full Command = 340
20 Quarrellers, Great Weapons, Rangers, Std, Mus = 295
30 Hammerers, Std, Musician, RO Determination = 398
Cannon, RO Forging, RO Fire = 130
Cannon, RO Forging = 125
Grudge Thrower, Rune of Penetration, Rune of Accuracy, Engineer = 145
Organ Gun = 120
Organ Gun = 120

So, battleline of 3 infantry blocks, probably 2 horde and 1 steadfast. Enough artillery to hopefully take out hellpits etc, and weaken any other threats, and (again hopefully) enough magic defence to prevent the worst of it getting through.

Anything you'd change? Anything illegal in there?

10-08-2011, 17:50
Looks all legal, first and most important.

I would look at swaping the second cannon for a second grudge thrower if you have one. Since most of the "horrible rares" (I'm assuming you mean hydras and hellpits) are limited to 0-1 you should be able to hit it with the flaming cannon to remove the regen then hit it with accurate grudge thrower fire to finish it off. The grudge thrower however is much more versatile for roughly the same ammount of points. Just about the only change I would make to the list.