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13-08-2011, 01:24
Hey all,I'm looking into doing a hammerer character in quest and am looking for suggested things to make him different to the dwarf character.
I'm thinking that,as hammers are few and far between,I'll let him rune it up similar to the dwarfs axe,may come up with an alternative system though.
We currently let our dwarf (who is modeled with an axe and massive hammer) 'forge' items for half there costs,ie make them into a hammer instead of,say,a sword,so long as he could normally use it.
Perhaps something similar with the hammerer character,say 50% of items worth with a 1 in 6 chance of the item not surviving?
Also,how do you think he should play differently,if at all? There stubborn nature should probably play a part?
Thanks in advance.

14-08-2011, 19:41
Interesting idea with the forging, the Chaos Warrior has a way of merging items together in his rules, so might be worth a look at that sort of thing. The problem with forging magic items in the Dwarf background is that......dwarves don't do that. What they do is give them to the runesmiths who dispose of them. (I expanded the rune table considerably to give our dwarf player a bonus).

Hammerers, like Ironbreakers and Longbeards are really the elite troops, in this case the dwarf lords bodyguard. Apart from having a really big hammer (which anyone can get) thye kind of lacked any real defining feature in much the same way an Ironbreaker is a dwarf in a suit of armour and a Longbeard is really just a dwarf thats reached level 5 kind of thing. There is nothing that leaps out (for example there is a considerable leap between wood elf warrior and wood elf wardancer). Yes you can give him a new skill list and a new set of starting equipment but I don't know how you can add that "special something" that sets him apart from other dwarves.

Good luck with this one :)