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01-10-2011, 06:31
The Tale of Fantasy Painters 2011-2012: Month 1 (Sept painting and Oct WIP)

This is the thread where you post what you painted in September.

Please post nothing else for 1 week, and then after the first week of Sept please feel free to comment on the work of others.

Mission Statement:

It is the goal of The Tale of Fantasy Painters, and all Tales for that matter, to help fellow gamers paint their armies by providing them a place to find support and encouragement.

The Tale:

The painters involved have made a commitment to paint and post, by the last day of each month, approx 200 points of their chosen army. They do this each month for the next 12 months.

The way it works is that painting would begin in September and then in the first day or two of October a thread will be put up where you can post what you had done in September (this trend will continue for 12 months). You can include as much information as you wish, but some good things to include along with the picture are: the units, the total points for that month, conversions, highs and lows, plans for next month, and a number between 1 and 6. The number is important because it has to do with feedback.

A week after the initial thread is created you can then (and are encouraged to) add feedback on the work of others. Due to the large number of people who take part in these tales it is suggested that you only comment on those that have the same number as you. Of course if there are ones that really catch your eye, or you are a trooper and want to comment on them all, that is obviously awesome.

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can ‘play a joker’ and rather than post an update they can post "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with (approx) 200 points of painted and based figures. That is 200 points for 10 of the next 12 months.

In twelve months time we will all end up with a finished 2000 point army.
(Or at least everyone who can see it through to the end ... it's harder than you think!)

Men and Boys:

Because this is harder than you would think ... As last year rather than try and hold everyone to 200 points a month I have decided to allow folks to join in and paint only 100 points a month. Whilst the goal for many remains getting a 2000 point army painted in a year the original and ongoing intention of this whole thing was to encourage and support folks to get stuff painted and 1000 points is better than no points! As a result we have two categories. 'Men' (painting 200 points/month) and 'Boys' (painting 100 points/month).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : When can I join in? Does it have to be at the start or can it be any time?
A : Join in any time.

Q : Can I paint more than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes, but if you can do this time after time then you can probably commit to more. Feel free to sign up multiple times to reflect the amount of work you plan to do (for example sign up for Beastmen X2 and submit 400 points a month, or Beastmen Men + Boy submit 300 points a month).

Q : Can I paint less than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes. But we try to stay on track by painting more points in the next month to 'catch up'. For example if you only painted 100 points one month you could try and get 300 points painted the next month. Equally if you paint more one month you can take it easy and paint less the next month.

Q : What happens when I paint an expensive character?
A : This happens a lot. If your character was over 400 points you would simply paint him over two months (the sort of time your general deserves!) So You start posting him one month and post nothing the first month (unless you want to post WIP) then the second month you post the finished model and all the points get added on.

Q : What do I do when I'm done and the tale isn't over?
A : First thing to do is to include an army shot (everyone loves an army shot) and then it's up to you. Either stay on and paint a model now and then to take part, or start planning for the next tale. If you are really cocky then you can sign up for ANOTHER army is see if you can blitz it in time.

Q : Can I include a short narrative with each months post.
A : Yes. We love background stuff. Write as much as you like it will be read and enjoyed by many.

Q : Can I *insert something here that results in more painting*?
A : A thousand times yes!!!

Q : Can Doi drop out?
A : No he can't.

Signed Up So Far:


Avian - O&G
BigJon - O&G
Blackheart - Brets
Caelas - Empire
colonel kane trine - Tomb Kings
colonel kane trine - Tomb Kings
colonel kane trine - Tomb Kings
colonel kane trine - Ogre Kingdoms
colonel kane trine - Ogre Kingdoms
colonel kane trine - Ogre Kingdoms
Confessor_Atol - Ogre Kingdoms
dagreenmoonboyz - O&G
DiddyKong -O&G
DiddyKong -O&G
DiddyKong -O&G (yes thrice!)
Djekar - WoC
Doi - Dark Elves
Doi - Ogre Kingdoms
Doomscape - DoC
Doomscape - High elves
Doomscape - High elves
Doomseer - Dark Elves
dwarfhold13 - O&G
EmperorNorton - Dark Elves
Fanny Crowbar - Dark Elves
Frejdruk - Ogre Kingdoms
Goat of Yuggoth - Vampire Counts
gogs78 - High elves
Green Feevah! - High Elves
grhino - Tomb Kings
gsmc - Skaven
Heqir - WoC
ironduke - Empire
JackDaw - Dark Elves
Jacktheripper34 - Tomb Kings
JohnnyG - Skaven
jonahmaul - Dark Elves?
Kaltherus - WoC
Kaos - Dwarfs
Kharn_21 - WoC
Lord Dan - Vampire Counts?
Mace1982 - High Elves
Malorian - O&G
Malvolion - Brets
Matt.Woods88 - Ogre Kingdoms
Morkash Gorehowl - Ogre Kingdoms
Nilo - Vampire Counts
nkicik - Lizardmen
Padz - Brets?
Perplexiti - Dwarfs
Perplexti - Lizardmen
piotrov - Empire
PumaDriftCat - Brets
Purplebeard - Empire
Purplebeard - Dwarfs
Richmt11 - High Elves
Richmt11 -
Rikk - O&G Orcs and Goblins
Rosstifer - WoC
RTGamer - WoC
Saulot - Brets
ShadowcaptainEthren - Brets
Shandowner - High Elves
someone2040 - SoM
Spar666rawk - Vamipre Counts
spikedog - Chaos Dwarfs
Tayrod - O&G
Tekore - Wood Elves
Thalenchar - Skaven
The Yak - Empire
Toshiro - O&G
Trustey - O&G
Trustey - WoC
unheilig - Ogre Kingdoms
zark the Damned - Dogs of War
z4carlo - Empire


Aenarion - Dark Elves
andrewdrexler - Wood Elves
Archis - Beastmen
Archis - Vampire Counts
Arduhn - Nippon
Arkarn - Vampire Counts
azhagmorglum - O&G
Braad - O&G
Bueno - Beastmen
Bueno - Tomb Kings
CaptainFaramir - WoC
Clobbersaurus - Empire
Clobbersaurus - High elves
DAGabriel - Tomb Kings?
Darnok - Ogre Kingdoms
DarthSte - Empire
DeathCat147 - Empire
Djekar - O&G
EmperorNorton - Ogre Kingdoms
Fabius Bile - Brets
Fabius Bile - Ogre Kingdoms
Gargobot - DoC
Great horned owl - High elves
Harvey - Lizardmen
Harvey - Skaven
iamjack42 - High Elves
Jardain - Empire
JonnyTHM - skaven
juicytomatoes - Empire
juicytomatoes - Tomb Kings
Kalterus - O&G
Kaos - Dwarfs
Malorian - O&G
Morglum Necksnapper - O&G
Mr. Shine - Skaven
Panzer Mk IV - WoC
Queekvondrak - Skaven
reddevil18 - WoC
Rutgar - Lizardmen
Setha - WoC
Shnerg - WoC
Stretchit - Ogre Kingdoms
Thalenchar - Empire
Thalenchar - WoC
TheMaster - High Elves
the_slosh - Beastmen
Tonny - Empire
vcassano - Tomb Vampires?
Walls - Empire
zujara - O&G

01-10-2011, 08:16
Here's the first 200 points of my 40 men-at-arms unit with Damsel.

1 Damsel lv2 105pts
14 M@A w SMC 97pts
Total 202pts


One thing I've learnt this month is men-at-arms are slow to paint not having a set uniform. Each peasant has a patchwork of different coloured rags!

Random number: 3

01-10-2011, 08:31
Ok so its finally here the finsihed product for month 1 and then onto the next lot of WIP.

Let me start by saying that i am really enjoying this tale so far and find it an inspioration to up my personal anti with painting,
anyhow enough digression I present to you my Sept painted allowance

My Lvl 4 High Mage AltainI'har (the branch of wisdom) 260 points

total painted this month 260 points D6 roll for comments 2





ok so those above shots are my front and back views of my mage and here are 2 close up shots

shot 1 the face

shot 2 the elemental base

comments and criticism are not only welcome but needed especially criticism it's the only way i can get better :-)

01-10-2011, 09:37
Army: 2000pts Expansion of OnG

Total Points for the Month: 175pts (Level 4 Night Goblin Great Shaman) + 115pts (Black Orc Big Boss Battle Standard Bearer) + 50pts (Level 1 Night Goblin Shaman) + 50pts (Level 1 Night Goblin Shaman) + 27pts (9x Night Goblins with Spears) = 417pts.

Total Points for the Tale: 417pts.

Conversions: My night goblin great shaman is a the champion from the night goblin set with the arms of a regular goblin standard bearer and the banner from the night goblin set. My black orc bsb is a regular black orc with both the banner from the black orc set put together and the skull banner from the chariot set as his head. The two night goblin shamans are regular night goblins with altered hands, one with the musicians parts with the metal cut off and one with a mushroom from the musician pole in his hand.

Highs and Lows: It was a lot of fun doing all the models this month, also it felt great to finish my 50 strong unit of night goblins with spears. The month had no lows.

Plans for Next Month: Finishing my unit of 50x night goblins with short bows and paint my goblin big boss bsb.

Dice Roll: 1.

The Fluff: Can be found in my battle report thread The Tale of Arghuz Orghid (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=257620).

The Units:
My new Wizzla model, the Night Goblin Great Shaman.

Badaab, the Black Orc Battle Standard Bearer.

Night Goblin Shaman #1, yet to be named absent recognition on the field of battle, he was named Ragnik in the last game, but a mortar shell ended his career in a gory manner.

Night Goblin Shaman #2, also yet to be named absent recognition on the field of battle.

One of the unit filler of my Night Goblins with spears.

And the full unit of 50x Night Goblins with spears.

01-10-2011, 10:17
Joker me this month for Empire... didn't allot enough time to paint these guys...
ARMY : Empire (of Nippon!)

UNIT: Halflings armed with Naginata (counts as Halberdiers)

BUILD/CONVERSION: Out of the box

STILL TO DO: 8 more Halflings! :shifty:

Highs - finally started painting a horde army
Lows - painting horde armies

POINTS: just 60 :(



01-10-2011, 10:20
ARMY : Tomb Kings

UNIT: Mounted BSB

BUILD/CONVERSION: The original metal banner was too top-heavy, so I used the plastic parts from a sphinx to make the banner.


Highs - continuing from the previous tale where I finished 2000 points means I can paint more characters and monsters!
Lows - Nothing at this point!




colonel kane trine
01-10-2011, 10:25
Ok so 1st post-lords and heroes

I really enjoyed painting all of these as it was a nice break inbetween my big core batches!


Army highs- getting so much done

Army lows- nothing really

Background- tomb king raseptra, grandson of the crimson king is readying his hordes against the ogre kingdoms. He seeks to reclaim the death mask of the crimson king and avenge the death of his grandfather.

01-10-2011, 10:27
Goblins (Boys)

UNIT: Goblin Warboss with Wizarding Hat, Extra Weapon and Light Armour

BACKGROUND/THEME: After reading Malorian's battle reports using the Wizarding Hat on an Orc, it looked like so much fun I decided to do a goblin army using it!

BUILD/CONVERSION: Goblin Boss with Club, The Wizarding Hat was built with greenstuff

HIGHS AND LOWS: Hat came out better than I had hoped since I am inexperience with green stuff. The arm holding the club has a nasty habit of breaking off during painting but is now firmly pinned!




colonel kane trine
01-10-2011, 11:29
Ok so next post-core


Great horned owl
01-10-2011, 11:42
ARMY: 1000 points High Elves

BACKGROUND: This army defends the kingdom Avelorn, in the north of Ulthuan. After centuries of fighting *many elves have died. Especially in Avelorn, on the border with Nagarythe. The remaining elves mourn for their dead brothers and sisters. I imagine them defending the last shrines and sacred places.

UNIT: Repeater Bolt Thrower

BUILD/CONVERSION: the elf with the sword lost his blade years ago. The metal was too thin to pin it back on. So I gave him a new plastic hand. The old sword pointed straight ahead, this one more upwards.

PAINTING: The High elves have changed the colours of their clothes. They wear darker colours, like the shadow warriors. This is a token of their great sadness.
This first unit was a tester for my army colours. The dark brown leather and tan robes will be the unifying colours. Each unit will have different spot colours. In this case light blue sashes and red gems.

BASING: Micro Art 60 mm wasteland base.

STILL TO DO: pinning the models to the base (for now I stuck them on the base with GS) and varnishing.

HIGHS & LOWS: High: this is the first time I have painted wood grain. Iím happy with the result.
Low: A BIG FAT MOULD LINE!! How did I miss that? GRRRR..
Low: because of those helmets it was difficult to paint the faces (I weep when I think of all the helmeted heads still to come)

POINTS: 100 (spot on)




01-10-2011, 12:01
ARMY: Dwarves - 2000pts (MEN)

UNIT: The White Dwarf

BACKGROUND/THEME: A Hold of Dwarves living in the far north of the world, in a region under the terrible influence of Chaos. Led by the ancient and dwindling Purplebeard family, they fight to survive against the unending tide of Chaos. Many Gnomes live and fight alongside them too.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Old Citadel figures - White Dwarf 3rd (and best!) edition.
STILL TO DO: Varnishing and painting a gem.
HIGHS & LOWS: High - going beyond my normal paint job. Happy with the result.

POINTS: About 500

DICE ROLL : 6, but I'll try and comment on as many entries as I can!

The White Dwarf - my favourite version.



Er - I'll still be painting 2000pts on top of this guy for the Dwarves. I'm aiming to push through all the characters before Christmas, and do war machines and footsloggers after. Some of my stuff is part-painted, so that will make things easier. I have a few nearly finished Miners and Hammerers from last year's Tale, but they weren't counted in my totals so I can carry them forward guilt-free. At any rate, I'll need the boost, as I'm not a fast painter really.

Nothing has been done yet for my other forces, but I'm all caught up now. Here's what I want to do:

WoC (2000pts)
O&G (1000 or 2000pts)
Gnomes (Counts As Empire)(1000pts)
Imperial/Marauder/WK Dwarves (Counts As Empire) (1000 or 2000pts)

I know that 9-10k is unrealistic for me in a year, so does anyone have ideas on which I should choose?

Lord Dan
01-10-2011, 12:03
Army: 2,000 points of Empire
Theme: Sylvanian Vampire Hunters!
Unit(s): Great cannon (100), 10 handgunners (80), and some base work on my existing units of swordsmen, wizards, and pistoliers (the remaining 20).
Conversion: Cannon has a shortened barrel, green stuff on the candles, and some jewelry chain on the front. The cannon crew have bitz and bobs, and all have green stuff in the form of armor or neck protection of some kind.
The handgunners have the blunderbusses from the militia set, with extended barrels using the shafts of the empire spears. I created the bayonets by cutting the "spear" portion from the halberd tops and cutting them to size. Like the cannon crew, almost everyone has green stuff armor.
Highs and Lows: Coming up with zombie killing conversions is always a blast, and getting a chance to try out my OSL skills on the cannon was both challenging and fun. For some reason the handgunners took a really long time to paint, and I'm not entirely sure why. I'm hoping going forward I can pick up the pace, especially as I move in to painting blocks of swordsmen.
Points this Month: 200


colonel kane trine
01-10-2011, 13:04
Next up-special+rare


I really enjoyed painting these! The necro/stalker set is probably my favourite tomb king box.

colonel kane trine
01-10-2011, 13:20

As a break from tomb kings I decided to start a small ogre force.
Currently I own 1 ogre and thats it!

Points-210 (havent added any upgrades yet)

This model is my favourite maneater model so I had to paint it!
Next month I wont be painting anywhere near that much!
Im aiming to finish some tombguard,2nd skelly horde a casket and some chariots aswell as whatever ogres I buy today!

01-10-2011, 16:12
Army: Wood Elves
Category: Boys
Item: 10 converted Glade Guard.
Point: 120 of 1000.
Months 1 of 12, 0 Jokers
Dice roll: 3

The Good (Highs): Finally getting this army off of the ground. I burned though the first unit in a short amount of time due to some lucky days off. Bow strings and arrows came out very nice and the basing is top notch. Color scheme is diverse enough to not be repetitive, but very reproducible with looking too regimented.

The BAD (Lows): Realizing that I had not picked up a brush in the previous 8 months and I need definte work on my skills. Paints needed to be thinned, new agitators added, etc. Realizing that Night shift SUCKS to try to get any painting done (by the time I get home I am crashing, then sleeping is rough, by my days off I am too groggy to paint much).

The UGLY: I donít like the way that some of the braids painted up. They look too smooth and almost tentacle like in spots. The next time I am working on GS I will add more texture.

Picture did not come out right, but here you go (going to make a light box for next months entry.


and top down view

01-10-2011, 16:13
Dark Elves : 2500 POINTS (MEN)

UNIT: 10 Dark Elf Warriors with shield, full command and Magic Standard (100 pts)
Dark Elf Master with heavy armour, sea dragon cloak and Magic Weapon (123 pts)
Cold One Knight (27 pts)

BACKGROUND/THEME: Watch this space!

BUILD/CONVERSION: Converted command group using parts from the Warrior, Cold One Knights, Corsair and Daemonette Kits.

Black: Base of Chaos Black, highlights by adding increasing amounts of Codex grey. Final wash of Badab Black.
Gold: Shining Gold base. Wash of Gryphonne Sepia and Leviathan Purple mix. Highlight with Shining Gold then Burnished Gold and finally a 1:1 mix of Burnished Gold and Mithril Silver.
Purple: Base of Liche Purple, highlights by adding increasing amounts of Space Wolf Grey.
Skin: Base of Dheneb Stone followed by a wash of Devlan Mud. Highlight with Dheneb Stone and highlight by adding increasing amounts of Skull White.
Hair: Base of Scab Red. Highlight by adding Blazing Orange.

BASING: Sand painted Charadon Granite. Drybrush with Dheneb Stone and wash with Devlan Mud. Army Painter snow then glued on in patches.
Rocks are painted Codex Grey and drybrushed with Fortress Grey then Skull White.

STILL TO DO: Loads! I'm currently working on my Dragon.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Glad I've finally settled on a colour scheme. I've had so many Dark Elf armies that I've not been happy with only to settle on the colour scheme I had 22 years ago :cries::rolleyes:





01-10-2011, 17:21
Army - High elves.

Points target per month - 200.

Painted this month - 240.

Models painted - 14 Phoenix guard including full command.

Notes - Had hoped to finish the full unit of 20 but still happy with what i have here.

Next months plans - Finish Phoenix guard (another 6) Battle standard on foot and start White lions.

0 jokers used.

Dice roll - 5.

So, heres what ive been up to..................




01-10-2011, 18:10
Army - Vampire Counts

Painted this month- 200

Models Painted - 25 Kit bashed Ghouls (mostly mantic ghouls and zombies, a few bits from the lovely flagellants kit)

Good bits - Made my first ever movement tray and I quite like it. Also pretty quick to paint.

Bad bits - First time photographing minis really show up mistakes damn mold lines :(

Dice Number 5


Obviously the fourth picture is way off in colour but wanted to give a birds eye view.

01-10-2011, 20:46
Wow, must be the most awsome start of a TOFP yet or what? Lots of great stuff! Anyway, comments later. :)

Army - Dwarfs (Yesh, tastes foul to paint stunties but a greenskin needs enemies to fight that are not green sometimes)

Points Painted- 359p

Models Painted -11 Dwarf Slayers and a Daemonslayer

Good bits - Awesome hair and beard!
Bad bits - Hmm... Im not sure. Oh, i need to give them some serious protection against chipping.

Dice Number 2


Bad pic, but anyways.


01-10-2011, 21:35
ARMY: 2500 pts - Wurrzag's Savage Orc Roaming Party

BACKGROUND: This army is on a mission, and that is to seek out whatever treasures they can find. They salvage what they can and don't really keep much baggage around, surviving on what they encounter. The party has recently stumbled across a tiny lizardmen outpost, and taken the opportunity to recoup in the dense jungle foliage.

UNIT: Savage orc shaman, 2 savage orc boar boys, 6 savage orcs.

BUILD/CONVERSION: boar boys and savage orcs out of the box. Minor conversion with the shaman on a piece from the arcane ruins box.

PAINTING: I'm really trying to take my time on this army. I've never successfully done it before, but I'm after painting comps this year. There may be a few touch ups that I decide to do later, but for now, I'm going to wait for more of the army to come together to see what stands out too much or not enough. Most of the steps are posted in one of my two plogs, either here or on 'da warpath'.

STILL TO DO: Basing is the big one, also tattoos and varnishing. I have an order for 130 dollars worth of brass leaves that I still need to order, so even if I did the basing, it wouldn't be complete. I checked micro arts, and they are just too busy for me to match to a display board. I'll probably save this month worth of basing for what i complete for next month as well and see if I can't get those ordered.

HIGHS & LOWS: The highs are that I can see great things in this army and have a grand picture in my head of what the outcome might be.. the lows... skin takes FOREVER when you layer it.

POINTS: Shaman (155), Orcs (74 counting xtra weap, mus/standard), Boars (40)
269 total

NEXT MONTH: Most of what you've seen already. 3 more boars, finish unit filler, finish troll, and 3 bolt throwers. Try and get basing done and perhaps start making movement trays.


02-10-2011, 04:24
Month 1 Painting

Units: Gorbad, mangler squig, 5 arrer boyz

Points: 375+65+35= 475

Highs: I've wanted Gorbad painted for a long time and I like the way he turned out. I'm also pleased with the mangler (although I hope GW goes with a 60mm round...).

Lows: Disappointed with the model count. I know I had to finish my 40k tale before I started this one, and Hordes has taken up a lot of my time, but it just doesn't look like a lot... so hopefully I turn it around in October!


Plans for next month: I'm tempted by my troll horde but I'm still not sure about the color. Since I'm ahead in points by mhy schedule I may actually night goblin it to finish my second 100 block. We'll have to wait and see what tempts me more ;)

02-10-2011, 09:28
Month 1
D6 = 4

Empire: 1000 points

Background: I am waiting for the warhammer forge book "Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos". To make my 1000 point army.

Most Empire related units mentioned in that book will be included in my ToFP.
For now, I've chosen to paint the Swordsmen, Archers and Greatswords in Aldtorf colours. For when I ever have a painted Grand Army of the Empire.

Painted this month: I didn't finish it, Of the 13 mini's only 6 are 70% done. After a bad summer, september was exceptional sunny. I blame the good weather;).

So I use my first joker.

I am still positive that I will have finished the rest of september in October + I will paint Captain Edvard Van Der Kraal (Warhammer Forge) for Month 2.


Left Close up:

02-10-2011, 11:26
Army: Dark Elves

Unit: Lokhir Fellheart

Points: 250

Highs: He was very quick to paint and it was enjoyable.

Lows: Still missing the enthusiasm and motivation to get this army done.


02-10-2011, 11:29
Army: Ogre Kingdoms

Unit: 9 Ogres incl. full command

Points: 300


02-10-2011, 15:16
ARMY : Tomb Kings, an addition of at least 1000 points

UNIT: Khalida and BSB

BUILD/CONVERSION: I hate that Kahlida model.

STILL TO DO: nothing

Highs - even managing to paint them 2
Lows - having no time to do a good Job with them





Zark the Damned
02-10-2011, 15:50
Zark's Averland Dogs of War expansion Month 1

Unit: The Cursed Company, expanded to 50 members

Points: 435

I have had these guys assembled for ages, but never seemed to get around to painting them... too busy with the Orks I think.

I decided to base the points on the army list on the Dogs of War Online site ( http://dogsofwaronline.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=1125 ), as I will most likely be using those rules when playing the army. Technically this makes the unit illegal (30 max in the new list) but I already assembled them all before I found out about it, and I can use the extras as raised models anyway.

Front rank is entirely converted except for the command. Most of the rest of the unit are standard skeletons (from the previous Vampire Counts box set) with a few more conversions dotted around, and a few Zombies hiding in the back rank.

I am going to try a new thing this year and take pics of the army at my FLGS rather than my coffee table - hopefully this will result in better pics but my photography is still terrible - I should probably take a few close ups of individuals in the unit too...

02-10-2011, 16:59
Army: Beastmen
Category: Boys
Item: Bray Shaman
Point: 135 of 1000.
Months 1 of 12, 0 Jokers
Dice roll: 3

The Good (Highs): I am finally getting some painting down after a very long hiatus. I feel that the skulls and basing came out decently and I am also somewhat pleased with the fur

The BAD (Lows): After staying away from painting for so long I definitely need to go over some basics again like thinning paints and general brush-control. Forgot how much metal minis chip as well

The UGLY: Not pleased at all with the horns and will go back and redo these (at least) when (if) my skills improve as well as going over highlights and shading. Also horrendus photos, my camera is busted and had to use my phone camera



Next month; Core Galore (Or like ten of them)

02-10-2011, 17:31
Some great stuff here guys, keep it coming!

This month I'm going to have to play a joker, a two week holiday in sept has really set me back.

We can win back jokers right? (Post double next month?)

02-10-2011, 17:42
ARMY: Chaos Dwarf Elite Strike Force


UNIT: 12 Chaos Dwarf Infernals with Fireglaives.

BUILD/CONVERSION: All the models are standard Warhammer Forge however the bases are Microart studios.

PAINTING: Trying the red scheme both to make them stand out and as sort of a nod back to the original 90's 'Red Era' GamesWorkshop Chaos Dwarf models.

STILL TO DO: I need to finish painting the bases, they have only had a base coat at this point but will be a dark grey stone with dead grass and snow on them.

HIGHS: The models are awesome, I loved painting them and the bases are a joy.

LOWS: The Warhammer Forge book pushing the point cost of the models up at the end of the month making the units more expensive. :mad:

POINTS: 12 x Chaos Dwarf Infernals with Fireglaives (204)

NEXT MONTH: I have a Hellsmith model, some more Infernals and a Dreadquake Mortar so I guess it will be some combination of those.


http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s298/spikedog_woof/Warhammer/Chaos%20Dwarfs/DSC03467.jpg (http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s298/spikedog_woof/Warhammer/Chaos%20Dwarfs/DSC03467L.jpg)

Click picture for a larger image.



02-10-2011, 17:53
Joker from me sorry, too much rugby on at the moment for me to be able to concentrate on painting.

02-10-2011, 20:51
Total Points for the Month: 469pts
7 x Black Orcs Inc Full Command - 119pts
1 x Wurzag Da Great Green Prophet - 350pts

Total Points for the Tale: 469pts.

Conversions: None

Highs: I loved painting up Wurzag. I had got to the end of the month with a week to spare on him alone, so i spent upwards of 15 hours painting him which is alot for me. I hope it shows, but bearing in mind Wurzag is only about my 25th model so far its going to take me time with not exactly golden daemon results!

Lows: I batched up 30 black orcs. This was a bit ambitious. i was only going for low tabletop quality to get them done but spent more time honing my highlighting on skin etc. This led to me only completing 7 in the time. But id rather have 7 at this quality than all 30 sub par.

Up Next: 20 x Night Goblin Archers, 1 x Night Goblin Shaman, 1 x Grimgor Ironhide

Dice Roll: 4

Comments: Although i have pointed myself Wurzag i will more likely be running him as a savage great shaman. This is the same for Grimgor who is up next he will often be a black or big boss but i will point him as grimgor. If i get on well enough in the tale i will gear my list to have both characters (although probably wont do enough in this 1 tale..)







02-10-2011, 20:58
Total Points for the Month: 715pts
10 x Swordmasters of Hoeth inc Full Command - 180pts
2 x Great Eagle - 100pts
1 x Archmage Lvl 4 - 260pts
1 x Caradryan - 175pts

Total Points for the Tale: 715pts.

Conversions: None

Highs: First time i had painted up gold following my testers for the swordmasters. Was great to learn this but still needs some work! Also scratch built magnetic movement trays. These were awesome to make.

Lows: After completing my HE for this month i went onto my O&G. After spending so long on Wurzag i realised my Caradryan and Archmage are well below standard. I will be banging out the PG and LSG but when it comes to more characters/mages/dragon etc i will be taking serious time!

Up Next: Tossing up between 10 x Archers i have started, or 10 x Phoenix Guard i have started.

Dice Roll: 1

Comments: Pleased with current progress but need to take more time get them looking real good!






02-10-2011, 21:43
Not a good way to start but I have to play my joker, I don't even have time for a clever card gif. I did get my spider finished but fell short of the crew.


