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01-09-2011, 17:50
The Tale of Fantasy Painters 2010-2011 Month 12

Well this is it boys and girls (or should I say Men and Boys). If you haven't finished yet, this is the time to post up your final month of painting.

In fact, even if you are done this would be a nice time to paint those army shots so we can see everything that was done over the tale.

I want to thank everyone who took part. It's amazing how many models get painted thanks to these tales and everyone working together to offer support and comments.

I should also say that the NEW tale starts today, so if this tale worked out for you and you are ready for the next batch of models, or if you didn't quite finish and want to give it another go, that it's the perfect time to get right back at it.


01-09-2011, 18:01
For myself, I sadly didn't paint any more greenskins due to the 2000 worth of Nids I have been blitzing through http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=311132

I'll see if I can get an army shot up soon.

01-09-2011, 18:09
So stoked to be finished! And I can't wait to see everyone elses finished armies.

Dawi : 2000 POINTS (MEN)

UNIT: Flame Cannon & Crew.


BUILD/CONVERSION: No conversion, just the classic mini.

PAINTING: For the metal, chainmail, with a badab black wash then a chainmail drybrush, Tallern flesh with an ogryn flesh wash and a dwarf flesh drybrush. The gold was mithril silver washed with gryphonne sepia. And the crew chief has a homage to Purplebeards great work with a leviathan purple wash over dehneb stone.

BASING: Was done the same as the rest of the Dawi.

STILL TO DO: Nothing, except for the dials on the flame cannon that I just noticed!

HIGHS AND LOWS: The only low for this month is the current rules for the flame cannon :(







Finished throng:


And this tale plus the last tales regiments:


So all up we have:

Ungrim the slayer king
Thane on Oathstone
Burlok Damminson, Master engineer
50 great weapon warriors with full command
21 Ironbreakers with full command
11 Warriors with HW and shield
Organ gun
Flame cannon
And a cannon and grudge thrower with engineers

Next tale: A bit more artillery, stacks more infantry and the white dwarf!

01-09-2011, 18:09
Lizardmen : 2000 POINTS (Men)

UNIT: Scar-veteran Battle Standard Bearer


BUILD/CONVERSION: This guy is one of the metal Saurus characters, with plastic temple guard standard, head and shield.

PAINTING: Basecoated black, then the foundation green, followed by a drybrushe of hawk turqouise, all my saurus will be a similar colour. The standard has been done to look like stone and the gold is mithril silver with multiple washes of gryphonne sepia.

BASING: Sand, painted black with a heavy vermin brown drybrush.

STILL TO DO: Nothing major still unsure how to finish the bases.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Stoked to be finished, about halfway through I didn't think I'd make it. I'm also happy with how this guy turned out.



BSB front:


BSB back:


Finished army:


So we have:

Kroq-gar on Grymloq
Saurus BSB
Skink chief
Skink priest
Skink priest on Stegadon with EotG
10 Skink skirnishers
30 strong Skink cohort with 3 Kroxigor and full command
3 Terradons
Salamander hunting pack

Next tale: A whole crap load of saurus! A giant frog, and some lizards riding some lizards!

01-09-2011, 18:16
ARMY : Warriors of Khorne

UNIT: Chaos Lords (one on foot and one on a jugger)

HIGHS & LOWS: High is that I still managed to paint 2000 pts for my chaos army despite lots of other interests recently (damn you Mantic). Low is that it is far from a playable army... very high on Lords and Rare, low on core. But still very glad to have finished though.

POINTS: 225 + 275 = 500 pts.

TOTAL POINTS SO FAR : 1623 + 500 = 2123 pts. Yaay!



Will try to post an army shot later on... A big thanks for helping me finish this army to everyone in this tale!

01-09-2011, 18:42
Army : High Elves

UNIT: 40 Maiden Guard (who count as Lothern Sea Guard)

STILL TO DO: Lots, as these are pretty much just base colours and a wash, but for the purpose of the Tale I declare them done. For now.

HIGHS AND LOWS: 40 is too big a batch to paint.



And the army shot (which I will probably take again, hopefully in better quality):

01-09-2011, 18:46
Army : Ogre Kingdoms II

UNIT: 3 Ironguts

STILL TO DO: Nothing.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Three is a much nicer batch size.

TOTAL POINTS: 1989 (close enough, esp. since I don't count magic items)


And the army shot:

01-09-2011, 20:22
Well I'm not quite done. Yet.

