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02-09-2011, 06:16
I've just gotten into WHQ, and have come across a floor tile that's obviously Chaos Dwarf, and pretty obviously from a magazine/WD page. What adventures are supposed to go with it? I'm not asking for any rules or specifics, just the right direction...

02-09-2011, 07:22
I think you mean the one with lava and a broken Anvil. Its not from Warhammer Quest, it is from a Warhammer scenario to celebrate 200 issues of White Dwarf (its from WD200/201). The scenario has a Chaos Dwarf Sorceror called 'The Black Dwarf' assault a small Dwarf army. He is practically invincible, because his soul has been bound to a magical anvil, and he can only be killed if it is destroyed. However, there is a secondary skirmish battle going on at the same time, with the White Dwarf leading a band of skirmishers, in a quest up a mountain to destroy the anvil, and the CD player attempting to stop him.

02-09-2011, 17:36
Wow, that sounds really interesting and fun! Where does the tile (yes, the same one, that you described) come into it: it looks JUST like a WHQ objective room...

03-09-2011, 06:33
if you need the objective card, this huy has made one.

you will have to come up with your own rules for the room and missions


03-09-2011, 08:24
Failing that it makes an excellent room for any chaos dwarf based adventures you want to play.

One of my biggest disappointments with WHQ was never finding the Chaos Dwarf pack. They released the Orc and Undead campaigns, reduced the about to be released skaven one to a White Dwarf special and told us the Chaos Dwarf one would be re-released when Fanatic/Specialist Games was formed and began releasing Deathblow magazine......

Alas the Chaos Dwarves were dropped by GW around that time :(

03-09-2011, 08:47
Its the room from the side mission. At the end of the mountain assault, the White Dwarf and his followers find a cave, and it has this room. They have to beat whatever monsters are there, and then pick up the anvil and carry it to the lake of lava where it was made (pretty much right next to where it is lol!), which is th only place it can be destroyed.

Then if they manage, the Dwarves in the big battle will be able to defeat and kill the no-longer invincible Black Dwarf and get rid of his pesky Chaos Dwarves.

Would be great for a WHQ mission as you say though. Maybe you could write one and put it up on here?

03-09-2011, 19:01
Working on it already... Fires of Zharr-Nagrund. The warriors will have to "pick up" the anvil and shuffle it over to the Furnace of Hashut. Will require at least 2 warriors, M will be reduced to 1 (:D), and an event monster card will be drawn each turn (as the cascading magical power ripples through the lower levels of the Ziggurat. Once adjacent to the Furnace squares, all warriors in contact have to do enough damage to exceed their total number of Wounds to chuck it in. The Black Sorcerer will act sort of like Quirrik, in that he can be encountered earlier, but come back. The Fire Chasm may be an antechamber. Lots of ideas. Good thing I still have a small, diverse force of Chaos Dwarfs still from this time period (complete with Bull Centaurs, Warriors, Sneaky Gits and Sorcerers!;))

03-09-2011, 19:12
Looking forward to this!

03-09-2011, 19:36
Some more immediate thoughts and work:

-this "expansion" should have the Furnace of Hashut objective room, as well as a new corridor and dungeon room. Maybe a "4-square" room... variation of the Ga'ol? Thoughts?
-a minimum of 12 monster event cards (1 minotaur, 1d3 minotaurs, 1d6+3 hobgoblins, 1d3+1 Sneaky Gits (they're sneaky!), 1d3 Chaos Dwarf Warriors, "named" sorcerer, "named" champion+1d3 Warriors, "named" champion+1d3 Warriors+1d6 Hobgoblins, 1 Bull Centaur, 1d3 Bull Centaurs, 1 Ogre, 1d6 Orcs, 1d3 Black Orcs, 1d6+6 Gnoblars)
-New treasure cards
-new piece of equipment (cursed???)
-Tiles/counters to place on dungeon boards could include an altar to Hashut, and a long, narrow "frieze"

EDIT: corridor room could be similar to the Bridge of Doom in the Pits and Traps, but have an effect like the Fire Chasm: single square mechanical drawbridge over lava...