02-10-2011, 21:53
Awful cell phone camera shot of my standard bearer and musician which completed the first company.

http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm260/clavicula_nox/286977_2283125891328_1644270921_2336016_1850400159 _o.jpg

03-10-2011, 00:22
ARMY: Ogre Kingdoms

BACKGROUND: Still deciding

UNIT: 10 ogre bulls with full command

BUILD/CONVERSION: Mostly standard. A couple have the double ironfist because it looks cool

PAINTING:Talarran flesh-> ogre flesh wash-> talarran flesh re-highlight-> 50/50 talarran flesh bleached bone highlight.

STILL TO DO: The bases need snow and some ice, or something fun.

HIGHS:Its great to get this unit started, I can't wait to see the hoard together

LOWS:Ugggg, a hord of ogres, that's a whole lot of man in not a lot of clothes. I do really like these models, and having workable rules does motivate me to get some paint on them. Maybe, next month the sun will stay out so I can take pictures.

Dice Roll 3
POINTS:32x10+30 350! Not bad for a months work.

NEXT MONTH: I have lots of options for next month....finish the unit? start on the mornfangs? work on the slaughter master and some ironguts? Who knows

03-10-2011, 00:53
Point Total: 254

Dice Roll: 4

Highs: Feel as though my blending skills are slowly improving.

Lows: Started rushing my Arachnarok so i had to stop and my great shaman is also o so close to being done so next month is going to be a large point total. Also, Rugby and Grad school application shenanigans are getting on my nerves.

Conversions : maybe one or two but they are secrets :shifty:

Da green moon boyz is coming.....

03-10-2011, 07:56
Druchii: 2400pts (men)
Monthly Target: 240 pts
This Months Total: 284 pts
Jokers Used: 0

Completed: 8 x Repeater Crossbows (80pts), replacement Standard Bearer for Household Guard (Banner of Discipline, shield - 43pts), Assassin (ex hw, Rune of Khaine, Touch of Khaine, Cry of War - 161pts)

Background: The ill-fortuned line of Arkitaine has risen again bearing the colours of the ancient High House of Chains. Fell powers gather around this house as their strength grows in turn. See the plog link in my sig for the expanded background

Conversion work: Assassin fully converted from plastic Dark Eldar Wych parts, and a cloak nabbed from the White Lion Chariot.

Highs: Really happy with the bone finish on the armour - looks very different and striking next to other more traditional Druchii schemes. The Dark Eldar range has been a great source of bits as well for conversions and I'm having huge fun writing up the background for my army.

Lows: Nothing major so far, I'm deliberately not looking at the pile of stuff still to do and focusing just on a small amount at a time - the TOFP has been a great help with this - cheers guys.

Next months WiP: Front rank of the crossbows and their movement tray, another 6 Dark Riders and the first of my mages.

Dice Roll: 3

And the pics:

Household Guard Crossbows

Cyrion Elder, Discipline Master

Sholen Skara, The Spiralling Blade

03-10-2011, 08:57
Its not comments time yet, but did anybody else notice that colonel kane trine has smashed our efforts with 4187pts worth of figures in only 1 month !?!?!? :yes:

That must be a record, surely?

I think there's divine intervention here :angel: , or maybe he's made a pact with the dark gods :evilgrin: .

@colonel kane trine: Bravo sir, you are a painting machine! :chrome:

The rest of us have no excuses anymore. :shifty:

03-10-2011, 10:55
Wood Elves (Army of Avelorn)

Dice roll: 3

BACKGROUND: This is part of my Avelorn project, which will eventually be a theme combined High Elf / Wood Elf army.

UNITS: One Wood Elf Spellweaver, Level 4 (450 points)

BUILD/CONVERSION: Standard Spellweaver model, basing is a mixture of dark brown sand, static grass, lichen, and grass tufts.

PAINTING: The idea for the army is big bold greens and light blues. Reaper paints and Citadel foundations are the key.

STILL TO DO: Matte spraying to prevent chipping.

HIGHS: I love the way the two main colors came out. I'm also pleased with the eyes. The basing looks good.

LOWS: The gold could be better defined. It's also hard only having one model really done, but I needed time to assemble other models.


NEXT MONTH: Glade Guard


03-10-2011, 13:23
Orcs & Goblins booster ladz

Dice roll: 6


UNITS: 1 Orc Shaman, lvl 2 (100) + 6 Black Orcs (78) + Pump Wagon w Spiky Roller (60)

BUILD/CONVERSION: The Black Orcs are a gift from a buddy of mine and are the old metal models. I'm painting them to bump up my unit of 18 to 24. The Shaman is the Avatars of War model and the Pump Wagon is the previous version with extra Snotlings. I went with a 50 x 75 mm wooden base for the Wagon as that looks reasonable. All are magnetized.

PAINTING: Fairly standard muted scheme using mostly Vallejo Model colour. I chose to paint the shaman's robes in a flesh colour to make him stand out more in the army and the snots got some spots of red and blue added in as well.

STILL TO DO: Varnishing.

HIGHS: Metal Black Orcs are dead easy to rank up compared to the new plastics.

LOWS: Old Pump Wagon is fiddly to assemble, especially the roller.


NEXT MONTH: 10 Savage Orcs, another Pump Wagon and something more







"Army" picture


Struggle Within
03-10-2011, 16:46
Hi Malorian

You missed me off, could you add me for 2000pts Empire and 1000pts High Elf please. Either jokering this month (only saw the thread a few days ago) or starting in October, whichever you think best



03-10-2011, 19:47
ok, guys. my camera is still broken/getting repaired so will u wait for me to put my stuff in or shell i joker this month? (if u joker, can i regain the joker next month ??)

just want to be fair and not say that i have staff painted (which i do :) ) and not provide necessary prof :)

03-10-2011, 20:29
Hey everyone,

Dice Roll : 6
Background : Middenhiem

Units : 10 Huntsmen - 100, 12 Swordsmen (front rank of horde including ogre unit filler and full command) - 97

Build/Conversion : Huntsmen are made from the old militia box set, these guys have been kicking round since before the new archers box came out... The swordsmen are a mix of the old and new empire state troops boxs all using the lion sheilds from the 6th ed spearmen, and then an ogre on a 40x40 base because i had him lying around when i needed to bump the unit size to move from 7th > 8th ed, doesnt look too bad either (if i do say so myself!) :D

Painting : The swordsmen are painted blue and white with each alternate ruffle on thier sleeves and trousers changing colour...i will not choose to do this ever again to say the lest. Im happy with the result but was not worth the effort! The hunstmen are done mainly in dark angles green to contrast with the rest of the army.

Still to do : The swordsmen's standard needs a freehand detail but that can wait until i have a more sizable fully painted unit to put down on the table.

Highs : I love how the swordsmen look, the blue and white realy contrast well, and they look great now they finally have thier lion sheilds which ive been saving for them for years now!

Lows : The alternate stripes on nearly every arm where an absolute pain to paint, especially basecoat.

Points : 197

Next Month : Converted Engineer and 5 Handgunners, second 100 might be cannon but not committed to that yet.

Pics : Sorry these aint great had a little trouble with getting the gf's camera to focus well, will defo get better ones for next month.



04-10-2011, 01:41
Hi all,

High Elves

Die Roll - 1
Background - High Elf Colonial (Before War of the Beard)


2x5 Silver Helms with champions - 242

20 Swordmasters of Hoeth - 300

Wizard - 100

Several Nobles - 340

Total - 982

Build/conversion - All regular models out of the box presumably, though everything was refurbished following a disastrous paintjob from the previous owner on some of these (hence why I have 4000 points of high elves to finish up) - some models have been repaired.

Painting - Green as primary, white as secondary for the most part, with various metallics. Wizards done in blue so my opponent doesn't forget where they are!

Still to do - As I get better with white I plan to go back and mess about with it more, I'm always trying to touch my armies up.

Highs/lows - I'm pretty pleased with how the swordmasters came out - less so with the Silver Helms, who are very fiddly.

Next month - no more characters hopefully, going to try to do 10 more swordmasters, five silver helms, and hopefully 30 spearmen. We'll see.

Pics -


Demons of Chaos

Background - Chaos Demons of Khorne

Unit - Bloodthirster of Khorne

Build/conversion - again refurbished, had to reattach both weapons, fortunately this one wasn't painted.

Painting - sort of a wash - I'm not so good with reds and bronze.

Highs/lows - Just wanted to get this guy done, such a silly looking beastie! Pleased with the skin tone, the wings and metals need a bit more work.

Points - 400?

Pic -


04-10-2011, 03:03
This is looking like a big tale this year!

Skaven: 2000 POINTS (Man - although a slow one)

UNIT: Warpfire Thrower and Doom Flayer

BACKGROUND/THEME: Ratty, Ratty, Ratty Rats. Actually I painted up most of 2 starter sets for the boys category last round and am going to build it up into a full 3000 pt army this year.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Straight from box & blister.

PAINTING: Basecoated brown with simple overpaint and wash, then some highlighting on the doom-flayer.

BASING: Raw sand with some dead grass flock.

STILL TO DO: Nothing on these. Just the remaining 1875 pts!!

HIGHS AND LOWS: I think the pictures are a little better than my last attempt.


Dice Roll: 5



04-10-2011, 03:57
Army: High Elves
Category: Men
Item: 60 converted Spartan Seaguard(for the time being) or Spearmen
Point: 625

The Good: All the core of my new "Spartan" themed High elves are finished

The Bad: Unless I use them for Spearmen, because Im not sold on the seaguard... Then I have archers to start....

The Ugly: Spent about 25 hours between converting them, greenstufing cloaks and painting them. Sloww going....



04-10-2011, 06:04
ARMY : Warriors of Chaos (Mens)

UNITS: 5 Chaos Knights (3 Completed), 1 Dragon Ogre, Wulfrik the Wanderer

CONVERSION: The Musician for the knights has been converted to use a pair of drums (this is a conversion which I stole directly from Mrtn's chaos log, I think it is a very cool thing and his version - I think - looks better than mine).

STILL TO DO: Finish the last two knights.

Highs - Figuring out a cool new way to paint green armor (on the knights specifically)
Lows - The sheer amount of time it takes to paint each Knight (about 6-8 hours per knight at my current speed) meant that I didn't finish as many as I'd hoped.

POINTS: 442 finished (out of 542 intended)



Full Group:


Dragon Ogre:

Chaos Knights:

Unfinished Chaos Knights:

As a P.S. specifically to Malorian, I would indeed like to increase my Warriors of Chaos commitment to 6,000 points, this does mean though that I will be dropping my boys Orcs and Goblins as I have lost all drive to work on them.

04-10-2011, 07:10
Id like to submit a hundred points of imperial chariot for my boys category as well as 230 of undead sfinx. This means that i will join with tombkings in the men category as well! Iīm sorry that the pictures are sideways but I couldnt find my camera so I tried out my mobile.


Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk

04-10-2011, 12:42
Its only month one and im already have to drop out :(.
My reasons being....

1: Infrequency of my free time to paint.
2: The fact that i dont want to rush the stuff im working on.
3: Last week i had to chuck out two thirds of my paints as they had dried up and brushes were getting ragged and frayed :/.
4: Lack of cash at the moment to replace them :(.

04-10-2011, 16:21
Month 1: O&G father/son project

Dice Roll: 1

Units: Savage Orcs, Night Goblin Archers.

Background: We just want to fit one of every model we think looks awesome and Orky into a "friendly" 2k. Big'un Savage horde, Pump Wagon, Chukkas, Diver, Fanatics, Wurrzag, River Trolls, at least 60 NG, a giant or Arachnarok.

Points: 205. SO 165 (counting fc, xhw, big uns), NG 40 (counting champion).

Highs: 11 yr old son learning the ropes. Good fun together.

Lows: A lot of rank and file ahead. Cool models like chukkas that could use more time only net 35 points.

Painting: The simple formula... basecoat, drybrush stages, washes, touch up. The kiddo is picking up the drybrushing and washing really well. Then I take him over the highlighting and touch ups. Still need a plan on the bases.


04-10-2011, 21:49
Here we go!

ARMY : Skaven (mainly clan Moulder)

BACKGROUND: Expedition Force sent out to retrieve what is thought to be extremely rare purple warpstone from a recent meteoric impact deep in the Chaos Wastes.

UNITS: 30 Clanrats w shield & spear, full command
Doomflayer weapon team

BUILD/CONVERSION: Out of the box

STILL TO DO: Snow on the bases, but will save that for later.

Highs - Finishing 30 Skaven within 4 days of starting with the Tale!
Lows - None so far!



MISC: Been wondering wether or not to do the teeth. All the models in this army will receive a fairly quick paint job as I mainly want them finished. I'll spend more effort in painting my WoC for this tale. Doing teeth would look better, but is a finicky detail that ups the time I have to spend on each model significantly. Your thoughts? Yes, no, maybe just front rank models?

04-10-2011, 21:57
And the next one. Just half a model (well, probably finished two-thirds) but it's for Boyz, so do not need that many points anyway!


Background: Warband with a strong Fire theme roaming the wastes in search of worthy opponents to sacrifice to the holy fire. Currenly en route to the site of a recent meteor impact.

UNIT: Chaos Sorcerer <Lore of Fire>

BUILD/CONVERSION: Will get a different staff/weapon because I seem to have misplaced the original bit! Putting on a brazier to emphasize fire theme even more.

STILL TO DO: Lots! Paint details on belt, paint and attach brazier, decide whether I will leave the robes this shade of grey or go lighter, and then add flame motif. Oh yes, and paint the base...

Highs - Finally going to finish this model. Would you believe I started painting this probably 4-5 years ago?
Lows - Not having the time this past weekend to finish this properly!

POINTS: two-thirds of 155, so just a tad over my goal of 100!


04-10-2011, 22:02
And finally, my Slaanesh Daemons...

Unfortunately have to joker due to time constraints and still struggling with colour scheme. Will do better next month!


04-10-2011, 22:22
Must say am a tad suprised at the amount of jokers played already :-(

05-10-2011, 00:00
Is it OK for me to join in, Ogre Kingdoms in the men’s category? Just picked up a brush again after a year of abstinence after seeing how spinky the new Ogre Kingdoms models were, and for once I'd really, really like to actually finish a project. I figure that even I should be able to manage 20 odd models in a year, and failing that if I’m but one amongst many no one will notice my shame if I slink away halfway through. :o


ARMY: The Sons of the Mountain, 2000 point Ogre Kingdoms Army

UNIT: Avatar of War Ogre Tyrant

HIGHS: Good to be to painting something again, and I really love the model (apart from that ghastly leather skirt he’s wearing). Much better than the GW ones. My first attempt at a snowy base, I’m pleased with how it’s turned out.

LOWS: Having to learn how to paint all over again, AGAIN. Because I paint so infrequently I never remember how I once painted that nice red, or that I don’t actually need to painstakingly highlight the metal if I’m going to cover it in rust etc. Simple stuff like that. With all my faffing I think this guy took me 3 times longer to paint then he needed. Hopefully as I continue with the army my working time will decrease, and I will be less likely to burn out due to lack of progress.


NEXT MONTH: Well I’ve been waiting over a month for my ogre battalion to turn up (the reason I started painting the tyrant) and whilst I’ve not been painting him I’ve assembled a Stonehorn, 4 Mournfang cavalry and 3 yhettes. The battalion has finally been posted, but I think I’ll paint up the yhettes for this month as they look to be the least complicated of the lot, which will hopefully give me some time to finish assembling the rest of the army. If they’re in my display cabinet starring reproachfully at me rather than in their boxes under the bed they’ll have more chance of shaming me into painting them! ;)

Dice Roll: 2



05-10-2011, 02:29
Joker from me. Been dilly dallying between armes and finally wrote a list which was both annoying and fun to go through everything.

So sorry folks. Awesome stuff here but I'll make it up in October for my slacking.

05-10-2011, 06:32
Army: Daemons of Chaos
Category: Boys
Unit: 1 Herald of Tzeentch
Points: 115
Dice Roll: 6



05-10-2011, 10:28
Darnoks Ogre Kingdoms - 1000 points (Boys)


UNIT: 1 Ogre Butcher: 100 points.

BACKGROUND/THEME: Instead of my armies background, I want to tell the story of this very model. It began when I got my first OK models, back in 2005. I never found the "official" Butcher models to be worth it, I just think they're ugly (not the ogry, good ugly...). So I decided to sculpt one of my own, using a standard Bull. Back than it was possible to give a Butcher two items called Skullmask (?) and Bangstick, which I intended to use. The mask was pretty easy, as was the 'stick (see below). When the model was done, some time later the whole project went into hibernation, as with many of my projects. It gathered dust, and I wondered wether it would ever see some paint...

Then the new armybook came, and seriously refired my enthusiasm about Ogres. With this Tale, I want to get an army done at last, and getting this dude done after over five years seemed to be a good start. The only issue I have: those items were no longer in the book! But alas, I had a new option: Butchers can use the Lore of Death now! And what better thing to have for this than a model with a skull mask and a big bone with runes carved into it?

So here we go, to start with something old. Something new will follow, and I'll get to the rest as well...

BUILD/CONVERSION: The conversion is based on one of the basic plastic Bulls. Instead of the gutplate a belly was sculpted. Other than that it's some basic bits, a 40K Chaos Defiler faceplate as mask, and a club with runes made from a cut-down ogre club with some added GS work.

PAINTING: Not bothering with details here. If you have questions: just ask.

BASING: Sand, painted Calthan Brown, drybrushed with different lighter browns and washed Gryphoone Sepia. Some "mountain grass" added.

STILL TO DO: Some gloss varnish on the fresh blood, but that's it.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Getting the model painted after five years is definetely a high. I'm also quite pleased with the result, apart from the "glowing" runes, which didn't turn out quite the way I hoped. My photo skills are still the low. :(


05-10-2011, 17:27
The Muster of Quenelles
2,000 points (Men)


UNIT: 10 Peasant Bowmen; Musician, Brazier: 70 points.

BACKGROUND/THEME: The standing army of the Dukedom of Quenelles. I love Bretonnians and this will be a showcase army for me. I will use blue and white for my army's colours, with green as an accent color. Being in the shadow of Athel Loren, I want to play with a connection to Elves-- although nothing explicit like conversions or count as models. I will do this by keeping my palette reminiscent of HE and WE armies and keeping a "clean" look throughout. (Quite a challenge for me, coming off from an all Night Gobbo Army).

BUILD/CONVERSION: I have some spare 5th edition Bretonnian minis that I will be using along with the more recent ones available. This will, hopefully, add interesting twists to my army and make it a little more unique. For this month, 5th edition Peasant Bowmen are positioned in a way to make them rank up neatly behind their Defensive Stakes and Braziers.

PAINTING: Ultramarine Blue plus more and more Bleached Bone for the blue. Bleached bone plus many thin layers of Skull White for the white.

BASING: Sand painted with Graveyard Earth, drybrushed Fortress Grey, washed with Scorched Brown. Glued Static Grass in clumps to finish it off.


HIGHS: Start of a new Tale and finally getting back to my first army! I heart Bretonnians!

LOWS: Encountered a duff can of primer when I started with my first unit. This actually slowed me down a bit, making me a little discouraged with the whole situation. Decided to go through with painting these chaps, with the idea to hide them in the back rank when everything's completed. Also, only managed to finish half of what I targeted for this month.




Cheers everyone!

Goat of Yuggoth
05-10-2011, 22:23
Army: The Host of Argoth the Red (Vampire Counts, 2000pts)

Models done: 7 Grave Guard, a Necromancer and a Wraith.

Points: 239 (using the old rules and points for the wraith, not sure what it'd cost nowadays)

Still to do: Didn't include the points cost for a banner, as it is unfinished.

Positive: Painting the OSL and freehand on the Necromancer was fun!

Negative: I hate painting metals, I can't seem to get them coherent. Also the weapons are looking rubbish but I'll cope with this..

Special conversion of the month: The Necro is the spawn of a badly warped Empire Wizard kit, Ghoul's hand and a Skink Priest staff (counts as Sceptre de Noir)

Special painting advice of the month: Ethereal looks can be difficult sometimes. Use a light blue-grey base, wash it with Turquoise first and then dab a half a dozen different greens and blues onto it, really diluted paints. Then just drybrush over with greys and white-greys ;)


Dice roll: (rummaging bits box for a dice..) ...5!

And next month's teaser comes here:


Hopefully I'll be able to get it done. A quick question here: How many points is a Chimera anyway? I'd wager it's more than 200, but I can be wrong...

Cheers anyhow,

06-10-2011, 02:33
ARMY : Ogre Kingdoms (Men)

UNIT: Bragg The Gutsman

BUILD/CONVERSION: Out of the box

PAINTING: My usual methods familiar to anyone who has followed the past TOFPs, just ask if you want specifics.

STILL TO DO: Base rim!

Highs - Getting started on the new TOFP!
Lows - Having to toss up where to paint the blood. On one hand, the blood should mainly be on the inside of the sickle, but GW sculpted it along the outside edge. So I had to decide between painting it in the wrong spot (which I ended up doing), painting too much blood to cover both sides of the coin and remove the sculpted on blood...





06-10-2011, 09:15
I'm afraid I have to withdraw from the tale this year.

Please remove my name from the list.

06-10-2011, 10:14
Army: The Stormbreaker Tribe

Background: Named after their devastating raids during nightly tempests and known for the thunderous roars of their Dragon Ogre allies, the Stormbreakers are led into battle by the infamous Horlok Drakecrush. That the "drake" was actually a Wyvern hatchling is a much less known fact...

Units: The Rustguts (4 Ironguts with Gutlord), Urug Life-Ender (Butcher with Great Weapon using the Lore of Death)

Build/Conversion: Straight out of the box. Bragg got a new Gutplate, because his own one was warped beyond use.

Painting: Nothing fancy. I tried to achieve realistic rust and verdigris and fell into a rust frenzy as soon as I worked on the Ironguts...so the Rustguts were born!

Still to do: Quite finished, apart from some small details like the bandages and one shield.

Highs & Lows: Ogre core troops are a pleasure to paint! With other armies you (or me at least) struggle to get them done, while with Ogres every unit (except Gnoblars) is very enjoyable. Another High were the Maneaters, so much fun to convert!
Was there a low? Eh, I wanted to paint 10 Gnoblars for this month...read above why they're not here...^^

Points: Butcher with Great Weapons (109) + 4 Ironguts with Gutlord (182) = 291

Next month: Sabretusks, Mournfangs, Leadbelchers or the Ironblaster. I really don't know yet, everything looks tasty!

Dice roll: 3


Urug Life-Ender:
http://img836.imageshack.us/img836/4984/braggfront.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/836/braggfront.jpg/)
http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/2261/braggback.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/690/braggback.jpg/)

http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/8881/irongutsfront.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/51/irongutsfront.jpg/)
http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/1348/gutlord.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/406/gutlord.jpg/)

WIP for next month(s): Maneaters!

Malon "the Blade" Gutsson, Warghett Gobsmasher & Bork the Adamant
http://img560.imageshack.us/img560/4470/maneatersfront.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/560/maneatersfront.jpg/)
http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/2506/maneatersside.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/62/maneatersside.jpg/)

So far from me,

06-10-2011, 11:27
Well, I'm going to have to Joker this month. I was optimistic I could get a chance to paint and just post late, but wedding planning has sucked up all my time.

I'm optimistic I can double post next month and catch up.

06-10-2011, 13:54
ok FINALLY the camera, cables, etc. is back and it works :)

Army: Vampire Counts

Points this month: 247pts (157pts for 17 skeletons and 90pts for 10 Dire Wolves)

Conversions: 17 skeletons are all heavily modified. i used part from VC Skeletons, Empire Free Company and Empire Flagellant Warband, and some more Bretonnians bits to make more than 30 skeletons, each one to be different and unique. and i must say that im happy with the result :)

Painting: For Skeletons I used a new method (well new for me at least). it includes undercoating the minis white, than apply heavy coat of black wash, after its completely dry (the most important step of the process!) drybrush with white. that is preparation. when this is nice and dry, u paint the minis using inks/washes only! it looks good and is fast to do. for my DW i had more traditional approach - black undercoat, base coats, touch ups, washes, drybrushes, touch ups. I tried to compensate no conversions on wolves with a lot of different colors scheme (every one of them is differently painted)

Highs and lows: Had a lot of fun converting and painting them all. only lows is that my camera was broken and i couldnt share with u the any wips.

Dice: 4





06-10-2011, 14:28
Army: Ogre Kingdoms

Unit: 6 Bulls with Ironfists and full command

Points this month: 222

Conversions: Fur and/or leather patches and/or small pieces of chainmail are added with green stuff to make the bulls more interesting.

Painting: Chose grey skin rather than the new human-toned one, a change I for one do not support. They look more monstrous this way, I believe.

Highs and lows: Painting them was quite fast, as was the green stuff work. I lament that I was unable to completely replicate the skintone from the test model though, the one with snowy base has a touch lighter skin.



Next month?: 2 Mournfang with musician and standard bearer!

06-10-2011, 20:04
What's the official cut off date?! I have no internet at home so can't upload pictures but it's going to take me a few days to finish of Hydra so should I joker and buy back?!

Am definitely jokering my OK although I have managed to get some made so should start painting them soonish.

06-10-2011, 20:11
What's the official cut off date?!
That would be the end of the month, so you have more than enough time to get your pictures up.
I'm looking forward to seeing them!

06-10-2011, 20:13
Hi, please put me down for a joker this month. Have to sort out editing..uploading what ive got done so far. Will get some WIP and comments up in next couple of days.

06-10-2011, 20:17
That would be the end of the month, so you have more than enough time to get your pictures up.
I'm looking forward to seeing them!

Awesome, I thought cut off was the 7th. As long as Sky activate my ******* internet at home I sould have pictures within the week =)

06-10-2011, 20:51
Updated the tables.
We really have to push on, we're not even close to what we painted in last years first month...

colonel kane trine
06-10-2011, 21:31
Tables? What are they?

When can we start commenting?

Goat of Yuggoth
06-10-2011, 21:41
After a week, so that would be sunday, if I'm not mistaken.

Seconded on the tables; what?


06-10-2011, 21:42
Tables? What are they?

When can we start commenting?

Braad makes these great tables that track our progress.

(Sooo glad he's back so I don't need to make them :D)

Commenting starts a week after this opens... so tomorrow ;)

06-10-2011, 22:20
Updated the tables.
We really have to push on, we're not even close to what we painted in last years first month...

Really I mean Ckt has alone painted 4k+ if points I'll bet that this thread alone contains 7k of points :-) compared to last year?

I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=53.502193,-1.333676

07-10-2011, 03:02
ARMY : Dark Elves (Men)

UNIT: Sorceress

BUILD/CONVERSION: Out of the box Gamezone model

PAINTING: My usual methods familiar to anyone who has followed the past TOFPs, just ask if you want specifics.

STILL TO DO: Nothing!

Highs - Quite enjoyed painting this model.
Lows - Shoddy pictures again.





Lord Dan
07-10-2011, 04:39
I'm going to be packing for the next couple of days and I won't have any time to comment tomorrow. I really wanted to get a few words in early, especially as people are starting work on next month's entry.

So as it's Friday somewhere in the world by now, I'll kick off the comments:

Padz: Any undead hunting army is a good one! The contrast of the damsel against the dark colors of the unit is very well done, I hope you continue this trend with your heroes and knights. I also hope you'll continue converting those fighting scenes like we see on the left. Looking forward to next month's entry!

Mace1982: I love that model. Very crisp, clean painting with classic colors. That green orb on the bottom is absolutely breathtaking. You should definitely continue to use that jade green effect on the gemstones throughout the army.

Toshiro: Severed heads! Skull masks! Lizard slaves! What's not to love about this update?! I love the yellow- very striking and clean looking, especially considering how difficult it is to cover a surface with yellow.

Juicytomatoes (Empire): Booooo!! ;)

Juicytomatoes (Tomb Kings): I can't make out the model very well, but I can comment on both the red cloth and the gold standard. The red is gorgeous, very bold and well done. The gold is this fascinating, brilliant color that almost looks liquid (especially towards the top). How did you achieve that effect?

colonel kane trine: I don't even know where to start! You're already almost done with an entire TK army, so I'm not sure what good my motivating words will do you. I think you've nailed the bone effect in your army, which is obviously extremely important. Too often I see TK players prime their models in white, paint the metal, and call it a day. The fact that you painted, washed, and highlight the bone on so many models in such a short period of time is truly commendable. Well done!