ARMY : Gnomes (Empire proxy): 1000 Points (BOYS)

UNIT: Gnome Wizard Lord and Gnome Wizard

BACKGROUND/THEME: A Hold of Dwarves living in the far north of the world, in a region under the terrible influence of Chaos. Led by the ancient and dwindling Purplebeard family, they fight to survive against the unending tide of Chaos. Many Gnomes live and fight alongside them too.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Old Citadel figures - Gnome and Iron Claw Dwarf.
STILL TO DO: Varnishing and basing.
HIGHS & LOWS: High - finally, finally settling on a colour scheme

POINTS: 1/2*250 + 125 = 250
TOTAL POINTS SO FAR : 435 + 250 = 685

DICE ROLL : Er, probably not relevant anymore - the mighty throng has wilted to a small band of brethren. I will definitely comment on everyone this month. Good luck everyone!

Gnome Wizards!

More Dwarven/Gnomish Pony Riders - last lot now.

The tides of change have swung in my favour - I have managed to acquire a Gnome Cleric (Warrior Priest) and a second pipe-smoking pony rider, so I am going to get those in, with him, together with the last 5 pony riders above, with full command, all before the end of the month. That should take me over the line (just) with 1014pts. I'll update you next week.

02-09-2011, 00:58
Squeaking past the 2000 points mark with the last 225 points!

A High Liche Priest on a Skeletal Steed...

And an earlier army shot (I just painted an additional 2 characters on top of these, so I didn't take a new army shot):

Fabius Bile
02-09-2011, 05:38
Army: 2000pts+ Ogre Kingdoms

Points so far : 2267pts

Unit : Bruiser (add HW, Sword & Luck Gnoblars)

Points this month : 148 pts

Highs - Getting this tale finished! Plus, had lots of fun sculpting, converting and painting this one, it was nice to take a break from painting purple flesh lol

Lows - None


Well done to everyone who made it to the end this year, I just have 2 days to wait before I get my paws on the new OK book, plus a few new toys, and we can start this merry dance all over again!

02-09-2011, 07:28
Brilliant Obelix & Asterix figure!

02-09-2011, 08:48
I should be moved to boys, I swapped to that a while ago. Done. :)

03-09-2011, 18:21
Well, I've looked at some of the old photos I've taken of my minis over the last 18 months or so, and was a bit unhappy with the quality overall. Therefore I've spent all day taking photos (800 odd), and I'm going to replace all the crappy shots in my plog (especially the WHQ ones!).

Anyway, although they are not quite finished (Miners still to come), I thought I'd take the final army shots.

ARMY : Dwarves: 2000 Points (MEN)

BACKGROUND/THEME: A Hold of Dwarves living in the far north of the world, in a region under the terrible influence of Chaos. Led by the ancient and dwindling Purplebeard family, they fight to survive against the unending tide of Chaos. Many Gnomes live and fight alongside them too.


LORDS - 500pts (inc Magic Item allowance).
Lord Purplebeard

HEROES - 500pts (inc Magic Item allowance).
Battle Standard Bearer

CORE - 893pts
14 Warriors HW+S
12 Rangers 2HW
26 Shieldmaidens FC (Longbeard proxies)
20 Miners FC (not in group photo)

SPECIAL - 422pts
24 Purplebeard Huscarls (Hammerers)
10 Slayers

TOTAL = 500 + 500 + 893 +422 = 2315pts.
Forget my earlier posts, I confused myself!







*(Space for Miners final pic here!)*

It has been a great project, frustrating and difficult at times, but definitely worth it. For ToFP 2011-12, I am carrying on with the Dwarves, and doing Chaos too, for a bit of an extra challenge!

All the best of luck to everyone else still in it and I'm looking forward to your final submissions!

P.S. For detail shots, see my Dwarf and WHQ plog.

04-09-2011, 03:51
Skaven: 1000 POINTS (Boy)

UNIT: 4 Rat Ogres, 4 rat swarms

BACKGROUND/THEME: Ratty, ratty, ratty, ratty, rats

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from the starter sets for the ogres and straight from ebay for the swarms.

PAINTING: Basecoat scorched brown and rough layering followed by brown wash.

BASING: Sand and spotty flock.

STILL TO DO: just a little touch up when I finish all my other projects.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I made it. Thank goodness the ratswarms are so quick to paint - although the hot pink tails don't show up in the picture. Low - far from an effective army and not big enough yet. Next TOFP!!



