View Full Version : New Cityfight Buildings for Necromunda Terrain

12-04-2006, 06:34
I was just thinking about making some new Necromunda Terrain, and was thinking about the New Cityfight terrain.
With the Manufactorum pieces one should make some fantasticly detailed mulit-level terrain.
I suppose some bridge pieces will have to be custom made. perhaps with some pins to lock them together between buildings.
I'll post some pictures after I build my prototypes.
After I get the Imperial City box that is. heh!

13-04-2006, 12:02
I think that the terrain will provide way to much cover (for Necromunda). with the old necromunda terrain it allready was near impossible to make clear shots (trying your manouvre your gang into position was part of fun though).

13-04-2006, 14:58
our gaming club will be buying 4 of the big boxes, at the end of the day it covers for cityfight, necro and other such funnage.

13-04-2006, 15:12
I dislike the new building sets personally. My terrain collection is full of hand made pieces ebellished with the UM hexagon and platformer sets which are far more approriate in my honest opinion.

Too much cover? No such thing! :D

13-04-2006, 17:36
Some of the city fight terrain would be good, but made terrain is usually the best

13-04-2006, 20:46
I'm already planning it. I've been planning a Cityfight/underhive table since the 3rd war for Armageddon started, I suspended all plans when I heard of the Terrain sets and I scrapped all plans as soon as I laid eyes on the sets.

13-04-2006, 22:17
making terrain is cost effective when your making tables and tables worth. especially considering one's time. Whatever floats your boat though.