Zujara: Brilliantly sculpted! I love that you have the hat drooping down over the goblins eyes, it really adds character to the model. The green gemstone pops and that shadow grey/blue color is a perfect fit for the hat. My only critique would be to paint the base trim a different color, only because your army is already going to feature so much green. Otherwise great stuff!

great horned owl: You didn't tell me you could paint! Wow, you've taken a model I normally don't care for and make me want to buy one (the true sign of a great paintjob). I really can't tell what I like more between that cream-colored cloth and the blue sash. I also really appreciate that you haven't saturated the models with colors: you've taken 3 strong colors for your base and you've repeated across both models. Great work.

Purplebeard: I love those sharp highlights. They remind me almost of a comic book, particularly on the skin tones. Great work, great model. That subtle blue stripe on his cloak somehow makes me really happy.

andrewdrexler: You're doing everything right here- autumn scheme, small leaves, modeled bowstrings. All of this really helps bring those fantastic WE plastics to life, and the muted fall palette just ties everything together. It reminds me of october/november back home in PA. The sculpted dreads are just stupid-cool, very original and very fitting. I can't wait for more!

fanny crowbar: You know I love those models. Let me reiterate it publicly: Your purple puts my purple to shame, and the freehand on those shields literally makes me smile. Well, an evil smile. One of the dark elf/grinch smiles only a fellow wargamer would understand. I also just noticed how you've gone with a neutral green on that cold one, which is brilliant contrast next to the bright purple on the rider. Awesomesauce.

gogs78: You've taken my favorite models in the entire GW range and combined them with my favorite colors. What's not to love? The two-highlight progression for the white is masterfully pulled off, leaving the white looking both rich and clean while seeming to have depth. Now finish that banner with something suitably high elven!

Roostmanuva: Though it's against my better judgment I find myself drawn to those ghouls. Your blood recipe is very convincing and I like the different colors you've achieved by varying the skin tones. It leaves the unit looking both dirty and undead, while not looking at all washed out or boring. More, please.

Kaos: I love those slayers, but I have to admit that freehand absolutely steals the show. Great color choice on the turquoise/blue combo as well.

dwarfhold13: Wow! My jaw dropped 3 times: Your orc skin is flawless, the skin tone on the boars faces looks better than most of what I see in human armies, and those stone weapons! Gah, the stone weapons are stunning. I really look forward to seeing this army progress, and I'm especially curious to see what you come up with for the bases.

Malorian: Alright, so that fanatic is ridiculously cool. Your painting style is very clean and consistent, which especially apparent on the skin and tunics of the archers. I really like that you've gone with the brown tones on the orcs, as it fits them so well and these days I see so many orc armies sporting garish "look at me!" outfits on their boyz.

The metal on gorbad is also well done, and overall it's another clean paintjob. The yellow is a nice touch. Do you plan on introducing it elsewhere in the army, or will it be unique to characters?

Tonny: I know its WIP and a joker, but I like what I see so far! You've got an eye for mixing it up between blue, red, and brown without the model looking haphazard, and I look forward to next month's update.

EmperorNorton (Dark Elves): I love this paintjob. I know you're not feeling all that into this army yet, but if your corsairs turn out this well I promise the end result will be worth it. The scales on the cloak pop, and the red on the blade is extremely well executed. I also love that you've transitioned between a neutral green to a more lively pastel green on the cloak highlights. The end result speaks for itself. Great work.

EmperorNorton (Ogres): You really are getting a knack for painting ogres, my friend. This batch is the best yet I think. That green/bronze gutplate is by far my favorite, and the yellow pants are a nice touch and a clever way to add some extra color to the unit.

DAgabriel: First of all let me commend you on your color scheme. I think this is the first time I've seen red/yellow used in conjunction outside of the Empire, and I admit it looks fantastic. Your style is realistic and dirty- very suiting for the undead lords of the desert! I really like all of the subtle tones you might not have even intended- the green on the staff above her hand, the blues in her wrapping. The quick progression from dark red to orange on the BSB's cloak is also well executed, and gives it a mystical quality.

Zark the Damned: I love this idea so much. I want to comment on the paintjob, but I can't see them well enough to do so. All you need to know is that I approve. I see some great 6th ed. bitz in there, too, so I know this is going to be good.

the_slosh: You know if you told me you were going with a creme/light grey/tan color scheme I would have told you it wouldn't work. Color theory is on my side. Results are on yours. The model has this fantastic ghostly appearance that makes him really intimidating. The splash of red on the staff is a nice touch, as well.

spikedog: You've sold me on those models. The red scales are phenomenal, and the subtle verdigris glow towards the tips of their weapons is, for lack of a better word, quite beautiful. The contract between the clean red color and the rusted armor is clever. Fantastic work.

Richmt11 (Orcs): This is another model that made me smile for all the right reasons. There's this happy explosion of color that is only matched by the fact that the shaman appears to be dancing. In addition you get to the back and there's this field of purple. I'm just...happy. Then your black orcs slap me in the face with a gritty, realistic scheme that leaves me grinning for an entirely different reason. Great work, great contrast.

Richmt11 (High Elves): More purple! I love the gold on those swordmaster, but I have to admit those eagles are the real winners here. You've hit this great, natural looking color that brings the models to life for me. There's also enough variation between the models (even though you've used the same colors) to make them look even more authentic. Wonderful.

USASOCranger: I hope you post some more models soon! I'm really sold on that black armor. You've pulled off a simple, strong scheme here and I look forward to seeing more.

Confessor_Atol: Here again we have models with 3 things that really stand out to me: the skin tone is very rich and nicely done, the rust on the armor looks incredibly real, and those scenic bases (cork?) just bring it all together for me.

dagreenmoonboyz: That has to be some of the best orc skin I've seen. In fact combined with the way you paint their lips they're actually quite terrifying. I love the black scheme, which really lets the great work you did on their skin shine through. ...and is that an arachnarok I spy in the background? :D

jackdaw: That bone armor is so cool. Very clean, and very evocative of everything sinister and dark elf. The BSB is stunning as well, but what really stands out to me are the subtle colors you blended into the skin cloak. Disgusting? Yes. Realistic? Yes. Great work here. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with your spearmen.

tekore: I think my feeling on this model can be best summed up with my reaction as I scrolled down the page:
"Well, hello there!"
This is another model that just makes me happy. I love the color scheme you've gone with (it reminds me of Tolkien a bit), and I like that you've incorporated gold into an army that normally leaves it at home. Classy.

Avian: The contrast between the dark green skin on the shaman and his tan cloak really shines here. I love the rusted armor on the black orcs (I'd forgotten how much I like those models, by the way), and overall I just really like the "earthy" feeling this army is portraying so far.

z4carlo: I'm not sure what's cooler- the snow effect on the bases or how well you've blended both the blue and white on those uniforms. It's really refreshing to see a middenheimer force represented by a professional, standing army. Those shields are a perfect fit, too.

Doomscape: We definitely need a close up on those High elves! The daemon is absolutely classic stuff, and takes me back to my early days of fantasy. I'd really like a closer shot of him too, but from what I can tell you've achieved a nice, rich color with that red.

gsmc: I love that color scheme. Indeed, the fact that you've included gold in this army is both refreshing and well done. The splash of red on the warpfire thrower is cool, but I really like the creative use of neutral colors over both models.

Shandowner: Easily the most creative conversions so far. I never would have looked at those old HE models and thought: "Oh, spartans" so well done on seeing that potential. The bronze is particularly well done, notably on the helmets.

Kaltheras: WOAH, those guys are so dark and brooding! You've managed to paint those models almost entirely in dark, dreary colors without washing them out at all. The bright base rim was a really clever addition, and that recurring jade green color is another nice touch.

Jardain: It's kind of hard to see, but the woodgrain effect and the flames on that war alter look off-the-wall cool.

Trustey: This is another unit I'll need a close-up on to see properly, but what stands out to me is the use of blue both as tattoos and in that standard. Very well done.

Thalenchar: Classic stuff here. The cream/red scheme is perhaps the most suiting for Skaven, and the green eyes were a creative touch and a great way to vary the color in the unit. In fact in that center picture his eyes almost appear to be glowing.

Laborious: Everything about what you've done here is brilliant. Neutral colors so our eyes focus on that fantastic gold color. Elevate the model using cork, brighten it up with a snow base. You've turned the awesomeness up to 11.

Gargobot: The white is stunningly crisp, the transition from purple/red to skin tones on the face is mind blowing, and your highlights on those purple feathers on his back really add depth. Still waiting on that tutorial on the white, by the way.

Darnok: Cool conversion! The freehand on the gut really shines against that dark skin tone. The transition from that dark blue to the bright blue on the pants also stands out to me.

Saulot: I think I already mentioned this in your log, but I'll say it again- the defensive positioning of that unit was inspired. Not to mention the color scheme is great and you managed to paint coals that look like they're going to hurt me, but the unit overall has this intimidating look to it.

Goat of Yuggoth: The freehand on the cloak is very well done, and that OSL effect is just remarkable. I love the transition from blue to green before you work up to the white highlights.

Doi: The metal on Bragg's weapon is really well done: dark color, and it looks dirty without being painted to look like rust. That all-black color scheme is actually quite cool. Do you plan to do that with your RAF ogres, as well?

Morkash Gorehowl: I'm afraid the lighting washed out your paintjob a bit. The orange in the armor of the ironguts looks really cool, and those maneater conversions are going to make for one stunning unit.

Spar666rawk: Wow, I love all of the color. I tried painting an undead army with lots of color before but it ended up looking too "happy". Here you've managed to paint with bright colors and still have the unit retain it's sense of dread. Very well done.


Alright, goodnight everyone!

07-10-2011, 07:59
Was without internet for a little while, so plenty to catch up with here on Warseer - looks like the Tale is off to a good start with some great first month showings. Guess I better throw my own hat in the ring...

I have a ridiculous amount of Empire that I've been sitting on for going on 10 years now, that I've really needed to do something with. I also haven't been painting miniatures at all for about a year, and not been painting regularly since well before that. I've been wanting to throw myself back into the hobby, and figured committing myself to building an actual army would be a good way of doing it. Haven't played in ages, so I don't know if what I'll end up with will be anything even close to a competitive force - I'm just looking forward to the satisfaction of having a fully painted army for once in my life. :)

EMPIRE (Wissenland) / 2000 POINTS (MEN)

UNIT: 1 unit of 10 handgunners with full command; Great Cannon with Crew

BUILD/CONVERSION: Not planning any conversions for the state troops and rank-and-file, at least not initially. These are straight 6th edition plastics, with classic metal handgunners for unit champions (or in this case, a old Foundry one).

PAINTING: I'm trying to stick to a fairly limited palette for the bulk of the army. Wissenland's official colors are basically combinations of greys, so that's more or less what I'm going with (most cloth: Fortress Grey > Black Wash > Codex Grey > Skull White). I figure I'll go a little more crazy with characters and such.

BASING: Sand/gravel before priming, Snakebite Leather > Chestnut wash > Bleached Bone highlights

STILL TO DO: Need a real banner for the standard bearer. But I know I don't really need a full command for Handgunner units, so he and the musician will most likely get moved to some other infantry unit once I've got some extra Handgunners painted to fill out the ranks.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I've never been a particularly fast painter... but man, I'm even slower now that I haven't been painting regularly. Need to step it up, and/or figure out how to get more efficient. I am happy with the paint scheme and how this first batch came out, though. Pleasantly surprised that I hadn't completely "lost it".

Also still figuring out this whole "photographing miniatures" thing; hopefully these will get better as the months go on....

POINTS : Handgunners (100) + Cannon (100) = 200


07-10-2011, 16:59
Army : Orcs and Goblins

Points this month : 10 orc (choppa) - 60 pts
15 orcs (2 choppas) - 45 pts (because they needed only some touching up)
Total : 105 pts

Dice : 3

07-10-2011, 23:53
Army: Skaven
Units/Points for the month:
- 4 Clanrats, with Musician and Standard Bearer (30)
- Warlord on Warlitter (125, not counting equipment since I started painting this in August)
- 1 Rat Ogre (40)
Total: 195

The warlord is kitbashed primarily from a stormvermin box, but there's bits from other kits in there as well. The rat ogre is the old Boneripper model. I still need to paint the banners, but I loathe 2-dimensional painting so I've been putting it off. I think I'll repaint the warlord's toes as well.

This army has been a work in progress for about ten years now. I started painting in middle school, but have repainted much of the stuff from back then (12 year old me didn't have the greatest technique). I've been playing and expanding on the army, both in model count and paint content, on and off over the years. At this point I have about 3,500 points total, of which about 1,500 is painted to a (mostly) satisfactory level.

I can upload the rest of my army if people are interested.

08-10-2011, 00:41
ARMY : Storm of Magic (Men)
UNIT: Truthsayer and Summoned Shadow Wizard (Nicodemus)
BUILD/CONVERSION: None! One piece metal models!
PAINTING: Nothing particularly interesting. Basecoat with foundation, wash and then highlight up on all the colours.
STILL TO DO: Have to flock the bases.
Highs - I got most of these done early on during the month, letting me focus on my other tales. Also I'm really happy with how they came out for the most part. Especially Nicodemus' beard and the Truthsayer overall.
Lows - I didn't finish them until much later in the month! Kind've left the nitty details for later, but should've just got them out of the way since they didn't take long. Also, I think I needed to start with a lighter grey on Nicodemus' main clothes. It kind've blends into the cape a bit too much.
NEXT MONTH: This month I'm doing a monster, the Great Taurus! Should be good fun. Decided to alternate the first few months between a couple of human sized models, and then doing a large monster.

Unfortunately the pictures are a bit dodgy. I haven't found a good place to take pictures in my new house yet (And part of the reason I was so slack getting pictures in the last few months of the previous tale >.>)

08-10-2011, 08:21
After a week, so that would be sunday, if I'm not mistaken.

Seconded on the tables; what?


Tables? What are they?

When can we start commenting?

As Malorian said, I keep track of the progress in this tale.
See http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5683363&postcount=1 for an example.

Really I mean Ckt has alone painted 4k+ if points I'll bet that this thread alone contains 7k of points :-) compared to last year?

This thread contains now over 19,000 points (when I said that, it was 18,000). Last years thread first month was about 30,000....
Not to push you guys, but...

08-10-2011, 09:37
This thread contains now over 19,000 points (when I said that, it was 18,000). Last years thread first month was about 30,000....
Not to push you guys, but...

I remember commenting on 9 pages of entries as well...


08-10-2011, 12:09
perhaps that just means we will have more stay around!

colonel kane trine
08-10-2011, 12:17
Im sticking around for it and ive set myself a personal target so watch this space

08-10-2011, 16:01
Altighty, comment time!

Padz: Those men-at-arms look really beautiful! I really like that there are unifying colors but that things still aren't all uniform (if that makes any sense, hopefully you know what i mean). And that damsel looks, at lest to me, as the very archetype of what a damsel is supposed to look like, beautiful, pure, virtuous and unobtainable, great job!

Mace1982: That high mage looks very good, but I'd recommend a little more work on the face, perhaps some color on the lips and then another light color wash? :)

Juicytomatoes: Well, joker or no joker, the ashiragu that you did produce are definitely up to snuff, i like the Takeda mon on their jingasa. Your Tk BSB looks really sharp, gorgeous model, just something cool for the base as well and it will be aces :)

Zujara: I love him! That goblin is astonishing!

Great horned owl: Wow! Simply wow! How'd you do that white? It looks awesome!

Purplebeard: Now that's a dwarf, proud and gritty, you did a really good job on him!

Lord Dan: Thanks man, I'm glad you liked my humble update!: :) Now that finished cannon is... I think supreme is a to low word for it, but it's the best i can think off, I mean, wow! I love the attention to details that you present, from the clean crisp painting to the converted neck-guards! You hand-gunners are absolutely ace, honestly, if i were to commission someone to do a empire army for me, you'd be it. They look so dynamic and battle-hardened, they really look like an army that's been through hell and back and are stronger for it! Same goes for everything else you present, amazing, I especially love the shields on the swordsmen!

andrewdrexler: Beautiful glade guards, to bad the picture don't do them quite the justice they deserve.

Fanny Crowbar: I love them! The purple and gold go very well together and those symbols on the shields, are they freehand?

gogs78: Very crisp and clean painting, I especially love the white, how'd you get it so clean while still getting good depth? If it's one thing I'd like to see though it is some kind of symbol on the flag.

Roostmanuva: I wouldn't worry about mold lines, I sure can't spot them. I think your ghouls look really great, love the guy that rips his own head off!

Kaos: I love those Dwarfs, makes me wish you'd do a full on slayer army :p And that banner is stunning!

dwarfold13: Again, those greenskins are amazing! I can't even begin to imagine the patience and dedication needed to reach those levels!

Malorian: That mangler looks great, maybe a chain to tie them together? Gorbad turned out great, e'll kick some serious ass on the battlefield!

Tonny: I like that start, looks forward to seeing the finished models.

Emperor Norton: I like the Lokhir model and you did it justice :) And those ogreas turned out good, but I feel their bases are missing something, maybe some shrubbery or scorched grass?

Spikedog: I love those CD, I've always wanted to face an CD army but never gotten the chance to. Love that rotating picture! :D

Richmt11: Wurzag turned out great, especially love his cloak. Your High Elves turned out spectacular every last one of them! Especially the one standing on the stone, wow, the detail on that one is astonishing!

Confessor_Atol: Those are some really gorgeous OK models! Probably the best I've seen on warseer (except perhaps Lews maneater plog)

dagreenmoonboyz: I sure hope that the Rugby and Grad school application shenanigans won't take a too big toll on you because I want to see more from you, love the models done so far!

JackDaw: I say it again, I love the skintone on you elves, and the bone armour really works well! You've truly captured the sinister feel of the DE.

CKT: Man, how do you paint so much in such a short time?

Tekore: I like the color scheme you've chosen, I'd lke a bit more depth on the skin though, perhaps another wash or another highlight?

Avian: As always I like what you bring out, especially that pump wagon!

z4carlo: It's a bit hard to see on those pictures, but I must say I do like those shields! Is it possible to get a close-up of them?

doomscape: I don't think I've ever seen that color scheme for high elves but it sure works Crisp and clean painting,I'd like a close-up though if possible? That bloodthirster looks bloodthirsty enough! Good job!

gsmc: Love those ones, especially the warpfire thrower!

Shandowner: To be honest I'm not sure where I stand on having a real world army in fantasy, but the painting sure is great! I can see them defending Thermopylae to the death!

Kaltheras: Very good painting on those ones, I really love that dragon ogre, feels like I don't see those nearly as often as I'd like.

Jardain: I sure hope you do find that camera so I can get some closer pictures, cause I do like what i see.

Trustey: Convey to you son that he is a VERY talented painter! There is no way that I'd guessed that those minis were mainly painted by an 11 year old!

Thalenchar: I like those skaven, especially the eyes, it feels like you managed to get a warpstone sinister glow to them that appeals to me. That WoC sorcerer is awesome! looks really twisted and 'blessed' by the chaos gods, great job on him!

Laborious: *Jaw drops* I think that tyrant is beyond words! I look forwad to those Yeehtees!

Gargobot: Stunning sorcerer, that's among the cleanest paintjobs I've ever seen. Great attention to detail and the colors really work well together!

Darnok: I love the skull mask on him, glad you finally painted him up!

Saulot: The finished peasants was worth the wait, I really like the paintjob you gave them!

Goat of Yuggoth: Now that's what VC are supposed to look like, very haunting indeed, hell if i faced something looking like that on the field my models would probably **** their pants and flee the field before the first dice fell!

Doi: I like that Bragg model, looks like an executioner and that blood on his blade turned out great! Your sorceress really turned out great as well! That gagoyle on her hand is rock solid (hehe)

Morkash Gorehowl: oh, a blessing, another Bragg model, and another great ne at that! Your rustguts turned out really nice and gritty, me likey!

Spar666rawk: Nice theme, i like that you've created a VC army that looks like it really is raised from dead populace and slain soldiers, great job and I'm really looking forwad to seeing more!

piotrov: Very nice Wissenlanders, I like them a lot and will definitely be looking for more updates from you!

azhagmorglum: The skin on your orcs is really amazing, looks far more real then the standard dark green that i use myself, great job!

JohnnyG: I really like that Warlord on litter, he looks very prominent!

someone2040: I must say your wizard reminds me of gandalf gray! Both models look very good though!

phew, I hope I didn't miss anyone I wrote this comment on and off over a period of several hours, so if I missed anyone I apologize! Oh, and if it were allowed there'd be a lot more smileyes in this post, great job so far everyone!

colonel kane trine
08-10-2011, 16:17
ok comment time!

@padz-i really love how you have done the men at arms they are nice and gritty! the damsel is my favourite though i love the model and how you have painted it!

@Mace1982-great job there i like the way you have done the elemental base!

@Toshiro-its good to see night goblins done in different coloured robes. what colour are they painted with? good work on the filler too
also thanks for the comment! regarding your question though i havent a clue how i got so much done! i have to admit that tomb kings are easy and i painted them in big batches so i wasnt waiting for anything to dry before i could do another step! i think that if it was any other army but tomb kings i wouldnt have got anywhere near as much done

@juicytomatoes-how did you paint the bone? i really like the conversion and the painting! how did you do the bases?

@zujara-i love that model! great conversion and it perfectly fits the fun side of goblins! i love it! how did you do the skin? id like a similar scheme for my gnoblars

@great horned owl- great wor the base is a nice touch! i like how your high elves arent the perfect white of the games workshop style ones. yours look way better! how did you do it?

@purplebeard-thats an awesome paintjob on an awesome model! i look forward to seeing more dwarfs from you! good work mate

@lord dan- as an ex empire player i always like to see empire armies. your conversion on the cannon is great and i love how you painted it. The mounted handgunners are awesome i always loved those models but i sucked at painting horses! how did you paint them? i love the models you picked for your wizards are the that nicodemius mordheim guy and a old school necromancer?

@andrewdrexler-great work on the woodies! i love that you added bowstrings to them as those little touches realy make the models great. I also realy like how camouflaged they are! i can imagine them blending into the forest sniping off enemies left right and centre! good work!

@fanny crowbar-i like the purple colour scheme you have gone with for your models. i have always struggled with purple so ill be sure to try out your method! i like the cold ones skin and the close up of thatmaster guy is awesome! cant wait to see more from you

@gogs78-awesome models there! i have always wanted to start high elves but have been put off by the sheer amount of white on them! your unit looks awesome are you bulking up its size?

@roostmanuva-i love the mantic undead and i love them more now i have seen what you did with them! great models mate! how did you do the blood spatters?

@kaos- OMG gorgeous unit! slayers are my favourite dwarf unit and yours are amazing! how did you paint the orange and is that banner freehanded? amazing!

@dwarfhold13-gorgeous savages! the skin is amaing i bet it took quite a long time to get it that good! the boars are awesome too how did you paint them?

@malorian-i love the mangler conversion and that gorbad is a great miniature. i love always so look forward to seeing what else you come up with

@emperornorton(dark elves)-lokhir is one of my favourite dark elf models so its cool to see you painting him. it looks great and how did you do the gold helmet on him?

@emperornorton(ogres)-these bulls are great! how did you do the facial hair and skin on these? awesome work mate

@dagabriel-i love the khalida model! why do you hate it? you have done her justic even though you arent a fan of the model! is that bsb the limited edition model? id kill to get him lol great work and cant wait to see more from you

@zark the damned-thats an awesome sized unit! i love the colour scheme and the conversions good work

@the_slosh-awesome model there is it from mordheim? great work how did you do the skin type cloak thing on its back?

@spikedog-its great to see some fw models here! i like the new style chaos dwarfs and your scheme is cool on them! looking forward to seeing more! how did you paint the red on them?

@richmt11(orcs)-i love the shaman! the colours look great and the purple cloak is my favourite bit! how did you do it? the black orcs are class too

@richmt11(h elves)- those eagles are great love the scheme. the detail on the sorcerers cloak look quite detailed how long did it take? great work

@usasocranger-the armour looks great on those warriors how was it done? looking forward to seeing more

@confessor_atol-loving your ogres the skin is great id love a step by step on that! also how did you do the bases?

@dagreenmoonboyz-love everything you have done! the trolls are my favourite!

@jackdaw-loving the almost ghostly look to your dark elves! its a nice unique scheme so ill keep an eye on how you go! love the conversion for the assassin too

@tekore-awesome model like how yo have painted her how did you do the hair?

@avian- love the sorcerer! how was the flayed skin cloak painted?

@z4carlo-great modles and i love the use of the ogre! how did you do the bases? im wanting to do snow bases myself for my ogres

@doomscape(helves)-thats a nice amount of models to have get done and its cool to see a good unique scheme for them good work!

@doomscape(deamons)-that bloodthirster is awesome! its quite an imposing model and you have done it justice!

@gmsc-awesome rats you have there! how did you do the metals on them?

@shandowner-awesome scheme! i love the spartan theme and you have done the painting perfectly! great work!

@kaltheras-love your scheme for the armour and wulfrik looks awesome! cant wait to see next moths update! the drummer conversion is great too! not seen that done before

@jardain-the sphinx looks great from what i can see? how was the skin on it done? i really like the way you have done it

@trustey- i love the fact that your son s painting with you i bet its good fun sharing the hobby with your child! great looking models there and i think hes done great for his first models :)

@thalenchar(skaven)-love the red and overal look of all your units! good work

@thalenchar(woc)-love that sorcerer model and the cloak looks nice and neat hope you find his staff though!

@laborious-great job o that tyrant! i like that model and i might have to buy it now i have seen how great you made it look!

@gargobot-nice neat painting there how did you paint the white? great work

@darnok-thats a pretty cool conversion and its cool to see an old model get used again!

@saulot-great painting and nice to see old school bowmen being used again! i remember the from around the time i first started collecting warhammer!

@goat of yuggoth- that necromancer conversion is pretty imaginative good job! also good ethereal look an cheers for the method for doing it

@doi-i love the bragg model its him that made me start ogres again! i love how you have painted him also how did you do the bases?

@morkash gorehowl-awesome bragg model how did you paint all the rust? good work the maneater conversions are amazing especially the ninja

@spar666rawk-nice assortment of models i think a full unit of them will look great! good job on mixing up so many kits to create a unique unit! i like the direwolves and your bases are great!

@doi(dark elf)- i really like that model great painting and its cool thats shes hiding a fireball behind her back ready to sneakily kill her target!

@piotrov-gorgeous looking empire! cant wait to see this army progress!

@azhagmorglum-great looking orcs the skin is perfect! how did you do it? great work!

@johnnyg-that conversion is amazing for the warlitter! i might have to try that myself! class painting and great looking ratmen

@someone2040-love the truthsayer and shadow wizard how did you paint the wizards clothes? the grey is awesome!

@everyone im loving this tale and the work that everyone is getting done! i look forward to seeing everyone elses updates and comments. keep it up guys

08-10-2011, 17:22
@Lord Dan & Toshiro - Thanks for the lovel comments so far. I will be commenting tonight when the kids go to bed, as I can get my laptop out! As a new painter I really appreciate the positive reinforcement!

@CKT - Also thanks for the comments, and I echo above. As for the high elf mages the cloak detailing isn't really that great and since I painted him in the last month my skills have already improved and will look to go back and redo. Now I know I really rushed in an attempt to paint a gold tree of life! Lol really! But my shading on all the cloaks was progressive layers which I taught myself from miniature mentor DVD where he paints the beastman I think it is. I use Vallejo game colour and do purple as follows; 1 drop royal purple 1 drop chaos black, 2 drops water. Keep building up layers of this until good covering. Then add 1 drop water 1 drop royal purple and layer. Then 1 drop hexen lichen 1 drop water. Then I do a thin 1 drop lichen 1 drop warlord purple very lightly to bring it up. I do this for all my purple but have harsher transitions on rank and file. You'll see alot of purple as I've learnt it :)

Looking forward to commenting later!


colonel kane trine
08-10-2011, 17:35
Richmt11 thanks for the tips! I havent used any of the vallejo colours but I do want to try them! What are there metallics like?