Rat Swarms

Rat Ogres

The soon to be useful army

04-09-2011, 17:39
Here's my army shot from last month for the sake of completeness in this thread:


Thanks and congrats everyone who stuck it through.

08-09-2011, 12:02


Netters (180), Unit Commands (120), Night Goblin Shamans and Bosses (315), Fanatics (125)


Final Total 2556



Helblaster Volley Gun 115


Final Total 1173


Vampire Counts

4 Vampires - 400 Points


Final Total 2055


A huge thank you and well done to everyone that took part! It's been a truly fantastic year. Right, better get priming some skaven...

09-09-2011, 19:28
My final comments:

@perplexiti (Dwarves): Good to see a fellow Dwarf player sticking it out until the end. You have a great horde of black and yellow Dwarfs coming together!

@perplexiti (Lizardmen): Nice lizzies; very colourful :)

@Matrim_Cauthon (WoC): Great work - loving the bright red. I'll be following in your footsteps next year with my own WoC force. Low model count + metallics = happiness :D

@EmperorNorton (HE): A good army you have there, with a great distinctive colour scheme. And yes, 40 is too big a batch to paint.

@EmperorNorton (OK): Altogether they look grimy, and mean, and unified, but not uniform. I don't normally like Ogre armies, but I like yours.

@juicytomatoes (TK): You've got some really good and interesting figures there. We need a better army shot though, please.

@Fabius Bile (OK): Hehe great stuff. That is one big, rag-tag force of Ogres you have!

@gsmc (Skaven): Congratulations. A very grimy and dark look there.

@Tonberry (HE): Great stuff once again.

@Harvey (O&G + Empire + VC): WOW- that is a heck of a lot of output for one year! Awesome job.

Congrats to everyone who has made it and please get your army shots up to everyone else. I'm still working on my Gnomes and Miners - and if I can finish then anyone can.

10-09-2011, 11:49
Army : Ogre Kingdoms I

UNIT: The last third of Greasus Goldtooth.

STILL TO DO: Loads. That's why you don't get a close-up. There is some paint on every part of him, but I could (and probably will) spend hours upon hours picking out and highlighting the insane amount of detail like the dozens of gems and the seething mass of Gnoblars carrying the big fatty around. Since I decided to continue with my Ogres in the next ToFP I will probably document any progress there.

HIGHS AND LOWS: So! Much! Detail! Aaaargh!


Army shot:

Double army shot:

15-09-2011, 01:14
ARMY : Ogre Kingdoms (Boys)

UNIT: 30 Gnoblars w/Champion

BACKGROUND/THEME: Not Ogres :shifty:.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Standard GW models with a couple of 'accessory gnoblars' from other kits to pad the ranks.

STILL TO DO: After reading the new book I have to add the other command options :cries:.

HIGHS & LOWS: High - Done! Well kind of... EDIT: The Low was more gnoblars...


TOTAL POINTS SO FAR : 894 (Under the old book, probably reaches 1000 with the new book but I haven't worked it out yet)

Now for the horrible pictures...


The models from this TOFP:

The army as it stands (looks pathetically tiny since I've taken two years to get this much done...):

My Goblins are all painted up but just waiting bases so they'll still be a few days...


15-09-2011, 11:49
@Doi: Don't be too hard on yourself - you've painted a good number of nearly identical models over the year. As a Dwarf player, I know the pain that comes with that. You've done well this year and should be happy with yourself. :)

15-09-2011, 12:56
It sounds even worse when you look at it as I painted 60/66 in the past two months :p.


15-09-2011, 15:57
That's pretty much the same as me lol - 6 or 7 characters and then a few infantry to satisfy the army list limitations. Don't sweat it :D

15-09-2011, 16:38
Yeah, don't be too hard on yourself, Doi.
That's a really nice vanguard you have there. :angel:

16-09-2011, 01:55
Not everyone can paint as much as you :p.


22-09-2011, 19:19
Sorry guys for not posting earlier, lots to do at work and then my modem broke.

However, I'm finished :D

2000 point of Bretonnians

UNIT: Paladin on Royal Pegasus w. Grail wow, Wyrmlance and Ruby ring of ruin


POINTS: 176 points

TOTAL POINTS: 1857 + 176 = 2033 points

On to some crappy pics:

22-09-2011, 21:28
Alright, comments time. First up grats to everyone who finished! There's some great work that's been done this year.

