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10-04-2006, 16:21
I started building this terrain for a tournament I was going to go to in Vancouver (they have a Best Terrain class) but in the end I was unable to go and I lost interest in the project. It represents a ruined open air temple surrounded by monastic cells and an abandoned explorators camp. Hopefully, this log will help keep me motivated. Here are some of the pieces so far.

The first piece is just some small rock formations made from expanding insulation foam. The next step it to apply Sculptimold for texture.

The second pic is one of the explorator buildings made from Evergreen and Plasturct Styrene. It has been basecoated with generic grey primer (half way between Codex Grey and Fortress Grey) and has has a spray of Tamiya's Field Blue. Next is a little highlighting with some Fortress Grey on the corners and support beams.

The last bit is of a shed with a few tools that were left behind. It's at the same stage as the building.

The main piece, the ruined temple is nearly completed and I will post pictures ASAP. Progress should be slow but steady.

Captain Brown
10-04-2006, 21:27
Which tournament Codsticker? I am afraid I have not been out to any recently although my old flat mate Kelly continues to enter the painting conflicts at Conflict and Trumpeters.

Good starts to your terrain, what is it you need to get the urge to finish them? Great terrain on a gaming board is as good a feeling as fully painted armies doing battle.


10-04-2006, 23:30
I'm tempted by too many other projects (and now that the weather is nice I want to hop on my bike and hit the trails). I have more guardsmen to paint (there's always more, isn't there?), my armoured column to finish off and a Deathwatch squad to start. Oh, and my Warseer marine. I already have a 4x6 Cityfight board and a 12x4 Steppes board so there's no pressure from that quarter.

It was the Astronomicon tournament at Trumpeter. It was the first one to hit Vancouver and I had to pass it up as I had volunteered to help out at my son's hockey tournament.

13-04-2006, 00:35
The main Temple piece is finished; here are a few pics from various angles.

13-04-2006, 00:49

<cheers from the sidelines>

That's some nice terrain. Worth finishing to have some (more) sweet playing areas.:D

The beauty of terrain is that once it's done you can see it and use it almost every time you play.:D

13-04-2006, 02:19
Good looking stuff, by all means finish it! Not too hot on the expanding foam rocks though....

13-04-2006, 03:53
They didn't quite turn out how I wanted but stuck with them anyway. I call it the Temple of Intestinal Fortitude. ;)

The Dragon Reborn
14-04-2006, 01:34
cool beans man, keep the work going, good luck with all your projects

14-04-2006, 14:57
The painting of the buildings is done. The bases will be done in the same manner as the Temple's. Here is the first one with front, side and rear angle shots.

14-04-2006, 15:03
...and here is the second. Also with front, side and rear shots.

14-04-2006, 15:57
Looking very good, Codsticker! very nice rust effect there. Don't let the momentum slip! :cool:

17-04-2006, 17:11
Here are the completed buidings and..."battlefield debris" (for lack of a better description). The first picture shows how they would probably be set up for game play. The last three are just close-ups of each piece.

The next bit of work wil be a small set of rock outcroppings and another selection of abandoned debris.

24-04-2006, 19:12
Here is some more battlefield debris. It's ready for the Sculptimold treatment which is what I use to create texture on the base. Both this piece and the small group of rocks from the first page will get that added either tonight or tommorrow. These are the last two items to finish and then I think I will call it done.

24-04-2006, 19:14
Very nice - quite impressive work there.:D

24-04-2006, 20:04
Thank you for the kind remarks. I definately find it motivates one knowing that people are checking in on your work on occasion.

24-04-2006, 20:34

<checks again>

<checks again>

Hey, get moving - I'm not seeing any changes.:mad:


25-04-2006, 08:07
More nice looking terrain! Keep 'em coming, Codsticker, it's looking great!

08-05-2006, 03:22
Finally something to post. Here are the previously shown pieces painted up. All that needs to be done is the base, which, of course, will be done in the same manner as the others. This whole thing could be wrapped up by tommorrow night!

Light of the Emperor
08-05-2006, 03:55
That is some really cool stuff! I love the detail work and the painting complements its gritty, dusty nature.
I'm with everyone else: can't wait to see it finished!

09-05-2006, 05:18
Here are some more expanding foam rocks, painted and ready for flocking and shrubs. The last pic is from the first page for comparison.

09-05-2006, 05:50
It's looking awesome my friend!

Just imagine the battles you will play on this terrain!

Especially the ruined temple. Now that would be some brutal house to house fighting!

15-05-2006, 18:24
I think it's done. I'm playing with the idea of adding another little group of hills but at this point the terrain covers 25% of the table, which was my original goal. There are a couple of pics of the two last pieces completely finished and a couple shots of how it would look on a 4x6 table (I won't be building one as the terrain has to go on a 3hr. road trip to get to the tournament it was designed for).

15-05-2006, 19:15
It all looks great, Codsticker! :cool: You have official permission to be very proud :D

15-05-2006, 19:20
Looks good, well done. Out of curiosity why do those Gaurdsmen have no bases? lol, looks quite cool actually. Well done again on the terrain.

15-05-2006, 19:29
They are my Heavy Weapons teams members. They are normally blu-tacked to their base and I included them for scale purposes.

15-05-2006, 19:32
Ahh I see, coolio!

15-05-2006, 20:03
....and I thought they were escaping:eek: into that wonderful terrain.:D

As an aside, excellent work on those IG.

15-05-2006, 20:48
Here's another pic of them coming through the temple; I didn't include it in the original set as the pic doesn't show off the terrain well.

Now for my next project: should it be-
...Deathwatch Kill Team?
...finish painting my Armoured Column?
...or my Warseer Marine?

Any suggestions?

15-05-2006, 21:09
1) Warseer Marine
2) AC
3) Deathwatch


15-05-2006, 21:36
The terrain looks great! It inspires me to build my own terrain, just wish I had somewhere to store it.

The last picture looks great too, love to see the models in a "scene."

I'd go with Death Watch, they are only a single squad (unless I am missing something) and will allow you to finish another project quickly.

16-05-2006, 04:47
I guess it will be the Warseer Marine then. Time to start a new Project Log. Thank you all for your encouragement and compliments.