Great horned owl
08-10-2011, 18:00
Comments for everybody on page 1

@Padz : Nice job. The faces seem to be very good. And the brighter look of the damsel is a nice contrast. One tip: the colours of the flame seem to be inside out. The hot white-yellow colour of a fire is always inside at the bottom. The outer parts are orange/red.
@Mace1982 : This is a nice model and you have done a great job. Good that you posted the close-ups of the face and elements. The other pictures are a bit too small to see how you painted her.
@Toshiro : doubled your points this months, youíve sprinted from the start line. I like your unit fillers a lot. The yellow clothes are a nice contrast to the greens. But is Badaab really that yellow or is the colour balance of the picture wrong? Maybe next time you can put a white background behind your model when you take a picture?
@juicytomatoes (empire) : I have never seen these models and Iím looking forward to seeing these models painted. Please post a close-up when you are ready.
@juicytomatoes (Tomb Kings) : The gold and bone looks nice and old. Can you please post a close-up so we can take a better look?
@colonel kane trine (Tomb Kings) : amazing how much you have built and painted this month. A nice coherent paintjob. Have you already played a game with them? When you go on tour with your band, our tale will be several pages shorter without your posts.
@Zujara : The green stuff hat really turned out well. I missed Malorianís battle report. Are there special rules for this hat? Maybe next time you can put a neutral background behind your models. That way your hard work will be better visible.
@Purplebeard : A real classic and a nice paint job. Iím looking forward to see all the OOP models you showed in your WIP pictures.
@Lord Dan : I already took a sneak preview in your plog. Your models are full of character, grim and fun at the same time. Keep it up!
@colonel kane trine (Ogres) : It must be nice to take a break from all those skeletons sometimes. Could it be that the brightness of the picture is a bit wrong? Or else I would give the skin an extra highlight. What have you bought for the next month?
@andrewdrexler : Yes, please make a light box. Your models seem very nice, the pictures donít do them justice. Your bowstrings and arrows give them a more aggressive look. I would like to try this on my high elves, but I think that it will be difficult on the oldest models (mid 90ís).
@Fanny Crowbar : I like you re-invented colour scheme. The face of the Master is perfect.
@gogs78 : Nice clean colour scheme with the purple and white. Iím looking forward to see the painted banner.
@Roostmanuva : I know what you mean, I also found a mould line on an almost finished model. But yours are gross in a good way. I heard that you can mix paint and certain types of glue to get slimy threads. Maybe it would look cool on the model with the severed head.
@Kaos : Nice, good contrast between the orange and blue. I like the banner.
@dwarfhold13 : Beautiful skin tones. Compared to the facial expression of the orcs, the boars look almost cute.

Great horned owl
08-10-2011, 18:04
Comments for everybody on page 2

@Malorian : Itís good to see that you have time to paint. With us asking you to change the numbers and armies all the time I doubted it. The red, yellow and gold on Gorbad makes him stand out in the crowd. Maybe the mangler could also use a little bright accent?
@Tonny : Are you Dutch? You wrote Ďmiddení instead of Ďmiddleí. In that case: je modellen zien er veelbelovend uit. Goede houdingen en mooie diepte in het rood en bruin. If not: Your models look promising. Good poses and nice depth in the reds and browns.
@EmperorNorton (dark elves) : I hope our comments can give you a boost. I like this model. The gold and the hide are nicely highlighted. The colour of the pants, sleeves and blades look almost the same. Maybe the lighting of the picture makes it look that way?
@EmperorNorton (ogres) : Nice, especially how you aged the weapons and gutplates. Maybe their skin looks a bit too clean and young?
@DAGabriel : I can see that these are difficult, because there is so much detail to paint. I think Kahlida will look better if you do another layer on the bandages. But if you hate her, you probably donít want to touch her again.
@Zark the Damned : You worked really hard, double points this month. They seem well painted. But yes, close-ups please.
@the_slosh : I like the way you made the cloth look like human skin. Albinos usually have red eyes (at least in our world). Does he? Maybe the photos will get better if you put the model in front of a sheet of paper.
@Aenarion : So the dark elves will be missing a unit this month. Iím a high elf, so I feel much safer nowÖ.
@spikedog : Yes, Old Skool, but without looking out-dated. Very nice. How did you make the video. Putting the pictures in Monkeyjam or maybe Moviemaker??
@perplexiti : If you like rugby so much, you must be a Bloodbowl player, am I right?
@Richmt11 (orcs) : Wurzag is great. Especially if you have painted so little models until now.
Also a good job on the black orcs.
@Richmt11 (high elves) : Yes, more units to save Ulthuan. Nice. Maybe their hair is a little too yellow. But maybe the lighting of the picture makes it look that way.
@BigJon : I hate spiders. So Iím glad you warned me that there will be a spider picture next month. I will buy a can of bug repellent.
@USASOCRanger : Good start, I like the banner, nice and simple. How much are you going to paint and how many points are they?
@Confessor_Atol : Your ogres look scary, nice job. I hope to see some gnoblars soon.
@dagreenmoonboyz : the blending on the skins sure look good, well done. Like I said @BigJon, I hate spiders. So I will buy two cans of bug repellent.
@JackDaw : Even better than I expected after your WIP shots. Great. When I have a little more time next week Iím going to read your Plog. A little request: please put your models in front of a sheet of paper or something. They will look even better then.
@Tekore : Lovely, nice spring/summer colours. The basing and tree combine very well together.
@Avian : Good paintjob on all of them. But the Snotlings are my favourite, snotlings always make me smile. They are just a bunch of naughty toddlers on the loose.

Great horned owl
08-10-2011, 18:06
Comments for everyone on page 3

@Struggle Within : Great, more High Elves.
@Spar666rawk : I hope you can fix the camera problem soon.
@z4carlo : Looking good, I think snowbases fit nicely with a Middenheim army. Will you be doing knights and heroes with pelt capes?
@doomscape (High elves): Almost doubled your points this month, good start. You have got a nice strong color scheme. Can you post a few close ups next time please?
@doomscape (demons) : Nice, Iím looking forward to the rest. Mostly Khorne or also other Gods?
@gsmc : You have got a nice depth and glow in your colours. The smoke of the warpfire thrower look fittingly poisonous.
@Shandowner : You have done a quarter of your total points this month, very speedy. Your conversions with Spartan helmets and shields are great. I canít wait to see your next posts.
@Kaltheras : The time you spent on your models is visible. You have aged the armour and shields very good.
@Jardain : Nice job, will you be posting a picture of the chariot crew next month?
@DeathCat147 : Sorry to hear that you are dropping out. Maybe you can join back in later.
@Trustey : You two have done a great job. My compliments for the Small Un. Well done!
@Thalenchar (skaven) : What are rats without their teeth? Less scary. So please do their teeth.
@Thalenchar (chaos) : Creepy. I think this shade of grey is fine. Flames will be a nice contrast to the grey.
@Laborious : Great start, donít you dare to slink away. Maybe the veins on his biceps are a little to dark? Could be the lighting of the photo.
@RTGamer : So you were too chaotic this month to make your warrior of Chaos? :)
@Gargobot : I already commented your entry in your plog. Iím looking forward to see more of both your Hochland and the demons.
@Darnok : The death mask fits the model and lore of death very well. I also like the skin tone.
@Saulot: I have painted quite a few of those old bowmen and they are not easy, because they donít have a lot of detail. Yours look great and the basing is top.
@Goat of Yuggoth : I think your metals donít look to bad. Your ethereal blue is spectacular. I donít think I can use it right now on the high elves, but Iíll keep it in mind. Thanks.

Great horned owl
08-10-2011, 18:08
Comments for everyone on page 4

@Doi (ogres) : Good painting. So maybe Bragg sliced someone just outside the range of the sickle. Hitting him with the outside of the blade. No blood dripping on Bragg yet?
@Harvey : Sorry to hear that.
@Morkash Gorehowl : Funny that you and Doi posted the same model so close together. Different, but also nice. Your aging technique is very good.
@iamjack42 : If everything goes alright you will have only one wedding. Painting models is something you can do many times.
@Spar666rawk : Iím glad the camera problem is fixed. There are only a few Vampire counts in the tale, so I was looking forward to seeing your models. And Iím not disappointed, colourful and full of character.
@Frejdruk : I canít wait. Pictures, please.
@Jonahmaul : Please hurry, I want pictures, please, pleaseÖ. (begging with cute eye blinking)
@Rikk : No, no more Jokers. But on the other hand, I like WIP pictures. So thatís alright with me.
@Doi (dark elves) : I have never seen this model. Thatís a good sculpt. And your paintjob is also very good. I like the energy flame behind her back. Good choice to make it blue and not yellow/red.
@Piotrov : Iím glad you joined the tale. I like to see different empire provinces. This colour scheme seems difficult to me. I always find it difficult to find a balance in the grey colours, in the way that it doesnít look like a dirty white. You have managed that very good.
@azhagmorglum : Your orcs look very angry. Because of the dark look, their teeth catch the eye, making them look more fierce.
@JohnnyG : There are few skaven in the Tale, so I'm glad you 're in. With your small colour accents you have taken them away from the black and brown look that most skaven have. I like it a lot.

colonel kane trine
08-10-2011, 18:09
@great horned owl
I havent played with them yet sadly! Im more of a painter than a gamer but I do want to play more its just hard to find people who play. Between my work gym getting tattooed and band I only have evenings or sundays free to play! I really want to have a game with my tks and ogres though but itd be hard to set up a 14k a side battle

Great horned owl
08-10-2011, 18:12
comment on everyone (someone) on page 5

@someone2040 : So you have found a way to pick the best models from all different armies. Well I don't mind, you 're giving us nice pictures to look at. Your paintjob is fine. I think it's not a problem that the cape and robe of Nicodemus is almost the same colour. Maybe you can slightly alter it with a blue-ish wash on one of them. Looking forward to the Taurus.

08-10-2011, 18:51
@Great horned owl - yeah I must admit my hair is poor! I don't wanna mix up colours as I'm a sucker for all blonde elves! But I can't paint yellow! I only have a something sun yellow from Vallejo and I base with that then ogryn flesh wash then dry brush yellow and add some White and very light drybrush again so my recipe needs work. Any tips appreciated.

@ CKT - I love Vallejo. I did buy model colour and GW to start. I love both then got some game colour. I can't tell much difference at the moment but I'm relatively inexperienced. Only thing I noticed is that Vallejo separates more in the bottle so I gotta shake it more and sometimes still isn't right when I pour out... As far as metallics go I use GW for gold and Vallejo for silver and I don't know if it would be a good comparison but Vallejo seems to be heavier on the metallic flecs whereas GW is fine and I think gives a better coat.


08-10-2011, 18:53
@padz- I know what you mean with painting all the separate uniforms.. aside from cloth, empire is the same way to me.

@Mace1982- My favorite part of that model is how you made the orb look like a marble. I'm excited to see what you have up your sleeves!

@Toshiro- I like the yellow.. I applaud any person who will paint a goblin army in yellow!!! those bases are really cool too, I like the snow and dead grass combined

@juicytomatoes- love the theme.. hang in there man!

@zujara- nice! a literal wizarding hat! good job on that gem stone too.

@great horned owl- love those bases, good call! looking forward to what else you have going.

@purplebeard- also one of my favorite models. actually, i owned it for a long time and didn't know it was an old white dwarf model! I still have yet to paint mine though :(

@lord dan- thanks for the kind words, I always look forward to seeing what you have. I've been keeping my eyes on your plog for the past year and it's always inspiring. love the witch hunter theme! enjoy vaca, or wherever you are going! and i love the pointing wizard.. huge fan!

@andrewdrexler- you have a lot of talent my friend. i can't wait to see this army develop.. very dynamic scenic bases for sure!

@fanny crowbar- dark elf fan here too, i like how you used the non metallic colors on the shields. the corsair champ is very nice too!

@gogs78- kudos to any person painting everything white.. love the way it looks, and hate painting it! it will gorgeous when it's done!

@roostmanuva - gross.. you did it justice! where did you get those leaves you used on your bases? good looking stuff!

@kaos- love me some slayers.. i hope they give them more love in the next book. cool banner!

@colnel kane - do you have a motorized hand? do you paint in your sleep? i've never seen so much done so fast!

@malorian- What more is there to say.. orks is awesome :) Thanks for keeping up with everything as well! looking forward to a mass collection picture!

@tonny - good stuff man.. looking forward to the warhammer forge stuff.

@emperornorton(dark elves)- the corsair raider list is one I've always wanted to finish.. I hope you find your groove to get this one done! looks great!

@emperornorton(ogres)- great job on these guys.. want more.. big monster next?

@dagabriel- great looking tomb kings, keep it up man!

@zark the damned - i wish GW wouldn't discontinue general army concepts like they do.. I have a slayer list from storm of chaos too that is almost useless unless it's a friendly game. good job on the painting! keeping my eye on this one.

@the_slosh- beastmen love! love the base on that guy!

@spikedog- love em! just simply love em! how did you do the little video?

@richmt11(orcs)- the purple and blue on the back looks really cool.. great job on him!

@richmt11(h elves)- your painting style reminds me of mine back in the day. keep it up man, it's all looking great!

@usasocranger- love the black armor. very cool banner.

@confessor_atol- great job on the rusty armor.

@dagreenmoonboyz- again.. loves me some orkses.. looking forward to more, great job!

@jackdaw- i love that vibe you have going.. first time i've ever seen elves with bone armor. like the assassin guy.

@tekore- nice blue color there, and very very cool base.. more more!

@avian- i've thought long and hard about using that shaman for my own list.. very cool model.. i see you paint in warbands too :) good stuff!

@z4carlo- kudos on the empire stuff.. looks great and looking forward to more!

@doomscape(elves)- good grief that's a lot of stuff.. it looks great!

@doomscape(deamons)- great looking red.. good job on this guy.

@gmsc- surprisingly the first skaven guy in the tofp.. good stuff, keep it up!

@shandowner- i can't wait to see this army done.. love the models

@kaltheras- you made that dragon ogre look awesome! good looking stuff man!

@jardain- i like the woodgrain on the cart.. looking forward to more

@trustey- I can't wait for my son to be old enough to share this hobby with me.. i'm sure his mom will love it, lol. great job to the both of you, may it continue!

@thalenchar(skaven)- i love that little wheel.. can't wait to see the snow bases on these.

@thalenchar(woc)- very tentacle-ey, i like where he is going!

@laborious- i love that model.. looking forward to what else you have up your sleeves man!

@gargobot- man.. from two years ago, you have jumped leaps and bounds ahead of where you were.. great job! looking forward to what's next.

@darnok- very cool scheme.. very unique.. looking forward to more.

@saulot- i've always loved these models.. you did them a lot of justice man!

@goat of yuggoth- i like the way you did that glow effect. good job!

@doi- go ahead.. brag on bragg.. keep it up!

@morkash gorehowl- good job on the entry man.. i'm really looking forward to seeing your job on those man eaters.

@spar666rawk- colorful undead.. great job on em.. waiting to see more!

@doi(dark elf)- i love how you painted the purple on this model.. gorgeous.

@piotrov- very clean painting.. i like.. the gray is really cool too.

@azhagmorglum- keep it up.. it all looks great man!

@johnnyg- i like the general you have there.. very cool conversions!

@someone2040- great painting man.. i really like the truthsayer!

Thanks for all the comments everyone! this month is going to be tough! Push on.

08-10-2011, 18:58
@richmt11 I generally do blonde by basing snakebite leather then 50/50 leather yellow then wash it, then I apply 25/75 brown to yellow, thn yellow and finally a 25/75 bleached bone to yellow for highlight if that helps.

Will be posting comments later tonight when I have my laptop available.

I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=53.502191,-1.333689

Lord Dan
08-10-2011, 19:15
Lord Dan: Thanks man, I'm glad you liked my humble update!: :) Now that finished cannon is... I think supreme is a to low word for it, but it's the best i can think off, I mean, wow! I love the attention to details that you present, from the clean crisp painting to the converted neck-guards! You hand-gunners are absolutely ace, honestly, if i were to commission someone to do a empire army for me, you'd be it. They look so dynamic and battle-hardened, they really look like an army that's been through hell and back and are stronger for it! Same goes for everything else you present, amazing, I especially love the shields on the swordsmen!
Thanks, Toshiro! I'll take "supreme" any day, it's an absolute joy to see such words use in reference to my models. I really appreciate it!

@lord dan- as an ex empire player i always like to see empire armies. your conversion on the cannon is great and i love how you painted it. The mounted handgunners are awesome i always loved those models but i sucked at painting horses! how did you paint them? i love the models you picked for your wizards are the that nicodemius mordheim guy and a old school necromancer?
Good spot, I'm using Nicodemus as my grey wizard and a converted 6th ed. necromancer as my light wizard. I hate painting horses too, mostly because they're so time consuming. The recipe for them is actually super easy, and I'll use generic paint to get the technique across. For the brown colors you do:

Dark brown color --> Devlan Mud wash ---> Highlight with the same dark brown ---> lighter brown color ---> devlan mud wash ---> highlight with the same lighter brown color

So really it's two (sometimes 3) colors with the use of washes to blend everything together.

@Lord Dan : I already took a sneak preview in your plog. Your models are full of character, grim and fun at the same time. Keep it up!
Thanks, GHO!

@lord dan- thanks for the kind words, I always look forward to seeing what you have. I've been keeping my eyes on your plog for the past year and it's always inspiring. love the witch hunter theme! enjoy vaca, or wherever you are going! and i love the pointing wizard.. huge fan!
Man, I didn't know you could paint! Seriously, I've seen you posting here for years and I've never seen your work. I was really pleasantly surprised. I appreciate the compliment.

Actually we're moving back out to Idaho so I can finish up my degree. Ironically Idaho, the middle of nowhere, has way more gamers than I've met in all my time down here in south Georgia... :shifty: Finally, the Sylvanian reclamation levy will get to see some action!

08-10-2011, 20:04
Man, I didn't know you could paint! Seriously, I've seen you posting here for years and I've never seen your work. I was really pleasantly surprised. I appreciate the compliment.

Actually we're moving back out to Idaho so I can finish up my degree. Ironically Idaho, the middle of nowhere, has way more gamers than I've met in all my time down here in south Georgia... :shifty: Finally, the Sylvanian reclamation levy will get to see some action!

Lol! That's pretty funny. When I painted before, I always did kinda minimal work because I was shooting to get stuff done, vs. quality. This is the first project I'm after all quality over quantity. Thank you!

back to Idaho? meaning you already lived there? I dated a girl from there, she was in vet school here at LSU and always corrected me on saying Boise. So it's not Boyzee, it's Boy-C.. I bet the weather is nice up there though! not swampy like it is here..

08-10-2011, 20:13
Ok Comment time :D

padz: very nice paint job, i especially like the unit filler. since u sad it took too long to paint all of them, maybe u want to try my technique, look it up...

Mace1982: nice one mate. i really like the elements and the big green-black think.

Toshiro: really like how the yellow turned out, even more i like that u are using light colors on them... all tho the black one looks as if it isnt finished ?? probably just the angle of the camera and lightning.

juicytomatoes: picture is goon dude o.O

colonel kane trine: hmm... u done really loot this first month, im astounded!! as far as the color goes, i dont know, maybe u want to try and mix some more colors, or at least a wash or two... (but now i figure its a little bit too late :P )

Zujara: i absolutely adore ur model. great mix of colors and painting is ace!

Great horned owl: they look amazing !! the wood on bolt thrower, the robes of the crew, the blue details. i really like it :)

Purplebeard: so nice paint job. the skin and the robe particularly. one thing tho - where is purple beard ?? ;)

Lord Dan: since im already subscribed to ur thread, really no commenting is necessary. still great work !

andrewdrexler: they are nice! really dig the bow string, and the basing is great. what did u use/how did u make the leafs ??

Fanny Crowbar: they, simply put, look amazing !! no words needed !!

gogs78: white looks spot on. and i really like the purple lines on the armor. one question - will u be putting something on the banner ??

Roostmanuva: uuuuu VCs !! they look really dirty and gory - great job! one thing tho - is the headless one a ghoul ?? im a bit confused...

Kaos: they are nice, but man is that banner casting a shadow on them.
great job.

dwarfhold13: amazing ! but i think u might need some more highlights on the banner. still, could be just the camera.

Malorian: did u put a wash on them ? i think they would look rally nice after a wash (or maybe a dip?)... what do u think ?

Tonny: i almost sad they look half done. but then i read that u are using a jocker. well, hope u get it all done for next month.

EmperorNorton: he looks good. are the blades and the robe same color ? it looks like they are... probably just the picture... and ogres look nice and clean, great job.

DAGabriel: the pale blue on skin and robes is great. and the mix of colors is spot on.

Zark the Damned: skeletons, and converted - my favorite !! (are they converted or not ??)

the_slosh: since u hanvent been painting for some time, its nice to see u back doing whats important ! that sad, it looks ok, maybe u want a wash or two for start, and then touch up after ur skill are back...

spikedog: some rally nice stuff going on here... i really like the blades on the rifles and the green on them. how did u do that green ??

Richmt11: so many colors - i love it. and then the black orc are just as they are supposed to be - nice dark and sinister.

Richmt11: the gold is very nice. and i also like the purple on the banner, robes, and details.

USASOCRanger: nice contrast on the dark color with the bright details (boots, straps, horns, etc.)

Confessor_Atol: such clean paint job. skill that i really need to work on. one thing tho - the basses look a bit unfinished compared to the models. but since u sad that they need more work its ok :)

dagreenmoonboyz: the skin looks so freaking good, i wona paint skin like that :D

JackDaw: interesting approach on the white, looks like they dont really care how clean their clothes are, i like it.

Tekore: nice work. and i agree with u. the gold needs some more work. maybe try going over it with tin bits, and then drybrushing over it with gold...

Avian: dude that armor rocks! the dirt on it really gives it character (if that can be sad for armor ?? o.O). and the robe of the shaman is so clean, very good job sir :)

z4carlo: the units looks good, but one cant really tell from these pictures. u need to do better job taking pictures next time ? what, u promise that u will... ok then

doomscape: they all look pretty. i especially like the blue robes on that wizard.

gsmc: aaaa, vermin.... oh its just some skaven... AAAAA, run away!!!
btw nice painting

Shandowner:[b] spot on, with the colors, the conversions... have nothing else to say pretty much

[b]Kaltheras: all dark, sinister and stuff. me likes it !

Jardain: that Tomb Kingdom's thing (dont know the name) is so freaking detailed. i so love it!

Trustey: they look great. but maybe a picture without the flash would give us a better insight on ur skills... just a taught...

Thalenchar: aaaaa, more skaven. i run from one band, only to be ambushed by another... ''cries''
btw they look great, i really like the read part of their cloths, gives them all a bit of character.

Thalenchar: he looks... hmm... well he is very... what are those tentacle things ones again ??

Laborious: too bad there is now jaw dropping smiley for this is __ where he would stand!

Gargobot: ahh! the robes, u people are haunting me with white robes! so i cant do them that well... so what ?!? :P
it looks great

Darnok: i love the skin and the face... not completely sure about the skull thingy on his stomach...

Saulot: nice clean look! very good, i like it.

Goat of Yuggoth: although i am not a great fan of out the box skeletons, these, i really like. and that necromancer. dude it looks great

Doi: its clean and the gore looks great, but i think u should enhance the scars with some nice glazes with red wash.

Morkash Gorehowl: they look nice, but the pictures are some what yellowish... why is that ??

piotrov: u torture me with all the white !! all right then. i will learn to paint white :P
great work mate

azhagmorglum: nice, nice, nice. i especially like the read hats on some of them.

JohnnyG: A, skaven. u scare me no more. i have frien.... guys, where are u running ?? oh did i sad i dont like u ?? no, no i really enjoy sewerage systems, and... stuff
on to the point - i especially like the pink on that dude, on those other dudes.

someone2040: why did u lose the poor's guy's boot ?? seriously dude, u need to be more care full. great job on the other stuff

phhh.... it's done.... i think i'll go give my fingers a good massage now... form some really hot chic (i hope i can say this here :P )

08-10-2011, 20:16
hey man, i've been thinking that too.. especially for a front rank.. i'll do it in the final touch ups once a bulk of everything is done.. i don't have time to stop and revisit now!
Definitely doing the die roll for next time as well!

colonel kane trine
08-10-2011, 20:40
Eventually I will probably go back and highlight the entire army but for the time being I love the army as it is.

08-10-2011, 20:44
Ok comments time, as many as i can.

Padz - really loving the look of your men at arms, the darkness you have captured really fits in with medievil times and the damsel is a wonderful contrast to the unit.

Toshiro - love and i mean love your Badaab conversion, love the unit filler aswell very OnG :-)

Juciy Tomatoes - what you have done so far is looking excellent will be watching out for more of your work. love your halfings really do, had a whole comment regarding japanese and height but did not want to lower the tone just yet :p

CKT - really cant believe 4k in a month fantastic, i can't decide on whats my favourite but if i had to really choose it would be the bone giant it just looks wonderful.

Zujara - that goblin is awesome, that hat is just brilliant what more can i say really.

Great Horned Owl - love that wood grain effect mate looks absolutly brilliant, maybe you can throw out a tutorial?

Purple Beard - Im really in awe of this model, the skin and the beard appear so gritty and real love it.

Lord Dan - as an avid follower of your plog you have once again done fantastic work, love it and really cant wait to see what else you can pull out.

Andrewdexler - love your autumn/fall theme its really different and makes them stand out cant wait to see more.

Kaos - Oh my gosh those dwarfs are just stunning, cant wait to see more.

Dwarfhold13 - best savage orcs ever, no seriously that skin tone is phenominal.

DaGabriel - really like the colour scheme you have gone for here mate very egyptionised (if its not a word it is now)

Kaltheias - your wulfric looks absolutly fantastic it really stands out, and i think your dragon ogre is rather special too cant wait to see some more.

Thalencher - yes on so many levels to this model, you have managed to get a creepy looking model fantastic.

Laborious - what can i say to this, the skin tone is just fantasmic the whole model is very worthy indeed.

08-10-2011, 20:48
In response to peoples comments,

@lorddan - thankyou, i take praise from yourself very highly indeed.

@Toshiro been thinking the same myself, will have a revisit of it later on this month :-)

@CKT - thankyou kindly sir, i did the elementals first and spent the whole time painting the rest of the model crapping myself incase i fudged up lol

@Great Horned Owl - hopefully in coming months i will be better versed in the use of picasa3 and will be able to make close ups alot better.

@Dwarfhold13 - cheers mate i seriously hope i have more up my sleeve and that i did not peak with that marble effect.

colonel kane trine
08-10-2011, 21:15
@mace1982 thankyou mate I do have to agree with you the giant is one of my favourites in my army!
What do you have planned for next month?

08-10-2011, 21:30
@CKT well in the pipeline and partially painted on my station are 24 x seaguard, 1 x high elf prince or noble not sure which yet and 8 shadow warriors.

absolutly no idea which ill finish, highly doubful it is the seaguard as they are quite the pain to paint :p

how about yourself?

Goat of Yuggoth
08-10-2011, 21:30
Okay, well I can't say that I can be as thorough in my comments, but here's some encouragement on my behalf to you guys!

Page 1

@Padz: The bases look really good, also liking the mini-diorama!

@Mace1982: It's looking the business, although I'd prefer a further wash on the hair.

@Toshiro: Great BOBSB! The yellows are far better than mine, and done so quickly! Wow!

@juicytomatoes: I really like these models, so much character! Although I can't really make anything out of the Tomb King photo, the gold is really good! Perhaps you should photograph your TK over a black background, as the models are quite light.

@colonel kane trine: You must be insane! Have you calculated the time in which you could get 50,000pts ready? Four months???

@Zujara: Really nice GS work there, Goblalf the Blue is looking very mean!

@Great horned owl: I like the smooth whites and blue really much!

@Purplebeard: The basing is really fitting. I also like the toony effect the skin has, as well as the color scheme!

@Lord Dan: Your models really 'pop'. The Empire has never looked so characterful and full of life!

@andrewdrexler: Ah, the classic birch seeds trick. The muted browns and yellows really make them look like Wood Elves, not some pancy Robin Hood - imitations!

@Fanny Crowbar: I like the metallics. I also suppose you did all the shield insignia? Good job.

@gogs78: Nice wood effect. I dig the bases as well!

@Roostmanuva: Nothing really to add to the comments in your thread, but yes, they are looking very good. Especially the moving tray!

@Kaos: Wow! The skin is very well done, and don't get me started on the banner! Are some of those Black Tree ones, or just old GW?

@dwarfhold13: So much wet painting, I couldn't do as much as you've done even in a year (I get frustrated easily). Good stuff!

Page 2

@Malorian: The metal plating on the boar is an idea I might even shamelessly copy unto something plate-armored in the future!

@EmperorNorton:1. Lokhir is looking good, although I'd like to see the blades get a bit more color. Might be the light in the picture though. 2. Your Ogres have always looked good. Simple and effective. The bases could use some bones to them, but I'm just a perfectionist :)

@DAGabriel: It's good to struggle once in a while, the efforts pay off! Are both of them Finecash? The BSB's left eye socket looks a bit on the smudgy side, is that bubbling?