Page 1:

@Matrim_Cauthon: Nice stuff man, love those minis and you've done a great job.

@EmperorNorton: The elf girls look great man, it can be a drag to paint so many at a time though eh? I got worn down doing my great axe horde too. Awesome ogres, that's an intimidating looking army there.

@Purplebeard: Sweet dwarfs man, great job.

@juicytomatoes: Great tomb kings mate, I'm not the biggest fan of some of the range for them, but you've made them look nice.

@Fabius Bile: Hehe Obelix FTW! Great idea and execution man.

@gsmc: Dark, dingy and mangy looking rats. Great stuff!

@ Harvey: That's a huge horde of gobbos mate! Well done. Great work on your empire and vamps too.

@doi: Nice work on the gnoblars, it can be a bit depressing painting a whole swag of minis to findout they're only worth a pittance points wise.

Page 2.

@Rutgar: Good looking paladin mate, the yellow and red heraldry looks great.

Again congrats to everyone who finished, and best of luck for the next tale.

28-09-2011, 12:11
I'm not dead yet!

I just need some free time in daylight hours to do the finishing touches on my Goblins...


29-09-2011, 11:39
Is that all that's left from last year ToFP ? I mean there are like 10 completed armies posted here, where are the others?

29-09-2011, 12:07
Is that all that's left from last year ToFP ? I mean there are like 10 completed armies posted here, where are the others?

The number of people who lose interest or motivation or who get sidetracked by other things in their lives is pretty high.
It's harder than one might think to stay with the Tale and get it all done.

29-09-2011, 12:20
Is that all that's left from last year ToFP ? I mean there are like 10 completed armies posted here, where are the others?

Also many, like mysef, are too lazy to pull out all your models for a final picture ;

29-09-2011, 12:37
Also many, like mysef, are too lazy to pull out all your models for a final picture ;

You really should do that, though.
Seeing it all together is a very rewarding experience.

29-09-2011, 17:52
Some facts:
In 2009 20 men's armies were finished (no boyz section back then).
In 2010 24 men's armies and 29 boyz armies were finished.
This year, at least 19 men's and at least 38 boyz armies are going to be finished.

Some already finished earlier, and they don't show their work in this thread.

Something about points:
In the first year that I did the tables, I didn't count the points...
But in 2010, we painted a total of 128415.5 points.
However, in 2011 we exceeded that amount, and up to now (with only 1 day left, though) we painted 138188 points!

So, in all, it's still growing.

I'm off to start the new table...

29-09-2011, 20:08
The number of people who lose interest or motivation or who get sidetracked by other things in their lives is pretty high.
It's harder than one might think to stay with the Tale and get it all done.

I see what you mean, I'm already struggling to finish my first 100 points for this year ToFP. I hope I'll be able to keep up with the amount of work that accumulates on my desk

30-09-2011, 13:20
Feedback for those that posted:

@perpexiti - Wonderful looking dwarves - quite a throng! I like the snow bases and the way the whole army ties together. Your lizardmen are striking - I love the choice of colours you've used.

@Matrim_Cauthon - I absolutely love the way you paint red, it has a huge visual impact. Well done.

@EmperorNorton - Very opulent looking elves, they must look incredible on the table! Your ogres are impressive, and I like the sense of scale the giants give.

@Purplebeard - Great varied selection of figures. A unique looking army that does you credit.

@juicytomatoes - Cool army! Great bases and I like the use of red.

@Fabius Bile - What a brilliant model to finish with! Well done.

@gsmc - Dark and dingy looking, just as they should be. Very ratty indeed.

@Tonberry - Good use of blue and I especially like the chariot and the griffon.

@Doi - I feel your pain painting all those gnoblars. Great work.

@Rutgar - Good looking paladin - let's see an army shot!

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who participated, and a hearty congratulations to those that made it to the end.

30-09-2011, 14:30
I'm still not dead!

The bases for my Goblins are drying overnight and I will hopefully be able to get decent light to take pictures after work/uni in the next few days.


30-09-2011, 16:22
Arrgghh - didn't manage to finish. Oh well. Here they are anyway:

ARMY : Gnomes (Empire proxy): 1000 Points (BOYS)

BACKGROUND/THEME: A Hold of Dwarves living in the far north of the world, in a region under the terrible influence of Chaos. Led by the ancient and dwindling Purplebeard family, they fight to survive against the unending tide of Chaos. Many Gnomes live and fight alongside them too.