03-09-2011, 20:58
What level were you aiming for?

The catacombs of Terror for example was not a campaign pack for low level characters.

03-09-2011, 22:24
Since we can't cast figures up (economics, etc), a nice touch might be a few simple conversions from commonly and currently available figures to represent the characters & chief minions in the campaign - looking at maybe 5ish (in common with the 2 released packs).

04-09-2011, 02:54
I was aiming for all levels, but haven't given that much thought to those logistics. Level 1's might find the going rough against Bull Centaurs and Black Orcs, so probably levels 2-5 would be about right. However, the monsters can always be decreased in number that could maybe be suggested in the document itself.

I'm a big one for simplicity, so whatever I produce will probably be pretty basic, and patterned after the extant supplements/Domain of the Horned Rat.

@Purplebeard: I was thinking 6-7 and then an anvil to move (a la Catacombs of Terror book): Sorcerer, Bull Centaur, Champion, 2-3 Warriors, and a special Sneaky Git... kinda like Bogoff, but follows along and calls out warnings when a new room is explored, and occasionally tries to stab you in the back/lead you into a trap!

06-09-2011, 01:07
Furnace of Hashut Objective Room Monster table:

1 Zhrazak, Champion, Bull Centaur, 3 Chaos Dwarfs, 6 Sneaky Gits
2 Zhrazak, Champion, 3 Chaos Dwarfs, 1D3 Black Orcs, 6 Hobgoblins
3 Zhrazak, 3 Chaos Dwarfs, 6 Hobgoblins
4 Zhrazak, 1 Chaos Dwarf, 1D3 Black Orcs, 6 Hobgoblins
5 Zhrazak, 1 Chaos Dwarf, 3 Sneaky Gits, 6 Hobgoblins, Tarka the Snitch
6 Zhrazak, 3 Sneaky Gits, 6 Hobgoblins
Minions of the Ziggurat: Whenever ____ the Champion or Zhrazak the Sorcerer summon their minions, roll on the table below to see which servants heed their master's call:

1-2 3 Chaos Dwarf Warriors & 3 Black Orcs
3 3 Chaos Dwarf Warriors
4 3 Sneaky Gits & 3 Hobgoblins
5 3 Hobgoblins
6 3 Sneaky Gits
Special Rule: Blunderbusses: whenever Chaos Dwarf Warriors are encountered by the warriors, roll a D3: the result is the number of Chaos Dwarf Warriors encountered that are armed with blunderbusses. Note: there cannot be more Chaos Dwarfs armed with Blunderbusses then there are total Chaos Dwarfs encountered.

Hobgoblins: All Hobgoblins are armed with bows.

EDIT: I'm still mucking about with the rules objective room rules here. I feel as though the d3 blunderbusses worth of chaos dwarfs is fair and good, and not too hard, but I think the hobgoblin encounters needs to be worked on. As well, the sneaky git rules might need adjusting, as they're just goblin spearmen who can't fight in ranks, can't be pinned (!), and make poison attacks...

09-09-2011, 17:56
Yes, simplicity can be good. But new things can be good too.

12-09-2011, 18:17
if you need the objective card, this huy has made one.

you will have to come up with your own rules for the room and missions


I forgot to say what an awesome site this is, and I'll definitely be using these templates for my expansion! I'd even leave that objective room card as is, but I want to keep the name Furnace of Hashut, instead of just Dwarven Anvil.

Maybe the whole expansion should be called Furnace of Hashut? Has a nice ring when talking about the other expansions:

Lair of the Orc Lord
Catacombs of Terror
Domain of the Horned Rat
Furnace of Hashut


Yes, simplicity can be good. But new things can be good too.

That's ABSOLUTELY true! I just wanna make sure that I keep it in both the spirit and rules of the original (things like reprinting the rules for blunderbusses, and using what little bit of fluff/names there are for the baddies!).