@Zark the Damned: I always wanted to do a Regiment of those, but as I only have Lizardmen (not fitting) and VC (couldn't take) I never got unto it.. The simple heraldy is striking!

@the_slosh: First things are always first things, don't be frustrated at this point. Yes, you missed some spots, and yes the horns tend to blend in too much, but that's fine, you can always tweak these when you're more comfortable with it ;)

@spikedog: Really striking! I like the fact that you had the time to give us a 360', really gives the idea of these 'in the flesh'! The corrosion is superb!

@Richmt11: 1. I love the vivid colors on the Shaman, and as a contrast the Black Orcs' dull metals! 2. The Elves' metals are on par with those, if even better! I also like the book, and the glow effect (if you want further insight on OSL, see my log ;) )

@USASOCRanger: The banner is wonderful, very Lovecraftian!

@Confessor_Atol: Nice and gritty! The bellowing Ogre is my favorite!

@dagreenmoonboyz: The Trolls look good, especially the feet of the right one! Nice bunch you got painted.

@JackDaw: The bone is very real and hops to the eye! I also like the clever usage of DEldar bitz!

@Tekore: The cape looks fine, and the tree trunk is realistic. The only thing I'd change here is the rim of the base: Paint it with some neutral color, it would add to the base, and not clash with it ;)

@Avian: I like the mushrooms and the cloak of the Shaman very much!

Page 3

@z4carlo: Nice, dark and gritty. The pictures could be taken from further down in my opinion.

@doomscape:1. Nice and coherent. You'll have these ready in no time! 2. I love the dark reds, rather than the usual orange people overtly use.

@gsmc: I've always liked the chaotic appearance of Skaven engines, and you bring it up with that wonderful mishmash of colors. I would've painted the rat on the base to be flaming and running the other way, but that's just personal preference.

@Shandowner: These made me laugh. They are the old 4th ed. starter Elves, right? And the heads are from Maxmini? Great job.

@Kaltheras: Great dark atmospheric miniatures! Not so dull as GW Chaos, some clever use of colors here. The base rim made me smile.

@Jardain: The sphinx looks good, especially the dark parts. Did you bend the tail around?

@Trustey: Great progress, and the teeth look menacing and very beastly!

@Thalenchar: 1. Maybe some mixing of different metals would be nice. Just some helmets or details thrown in. Would add really much. 2. I like the robe, as well as the miniature itself. The best Chaos from GW in a long time..

@Laborious: The skin and the metals look superb! Can't really decide if I like the veins, maybe if you made the effect more subtle?

@Gargobot: I like him. This is the first time I realize he's two-faced, thanks to your color scheme!

@Darnok: He's imposing and menacing! Can't wait for more of your dark Ogres.

@Saulot: Those were the first models I ever bought! Glad to see that you did such a splendid job on them. I like the pastel palette thing you got going on there!

@Goat of Yuggoth: Useless toy soldiers, you should be ashamed of yourself! :D Nah, I'm really pleased at getting something done!

Page 4

@Doi: 1. The blood must've taken ages! I'm really liking your style, he looks really blood-lustrous! 2. The purple looks really smooth and good. And dat ass!

@Morkash Gorehowl: The scars and the skin are good. You could bend the polearm straight, rinse the model in hot water for a minute beforehand so it doesn't snap! I also like the Maneaters already, especially the Fanogre!

@Spar666rawk: I like the mixed appearances, but the blue wolf was quite bizarre. It doesn't seem to fit the rest very well. Nonetheless great progress, more than I could've done!

@Frejdruk: Pictures please!

@piotrov: I like them. And yeah a banner isn't probably the best idea in the midst of a gunline! Great progress!

@azhagmorglum: Nice cartoon effects there mate! The red armor bits are very good!

@JohnnyG: Very inspiring and crazy conversions here. The painting is really good as well!

@someone2040: Lovely and atmospheric miniatures. The taurus will be awesome, I can tell!

Well that was fun (my back hurts as hell!)!

And for people's comments of my work:

Lord Dan: Thank you sir, I am most taken!

Toshiro: Great, that's just what I aimed for! All shall tremble!

colonel kane trine: Thanks a bunch! No problem on the little insight, I'm planting little tips every month, and more can be found in the blog itself (in the sig!)

Great horned owl: Thank you very much. No sweat, you'll find a place for everything someday. *the More You Know*

dwarfhold13: Thanks!

Spar666rawk: Thank you! Some conversions actually are there (some with bare skulls, some with no chestplates or robed legs), but this isn't the whole unit so you can't really see it. My new skeletons are pretty much just swap-arounds. Zombies, however, have something really odd done to them. Look forward to them!

There might be a surprise for you when I post the next WIP picture. It's not that Chimera ;)

Goat of Yuggoth

08-10-2011, 21:53
@Goat of Yuggoth: ah, the blue wolf. it's goes like this - he was a regular wolf, but he ate one of my necromancers. this was very funny for my Boss (WIP pictures soon to com, or u can check my mostly VC thread) so he decided to make this one more powerful, and he indeed did so with the help of dark magic - a doom wolf was born. and why is he blue u ask ?? my guy likes the sea, u can say he is a part of it, so he also changed the color of the wolfs skin :)

hopes this clarify things :D

08-10-2011, 21:55
Comments time already - I'll try and comment on everybody in this tale.

Page 1:
@Padz (Brets): Liking the grimdark look for the dirty peasants and the pristine clean look of the maiden. Putting the paupers in their place. :S
@Mace1982 (HE): Lovely elemental base and the stripy green marbles/crystals on the base and the mage's staff. You need to put up bigger photos though!
@Toshiro (O&G): Great standard bearer conversion. The same goes for that unit filler too. 417pts is a lot of Goblins!
@juicytomatoes (Empire): You can do it. I know your Samurai Halflings will be amazing when they're done!
@juicytomatoes (TK): Nice work.
@colonel kane trine (TK, TK, TK, OK, etc): OMFG! Massive effort. That MUST surely be a record entry of some sort - 4187pts in the first month!
You're setting a high bar for the rest of us 4000+ pointers to follow (eek). :O
@Zujara (O&G): Like the goblin and his blue hat.
@Great horned owl (HE); You've taken a vanilla model that everyone has seen before, and a standard colour choice, but you've added something to it that I've not seen before with the good paint job and the great stone base. Great stuff.
@Lord Dan (Empire Witch Hunters): You've really paid a lot of attention to these figures with extra details and fine bases. They have that darker, less 'fresh' look, so much so that I'm not sure if they're really the evil ones....
@andrewdrexler (WE): Glad to see someone doing Wood Eloves. The Codex may be broken but the current figure range is easily the best GW have ever done, and seeing them painted up pleases me. Amazing base and kudos for adding strings to their bows. Looking forward to better photos.
@Fanny Crowbar (DE): Purple pleases me greatly, as do the shield runes, the purple-grey skin, and the snow bases.
@gogs78 (HE): Great models, very nicely painted and based.
@Roostmanuva (VC): Gory, gruesome and grim. I love these Zombies, they are some of the best I've seen.
@Kaos (Dwarfs): You've already made the best choice when it comes to picking your army. The frosty blue banner is really impressive.
@dwarfhold13 (Savage Orcs): Superb skin tone - much better than the luminous shades that abound. The bright red eyes really stick out.

Page 2:
@Malorian (O&G): A whirlwind of destruction there. The baby Squig following the big one is a cute touch.
@Tonny (Empire): Good effort.
@EmperorNorton (DE): Nice paintjob.
@EmperorNorton (OK): Good unit, the chippings on the bases suit them.
@DAGabriel (TK): I like the dirty and worn paint effects.
@Zark the Damned (DOW): Very, very nice. Lovely mix of poses and equipment - the unit as a whole looks very dynamic.
@the_slosh (BOC): Lovely Shaman.
@spikedog (CD): Great to see these guys back. Not so great however their tech is about 200 years beyond ordinary Dwarves - hopefully the guys at GW will rectify that soon. Really top painting and originality for including a video!
@Richmt11 (O&G): Wurzag is brilliant!
@Richmt11 (HE): Strong start, lovely Eagles. Kudos for being in the 4000pts+ group. :)
@USASOCRanger(WOC): Inspired creepy red banner.
@Confessor_Atol (OK): Beautiful Ogres.
@dagreenmoonboyz (O&G): Really top-notch painting.
@JackDaw (DE): VERY creepy and scary-looking.
@Tekore (WE): Lovely blues and greens.
@Avian (O&G): The Shaman suits the creamy shawl. Great Pump Wagon too.

Page 3:
@z4carlo (Empire): Your pics are too dark. I can't tell what is going on....
@doomscape (HE): Brilliant colour choices really show the figures in a new light. Excellent start with 982pts.
@doomscape (DOC): Bloodthirster is good, but I prefer the other (dog-like) head.
@gsmc (Skaven): There aren't many rats around - nice start.
@Shandowner (Spartan HE): Brilliant idea with great execution.
@Kaltheras (WOC): Excellent start. The muted greys really add atmosphere to the models.
@Jardain (TK): Great start - please post more /better pics when you can.
@Jardain (VC): Same again please.
@Trustey (O&G): Bright colours and fiercesome poses - I wouldn't want to face them.
@Thalenchar (Skaven): Stunning, terrifying green/yellow eyes on those clanrats :O
@Thalenchar (WOC): Nice effort.
@Laborious (OK): Lovely, well-considered figure, with a great base too. I like your subtle painting style.
@Gargobot (WOC): Superb, clean, bright painting style. Spot on.
@Darnok (OK): Very effective colour choice with the white head/mack. Truly unique.
@Saulot (Brets): Plain old models but with a good standard of painting and a fresh new twist with the basing. Great job.
@Goat of Yuggoth (VC): Beautiful painting on that Necromancer.

More comments later. I'll post WIP updates tomorrow. I have been working on a LOT of stuff this month, and I'm thinking about adding/substituting another army in....

Goat of Yuggoth
08-10-2011, 22:12
hopes this clarify things :D

Now that's a background image I can't forget :D It's clear now, thank you for the insight!


colonel kane trine
08-10-2011, 22:15
@mace1982-i have currently been finishing my tomb guard,doing a casket of souls and some skeletons! As for ogres im working on some bulls and ironguts but im not saying how many :p

@goat of yuggoth-if someone wants to buy me 50k of models I will try to paint them in a year :p
@purplebeard-i thought id push myself for the 1st month! I actually finished a load of new things the day after I did my update so I decided to save them for next month ;-) im sticking to my chosen 800 points of tomb kings for next month as im abit distracted by my huge ogre trade...

08-10-2011, 22:27
@Goat of yuggoth - I will definately look at your plog. I tried the OSL because i initially tried to "wet blend" the sphere to give a sort of swirling globe effect of blues. Working from royal blue to ice blue. This isnt quite shown well in the pictures but in person you can see some good transitions. I then wanted to get a glowing effect and tried a bit of OSL onto his hand but wasnt brave enough to take it else where on the model!

08-10-2011, 22:44
My comments thus far:

Page 1;
Padz - What a way to kick off the tale. Really love the men at arms. The medievil theme is what initially led me to fantasy in 4th/5th ed with my first army being bretonians on the release of 5th! As mentioned by previous posters the damsel is an awesome contrast to the unit and shows the split of regular foot sloggers and characters/nobles etc!

Mace1982 - Really liked your WIP shots of the mage. and the finished result lived up to my expectations!

Toshiro - Your gobbos have such character with your unit fillers! Im not one for fillers of buildings etc which realistically wouldnt be dragged along a battlefield but i do love your gobbos and snotlings!

Juicytomatoes - Shame you jokered those pikes are looking good! And a very nice banner on your BSB. Im not too ofay with tomb kings but i know what i like. Really good looking model :)

CKT - What can i say! Astonishing amount painted and i must say you havent sacrificed quality for quantity! At my stage i would love to be able to field a fully painted army, and you can already field 2!

Zujara - Very nice gobbo! Makes me want to do the same hat conversion, but i have no room in my roster for another shaman!

Great horned owl - Really love the bolt thrower. Very fitting on that base! Great colour scheme on the elves and i love the wood grain! Im building up my wood graining before i hit my bolt throwers as i want a good effect like yours!

Purplebeard - I can see why you like the white dwarf model. Its very awesome and painted up well!

Lord Dan - Loved you WIP shots of the cannon and WOW its done :) Excellent ideas there and your greenstuffing is faultless topped off with some great painting and OSL! Alot of character in your other units too, you can see they mean business!

Andrewdrexler - Love the woodies. I especially liek the strung bows but i fear im too impatient to do that with my HE archers! Nice paint to top it off!

Fanny Crowbar - Very clean painting on the dark elves. Love the scales on the dragon cloak gives a realistic effect to see not all scales are uniformly highlighted.

gogs78 - Love the PG! I think them metal models look better than my plastics but just a bit too regimented even for HE. Painting is awesome and colour scheme not too dissimilar to mine, so hopefully i can steal some ideas in the future :)

roostmanuva - Very impressive ghouls! Well painted and man they look nice. Its a shame their mantics or i would get some. Unfortunately for me my only local gaming i know of is a GW store!

Kaos - you really did do that unit justics with the banner! All in all lovely dwarves.

dwarfhold13 - Awesome looking savages. I have taken your recipe for skin and began applying it myself (maybe with slight adaptations). It was just too tempting to steal. Lovely models, keep taking your time and producing this excellent comp army! Whats your tattoo recipe btw? :P

08-10-2011, 23:02
Page 2;

Malorian - Havent really seen your models in this light. Only watched countless battle reports! Really liking the mangler. Im tempted to make my own but unsure if GW will be doing a model soon. I like the grey though for squigs, its different! I also agree the yellow sets off Gorbad well! On a side note, how should i run my black orcs, wide or deep? Need to make movement trays :)

Tonny - Shame you jokered, the browns are looking great on the cloaks! Take you time and continue to get it right!

EmperorNorton - Pick up the enthusiasn, that elf is looking sweet! The ogres are also looking great! Dirty and mean how they should be.

DAGabriel - Nice colours on the TK, the cloth is lookign great!

Zark the Damned - Impressive looking unit. Really like the colour scheme, but i wouldnt know if its original dogs of war or your own?

the_slosh - Keep up the good work, the beastmen is looking good. Really like how youve painted the tatty robes. Bit too much camera exposure though so some of your highlights arent showing so good.

Spikedog - Simply beautiful chaos dwarves. Love the animated guy at the bottom nice touch. You can see youve put alot of good work into them. Really great colour scheme sets them off. Great rusting too!

USASOCRanger - Really clean looking chaos warriors with a great looking colour scheme. I look forward to seeing the whole unit. Great shading on the banner and leather.

Confessor_Atol - Good looking unit, skin tone looks great and youve done a good job on the smaller details to set the models off superbly.

dagreenmoonboyz - Excellent shading all round. In particular i like the skin tones used and how youve done them. The greens on the chariot picture are great. Good job all round!

JackDaw - Always knew these would turn out great. The bone armour is simply superb. You can see youve took alot of time and put alot of love into that and its paid off! Love the shading on the masters cloak!

Tekore - Great use of colour, very vibrant. The base is most impressive and compliments the model perfectly.

Avian - Really liek the shaman. His robes and skin look fantastic.

08-10-2011, 23:19
Page 3;

Z4carlo - Good looking models. Really liek the colour scheme. The shields look awesome. I must admit its a great idea using ogre unit fillers there. Its a must have idea if i ever start Empire to field ogres as fillers when i have big units!

Doomscape - Wow all that in a month! Really liking the colour scheme. Some extra close up shots would be great, but from here i can see you done a good job. I think the daemon looks fantastic. Hes good enough as is but anything elseyou do to him now is purely extra.

gsmc - Like the metals on them models. Are you going for copper/brass? Whats your recipe? Whenever i try and paint copper/brass it comes out wrong, should i be mixing specific colours?

Shandowner - Excellent elves. Spartan theme is fantastic and well pulled off. Did you use any historical box sets to do, or green stuff their helmets?

Kaltheras - Nice dirty lookign warriors. Your metals are excellent and i particuarly like the bones. Shading on the dragon ogre skin is very natural, well done.

Jardain - Very good colours on the sphynx. Looks very egyptian with some nice shading and great looking gold.

Trustey - Your savages look great, picture is a little bright but i can see plenty of work has gone into the skin. Do you plan on basing these any further?

Thalenchar - Cant believe you done those 30 rats in 4 days. They look great. I would go for doing teeth. It doesnt take a great amount of tiem and can really set off the model. The models look great but just in general gameplay etc teeth can be picked up and just shown how much detail youve gone into.

Laborious - I do like that model and the way you have painted it. Very subtle metallics well highlighted with great looking skin.

Gargobot - Great model all round. Really can see alot of time and effort has gone into this. For me its this months winner so far, amazing tones all round. Just wow i cant say enough!

Darnok - Hes a great looking model with that mask. Youve done a good job there. The highlighting is great and the leathers look awesome.

Saulot - I rmemeber havign those archers in my first box set. Really loved them, but you have finally done them justice as i painted them so badly! They do look good with a very well done base! shading on the cloth looks great.

Goat of yuggoth - The necromancer is awesome. Love that OSL. This iswhat i love about VC armies when people do all this ghostly OSL work it amazes me!

08-10-2011, 23:32
Page 4;

Doi - Great looking Gutsman. When i first looked before reading i thought it was a great looking model and out the box!? I really like this model and you have done a great job on the skin tones as well as the cloth on his trousers. Metallics are dirty and subtle, looking very natural.

Morkash Gorehowl - Another gutsman, well painted. Again i must echo what i said about Doi's, the metallics are nice and dirty with some great looking skin and cloth shading. The rustguts also share the same compliments. All looking good!

Spar666wark - I really like those skellies. As was previously said they are so colourful and yet they still look mean and undead (not too happy!). Really love to see things from different armies in there. I had decided before if i was to do VC in future it would be one of my last armies when i have lots of bits from other armies to use!

Piotrov - Great looking cannon and unit. Very cleanly painted with excellent use of red to break it up. I assume you will do the blacks of the eyes?

azagmorglum - Great orcs the skin is very nicely shaded and there is enough variance in the units various cloth and cap colours to see they werent simply batch painted. This avoids regimented look which is not my view of standard orcs!

JohnnyG - The warlord on warlitter is great, and really well painted. Really like the amount of stuff youve put into that kitbash, looks very natural and not home made! :)

Page 5;

Someone2040 - Was looking at this thread on my phone alot and your pics seemed dark. Now i see them on the comp they are great. The first guy has awesome skin. And i like the blue coming up his right foot (tattoo?) The wizard looked great before and now even better on the PC. Love the robes, shading is perfect!

I will try and comment on any furhter posts, but may be too busy now working on next months submissions! The Orcs and Goblins are going great but loosing my will to live with the HE archers. Thing is i got bored or O&G and got well into HE, now im well into O&G and bored of HE. I think they are two different painting methods i use for the armies so its whatever one i fancy at the time!

I have done 20 archers and shaman from BFSP set, these just need some drybrushing on the cloak as i dont wanna spend too long on this bunker. Then im onto grimgor! I dont love the model so much as say Wurzag so im not gonna spend a week on him, he will be pretty low quality and will just blend in with my Black Orcs!

09-10-2011, 06:43
Responding to comments on my Wood Elves:
@lord dan: Thanks, I tried several color schemes before I settled on this one. The addition of dreads came from a great WE painter on Asari.org (gorilla WE topic, the work there will blow your mind). They will be in other units over the year, but not for the next few months as I am currently working on Eternal Guard and they just seem a little too …civilized.. for that
@Toshiro: Ty, I will be working on a better picture set up for this month. I kept thinking I would have time in Sept to improve on that front, but time just ran out.
@colonel kane: The bowstrings were actually very easy to do for the impact that they had. I will probably be adding a tutorial on how I did them the next time I am assembling GG (early 2012 if things go according to plan).
@great horned owl: Light box, or tent, or whatever is coming this month. The more I look at that picture the more I don’t like it. Add the bowstrings to your HEs, everything else looks top notch on them, and the bow strings are really easy to add.
@dwardhold13: I don’t know about talent, I use a lot of washes to cover the worse of my mistakes.
@spar66rawk: The leaves are birch tree seed pods. I had a buddy in OR send me some, but they are very easy to collect and separate and a few go a VERY long way.
@mace: Thanks, the Autumn theme keeps the WE outfits from being too much like a costume. Too many WE armies look like cheesy robin hood knockoffs.
@Goat of Yuggoth: Yep, I now have 4 different colors of seed pods that I harvested around town. Its amazing the color variation based on where you harvest at lol.
@purplebeard: I agree that the current WE elf line is VERY nice. The only issue I have with it is the GG heads look wrong somehow. So much of the detail seems to filled in, especially compared to newer lines. I had hoped that a new codex was coming soon, but GW is not going to show some love for a while.
@Richmt11: Add the strings to your HE’s. A light colored string will really set off that dark somber color scheme you have going.

Page 1 comments
@Padz: Very nice Brets. I really like the unit filler of an undead coming out of the ground.
@Mace1982: Pics of the whole figure look a little small, but I like the color scheme. It could be just this figure, but there seems to be a lot of different colors on this figure. Keeping a limited pallet of related colors helps unify the whole army.
@Toshiro: The unit fillers are very nice. When your painting that many figures, they look great to break up the visual monotony. Question: What is your basing theme? I can’t tell if that is snow and green grass or sand and green static grass.
@Juicytomatoes: The picture looks a bit small, so its hard to make out any details. Some additional base work would really make it stand out though.
@colonel kane: Something about these figures strikes me as unfinished. You might think about painting the base ring a light brown.
@ Zujara: Very nice figure. The blue hat works very well against the green skin.
@great horned owl: Wood grain looks very nice. What company makes that nice resin base by chance?
@Purplebeard: Very solid job on a classic looking figure. My eye keeps getting dragged back to the green handle on the axe though, was this intentional?
@Lord Dan: Very nice, the OLS is not overdone which makes it more realistic. Basing is top notch, and really conveys a sense of place to the figures.
@Fanny Crowbar: Very nice classic looking DE’s.
@gogs78: Your PG came out very nice. What are your plans for the standard?
@Roostmanuva: Very nice, those mantic figs paint up very nicely.
@Kaos: Lovely Slayers, and the teal banner really makes them stand out.
@dwardhold13: These are some of the best orcs I have seen in a very long time. Can’t wait to see what next month’s entry is.

Page 2
@Malorian: You need to rust up that silver armor! Orcs should not be clean hehe.
@emperornorton: That is a lot of red on the DE, it kind of overpowers the other (very nice) elements of the figure. Are you having motivational issues due to color scheme?
@Zark: Nice big blocks of infantry are never unused for long.
@DAGabriel: If you have time later, you can come back and hit some details on these figures to make them more to your liking.
@the_slosh: Welcome back to painting from your hiatus. Very nice washed out and sickly looking figure.
@spikedog: I love the classic look to the CDs. These figures look very nice and look like a pleasure to paint.
@Richmt11: Very solid figs. I love the voodoo mask on the shaman. The alternate color scheme on the HE is very nice as well; it almost looks DE in origin.
@USASOCRanger: Nice chaos warriors. I can almost smell the iron when I look at them.
@confessor_atol: very nice OK. The rust on the metal is perfectly done, present w\o being overwhelming.
@dagreenmoonboyz: Very nice tattoo work.
@JackDaw: Love the armor. Painting is top notch.
@Tekore: Nice start to a WE army. You might consider hitting the figure with some GW washes in a few places to bring out the detail.
@Avian: Great start to an army. I like the cloak on the shaman a lot, it’s very difficult to get that level of shading on cream w\o making the paint come out chalky.

That’s it for now, I will do the rest tomorrow..

09-10-2011, 07:34
CKT: My gobbos are painted with desert yellow (and lots of it to get it to cover properly :p) Batch painting does sped thing up, but even so, your volume is still very impressive!

Great horned owl: Thank you, I'm glad you like the fillers, will be a bunch more from the archers coming up! i'm glad you like the color I've gone with, I originally chose the yellow to get some more depth n the figure then I felt I could with the standard black. Badaab isn't quite that yellow, the color balance is poor due to the lighting here, I'll try to get some better pictures next month, I think I have some white background around here somewhere =)

dwarfhold13: Bows, glad you like the yellow! :D The bases actually aren't snow, but you're not the first person to think they are. They are covered in desert sand which is really really fine grain and very bright in its color so from a distance it is easy to take for snow =)

Lord Dan: As I said, I still think supreme is a to light word, but glad you take it as it is well deserved, I'm really looking forward to seeing your next months entry!

Spar666rawk: I'm glad you like the yellow since I'm petty fond of it myself, although it is, as Lord Dan said, quite hard t get to cover properly. Aye the angle and especially lighting on the black orc bsb is dreadful. He is finished though, I'll try to take some better pictures for next entry :)

Mace1982: Thank you man, I'm really glad to hear so! And I think that once that revisit is done, you mage is gonna really top notch! :D

Goat of Yuggoth: Thank you! I really appreciate it!

Purplebeard: I'm really glad you like him, I've had him sitting unpainted on the shelf for over a year so I was glad to finally put the brush to him! Next entry won't be for as many points though as I'm slugging through my night goblin archers right now (although I've gotten side-tracked with some black orcs)

Richmt11: It feels good to know that the fillers has appeal as I want my opponent to feel that there was a purpose t the filler besides just fill out the ranks :) I'm looking forward to the next month entry from you!

andrewdrexler: I'm looking forward to the pictures of future months as you painting is really really really good! Aye, I definitely want to break up the monotonous look of 50 gobbos, especially when I have 4 blocks of them, also gives a good horde feeling to it. My basing theme is desert sand (it so fine and light in color that it looks like snow from a distance) and scorched grass which i figure would be the kind found in desert around the oasis :)

09-10-2011, 08:38
Both the victor
and the vanquished are
but drops of dew,
but bolts of lightning -
thus should we view the world.
- ‘uchi Yoshitaka

I'm going to have to joker this month, due to a tournament that I'm preparing my Averland empire for.

Next month I'll get something done though.

09-10-2011, 10:02
@andrewdexler - yes it appears so especially with this model I did think uh-oh but then though that the red and green are gems marbles and feather tips something I will try to repeat throughout.

The purple however was supposed to be Red but I changed my mind at the last minute, also I might add the colours apart from the marble effect are a generic copy from eavy metal as I lack the confidence to try risky things atm :-(

09-10-2011, 12:36
Comments - pages 4 onwards:

Page 4:
@Doi (OK): Yes! Its brilliant to see that you're going for it again this year.
@Morkash Gorehowl (OK): Good start. I like the Ironguts more, especially the guy you've photographed on his own. The Maneaters look promising.
@Spar666rawk (VC): Your different colour choices work really well, especially so on the Dire Wolves. Spot on with the bases too - they are easily the best Dire Wolves I've seen.
@Doi (DE): Excellent - another member of the 4000+ club.I like the fact that she has the hidden fireball around her back. :P
@piotrov (Empire): Brave choice going for an all-white army, but you seem to have pulled it off.
@azhagmorglum (O&G): Very high standard overall. I'm looking forward to the rest of the force. I think I'll be using your army as a reference/inspiration, because your use of darker skintones maintains the slightly cartoony aspect, but definitely makes the Orcs a lot darker and meaner-looking.
@JohnnyG (Skaven): Strong start there. I've just painted some of those IoB Skaven for a commission and they're really fun to paint.

Page 5:
someone2040 (SoM): Great choice to go for all SoM stuff. Nice figures. Please post brighter pictures though. Lucky you - getting a full page to yourself.

Page 6:
Just comments on this page. More painting please!

And replies.... (mixed order):

@andrewdrexler: Yes, it was intentional. The colour scheme was copied from the studio model in WD200. I thought I'd stick with tradition :)
@Richmt11: Thanks. I am really pleased with him.
@colonel kane trine: Well that is one BIG push. I'm aiming for 3xMen's, but I have two other army projects I want to work on too (arrgghh). Not sure if I can pull off 8000-10,000pts in a year. :S
@Goat of Yuggoth: Thanks very much.
@Mace1982: Thanks for your kind comment.
@Great horned owl: Hopefully the AoW stuff should be done within the next 1-2 months. Lots more OOP stuff to follow on from those!
@dwarfhold13: Yep, from WD200. Incidentally, it is one of the best ever issues. Get yours painted.
@Spar666rawk: The White Dwarf's name / overwhelming reputation / coolness prevent him from having a purple beard. Its not that purple beards aren't cool, its just that no dwarf is as cool as the White Dwarf. Basically. I do have a unit of purple-bearded Hammerers in my plog (link in my sig or check TOFP 2010-11 Mthy12 thread), and most of my characters get them.
@Toshiro: Thank you.
@Lord Dan: Thanks. I can't really take credit for the colour choice - I copied the studio colour scheme from White Dwarf 200 lol.

