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20-09-2011, 21:54
Fairly new to the hobby, so not up on the ins and outs.

I was given a finecast kit as a present and it had a fault so I reported it to GW support and they sent me a replacement - which unfortunately is no better. They mentioned in the email that I could also have swapped it at a retail shop.

My nearest shop is a fair trek away but it would still be quicker to pitch up and get a replacement, which I can check before I leave the shop. My question though is do the shops carry the full range of items - or is there a possibility that I could turn up and they don't have that particular item in stock. If there is a likelyhood of that being the case I'll probably just email GW and ask for a replacement to be mailed.

The model in question is Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440108a&prodId=prod1160123a) and my nearest store is either Ayslebury or Milton Keynes - if that makes a difference.

Many thanks.

24-09-2011, 13:00
GW stores don't carry the full range of finecast - I had to order my Dark Emissary in (and because of the pricing had to have him shipped to the store, since he didn't qualify for free home delivery).

That said, the specific model you're looking for isn't flagged as direct only on the website (look for the citadel box in a circle logo on the right hand side), so they should have your model in - assuming they haven't sold out, and since they only carry limited quantities of each kit that's not beyond the realms of possibility. Your best bet is to (a) find out when they get their delivery and go in the next day, and/or (b) phone the store in advance and ask them to put one aside for you.

24-09-2011, 13:16
Generally speaking the "fail rate" on finecast is about 20-30%, so on average 1 in 5 models will have some sort of unacceptable fault.

Most GW stores carry about 6 of each of the Finecast models so at least one of them will not be of acceptable quality.

It is generally best to go through each clam pack to check the quality of the fine cast mini before buying, which is obviously not something you can do online.

The best suggestion I can give would be to call one of those 2 stores and check they have the mini in question in stock, and how many they have.

Explain your situation and ask them to hold ALL the copies so that you can check them when you arrive, and explain that you are having to go out of your way To do this.

In my experience with GW customer service has never been a problem, and any problems I have had have been rectified more than satisfactorily so I think this should be OK.

I would say don't travel far without checking first though.

In terms of your consumer rights GW have sold you something which falls into either the "not fit for purpose" or "damaged goods" category.

Both of these entitle you to either a replacement or full monetary refund providing you have a proof of purchase.

However in the case of damaged goods this doesn't necessarily mean a receipt, a credit card statement or copy of your order confirmation would be sufficient, but obviously a receipt is by far your best bet.

Finecast is really the first instance where I feel GW have failed the customer.

Despite arguments about costs and company policy one thing i have never been able to fault GW on is their customer service or the quality of their products.

I think they dropped the ball on this one, but they are getting much better. They are very much aware of the problem, and from what I hear the quality control on Finecast has got a lot better, but some of the earlier stock may still have problems.

But yes, I would always recommend getting Finecast in store where possible as you can individually check them.

Maybe get the staff to check the minis for you before you make the trip, I know they have done this for other people so you should be ok to ask.

24-09-2011, 15:42
I also recommend phoning a store in ahead of time and explaining your situation. This way you're not wasting time at the store while they check if its in stock or gas driving there only to have them say "Sorry its not in stock." Also, I'd explain the situation to them, so that if you do drive there, they'll know ahead of time about the problem and can better help you.

24-09-2011, 16:42
Yeah, just give them a call. They'll be able to tell you what they have in stock, and hold something behind the till for you if they have what you need.

24-09-2011, 17:36
Phone ahead.

also don't believe everything you read on the internet.

Other than phone ahead.

24-09-2011, 21:27
As above but ....

Do crack open the blister in the store.

25-09-2011, 01:24
Phone ahead.

also don't believe everything you read on the internet.

Other than phone ahead.

and wear sun screen ;)

25-09-2011, 02:45
In other news, shops have telephones now!

Seriously, as others have said, talk to someone who works there, not some stranger.

Sgt John Keel
25-09-2011, 04:34
and wear sun screen ;)

Don't drink it, though.

Jo Bennett
25-09-2011, 09:11
and wear sun screen ;)

But not too much, or you get rickets, and risk looking like a badly cast piece of resin.

25-09-2011, 11:08
Thanks for the advice.

As it happens, I posted this several days ago and it only just appears to have got through the moderation filters :)

In the meantime I contacted GW and they have sorted it all out. They have are sending several models to the nearest store who will check them prior to giving me a call so that I can pick one up.

Hopefully that will sort the issue.

Have to say, on the few occasions I've used them, GW Support are superb.

25-09-2011, 11:32
Open the blister in the store, regardless.