LORDS - 250pts (inc Magic Item allowance).
Wizard Lord

HEROES - 125pts (inc Magic Item allowance).

CORE - 334pts
6 Knights inc FC
6 Knights inc Champion

TOTAL = 250 +125 + 334 = 709pts (aim 1000pts).

A Gnomish Army!

Dwarven/Gnomish Pony Riders

More Dwarven/Gnomish Pony Riders

The boss himself - a Gnome Wizard Lord

Well, the 'Gnomes' were an excuse to paint Dwarven Wizards and cavalry, and to use small and old 80s figures. I'd really like to expand them with some archers, foot skirmishers, mounted crossbows (counts as Pistoliers), and a couple of blocks of old C-Series Dwarves for footsloggers. Ideally, I'd like to get hold of one of each of the Citadel Gnomes, but that may take ages. I have recently (this month) come into some more cavalry, so I will continue this project at a future time. I'm not too disappointed in my 'failure', as I succeeded with my Dwarfs.

Best of luck everyone (Doi) - there is stilll the rest of today to go!

Red Skullz
03-10-2011, 20:01
I didn`t manage to get back on track but I`m still very pleased with how it all ended up.

1. I`ve painted 1900 points of VC from scratch, with a healthy dose of conversions.

2. Got another 1500-2000 points incl a couple of dragons, and I look forward to it.

3. Dreadfleet will be a nice supplement to my army and for the campaign we`re starting now.

4. I won best painted army in my first tournie this weekend :D

Congrats to all, see you laters!


06-10-2011, 02:22
Told you I'd finish in the end :p.

ARMY : Goblins (Boys)

UNIT: 3 Goblin Wolf Chariots

BUILD/CONVERSION: There is a Tomb King chariot, a Beastmen chariot and the third is cobbled together from bits from the Ogre Scraplauncher, Orc and High Elf chariots. The crew consists of common goblins, nasty skulkers, a character model and the snotling from Skarsnik.

STILL TO DO: Paint the base rims

HIGHS & LOWS: High - Done! My Mounted Goblin army now stands at roughly 3000pts. Low - Pictures getting worse and worse...




EDIT: I've also tried a new method for snow bases here. I've gone for one that sacrifices looking that bit 'fluffier' for not being likely to fall apart if you look at it funny. I'm thinking of rebasing all of my previous snow based models this way. What do you guys think? Keep in mind the bases on those two single chariot models at the front of the group shot are actually rather poor efforts on my part, they shouldn't be so bumpy.


06-10-2011, 20:03
Final stats for this year, and of course the hall of fame in my signature.



New table at the end of the thread...

06-10-2011, 23:21
Redoing my armies points with the new Ogre Kingdoms book means I can just scrape in at 996 1006pts. Is that enough to get them back on the table? :angel:


07-10-2011, 04:16
I'd like to wish EVERYONE who managed to finish their armies a MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS!!! Job well done to you!!

A few special mentions:

Harry, Malorian, and Braad: Thank you for organizing this thread. It is the most enjoyable read in Warseer for me.

EmperorNorton, Harvey, Malorian, perplexiti: You are painting machines! Impressive number of minis finished!!

Kaos: Absolutely stunning army. Watching it grow was a real treat.

Rutgar and Paull: I'm doing a Bretonnian army for ToFP 2011-2012 and the both of you are my inspiration! Hope to finish my army like the both of you!! Congratulations!

Tonberry: I loved seeing your updates! They were constant and very well planned out, not to mention very well painted! Congrats on finishing strong!

Doi: Great to see you were able to pull off a finish at the end! Just shows us how the ToFP can motivate us into getting our armies finished! Congrats to you!

Again, great great job everyone! Congratulations!!

07-10-2011, 04:22
Yeah, the 5th TOFP became the motivation to get the 4th TOFP finished :p.


08-10-2011, 08:00
@ Doi
You're not trying to make this easy for me, are you?
Oh, but well, it is me who forbid you leaving the tale, so I guess I have to blame myself...

08-10-2011, 08:10
While updating Doi's status, I also discovered a few errors in the jokers section, so here's the new and improved table!


Also updated the one in my signature.

08-10-2011, 09:35
@ Doi
You're not trying to make this easy for me, are you?
Oh, but well, it is me who forbid you leaving the tale, so I guess I have to blame myself...

Legend :D.