I've decided to do my WIP update tomorrow. There will be plenty to show/discuss.

colonel kane trine
09-10-2011, 12:42
Good spot! I realise now that a few of the bases havent got the rims done I will sort that asap khemri brown here I come

@purplebeard my secret is to batch paint but batch paint 3+ units at once. Do a stage on 1 unit then move to another do abit on that then go to the other. By the time youve done the 3rd the 1st will be dry so you can do the process again with the next stage. If you work it like that then your allotted time for painting is spent painting and not waiting for things to dry.
I only do maybe 2 hours painting a day but using that method I got 4500 points done in a month

09-10-2011, 13:09
Ok I'm gonna make some comments but ain't got long as I'm on break at work and going on holiday tomorrow.

Page 1

@padz - Really lovely. Love the men at arms models and you have done a real great job!!
@mace1982 Nice job, especially like the green orbs and the elementals base.
@Toshiro You have painted loads. I'm a big fan of unit fillers and love yours especially the saurus drawn cart!
@juiceytomato nice start everyone loves a halfling! The bsb's banner looks immense but a bit small to see too much detail.
@ckt You are a machine!!
@zujara Greenskins are my first love and yours looks suitably sneaky.
@great horned owl Top notch bolt thrower. How did you do the base?
@ purple beard I really like this dwarf, he look dark and grim as I think any warhammer mini should. Good Job!
@Lord Dan Simply stunning your army is a massive inspiration! Never stop:)
@andrew drexler. I love this unit and the fact you had the patience to add bows strings defo worth the effort.
@fannycrow banner Very nice dark elves like others have said the freehand shields look awesome
@gogs78 Love these high elves I have a little girl called Phoenix and so have a soft spot for the phoenix guard you have done a lovely job on those are you gonna add anthing to the banner?
@Kaos Brilliant slayers but everything you do is brilliant you git;)
@dwarfhold13 Love your skin tone I need that recipe as ongs are my first army. Will be keeping very close eyes on your progress!

09-10-2011, 14:44
@Toshiro - Ah! Pictures never tell the whole story.. it looks good as 'snow' but also, now that I know it's sand (my bad), I can see it and I like!

Thanks everyone for the comments! Seems like the skin of the orcs is a GO!

I'm staring at all of what I have for this month, and my goal may change, unless I can get a lot of time during fall break.. but last years fall break I spent studying.. so who knows.

09-10-2011, 15:41
@Padz- Everything looks very niceÖ pic is a tad bright but I really like the enchantress great hair.
@Mace- Very nice swirly gems
@Toshiro- Love the banner conversions and the unit filler very cool
@CKT- Thatís just a silly amount of guys done congrats
@Zujara- Hat made me laugh in a good way Ö silly gobbos
@Great Horned Owl- Idk why but I really love the base with the model works great together, everything is very cleanly done
@Purple Beard- Awesome model looks great
@Lord Dan- I am very impressed some of the best empire for gaming I have seenÖ love the cannon great work on the candle lighting
@andrew Drexler- Your bases and trays look amazing right on part with the models love the strings and arrows worth the work
@Fanny Crowbar- Love the skin and shields
@Gogs Ė Very clean and great metal work Ö to bad they are dumb pointy ears haha
@Roostmanuva- very gory and excellent blood they will look awesome on the tabletop
@Kaos- Hair and banner end of story Iím impressed
@Dwarfhold- Most certainly love the skin its just great. Also I like the boar shaman as well. Sadly I had the same idea thinking I was creative a while back and just painted it up for this month o well guess orcs think sometimes like other orcs.
@Molarian- <3 mangler it was a great idea
@Tonny- I like the brightness on the models they really pop
@Emperor Norton- Nice work on davey jones LolÖ really like the cape. Them ogres are sweet nice skin tone.
@DAGabriel- Like the color scheme keep it up.
@Zark- nice shields and unit variety great unit to look at.
@the_slosh- That thing looks like its going to eat a babyÖ nice
@spikedog- wow.. metal and armor is top notch
@Richmt- WaaaaaaaaaghÖ.cape colors are very nice complement nicely. Refuse to comment on the pointy ear cuz dey stoopid but nice gold .
@USASOCranger Ė like the colors and banner nice work
@Confessor_atol- Excellent rust tough to do
@JackdawóassassinÖ I approve and they look so gloomy it makes me happy
@Tekore- Great model and baseÖ She looks ready to save the forest
@Avian- I just love that shaman model its one of my favorites
@zcarlo- like the snow theme
@Doomscape- colors are different and great. Keep it up... ooo and Ďellooo beasty
@gsmc- Skaven always look good with nice paint jobs good work.
@shandowner- made elves look cool Ö u won the game
@kaltheras- when I envision WOC they look similar to this
@jardain- Colors really pop on sphinx
@trustey- models look great and I think its even better you get some father son time thatís awesome manÖ
@thalencher- love that skaven wheel thingy
@Liborious- just a very solid ogre I really donít see anything I donít like about it.
@gargobot- I think the bright colors make him seem more evil Ö it great
@darnok- great conversion and skin really its different and clean and that it aways good
@saulot- love the overall unit look those bases look amzing
@Goat- the mage looks awesome very solid shading and he really looks glowing excellent work
@Doióskin and blood look top notch I think u pulled it off. Love that dark elf model as well.
@morkash- Ogres look so gritty and hungry nice work
@spar666rawk- the variety u put into the unit makes it special
@plotrov- cannon metal looks awesome
@azhagmorglum- love the dark skin
@jonnyG- skaven on platform is a very nice model great color and work
@someone- both mages are good but I really like the firsts oneís skin

09-10-2011, 15:48
Quick WIP of grimgor. Can't show archers as they are done!


Have done the dead face, still gotta touch up but wanted a dirty look so don't think I'll give any brownish washes... Armour has been boltgunned and badab black as foundation to highlight and add some coloured armour patches.

The skin I spent 2 hours on but am half way through it's still way too dark. Looks better in real life but pic shows it real dark. I do wanna keep him well dark as I see him like that so he will be my darkest skinned Orc!

09-10-2011, 16:06
Roostmanuva: Thanks man, I'm glad you like them! I hope youll like the ones coming up as well!

dwarfhold13: No worries, as I said you're not the first to think it's snow :)

dagreenmoonboyz: Glad you like the banner conversion :)

Richmt11: I'm looking forward to seeing your finished Grimgor :)

09-10-2011, 17:39
Page 2

@malorian Nice clean painting there, seen the chase used a few times as manglers I think it works very well!
@Tonny So you used your first joker but i think you have a very nice start indeed!
@EmperorNorton Really like the lokhir model and I think you have done a great job. Really like the subtle weathering on the ogres not too over the top.
@DAGabriel I like those models. I think you have done a decent job considering you said you no time to do them justice!
@Zark the Damned A bit too far awy to see all the details but certainly looks from here a very nice crisp paint job.
@the slosh Looks like the fur and skin tones are very nice. Will be nice to see model shot on a normal camera :)
@spikedog Stunning Choas Dwarfs love the models and your paint job. Also very posh rotating thingy!
@richmt11 Nice orcs especially like wurzag's little squig (can't think of his name right now?). Amazing effort when total with your elves. super duper:D
@USASOCranger Look very nice and photos isn't too bad considering its taked on a phone.
@Confessor Atol Top of the range!! Amazing ogres nothing else to say really:cool:
@dagreenmoonboyz. Cool, I like the trolls skin in particular.
@Jackdaw Really great job on these very evil Dark Elves. I love both the characters
@tekore Very good job, nice and clean painting and a top base what else could you ask for.
@Avian You have painted some of my fave models this month. Love the Shaman from AOW and that old school pump wagon oozes charm. The painting does all justice. Great month for you in my eyes!

Excuse all the mistakes in these posts, trying to get them done before my hols in the morning.

09-10-2011, 17:59
Hey everyone, thanks for all the kind comments. Its a great incentive to see that people like the way I'm doing the Dark Elves and that the bone armour seems to be a hit.

I'm also amazed by the reception of the flayed skin - rest assured I'll be using that again on future models. On a related note, I should point out that this chap isnt a BSB or anything, he's just a regular spearman standard bearer.

If you want to see more of my finished stuff, including the spears and cavalry already done, as well as the piles of background I've written, check out the plog link in my sig :)

Anyways, on with the comments.

Page 1
@ Padz - very nice m@a mate, one of my favourite kits. The Damsel looks great as well.
@Mace1982 - that marble effect on her staff and stand is great
@ Toshiro - love the yellow gobbos, they really stand out
@Juicytomatoes - those Nippon halflings look ace - looking forward to seeing more of them
@ Colonel Kane Trine - you sir, are a painting machine. Everything looks good so far, nice and gritty.
@ Zujara - great hat, good sculpting skills mate
@ Great Horned Owl - nice to see Asur that arent squeaky clean and white
@ Purplebeard - I like the finish on the skintone, very nice
@ Lord Dan - aah what can I say? You already know I'm a great fan of your work
@ AndrewDrexler - those archers have come together very nicely, nice choice of colour scheme as well. Kudos for having the patience to string all the bows as well.
@ Fanny Crowbar - love those elves, looking forward to seeing more of them
@ Gogs78 - well done on making those older minis look good - nice finish youve got on the golden armour.
@ Rootsmanuva - awesome zombies fella. The movement tray really ties everything together
@ Kaos - those older slayers are very nice - love the depth of the orange
@ Dwarfhold13 - great work, loe the fact you havent gone the cartoon route with those savage orcs

Page 2
@ Malorian - nice work fella - are you not tempted to wash the metal a little?
@ Tonny - nice start there, lookin forward to seeing more
@ Emperor Norton - Lokhir looks great mate, I think it'd be a pity if you left this army behind. On the other hand, those Ogres are great as well, I can tell you enjoyed them a bit more
@ DAGabriel - nice work on the TK, very subdued look to them which I like
@ Zark - that unit looks ace mate, nice colour combo and conversions
@ The_slosh - looks to be an interesting scheme for beasts, cant wait to see more
@ Spikedog - looking good there mate, the armour looks especially good
@ Richmt11 - very colourful Wurzag, nicely done. The elves are looking good as well
@ Confessor Atol - those Ogres look great, very nice skintone
@ Dagreenmoonboyz - nice work on the savage orcs, those tattoos look great
@ Avian - the shaman looks great, nice touches of rust on the black orcs

Page 3
@ z4carlo - those Empire look great, nice to see a different colour scheme to normal
@ Doomscape - those elves remind me of the classic old school elves I've seen, and thats a good thing
@ Gsmc - Im not a fan of the Doomflayer mini, but youve done a great job there
@ Shandowner - Spartan High Elves. You can't see it, but I'm applauding you right now
@ Kaltheras - that muted scheme of yours works really well on those warriors and you've made Wulfrik look much much better. Good stuff.
@ Trustey - nice skintone on the orcs, they really pop
@ Talenchar - those skaven look dirty, but in a good way. Nice work.
@ Laborious - that Tyrant is immense, well done sir.
@ Gargobot - very nice classic scheme, nice finish to your style
@ Darnok - great conversion, looking forward to seeing more of your Ogres
@ Saulot - good job rescuing those mono-pose archers, very nice indeed
@ Goat of Yuggoth - love the flaming skull head - very Mike Mignola/BPRD - good work on the OSL as well

Page 4
@ Doi - very nice work, I thought Bragg was a little dull as a model but you've made him look pretty good
@ Morkash - again, a nice Bragg, but those WiP pics made me excited. I ove the samurai maneater.
@ Spar666rawk - nice conversions and great painting. Looking forward to seeing more
@ Doi - I have to ask, where did you get that mage? Shes a gorgeous mini. Love the purple on her as well.
@ Piotrov - nice work on the white cloth, its a difficult colour to pull off
@ azhagmorglum - love that natural skintone on your orcs, that brown tint really works
@ JohnnyG - that palanquin is an ace conversion, looking forward to seeing him in a huge unit

Page 5
@ someone 2040 - very nice work on Nicodemus, the highlighting is very smooth

Well done everyone so far, and thanks for all the kind comments - please check my plog and tell me what you think!

WiP for this month will go up tomorrow, once my email stops tarting around and sends me pics I can download. Cheers all :)

09-10-2011, 18:18
@roostmanuva - the book just says wurzag transformed the former shaman of the bone nose tribe into a squiggly beast! Great fun to paint though :)

09-10-2011, 19:27
ok page 3

@Z4carlo They look really well done, and I always like to see an ogre or two in a Empire army good job!
@doomscape :eek: Soooo many models. Love that bright green looks really good (I might actually steel it, I can't paint white for love or money)
@gsmc Very nice skavens my fave is the warpfire thrower. I think the green smoke looks very realistic (well as realistic as green smoke can look)
@Shandowner 25 hours well spent. Really like those helmets. Good Job!
@Kaltheras Love that green. Lovely group shot, looks like an army already!
@Jardain That Tomb King Beasty looks great!! Great painting from what I can see.
@Trustey Love the story, my boy has painted a few too, he is only 3 though so not up this sort of quality! Really amazing an 11 year old has mostly painted these.
@Thalenchar 30 in 4 days!!! They look really good and the green eyes are genius:cool:
@Laborious Brilliant. Wonderful base and top class painting. I'm jealous. Love that model also.
@Gargobot The white is painted amazingly!! The whole model is seriously wonderful. Your photography is top, how do you manage it?
@Darnok That boy is a beast!! Love him:)
@Saulot Very nice, I like the blue and white scheme and basing really ties it all together.
@Goat of Yuggoth I have commented on these already but I'd just say I love the striking blue throughout. Also the freehands are obviously very good!

09-10-2011, 19:36
Time for comments (commenting on 5 Tales is really time consuming):

Page 1

@ Padz: Those men at arms look fine, that damsel looks fine, only those blue capes seem to be a little bit too glossy.
@ Mace1982: Very clean painting but please do bigger pics!
@ Toshiro: Very nice horde! Pic one: I would have liked a second color on that standard. Pic two: On a BSB I woul have liked a lot more highlighting and the shadowing on the standard is to abrupt. The Shaman is nice, the unit filler with saurus is wow!
@ juicytomatoes: The Halflings look really nice, want to see more! The pic of the TK BSB is much too small to comment on.
@ colonel kane trine: Very dark looking and the quality of the pics isn`t really good. I think they will look nice on the table, but you should work on the basing.
@ Zujara: One of my favotites, love that gem! ButÖ. That base is meeeh!
@ Great horned owl; Good paintjob, atm i do not like high elves but i remember the pain with the helmets.
@ Purplebeard: Like him even if I thin the contasts are very heavy, but it fits a dwarf.
@ Lord Dan: Verx good painting, very nice basing even if the units on foot are a little bit too dynamic for my taste. Another one of my favorites.
@ andrewdrexler: really good (excepting those braids you mentioned). Would like to play them.
@ Fanny Crowbar: Very neat and crisp painting, would have liked a little more dust, mud and gore.
@ gogs78: You must be joking! The phoenix guard is waving the white flag?????? That is Ö is.. disgusting, a propaganda lie of the dark elves!
Nice paintjob really like it (excepting that standard, which is technically ok but really)!
@ Roostmanuva: That`s the thing Fanny Crowbar, mud and gore. The guy throwing his head is a burner!
@ Kaos: Really like those bearded bastards, top painting, top basing but I think the time of paper standards are long gone and for good.
@ dwarfhold13: another case of premium painting, but the basing is really missing. I love those blades and this brown green skin.

Page 2

@ Malorian: Classic painting style, am missing some weathering of the metal parts. The basing is very Ö basic?
@ Tonny: The finished minis look ok, nice coloring. Looking forward to those new units!
@ EmperorNorton: Know what you mean, am a little bit lacking myself. He is quite good but I would have chosen another color for the trousers.
The Ogres are nice but would have liked a little more detailed basing on those big minis.
@ Zark the Damned: looks great as a company but i am missing some detail shots.
@ the_slosh: as far as I can see he is great, but you can`t really tell.
@ spikedog: Really good! Chaos dwarfsÖ ah..(no, I can`t really start another army!). Love the subdued colors.
@ Richmt11: Very colorful prophet, must be a really important orc. The technique is a little shaky but very promising. The other orcs aregood standard, the elves and eagles, too.
Try to give those stones a wash with Badab black and a very slight wash with very thinned green, blue, brown and even orange. Painting stones seems to be easy but to make them lifelike is very hard.
@ USASOCRanger: excepting the bases they are nice and gloomy, the horn parts could profit from another highlight.
@ Confessor_Atol: The colors of your camera are off, definitely way too much blue. As far as I can see the paintjob is great.
@ dagreenmoonboyz: love them, they are fun and the painting is really good.
@ JackDaw: really different scheme, I don`t really know yet, but are definitely interested. Painting is good.
@ Tekore: Nice mini, when did you start painting?
@ Avian: Very nice orcs even if the mantle of the shaman could use a little more shading.

Page 3:
@ z4carlo: Better pics, those minis seem to deserve them!
@ doomscape: as a unit your elves look great, detail pics? Know what you mean about the model, could need an update.
@ gsmc: Sweet.. quieek. But your sand is way to grainy.
@ Shandowner: Please do the bases, those excellent models deserve it!
@ Kaltheras: What an output. Love that style, will look good on the table.
@ Jardain: Especially the sphinx looks fine, dread it, it is lying here unassembled.
@ Trustey: Great thing that father/son project. Mine is not really interested, way too much into guitar and piano. A shame. Loohs great even if the lighting is amiss.
@ Thalenchar: for 4 days that is quite good. The pics are much too small to say much else. About the detailing? Depends, an army for the table won`t need it. If you want to improve your painting? Go for it.
@ Laborious: That is a fantastic one, must have been laborious?
@ Gargobot; Very nice and clear painting, the gold would perhaps profit from another wash. The base could be more chaotic, depending on the rest of the army.
@ Darnok: Stunning, that dark skin is a really good idea. GrŁŖe nach Berlin.
@ Saulot: Stunning basing- Am looking forward for more.
@ Goat of Yuggoth: The OSL and the freehand are great. Know what you mean about that weapons, am struggling myself.
Btw: no, both my minis were metal I had flying around for a year or so.

Page 4:
@ Doi: Great one, love him. Lighting could have been better. That Gamezone Sorceress is cool.
@ Morkash Gorehowl: Looking fine, but yellowish pics. Would profit from a daylight bulb or two.
@ Spar666rawk: Nice and stylish paintig for such an high output. The blue mantle doesn`t really fit into the unit.
@ piotrov: looks great, look here http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.com/2009/10/tutorial-overview.html at the section photography.
@ azhagmorglum: Nice, even if the pics are small. I like the trend away from green greenskins.
@ JohnnyG: Could we have details of that warlitter, please? Looks great.

Page 5:
@ someone2040: better bad pics and a new house than the other way around.

@ all: Thanks for C&C, will spare you pics but managed to glue together 17 Skeletons and a unit filler for this month.

09-10-2011, 19:47
Page 4
@Doi Lovely model and wonderful paint job! The base is extremely well done also
@Morkash Gorehowl What a great start! Have to say, can't wait to see paint on those maneaters!
@Spar666rawk Amazing unit of skellies so diverse. Those bases are out of sight, really brilliant! Great Job.
@Doi Very nice. How sneaky is she? with fire hidden behind her back. Lovely sculpt!
@piotrov Impressive start. Especially like the cannon.
@azhagmorglum It seems every orcs player in this thread has the skin tones down, you are no different. These orcs are top!
@JohnnyG Impressive War litter!
Page 5

@someone2040 The pictures are good enough for me to see that both of those minins are painted to an excellent standard. The grey robes are really nice!!

Also to answer a couple of questions that were asked, the blood is acheived using Tamiya Clear Red (an amazing product).
The leaves on the movement tray and bases are the seeds from a silver birch tree!

09-10-2011, 20:10
I bring my first eurghhh to the tale, High Elf faces oh my god, majority are hard to do eyes etc due to how sunk into the helmets and those that have an open face look like they are taking a crap!

I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=53.502226,-1.333386

09-10-2011, 21:24
@DAGabriel - Thanks man, I know the bases are lacking, I really was trying to get to them it's just a lack of time.. I'm going to get a few more models done and carefully take them off their bases and do all the bases together.. there's going to be a lot going on from dryad parts for roots, rocks, brass leaves, and grasses, so it's an undertaking in itself!

Goat of Yuggoth
09-10-2011, 21:49
Replies to the comments I've had since last posted:

Purplebeard: Thank you, it started as a test piece for a new priming method, but it now seems that it's become a centerpiece! :D

colonel kane trine: Lol'd at this, I can't even wish that someone would buy me 50k worth of models, they'd just be unopened for years!

Richmt11: Don't worry! There will be more OSL, mainly on the second Necromancer, who is in a Corpse Cart. Might try purple this time :D

dagreenmoonboyz: Thank you, I'm proud of his quite limited colors in the shading and highlighting, mainly did all of the four different red robes with four paints and three washes!

JackDaw: Mike has been the inspiration for some work of mine, mainly VC and a couple Tyranids some years back. Love his work through and through!

Roostmanuva: Thank you, the theme of the army is going to be in three colors: blue/turquoise, red and black. And obviously bone and brass :D

DAGabriel: Thank you. I would've done them in metallics if I had the time to smoothly highlight them, seemed best to do them with something I'm quicker at. The Grave Guard are the only unit who will have these kinds of weapons, which of course means that it's brass swords for the rest.

Now it's back to the painting station to finish shading those sniffers ;) Wait for it!


Mr. Shine
09-10-2011, 22:38
Alas, I must play a joker this month as I am reconsidering the feasibility of painting a Skaven army, and therefore my options. I may be changing, but in the meantime...


I'm very impressed by everyone's postings so far, however. Better luck for me next month, and excellent work so far for everyone else!

10-10-2011, 00:36

@ Padz: I know the feeling! Iím currently painting Ogres and Orks and every model has a different combination of clothing. Youíve completed some excellent MAAs though.

@ Mace1982: Very nice, I really like the elemental base. And is that cotton candy in the background of one of those pictures?

@ Toshiro: Youíre off to quick start! Really nice conversions, especially the Black Orc BSB.

@ juicytomatoes (Empire): Now this will be an interesting army to follow. Where are the models from?

@ juicytomatoes (TK): Very nice. The odd touch of blue would make that banner really pop I think.

@ colonel kane trine (TK): Well, where do I start? Youíve painted so much there are too many things to comment on! Iíll just say nice job all round and call it a day :p.

@ Zujara: Great work. Now youíve given me ideas to add more things to my Goblin army...

@ Great horned owl: Nice work. Will your whole army be OOP models?

@ Purplebeard: I know that he is the White Dwarf but coming from you I am kind of disappointed with the lack of a purple beard :p. Iíll put a vote in for Gnomes being your extra project.

@ Lord Dan: That OSL effect is excellent! Iím also sorry to inform you that rank and file models never seem to paint up quickly no matter how hard you try. Iíve just come off the back of 60 gnoblars and have never had such a hard slog as far as painting goes ever.

@ colonel kane trine: What only one? Itís a nice one but I was expecting about a hundred more...

@ andrewdrexler: Those bowstrings have come up a treat. They really suit those models.

@ Fanny Crowbar: Great work, your skin tone gives them a real menacing look.

@ gogs78: I like the purple and white scheme. Any plans for a design on the banner?

@ Roostmanuva: Very impressive, they look like a real shambling horde. The blood effect really makes the unit.

@ Kaos: Please tell me you printed off that banner! That is scarily good freehand if you painted it yourself...

@ dwarfhold13: What have you got planned for basing other than those brass-etched leaves? And where are those tiki-masked models from?


@ Malorian: Gorbad has come out really well. Thatís also a very interesting mangler squig conversion youíve got there

@ Tonny: What bases are you using? They donít look like the GW ones to my eyes.

@ EmperorNorton (DE): Hopefully you can get the enthusiasm for these guys back because I quite like the look of Lokhir.

@ EmperorNorton (OK): Great work on the Ogres. Are we going to see any of the new kits from you? I know you were not a fan of the Thundertusk at the very least.

@ DAGabriel: What donít you like about the Khalida model? The sculpt or the cleanup involved before painting it or something else?

@ Zark the Damned: A very nice unit youíve painted up there. The old Cursed Company models were skeletons from different races, correct?

@ the_slosh: Great work. Is that a GW model?

@ spikedog: Yours is going to be one of the armies to watch this time around Iíll wager. Iím really liking the colour scheme.

@ Richmt11 (O&G): Your painting is excellent for someone who has only painted so few models. Iím not a fan of the purple cloak on Wurrzag though, I think the colour clashes with the green skin too much.

@ Richmt11 (HE): Very nice, the Eagles are really impressive.

@ USASOCRanger: Nice work. The colour scheme definitely gives off Ďevilí vibes.

@ Confessor_Atol: Excellent stuff. Iíll definitely be keeping a close eye on this armyís progress.

@ dagreenmoonboyz: Your painting skill is stellar. Very impressive.

@ JackDaw: If I didnít already have 3000pts of Druchii painted up already Iíd have considered stealing the bone armour idea. It is really striking.

@ Tekore: Very nice. Is the whole army going to be done in this scheme or is the blue going to be mainly for characters?

@ Avian: Nice to have you back! Great work this month.


@ z4carlo: Excellent work, these guys should shape up to form a stunning looking force when youíre done.

@ doomscape (HE): Very nice. Reminds me of Harryís ďManicured LawnĒ High Elves.

@ doomscape (DoC): Good work, the red has come out really well.

@ gsmc: Looking forward to see your Skaven expand. The Doomflayer came out really well.

@ Shandowner: Stunning work, youíve really changed the standard kit into something amazing. Are the elite HE troops going to get the same treatment?

@ Kaltheras: Very cool. How do you do your skin?

@ Jardain: What are you using the Imperial Chariot as? Itís a very cool conversion

@ Trustey: A Father/Son project, eh? Good work bringing in the painting slave new recruit! What are you plans for basing?

@ Thalenchar (Skaven): Iíd say paint the teeth on all of your models. You might not see that some are missing teeth but you will know theyíre missing and that would bug e if they were mine.

@ Thalencar (WoC): Very nice, how did you paint the skin?

@ Laborious: Shame is a very good motivator :shifty:. Youíve done really well on that Ogre since you havenít held a paintbrush in over a year!

@ Gargobot: Very, very cool. I had to double take and make sure it wasnít a High Elf with such a stark white and blue colour scheme!

@ Darnok: That is one awesome Butcher! I especially love the gnoblar stomach-support. Iím still not sure what to do with my Boomstick Butcher since I modelled mine as a shotgun...

@ Saulot: Very nice. It will be quite interesting to see how you pull off this subtle elf connection as the army progresses.

@ Goat of Yuggoth: That necromancer is fantastic! The flaming skull head is really well done.


@ Morkash Gorehowl: I know how you feel! Ogres are really fun to paint but Gnoblars are soul-stealing bastards! I painted two units of 30 at the end of the last TOFP. Iím really looking forward to seeing how your Maneaters paint up.

@ spar666rawk: I donít think Iíve ever seen such a colourful VC army! This army will be a treat to look upon once youíve completed it.

@ piotrov: Very nice. I really like the inclusion of old metal models for the unit champions.

@ azhagmorglum: I really like your skin tone on these Orcs. In fact I really like your whole paint scheme!

@ JohnnyG: Thatís an excellent conversion. It might just be the picture angle but is the model front heavy?


@ someone2040: Great work. The Truthsayerís skin looks excellent.

Doi: The metal on Bragg's weapon is really well done: dark color, and it looks dirty without being painted to look like rust. That all-black color scheme is actually quite cool. Do you plan to do that with your RAF ogres, as well?

Thanks! The all-black colour scheme on Bragg was supposed to pick him out as an executioner, my RAF ogres have got a lot more colours mixed in (pretty much everything except yellow because I hate painting yellow...)

Doi: I like that Bragg model, looks like an executioner and that blood on his blade turned out great! Your sorceress really turned out great as well! That gagoyle on her hand is rock solid (hehe)

Thanks a lot!

@doi-i love the bragg model its him that made me start ogres again! i love how you have painted him also how did you do the bases?

@doi(dark elf)- i really like that model great painting and its cool thats shes hiding a fireball behind her back ready to sneakily kill her target!

