View Full Version : What counts as a unit ?

18-09-2011, 08:09
I'm confused , now is a unit a base full of models and a brigade three of those bases ?

Nat B
18-09-2011, 10:34
3 bases = unit (usually, there is a column in the army lists that says how many bases for each unit type)

2-4 units can be grouped into a brigade and given orders together.

18-09-2011, 10:50
As Nat B says.

Basically, most infantry/ cavalry etc. has 3 bases per unit. Some races can get 'add ons' for a unit (eg. Lizardmen Salamanders, Empire Skirmishers) bringing them up to 4 bases per unit. Cannons commonly have 2 bases per unit. Big monsters, rock lobbers and a few other special things have 1 base per unit. Units are always composed of the same unit entry (eg. all halberdiers, all night goblins), with the sole exception of Salamanders and Skirmishers, as mentioned above. It's all in the 'unit size' column of the relevant army list (bascially this is bases per unit). A unit must move together (with a single order), must keep bases touching, and takes penalties if they're not touching in a certain way (the unit is disorganised).

A brigade is simply a convenient, adhoc formation of multiple touching units (up to 4, unless you're skaven or a few other exceptional circumstances). You don't have to move a brigade as a brigade- so long as you state that you are not giving a brigade order while issuing commands. It doesn't really matter how messy a brigade looks, as long as all units are touching (and in regular formation) it can move normally. A brigade can be composed of any kinds of models you want- cavalry, warmachines, infantry- unless a unit specifically limits how it can be brigaded.

Hopefully that's comprehensive enough- and not too much of a text wall.