I actually cheat with the bases for my Ogres. I buy ground cover sheets normally used for model train boards from a company called MiniNatur and cut it to fit my bases.


@Doi (ogres) : Good painting. So maybe Bragg sliced someone just outside the range of the sickle. Hitting him with the outside of the blade. No blood dripping on Bragg yet?

@Doi (dark elves) : I have never seen this model. Thatís a good sculpt. And your paintjob is also very good. I like the energy flame behind her back. Good choice to make it blue and not yellow/red.

I decided against blood on Bragg himself so it didn't get to the same level as what I paint on my Butchers. The Sorceress is from Gamezone but most people are only familiar with their Sorceress on Dark Pegasus.

@doi- go ahead.. brag on bragg.. keep it up!

@doi(dark elf)- i love how you painted the purple on this model.. gorgeous.

Thanks, I'm really happy with the purple myself as well.

Doi: its clean and the gore looks great, but i think u should enhance the scars with some nice glazes with red wash.

I've actually used a Red/Purple Was mix on the scars but it doesn't really show in the pictures as I didn't want a stark contrast with the scars as I wanted them to look older.

@Doi: 1. The blood must've taken ages! I'm really liking your style, he looks really blood-lustrous! 2. The purple looks really smooth and good. And dat ass!

The blood (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?autocom=ineo&showarticle=298)is actually the quickest part of the model to paint :p.

Doi - Great looking Gutsman. When i first looked before reading i thought it was a great looking model and out the box!? I really like this model and you have done a great job on the skin tones as well as the cloth on his trousers. Metallics are dirty and subtle, looking very natural.

Thanks a lot!

@Doi (OK): Yes! Its brilliant to see that you're going for it again this year.

@Doi (DE): Excellent - another member of the 4000+ club.I like the fact that she has the hidden fireball around her back.

Of course I'm going for it again, the TOFP is like an addiction! This is my fifth year in it now.

@Doióskin and blood look top notch I think u pulled it off. Love that dark elf model as well.


@ Doi - very nice work, I thought Bragg was a little dull as a model but you've made him look pretty good

@ Doi - I have to ask, where did you get that mage? Shes a gorgeous mini. Love the purple on her as well.

Thanks! The Sorceress in a Gamezone model (got it off the CMON website)

@ Doi: Great one, love him. Lighting could have been better. That Gamezone Sorceress is cool.

Thanks, I'm looking at building a light box to help out with pictures.

@Doi Lovely model and wonderful paint job! The base is extremely well done also

@Doi Very nice. How sneaky is she? with fire hidden behind her back. Lovely sculpt!


Geez, comments were a piece of cake this year. I remember something like 200 entries in last years first month!


10-10-2011, 01:40
First off: Thanks for all the encouragement on the O&G. I will work on picture quality. My son is loving it. He is 11 and reeeeeally digs fantasy, not super artistic, but with all the reference we have here it makes it easier. We basically pick a scheme he likes (based on pics of your guys' posts!). Then we simplify the plan, I lay out a pallete of 1-3 colors to drybrush through. We wash. We highlight and clean up a bit. I took a couple things like the standard and some small details. We haven't decided on the bases yet but for now the beastly brown looks way better than black with multicolored skidmarks.

Now I am still in this for 2k of WoC so here goes!

Month 1: WoC mens

Dice Roll: 1

Unit: BudgetChosen

Background: Still unsure of my army list. But Khorne Halberd Chosen are never a bad choice. Made from an ebay chosen lot, the warrior bodies, possesed bits, daemon bits etc all came from an eBay bits dealer. I think with the added height from the cork bases and all the kitbashing they won't be easily mistaken for mundane warriors. I know some people aren't into lava bases, but I've always pictured Chaos spoiling the lands as they go. Like a high fantasy version scorched earth policy.

Points: I'm a little over half done with a 400+ pt unit.

Highs: I'm attracted to high contrast models that pop at eye level from the tabletop. Especially for elites. I think the lavabases, shields, and bronzes are doing that.

Lows: I'm learning, so a few models you can tell I was trying slightly different techniques.

Painting: Trouble with paint thickness, it's either goopy or so water it runs into the recesses when I don't want. A little trouble freehanding the bronze borders at a consistent width. Tried to freehand a tiny khorne icon, failed. It's cool, I'm here to learn. Looking forward to the bloodletter heads though, and taking my time on the front rank.


10-10-2011, 02:00
@Doi - Thanks man, I plan on going all out with the basing, and that's one of the reasons I haven't done them yet. So far I've got a list of: brass leaves, roots from dryad parts, flock, static grass, rocks and whatever else I can manage to make look like a jungle floor.. the theme for the scene is an opening in the jungle, so it's still got to be congested, but lower vegetation than just trees.. I even might model one corner of one of the units like it's found its way into some quick sand. I've just got to reach a general idea of what the whole thing is going to look like before I put that much work into single bases, as it's got to be fluid into the surrounding display.
the tiki gobbos are in a set called "savage pygmies and evil idol" from reaper. the evil idol is the head I used for the unit filler.. they all come in the same blister and it's pricey at 20 bucks, but it's so worth it in this list!

10-10-2011, 04:15
Many thanks to all for the comments and suggestions for my stuff. I'll take better pics the next time around.

Page 1
Padz: Damsel is looking ace!
Mace1982: I love how you did those globes. Did you gloss varnish them?
Toshiro: I've probably said this before, but I'll say it again: I love the unit filler with the lizardman!
colonel kane trine: Hail fellow King! Good work on a set of characters! And holy smokes! That's a huge amount of core! did you just finish the tale in month 1?
Zujara: I just love the conversion of the wizarding hat. Very characterful!
Great horned owl: The different, more muted color scheme brings out the character of the army you are going for. Good work!
Purplebeard: Oo i see you've got gnomes in your army background. Will we be seeing some of those in the near future? Nice paintjob on the white dwarf, btw.
Lord Dan: You know I'm a fan. :p
andrewdrexler: Now that is a lot of commitment gone into a unit of glade guard! They look fantastic!
Fanny Crowbar: Those elves look pale and frighteningly vampiric. Very nice touch!
gogs78: Great work! I do like the look and feel of the older version of phoenix guard. How will you be painting the banner?
Roostmanuva: Love the color scheme on the ghouls. They look very apt! The movement tray is also very good.
Kaos: Ah I see you are back with more of your krazy kaos work! The banner is just all sorts of awesome!
dwarfhold13: fantastic paintjob! You've made those models look really good.

Page 2:
Malorian: The mangler is awesome! Whirring blades! Coming through!
Tonny: Ah, we are in the same boat...
EmperorNorton: Lokhir is looking good! Why the low enthusiasm, though? I thought you were quite psyched with it. The ogres are looking great!
DAGabriel: A painted army is always better than an unpainted one, so don't you fret! You can always come back to do some touch up work if you wish to in future. Why do you hate the khalida model?
Zark the Damned: Wow, they look great as a unit! Dogs of War was always very characterful.
the_slosh: I think the pic took something away from the paintjob. Still, the painting looks neatly done and it's always good to start painting again!
spikedog: Ah, I've seen these on your plog. They're looking great!
Richmt11: Love the way you painted those scales on Wurzag's cloak. The swordmasters are looking good too! You did a fantastic job on Caradryan's hair and the tattoo on his forehead is a nice touch.
USASOCRanger: That's some neat painting there. Well done!
Confessor_Atol: 10 ogres is a lot to plough through in a month! Great work!
dagreenmoonboyz: Love the tattoo work on the savage orcs.
JackDaw: love the muted dark, dank feel of the color scheme. the assassin is ace! Wanna see more - Keep going!
Tekore: Sparkly! Your basing work is fantastic.
Avian: the cloak on the shaman is really nicely painted. and who doesn't love snotling wagons?

10-10-2011, 06:54
JackDaw: Thank you! I'm really happy that the color I've chosen is so well recieved :)

DAGabriel: I thank you for your constructive comment, I'm going to think about a good second color for my great shamans banner, perhaps you have a suggestion? =) And I'll go back to my BSB fŲr some better shading, thank you :)

Doi: I'm glad you like the conversions, I hope I can keep the pace up through the tale =)

Trustey: I really like those chosen, especially the one second from the left in the front rank, the base on him is amazing!

juicytomatoes: Really happy you like it! The night goblins short bows will have a few lizardmen adversaries as well, and so will the black orcs :)

10-10-2011, 10:08
Morning everyone.

Again, thanks for all the kind comments. The bone armour was a conscious decision to make my Druchii stand out from the massed ranks of dark Dark Elves. The first couple of posts in my plog go into more detail about this this but the gist is that I wanted to emphasise the cold, regal, proud aspects of the Druchii - plus I'm a sucker for painting things bone.

The current technique I'm using on these Druchii is the one I'm most comfortable and happy with - it's only taken about 8 or 9 attempts to get right lol.

Cheers again fellas - all comments are welcome and I'm more than happy to share guides etc if people want them. The flayed skin on the std bearer seems to be a particular hit - I'll be using that again on some upcoming units so keep an eye out.

On the WiP bench for me this month:

Front rank of the crossbows - just a pic of the champ and std, the other 6 look like regular crossbows. These pics show the finished armour, but the steelwork is also done now:

Half of the second unit of Dark Riders - I'll probably get the other 3 done as well if theres time:

And a few slightly more special bits - first up, the new version of the first of my mages, the Emissary:

And my version of Harpies:

I'm actually waiting on some alternate wings for these, thanks to Lord Dan's suggestion so they will probably get remodelled before getting painted.

Goes without saying, I'll keep you all updated as things progress.

Looking forward to seeing more from everyone.

10-10-2011, 10:21
I actually don't mind the current Harpy models but damn, those conversions have blown me away!


10-10-2011, 10:36
Ok, comment time:
Page 1:
Padz - Very nice Men at Arms, in particular I like the cream on the standard bearer's tabbard, its a hard color to paint and you've got it nice and rich.
Mace1982 - I like the orbs a lot (both the one on the staff and at her feet), also the blue of the cloak seems nicely highlighted, not too much and not too little.
Toshiro - I was a little nervous when looking at that yellow scheme on the single miniatures, but when it comes together in a full unit like that it looks absolutely brilliant.
juicytomatoes (Empire) - Even though you Jokered I felt like I should comment anyways, I really like the look of those halflings, most especially the designs on their hats, I really look forward to seeing more of these little fellows in the future.
juicytomatoes (Tomb Kings) - I like the aging on the Gold of that banner, it is sure to look good on the table.
colonel kane trine (Tomb Kings) - What can I say to this really? You've painted more models in a month than many of us paint in a year (or two, or three), truly you are an inspiration.
colonel kane trine (Ogres) - Quite a fine looking Ogre there, although the lighting in the photo seems to have washed him out a bit.
Zujara - I love conversions of characters for this item, every time I see them I just have to smile, plus, that green gem is ace.
Great horned owl - Beyond the very good painting here (gems, wood grain, etc.) the base really adds a lot of wonderful atmosphere to this, excellent.
Purplebeard - I am not always a fan of this painting style, however, I think you have pulled it off brilliantly here, this dwarf looks like he has stepped right out of a painting.
Lord Dan - Wonderful conversions here, and the paiting is top notch as well, I love the blood splatter on the rightmost crewman's hand.
andrewdrexler - I know other people have commented on this already, but I love the bowstrings and arrows, these sorts of details really raise the level of things and I cannot wait to see an entire army with this level of care applied to its detailing.
Fanny Crowbar - Those shields look really excellent and really help unify the look of the spearmen.
gogs78 - White is not an easy color but you've pulled it off well, I'm also a fan of the shading of your metals.
Roostmanuva - I'm not a fan of the mantic undead pretty much as a rule, but these look quite good, a lot like a horror movie zombie horde, they have quite a feeling of menace to them (I also like their eyes).
Kaos - Your dwarves have truly beautiful hair, it sounds wierd saying it, but they really do.
dwarfhold13 - The fact that you are taking your time with these is quite apparent, they look really good, especially the skin, the green is very well layered.
Page 2:
Malorian - I like the Mangler Squig conversion, it's always cool to see what people do for models which GW doesn't produce.
EmperorNorton (Dark Elves) - I like the shading in the cloak folds.
EmperorNorton (Ogres) - The rust on those gutplates looks good, as well as the bronze for the champion's gutplate
DAGabriel - I can see why one would not like the Kahlida model, she looks quite difficult to paint in terms of textures (cloth, bandages, metals, bones, mask, gems, etc.), I think you've done a fine job with her though.
Zark the Damned - That yellow and black is a nice and striking scheme, the unit as a whole looks quite nice (I could wish for some close-ups though)
the_slosh - I like that flayed skin the shaman is dressed in, I know it's never as easy to get right as it seems like it should be.
spikedog - I love that you've been able to highlight that red up without it turning into pink, the unit also looks great ranked up like that.
Richmt11 (O&G) - The purple and blue on the shaman's cloak look very good together, I also quite like the dags on the Black Orc shoulders.
Richmt11 - I like the basing on the Eagles the rocks really add to the sense of their wildness (a thing which I like seeing in an army which is usually as un-wild as High Elves).
USASOCRanger - Always nice to see more WoC, I like the freehand on the banner.
Confessor_Atol - Wonderful skin tones on those ogres, especially the pink tones added to the faces, they really add realism to the models.
dagreenmoonboyz - I like the warpaint on those savages, it's quite striking. Also, the flesh and bones on all of them are quite good.
JackDaw - The painting here is of very nice quality, but what really stands out to me are the bases, they add a wonderful sinister feel to already sinister models (which I guess makes them sinisteryer, if that's even a word)
Tekore - I like the spirits coming out the wood she's on, I've never noticed those on that model before.
Avian - I love snotlings, they're so cute (and something that GW probably wouldn't even consider putting in the fluff nowadays, them being all the opposite of grim-dark and everything), but really, that pump wagon is great.
Page 3:
z4carlo - Those bases add a lot of extra character to already well painted troops, also, I also love those lion shields from the sixth edition box, I wish they were still easy to get.
doomscape (High Elves) - I don't often see green as the dominant cloth color for High Elf armies, gotta say, it looks quite good, especially on the swordmasters.
doomscape (Daemons) - Thirster looks good, although his front seems quite heavily shadowed in that picture.
gsmc - I like the smoke plume on the warpfire thrower, it looks very dirty and not at all healthy, just the way smoke coming from a skaven contraption should be.
Shandowner - Wonderful conversions, I particularly like the effort taken with the helmet crests.
Jardain (Empire) - Great use of the Corpse Cart, I've seen it many times as a warshrine, or other "evil" contraption, but it fits the part perfectly for empire.
Jardain (Tomb Kings) - I like the stonework on that Sphynx, though I wish the detail was easier to make out (the picture seems a bit blurred)
Trustey - I really like the stone on those weapons (especially considdering them having been painted by an 11 year old), great stuff.
Thalenchar (Skaven) - The glow effect on those rat eyes is fantastic, really brings the menace to those clanrats.
Thalenchar (WoC) - I like the way that sorcerer is going, looking forward to seeing him done next month.
Laborious - Very good painting here, weapon weathering is nice, skin is good, facial features are wonderfully executed and the base rocks as well.
Gargobot - Wonderful white, and the pure white robes don't seem to detract at all from his creepy Tzeentch'ness.
Darnok - Really wonderful skin tone, and not one I see in warhammer armies in general, the bone looks quite good too.
Saulot - You've breathed some life into those old models, I like the quartering on their gambesons, they also blend nicely with that more modern musician.
Goat of Yuggoth - I love the OSL on the necromancer, makes him stand out nicely while the rest of his scheme ties him in with the grave guard.
Page 4:
Doi (Ogres) - I quite like the black leather of the hood, it's been highlighted well without washing it out (I was also gonna comment on the basing, but as you've already spoiled the secret of that in response to another comment so... [it really does look awesome, and the trick you use is very cool])
Doi (Dark Elves) - I love the flame she's holding behind her back, makes her look all coy and yet still dangerous.
Morkash Gorehowl - I like the verdigris on the gutplates Braag is standing on. Also that is some extreme rust on those ironguts, looks really good.
Spar666rawk - Great use of colors on these, and I like the aged metals to tie them all into a coherent whole.
Frejdruk - The painting on these is nice and crisp, the old skin color looks quite good on these.
piotrov - I quite like that the white on these is not a briliant hard white, but more subdued with touches of grey, makes the models look much more human and grounds them in a quite gritty way.
azhagmorglum - I like the blue/grey look of the armor on those double choppa orcs, its a very unique choice that looks really nice in my opinion.
JohnnyG - Fantastic conversion for that warlitter Warlord, also I like his magenta looking robes.
Page 5:
someone2040 - Nicodemus's robe is built up quite wonderfully, it's also great that even though his robe and beard are both grey (and even a fairly similar shade fo grey), they are both quite distinct.
Page 7:
Trustey - I really like that fully finished chosen with the lava done and everything, it ties the whole model together nicely by matching the "heat" of the shield as well as making the metals stand out more than they otherwise might.

10-10-2011, 10:37
And now to respond to all those who have commented on my entry:

First: A massive thank you to everyone who commented on my entry, getting responses is just awesome.

Now some multi-comments for people who all commented on the same thing:
@ Lord Dan, Spar666rawk, Goat of Yuggoth, Purplebeard, JackDaw - I like my warriors with a heavy dose of brooding. I tend to paint them with lots of dark colors and heavy washes. In my head, warriors of chaos "live in the action of death," (to quote a favorite show of mine) and so I try to keep them from getting too bright.
@ Toshiro, dwarfhold13, Mace1982, & Richmt11 - I'm glad people are liking the Dragon Ogre, they're quite old models and this one is really not as good as I'd like it to be (the picture I posted was the only one that hid the hideous mold lines), still, I'm glad people liked it. Also, it was really fun to paint just like a lot of the old GW sculpts are.
@ Mace1982, colonel kane trine, & JackDaw - The Wulfrik model is quite a pain to paint actually, the amount of detail on him is just a bit too much, I mean, there are 17 freaking skulls on him, 17!!!
@ Lord Dan & Goat of Yuggoth - The bright base rims are something that developed from painting the first 5000 points of this army, the mini's all kept coming out too dark, I switched to a bright base rim, and they started looking much better.
@ Lord Dan & Roostmanuva - The green, while I realise it ties everything from this month together, will not carry over to the entirety of the rest of the army, just the other dragon Ogres and the rest of the Nurgle troops. Still it was fun to do and I'm glad people liked it.

And some individual responses:
@ colonel kane trine - The drummer conversion is based on a conversion of Mrtn's, I'm happy you like it, I just don't want to take credit for something I didn't come up with.
@ Great horned owl - @Kaltheras : The time you spent on your models is visible. You have aged the armour and shields very good.
@ Richmt11 - Thanks a bunch, the bones are pretty simple really, just base coat, midtone, highlight, wash, highlight (sometimes with extra final highlights).
@ dagreenmoonboyz - That may be my favorite comment I've gotten, to think that my warriors look like what someone envisions warriors to be just makes me really happy, so thank you.
@ Roostmanuva - Thanks a bunch, I don't want to take too much credit for any of the photography, the lighting set-up, camera etc. are all my father's, still, thanks.
@ DAGabriel - Thanks a bunch, and I hope to field them in battle some time this month so I'll see how good they actually look on the table.
@ Doi - Thanks. Actually, I hate to say it, but there are three different skin recipes there which are all fairly involved, can you be more specific, or do you want me to go through all of them?

colonel kane trine
10-10-2011, 10:45
That harpy conversions awesome!

Heres my wip :p

10-10-2011, 10:53
Ahh - it is time for my WIP update. I've been working on the characters a bit and done some base colours.


Characters - started beards and added more layers to the banner.

AoW Dragonslayer - done some base colours.

.Dwarven Princess - more skin layers and done the metal base coats.

Chaos Warriors:

Exalted Juggernaut Rider and Sorceror.

Sorceror (from Heroquest!). If I can find the original paint scheme from the box for him (or someone can provide it - hint hint), I will use that.

I have a plan for the Dwarves and Chaos, and know what I have to do to get them done. My plan is to get the characters painted within a couple of months. This will give me 1000pts for the Dwarves and 700pts for Chaos - so 1700 total - a big chunk out of the total for both armies. Then I plan to get the Dwarf rangers, slayers, and crossbows, plus the Chaos knights, done by the beginning of February, leaving February through September 2012 to do the Chaos chariot and infantry, and the Dwarf warmachines. Hopefully then, I will have some of the characters finished for month 2, and the rest for month 3. More to follow shortly....

10-10-2011, 10:54
@ Doi - Thanks. Actually, I hate to say it, but there are three different skin recipes there which are all fairly involved, can you be more specific, or do you want me to go through all of them?

The skin on Wulfrik was the one that caught my eye the most.


10-10-2011, 11:01
@ Doi & CKT - cheers fellas, the conversions came out better than I thought they would. The older models have grown on me a little since the initial release - I ended up painting about 20 of them for a GW roadshow and ended up hating them for years - but the bird-beast-lady image didnt really fit with my Druchii. On the other hand, the semi-coporeal inhabitants of the Shadow realm known as the Malificarium - they are a perfect fit for the House of Chains :)

I'm waiting on some gargoyle wings to put on the last 2 of the unit, then I'll pop some pics up and let the good folks of Warseer decide which I should go with.

Great horned owl
10-10-2011, 11:27
Lunchbreak, so time for comments.

@Trustey (on page 7) : These chaos warriors are great. Looking forward to see them finished. Funny that are teaching your son, while you are still learning yourself. Maybe you should practice secretly at night when he sleeps, so you stay ahead of him. :p

10-10-2011, 11:29
Here's where I have a problem now. Anybody who follows my blog will know that I am attempting not only to assemble a traditional 'Viking' Dwarf army, but also a Renaissance/Marauder Imperial Dwarf army too. I have now collected a substantial number of figures, and the project is ready for me to get it underway properly.

I love the figures and have always wanted to do a Renaissance Dwarf project. I am not sure whether to use the Dwarf list and count the Knights as Empire allies or to proxy the whole thing as an Empire army yet. It will though, include lots of spearmen, halberdiers, cavalry, and cannons.

24 Swordsmen - base colours done

More swordsmen.

Dwarf Pony Knights - there are going to be 2 units of 12 each.

Box of more to undercoat!

Box of more - undercoated and ready to go, plus a few finished pre-Tale figures which need a bit of brightening up. You can see some of my pre-Tale experimental figures at the front - I am not happy with them, and am going to go for plain dark brown spears

Most of the figures were commissioned by whiteknight (google WK Miniature Imperium) for his amazing Renaissance fantasy sculpting/casting project. The remaining figures are mostly Marauder minis, with some well-chosen Citadel ones in there too. The army is going to look something like this:

40 Halberds
40 Spears/Pikes
40 Swordsmen
20 Handgunners
20 Handgunners
12 Knights
12 Knights
Few Cannons and artillery pieces, etc.

@juicytomatoes: Now, on to the topic of Gnomes. This should interest you.
I managed 700-odd points last year, but very near to the end of the Tale, I managed to get more mounted Dwarves and Gnomes, and a Cleric, and to find an old unit of Crossbows I had lying around. My idea was not to do 'pure' 3rd Ed Gnomes, but rather to find a use for all of the small and really old C Series Dwarves, Gnomes, etc, and to spam Wizards and cavalry for fun. I am not entirely sure whther I should or not, but I definitely have enough figures to make 1000pts worth. Behold the Gnomes:


IF I go ahead with this, I will proxy Empire, as Gnomes are just faster, less sturdy Dwarves. The pictured figures will give me a unit of 6 Knights (old Citadel Gnomes/Dwarves), a Cleric (=Warrior Priest) on foot, a mounted Cleric (=Warrior Priest - he will be converted), and a unit of 10 Crossbows with command. Further to this, I can add another 5/6 Knights (not pictured), maybe 4-6 Crossbows, and a mounted Wizard Lord (Tom Bombadil from the 80s LOTR range - he has near-Dwarven proportions). So should I do these Gnomes or not?

Please could you sign me up for 2000pts Empire/Dwarves, and take away my O&G entry, Malorian? I think 9000pts might be beyond me. 7000pts though, I might just be able to do.

Great horned owl
10-10-2011, 11:30
Answers to comment and questions

Thank you all for your kind reactions. I had not painted in a long time. (When I painted frequently bases had a green rim and coloured woodchips flock.) So Iím glad my skills were not too rusty.

I basecoat the models and bases with chaos black undercoat. After that has dried I spray a little skull white. That way the deeper areas are a darker colour, which helps with shading. (I saw that on Lew_b81ís Ogre maneaters Plog)

The base is a 60 mm wasteland base from Micro Art Studios. I bought it from Maelstromgames on Ebay (free shipping). This is the first time I used a resin piece. Unfortunately I didnít rinse it well enough. So the basecoat peeled of when I painted it. Ah well, lesson learned.
I highlighted the cobblestones with fortress grey and washed with brown/black ink. After that again highlight with grey. The bones are bleached bone, highlighted skull white. Also washed with brown/black ink. I use Didiís magic ink.

I painted the robes graveyard earth. After that a watery layer of commando khaki. Itís fine if that layer looks striated (stripes). Leave the graveyard earth shining through in the lowest areas. And make sure the stripes follow the way the cloth folds. Donít let that layer dry, but add more khaki and paint the raised areas. Then add bleached bone and paint the highest areas.

The wood grain is done almost the same way. Paint scorched brown. When that is dry paint on a watery layer of snakebite leather. You want this to be striated, so the dark brown still shows through in some of the stripes. The stripes must follow the flow of the model. When this layer is dry, paint thin lines of bubonic brown. Use a thin brush, and thin your paint. You want it to flow easily, but still be a strong colour. Donít make all the lines the same width or the same length.

10-10-2011, 11:30
@juicy tomatoes - i used a 1:1 mix of thraka green wash and gloss varnish for them :-)

10-10-2011, 11:41
The skin on Wulfrik was the one that caught my eye the most.


Ok, well that is the simplest of the three.

Step 1 - Start with a black basecoat.
Step 2 - Overbrush with Calthan Brown.
Step 3 - Drybrush with Tallarn Flesh.
Step 4 - Selectively drybrush with Elf Flesh, aiming for the brow ridges, nose etc.
Step 5 - Wash with Devlan mud.
Step 6 - Leaving some of the previous showing, highlight the lips, nose, brow ridges, and any large bare areas with Tallarn Flesh.
Step 7 - Final Highlight the topmost areas of the face with Elf Flesh.
Step 8 - For Wulfrik's head I gave his scar a final highlight of Bleached Bone.

After this you can pick out any details (eyes, jewelry, etc.) as you normally would.

Hope this made sense.

Great horned owl
10-10-2011, 11:44

Heroquest, Hurrah! That brings back fond memories. Once upon a time I started painting with the Heroquest box.

If I remember correctly this model is the Witch Lord. He came in a in an additional boxed set. He wore a red robe in the box-lid art.
My lunchbreak is now over, otherwise I would have googled a picture for you.

colonel kane trine
10-10-2011, 12:23
I remember that heroquest guy! Hes awesome!

Malorian-please change my entrys to 3 mens tomb kings and 3 mens ogres.

Good work everyone and its good to see wip shots popping up already! I love the idea of the tale!

10-10-2011, 13:27
JackDaw: Your idea definitely panned through, they certainly stand out! And those harpies are really gorgous, looking forward to seeing them painted!

Kaltheras: I'm glad your nervousness passed on the group shot :D I'm really looking forward to seeing more updates from you.

CKT: Another nice big batch coming along! :D

Purplebeard: Awesome dwarfs man! I can't wait to see them finished!

10-10-2011, 13:34
I'm gonna have to post a joker this month, but I'll be back with some painted miniatures in november :D


10-10-2011, 15:21
Alrighty, replies - sorry it took me so long, been up to my armpits in work.

-Padz – I hear that on painting each and every uniform differently, but they look fantastic so far – too late to turn back now anyway. Nice work with the more “natural” color schemes too!
-Mace – Your work flows wonderfully. Especial praise to the glass ball and water effect coming off it.
-Toshiro – The use of yellow with night gobbos is a great idea! And very nice work with the snotlings also; always some of my favorite models. Hoping we’ll see some squigs!
-CKT – Army cohesion is excellent so far; I really do like the grey.
- Zujara - Ace work on the greenstuff! Could have fooled me that you’re relatively new at it. Really good work on the warboss’ skin also!
- Great Horned Owl – Gemwork and basing especially caught my eye – you’ve given me some ideas to go back to work on my elf flesh tones…
- Purple Beard – Your models always look like they could get up and walk away, man. I’ve been following your plog for ages, wonderful stuff as always. Makes me want to get into the box of 3rd ed. Dwarves I’ve got sitting around.
- Lord Dan – This is why the Empire hasn’t fallen to Chaos, grizzled, dark, and dangerous, just like an Empire army should be! Makes mine prancing around with its bright tights and banners flapping look a bit ridiculous. 
- Andrew Dexler – Your basework is second to none, mate. Wonderful stuff. Augh, now I’ve got to work on some wood elves too…
-Fanny Crowbar – Boy do they pop! Wonderful work on the skin and the purple. Might have to try that myself.
- Gogs78 – Very crisp and clear, wonderful work with the white (something I’ve never been able to do) – makes me worried about painting my own phoenix guard for this thing, clearly rather more detailed models than I’d realized…
- Roostmanuva – “Dead Jimmy is readying his head for a long bomb downtown, and it looks like the Orcland Raiders haven’t got so much as a backfielder ready to challenge it!” Superb work man, just superb 
Kaos – the blue clothing is a bit brighter than I’d have originally thought of but it works very, very well; great work on tying the unit together.
-Dwarfhold – I’m not ashamed to admit that the expressions on the boars themselves are my favorite part of your (brilliant!) work.
-Molarian – Arrer boyz! Excellent. Also loving your metalwork on the boar, and the skin for the squigs!
-Tonny – The red and blue is coming out really well; looking forward to seeing the unit completed. Poor archers, they never do much for my Empire these days.
-Emperor Norton – Wonderful work on Lokhir’s blades and helmet; I lose the pants among the cape a bit but that may be the lighting while taking the picture. And your ogres are a bunch of plug-uglies now aren’t they? Very nice work on their faces and hair especially!
-DAGabriel – Very surreal; impressionistic painting isn’t something I see a lot of in Warhammer but it’s working very well here. Look forward to seeing more of your work!
-Zark – Oh, the shields tie it together nicely! I still have a boatload of the old Cursed Company masquerading as swordsmen, will have to break them out now and give ‘em a touchup. This Tale will be the death of me.
-the_slosh – Mate, I actually like the horns – using such a light pallete for beasts is very different, I look forward to seeing more from you. Have to go home and paint up a beastmen using that sort of scheme now, just to see if I can.
-Spikedog – I too hate my wallet, and all that is in it. The work you’ve done on the weapons is especially nice. Armor looks like real dyed leather too, nice work!
-Richmt11 – One of the best looking orc models I’ve ever seen in Wurzag – and the elves are crisp and clean and the gemwork is corkin’.
-USASOCranger – The armor is great, blackened and beaten. Love it! Looking forward to seeing a whole unit worth of ‘em!
-confessor_atol – Man, the work you’ve done on what few clothes they have is dynamite. Makes me want to put paint on the ogres I’ve got at home too. Love what you’ve done to highlight the skin, will have to try that.
-Jackdaw – I’ve been watching your work with much interest – love what you’ve done using the 40k wych as an assassin.
-Tekore – Basing looks wonderful, I especially like the little spites hanging out. That going to be the predominant color scheme for the army?
-Avian – That pump wagon really is just ace. Wish I’d gotten my hands on more of them when they were out and about; hooray snotlings! And such good looking ones at that!
-zcarlo – I agree on using the ogre, nice thinking there – might have to do that myself. Really like the featherwork as well.
-gsmc – Your skaven are mint! Love how their clothing looks properly scavenged up. Really want to see how you manage a unit of them; I like the metalwork you do a lot.
- shandowner – I guess we know where they’re eating tonight! Lovely metalwork and the red cloaks are a very neat idea. Really want to see a full army of these, I think my orcs would run off the table just looking at them!
- kaltheras – Wow, dry and dusty and just come in off the road. I’m entranced; especially love the greens on the dragon ogre, and how you got Wulfrik to look great even though he’s covered in skulls.
-jardain – Very neat work on the chariots, looking forward to seeing what else comes off of your workbench!
-trustey – Great work on the tattoos, banner pole, and big stikka! And best to start ‘em young, my father did with me a few decades ago too 
-thalencher – Bone and red look great together on the unit as a whole! Nice attention to detail and tail color as well.
-Liborious – Love what you’ve done with his face and hair, and the burnished gold was a good idea for this model’s metal bits I think.
-gargobot – What wonderful, bright, clean work you do! Excellent color choice also. Looking forward to seeing what sort of unit this creature advises…
-darnok – I love the way he’s painted his weapon with “runes” – very different choice and a great one, from his mask to the meat on his belt.
-saulot – I really like the green leggings; the whole unit flows nicely
-Goat of Yuggoth – I love the ethereal effect, I’m going to give your painting advice a try. Wonderful conversion of the Empire wizard also!
-Doi – Great work on Bragg the Gutsman there – looks very professionally done. I like what you’ve done with his metals.
-morkash – Those boys are just covered in rust! And it looks corkin’ indeed. Like how they fit together as a unit too, hard to do with ogres sometimes.
-Spar666rawk – Oh, happy day! I love it when the dead put on their best clothes for carnival. Splendid idea, like a 18th century New Orleans or Venice. Keep using all that color, it’s made me emit a (very manly, mind) squeal of delight.
-plotrov – the eyes on the rank and file are amazing – the whole unit looks a bit mad but it adds such character I can’t naysay it!  Always like seeing good work with such light palettes.
-azhagmorglum – excellent work on the leathers and skin; those orcs look worryingly competent, maybe they could give mine some pointers sometime.
-jonnyG – Love what you’ve done with the War Litter – your design came out better than the two I tried a few years back. I think we might have similar painting styles? Hard to tell just yet.
-someone – The wizard’s cloak and the truthsayer’s skin are some of my favorites in the Tale – lighten up the pictures a bit if you can (not that I’m one to talk, usually the missus takes the pictures for me as I’m rubbish at it!) but so far they look great!

10-10-2011, 15:30
Mace1982: Sweet mage, I really like the green swirling thing on the base.
Toshiro: Cool yellow night gobbos, but I have troube imagining an orc head inside that skull on the BSB. Maybe it's the angle?
Colonel kane trine: Insane amount painted in one month! Good going!
Zujara: I like the wizarding hat, very typical. Looks good.
Purplebeard: Lovely old model, I remember having it once upon a time :)
Lord Dan: Very nice looking, especially the pistoliers. Sweet touch adding candles to the cannon!
Fanny Crowbar: Nice use of heads from different kits. Love the old corsair!
Dwarfhold13: I really like the savage orcs, the skin is wonderful.
EmperorNorton: Nice skintone, good painting. Maybe add something to their bases, or paint the edge?
Confessor_Atol: Great ogres, really like them. Nice banner! Double ironfist is awesome :) Go mournfang next month! ;)
JackDaw: I really like the colour of the armour, well done! Cool assassin aswell, even though I'm far too fond of the real sculpts to change them :)
Kaltheras: Good use of the old chaos knights, I really like them.
Thalenchar: Nice sorcerer, definitely, but does he really feel like a lore of fire dude? I'd prefer something extra fiery ;)
Laborious: Awesome!
Doi: I really like the model, but I feel it lacks something. I'd want something to contrast, a touch of bright colour perhaps :) He's well painted!

I've edited in a picture of my month's work in my post, post #66.

10-10-2011, 15:33
Thanks Doomscape! I'm afraid I don't own any squigs yet and I've got a looot of unpainted models crying for some attention and I've vowed (as s many times before) not to buy anything new until I've painted up what I have:D

Here is what is curently on my table for this month, I've already finished 13 archers this month, if i get them all done I will total 258points this month


10-10-2011, 16:49
@ Toshiro: regarding that banner, it isn`t that easy, your scheme is building on that rether monochrome yellow and green. How about a smooth color gradient leaving the banner edges yellow and building up to a black around the moon??

@ Doi and another one: Don`t really know about the Khalida model. Would have liked a more beautiful mummy, if that isn`t a contrdiction in itself.

Goat of Yuggoth
10-10-2011, 17:15
Thanks Kaltheras and doomscape!

And let there be WIPs, nothing special really so just showing one individual at this stage and the batch I'm supposed to get done :D


That's about it. another WIP update coming when I get a test model of Ghoulies' color scheme ready!


10-10-2011, 20:30
Comment time! :D

Page 1
Padz: Great unit! Love the unit filler and the colours are great! Only a bit to shiny? Maybe another layer of Mat varnish? I don't varnish plastic models.
Mace1982:Lovely mage! Looking forward to see rank and file mini's:)
Toshiro:Looks great, it looks you are a painting machine;) which is necessary when painting Goblins:)
juicytomatoesVery orginal! They look cool:P
juicytomatoes:TK: The gold looks perfect, maybe next time a close up?
colonel kane trine:Love the muted tone in combination with the verdigis.
Zujara:A dangerous looking fellow:D Nice work!
Great horned owl: Great looking Bolt Thrower! Looks very realistic! Jup, ik spreek Nederlands, ik woon in Vlaanderen.
Purplebeard:Great looking figure, it looks real!
Lord Dan:Fantastic, one of my favorite ToFP! It's perfect! I would love to have such an army! It's unique, it's what warhammer is all about!
colonel kane trine:Painting machine:P
andrewdrexler:Looks very good, only a lighter/more contrast pic would make it better to view the unit in all its glory!
Fanny Crowbar:Very good looking Dark Elves, the colours are very eye catching!
gogs78:Looks very good! Almost as it was a pic of the HE armybook! The bases are beautiful
Roostmanuva:Very bloody horde! Great work!
Kaos:Great slayers and that banner is very nice!
dwarfhold13:Great Savage orcs, I really like the skintone and vibrant tatoo colours. Also one of the highs of page 1!

Tomorrow it's time for page 2:D

colonel kane trine
10-10-2011, 20:35
Tyrant Gront Headchopper,
scourge of the under mountains first found fame when his fathers tribe the bloodmaw marched against the beasts in the chaos wastes.
The bloodmaw cover themselves in the dark metals found in the mountains where the tribe resides. The bloodmaw are infamous for getting 'blood mist' during battle. They become filled with uncontrollable rage and frenzy that wont be sated until all enemies are smashes asunder. Some even whisper that khornes eye watches upon them. The bloodmaw also drink the blood of there enemies after battle,glugging it down in vast mouthfuls! To see an unbloody bloodmaw tribe member is a bad portent indeed as that means your usually next on the menu!
Gront Headchopper was happy in his fathers tribe just as a bruiser but during the migration into the chaos wastes this was to change.
The tribe cornered a pack of wild spawn aiming to keep them in the tribe as beasts of war. Tyrant grof ragemaw bashed the biggest with his club hoping to knock it into submission. Hunters flung strong ropes around the beast pinning it down.
Gronts mind filled with sudden visions of death and rage pulling him towards the dark ground of the wastes. His head began to ring and a voice emerged in his head. A million voices shouting as one said simply 'dig'
Gront plunged his fat fingers into the hard ground pulling up great clods of earth. His senses blocked out the battle around him they were just focused on the ground.
A huge hammer was buried in the dark earth its spiked head looking worthy of a tyrant.
He clutched it in his hand a sudden power enveloping him. Raising the hammer into the air a bestial roar erupted from his throat.
Looking around he saw his father pinned do a mountainous wall by the malformed horn of a canine spawn.
Visions of tyranthood, riches, eternal battle and blood filled his head.
The many voices as one spoke again
'go warrior claim glory in my name blood for the bloodgod'
Swinging the hammer and his huge cleaver grof ragemaw and ultimately gronts fates were sealed...

10-10-2011, 20:38
Comments amid all the WIP pics!
@Padz: Well done on the individuality of the models. Love the little extra touches on the base, and the unit filler is great too!
@Mace1982: Very nicely done. Especially love the way you painted the wind elemental. Good stuff.
@Toshiro: I always like yellow night goblins for some reason. I think it works especially well with how you paint the green skin. Good job on the bases too, they make the unit look even better.
@Juicytomatoes (empire): Great models and so far a great paint job. This will turn into an awesome unit, Iím sure!
@Juicytomatoes (TK): Love the metal on this model. Base seems a bit light, but thatís probably just the pic, right?
@ Colonel (TK): Well done, sir. I like the dark look, makes the models seem appropriately old. Personally, I would like the bases to be a lighter sand colour and make them more desert-y, but that is probably just me!
@Zujara: Great model, even better with the cool hat. Good job at making it stand out enough by using the blue.
@Great Horned Owl: I like how youíve made the traditional HE white a bit darker. Suits them, I think. Also, love the base. An army based like that will look awesome and very different from the norm.
@Purplebeard: The White Dwarf is probably one of the few dwarven models I actually like, and your paintjob has done the old fellow justice! Well done. And btw, I vote Gnomes for sure, would love to see them.
@ Lord Dan: Excellent job on the cannon. Subtle conversion shortening the barrel but it looks really good, and the paint job, the other conversions/additions, and the base really bring the model to life. The purple and black is a good scheme for the army as a whole.
@Colonel (OK): Very nice job. Same comment on the base as with your TK. And it might be the pic, but it looks as though the face could do with a bit more detailing perhaps?
@Andrew Drexler: Love the detailing on those Glade Guard. Bowstrings and the Forest-y background really lift the unit to another level. I love the dark brown scheme.
@Fanny Crowbar: Good job on the scheme, looks really good. BTW, I would just die having to paint that freehand on every spearmanís shield. Excellent work.
@Gogs78: Very nice. White can be a very difficult colour to get right and youíve pulled it off beautifully. Nice warm gold too. And great base work.
@Roostmanuva: The blood looks very gorey, very wel done. Great to see the unit completely done. The base really pulls it together.
@Kaos: I said above that the White Dwarf is one of my favourite Dwarf models. That Daemonslayer is another. Great job on the painting, the orange beards look really good. Love the blue/turquoise spot colour.
@Dwarfhold13: I really like that skin colour! Must take ages to finish. What do you have planned for the bases? Curious about the use of those leavesÖ

@Malorian: What are those Orcs doing near a Landing pad? ;) Nice job on the painting. I like the rust effect on the boarís armour plates. Are you going to do that on more models, or is that just for the big chief? Cool squig.
@ Tonny: Excellent start. Canít wait to see more! Good job itís raining more now so you can get more painting done, right?
@EmperorNorton (DE): Nice job on him. Great model and your paint job does it justice! I like the cloak. Looking forward to seeing more Corsairs!
@Emperor Norton (OK): Good job on the skin there. Still deciding what to do for my Ogres, but yours look great.
@DAGabriel: Very dried/rotten look on the mummy queen, and I mean that in a good way! Whole units painted in the scheme of the BSB will look great.
@Zark the Damned: Cool, DOW! You must be thrilled with the Warhammer Contingent rumours! Nicely combined with the Averland colours for a very nice unit. Well done!
@The_Slosh: Great model. Basing is excellent and I also like the fur and the skulls. Keep painting and youíll get your skills back before you know it!
@Spikedog: Those models are great and the basing really works well with them. Nice scheme, the red breaks the large amounts of metal up nicely. Great job!
@Richmt11 (O&G): Very colourful, and very few models can take that many different colours and look good. Wurzag is one of them. Very well done, I especially love the cloak. Looks very large-reptilian. I like the Black Orcs too, but I enjoy Wurzag more.
@Richmt11 (HE): Very good job on the gold. I like it. Is complemented well by the purple. I like how white is not the main colour here, as it usually is for HE.
@USASOCRanger: Cool WoC and a nice banner. Are you planning to put a top on it or leaving it as is? I like the way you did the bone.
@Confessor_Atol: Very good job on the skin, sir. I like it a lot. Nice rust effect on the metal too. Figured out what youíre painting this month yet?
@Dagreenmoonboyz: These look great. Love the back tattoos on the savage orcs and also the Trolls. Got anymore trolls planned? I can never see too many trolls in an army! Nice work on making the metals seem dirty and rusty.
@JackDaw: Obviously great paintjob. Light armour matches the light skin very well. And I particularly like the Assassin. Yes, even more than the flayed skin ;) Excellent job.
@Tekore: Great job on the base and the purple spites are a nice touch. The blue and green works well together.
@Avian: That Shaman model is a very nice one, AoW do make some nice stuff. Your painting does is justice as well. Love the rust effect on the Black Orcs. And seeing that old pump wagon makes me wonder where on earth I left mine? I donít actually have an O&G army, but I remember painting a pump wagon just for kicksÖ
@Z4Carlo: Bit dark pics but you mentioned that yourself ;) Looks really good so far, canít wait to see more. Favourite bit so far is the basing. Very nice.
@Doomscape (HE): Nice job finishing that lot. Looks really cool. Iím trying to remember who that blind swordmaster is again?
@Doomscape (DoC): Cool job on the Bloodthirster. Red looks very nice, and with that model, if the red looks good, the rest will too!
@GSMC: Yay, Skaven! More reinforcements for the Horned Rat! Nice job on the weapon teams. What will the main colours for your army be? Like the Doomflayer, like the Warpfire Thrower, or a mix?
@Shandowner: A whole army like this? That will be awesome! Well done spotting this conversion potential! Havenít seen it before anywhere. Time well spent, Iíd say (even if it is a lot). What do you have planned for bases?
@Kaltheras: Thatís some great painting. I like them all, but my favourite has got to be the Dragon Ogre. Excellent job on the skin. How many more can we expect? (fingers crossed for Ďloads!í)
@Jardain: Nice job on these! The Sphynxí dark ďskinĒ fits very well with the rest of the scheme. Canít wait to see more!
@Trustey (O&G): What a great project! Am really looking forward to seeing the results of this. Excellent idea. Tell your son the models look ace! Love the Savage Orc banner too, the blues came out really nice. Good job!
@Thalenchar (aka me!): Note to self: take better pics next time! Theyíre too small!
@Laborious: Excellent Tyrant. Great paint job and cool basing. Thereís not a bit of this model I donít like. How did you do the metal on the gut plate?
@Gargobot: Love that Herald. With the nice white cloak and the weirdly coloured pieces of skin, youíve really managed to show the Daemonís Tzeentchian nature.
@Darnok: Cool model and some very nice GSing. I like the darker skintone, different in a good way. Well done! And Iím sure we can look forward to seeing your picture-fu improve as the tale continues as well ;)
@Saulot: I like this a lot! The basing, the colour scheme, the paintjob and the details like the brazier make this one of my favourite units so far.
@Goat of Yuggoth: Love the OSL on the necromancer, really nice. The GG look great too. I actually kinda like the metal, to be honest. Are you going to go with blue weapons or metal ones for the GG?
@Doi (OK): Very nice job! Suitably grim without being too dark. Iím sure he will look suitably different from the rest of your ogres, which he should. I like it!
@Morkash Gorehowl: Very nice Ogres. I like the metal on the Ironguts, looks just right. Good job. How big a unit are you planning on doing? Or is that giving too much away? Also, maneaters look great!
@Spar666rawk: Yay, pics! The basing looks absolutely great, and the models are great too. My favourite is the one in the purple jacket. I want to see more!
@Frejdruk: Cool Ogres! The skin tone is different, but actually works very wellÖ I might steal itÖ Love the basing as well. I did my bases like that for about 8 years, and have only recently changed it to a brown with snow for new models. Still a good look though. I like the gold on the gut plates. Keeps the models from being too dark.
@Doi (DE): Great model and a very nice paintjob. Great job on the purple and the skin. Works very well together. I like it.
@Piotrov: Those are some angry-looking handgunners you have there, sire. Youíve not chosen the easiest Empire colour schemeís, but it looks like youíre up to the challenge! Well done!
@Azhagmorglum: Some great orcs. Very nice skintone, how do you paint that? I like the dark bases a lot too.
@JohnnyG: A project thatís been going for a decade? The tale is seeing some truly epic storylines develop. Love the Warlitter conversion, looks great. Oh yes, the painting is very nice too!
@Someone2040: Ow, Storm of Magic. Good idea! I could do that too! Darn, this tale is making me want to paint way too much stuff! AnywayÖ The truthsayer looks great, the skin came out really well and the tattoos look awesome. The grey on the wizard is very well done too. Good job!
@Trusty (WoC): This lot is for September still, right? Excellent work. The lava bases and the shield emblems really make the models pop. Great job!

Comments on Comments:
@Lord Dan: Thanks! I tried something different with the eyes and am glad it turned out this well!
@Toshiro: Thanks! Iím hoping to do the sorcerer justice with the finished paint job.
@Colonel: Thanks a lot! Iím afraid the staff is really AWOL, but Iíll make sure the replacement is not a downgrade.
@ Great Horned Owl: I am still thinking about those teeth. Maybe thatís sign enough I should just do themÖ And btw, which part of the Netherlands do you call pooh corner? I donít know any such region!
@Dwardhold 13: Thanks, stay tuned for the snow bases!
@Spar666rawk: Thanks! And I think itís best not to contemplate what the tentacles areÖ
@Mace1982: Thanks a lot! Hope youíll like the finished model too!
@Goat of Yuggoth: Thank you! I will take the metal comment into consideration. Getting them tabletop ready is an important factor in painting the skaven, and donít want to spend too much time on each model. Maybe I can use different washes on the metal?
@Purplebeard: Thanks a lot!
@Richmt11: Thanks! Well, to be honest, 10 were already half finished :p But finished the lot in 4 days. And I am still wondering about the teeth myselfÖ Maybe Iíll do them all in a batch when the unitís done.
@Dagreenmoonboyz: Thanks, itís my favourite weapon team too. Too bad itís not one of the better ones.
@JackDaw: Thanks!
@Roostmanuva: Thanks a lot! Thatís probably the biggest unit, modelwise, Iíll paint for the Tale too, glad itís out of the way!
@DAGabriel: I will make sure to post bigger picture next time! Thanks for the comments!
@Doi: Thanks for the comments, still debating whether to do the teeth or not. Nagging in the back of my mind, so probably will do them eventually. Re: Chaos warrior skin: I started with Dark Flesh and mixed my way up and through Dwarf Flesh, Bronzed Flesh, Elf Flesh and Skull White. I have no idea how many colours I actually mixed, to be honest. A lot!
@Kaltheras: Thanks a lot! Canít wait to see the sorcerer finished either!
@Doomscape: Thanks, man!

Wow, that was a lot of work! Good fun though. Time to get back to painting!

10-10-2011, 20:47
@perplexiti : If you like rugby so much, you must be a Bloodbowl player, am I right?

I may have been known to partake of a half or three of the beautiful game.

Great work everyone, I should have some stuff ready for next month, although I'm pretty stuffed after a four day weekend of pubs and rugby up in Auckland.

The Yak
10-10-2011, 20:54

Over the Summer Holidays I must have forgotten I was half way through my degree at university. The fact that I had a son must have also escaped my mind and how could I forget that the entire house needed to be decorated (what all of it right now?..... Yes sorry love...).

I am not going to play a Joker I am going to admit that it was foolish of me to sign up for a project of this scale whilst having so much on at the moment. In a couple of years when things have returned to a more steady pace I will re join this programme.

I will keep watching as there are some truly marvellous armies in the making being presented here.

Good luck to you all and who knows maybe one day il see you in Averland.


The Yak :cries:

PS: Look Charlie is in Averland colours at-least!!!

10-10-2011, 22:52
Oh Yak...

That makes my heart heavy. I'm glad the IRL is so effective and rewarding though.

WIPs for OCT


colonel kane trine
10-10-2011, 23:11
How have you done that mournfang?

11-10-2011, 01:29
Hi there folks - WIP for October, looking to get thirty of these done, along with ten swordmasters and a few more silver helms.

My concern with taking pictures that are any more up close is that they look TERRIBLE compared to the rest of the work you good folks produce! But I'll try to make the pictures lighter, at least, even if they will remain at arm's length. :)

So here's the WIP anyhow, and it's up close for the sake of everyone who commented.


Fabius Bile
11-10-2011, 13:58
Right, slight change of plan chaps! Due to me moving house again next week, I won't be posting anything this month. Also, I will drop my Brettonians alltogether, and move my Ogres from the boys category to the mens, and play a joker for them, that I will buy back with a double post (very easy with all the shiny new stuff that just came out!).

11-10-2011, 16:02
Comment time! :D

Page 1:
@Padz: Very natural colours, the MoA appear quite real. good job!
@Mace1982: I like the whirling effect on the globe the mage is standing upon.
@Toshiro: Hehe, yellow robes are a nice change for the NGs. The unit filler is ace!
@juicytomatoes: Great halfling miniatures! Which company produces them? The Herald's banner looks good as well, a subtle but effective conversion.
@colonel kane trine: You scare me, in a good way. ;) I like your colour scheme more than GW's one, the red is very fitting. Necrosphinx looks great.
@Great horned owl: Nice work on the wood, it looks really good!
@Purplebeard: I like this version of the WD as well. Your paintjob did it justice!
@Lord Dan: Love the faces of your minis and the dirt effects. An impressive army for sure! Nicodemus is ace.
@andrewdrexler: The sinews are great, you must have a steady hand!
@Fanny Crowbar: Nice start, the scales on the master's cloak look very good!
@gogs78: Beautiful gold on the Phoenix Guard, which are great minis by themselves.
@Roostmanuva: Great looking Ghouls. The one tipping his head is made of awesome!
@Kaos: The Grandmaster himself! Lovely miniatures with a great paintjob and an amazing banner. What's not to like?
@dwarfhold13: Easily one of the best looking Orc skins I've seen for some time. Those masked guys look awesome as well, are you gonna use them as shamans?

Page 2:
@Malorian: Starting the tale by painting the best looking Orc model? Check! The metal is a bit too clean for my taste, but that maybe just me.
@Tonny: I look forward to see the bunch painted!
@EmperorNorton: Good start with Lokhir, would like to see more! Ogres look good, you can never enough Ogres....
@DAGabriel: The herald looks great, I like the blade and cloak alot.
@Zark the Damned: The company looks very good. Can't hurt to have 20 extra bodies to expand it!
@the_slosh: Nice shaman, is it the Mordheim one?
@spikedog: Oooooooooooooooh, shiny! The infernal guard looks just stunning with your paintjob!
@Richmt11: Nice Wurrzag. You used bright colours without making the whole thing look stupid, quite the opposite in fact! THe HE Mage's cloak turned out nice as well, cool freehands!
@USASOCRanger: Awful? They look miles better than mine...and it was supposed to be the best mobilephone cam 2 years ago!
@Confessor_Atol: Lovely Ogres, keep it up!
@dagreenmoonboyz: Great looking Orc skin! The trolls look nice as well and I'm eagerly awaiting the Arachnarok!
@JackDaw: A very interesting and good looking scheme on very nice minis. Using Dark Eldar parts for the assassin was a good idea!
@Tekore: Nice start, trunk and cloak turned out well. Maybe a bit of shadowing on the skin?
@Avian: I can imagine the difficulty in assembling the pump wagon... still it turned out great, as did the shaman! And I just have to love the metal Black Orcs!

Page 3,4:
@z4carlo: Awesome work on the shields, looking forward to more!
@doomscape: Nice HE colour scheme combined with a good looking Bloodthirster: Thumbs up!
@gsmc: Good looking weapon teams, keep it up!
@Shandowner: :eek: This. Is. SPAAAAARTA! 60 is quite impressive, I'd love to see more!
@Kaltheras: Good job on those minis. Wulfrik looks really good and very realistic, as well as the knights and the Dragon Ogre. One does really see the time you spend on each one!
@Jardain: Sphinx looks good, as does the chariot. How are you going to use the chariot in game?
@Trustey: Painting with your son is a great thing! Good looking Greenskins, I know exactly what you mean with the lot of Rank and file...made me entering with Ogres instead of O&G. :D
@Thalenchar: 30 slaves in 4 days? Madness! A very impressive start!
@Laborious: Lovely mini with a lovely paintjob. I'm eager to see more Ogres!
@Gargobot: Very clean colour scheme, I like it!
@Darnok: Nice idea with the Defiler head. The skin looks great, as do the runes on the club!
@Saulot: Good looking peasants. I'm looking forward to some knights in this scheme!
@Goat of Yuggoth: Love the Necromancer. Great job on the blue flames!
@Doi: Bragg looks great and your skin turned out way better than mine. I'm eager for more! Impressive work on the Sorc's cloak as well!
@Spar666rawk: Whoa, you painted alot this month! Love the colours in the skeletons, they tend to be monochrome, yours are not!
@Frejdruk: Oh, I know that feeling of failing to achieve the same colour twice... still they turned out very good!
@piotrov: Nice handgunners, I do not think the pictures are bad.
@azhagmorglum: More orcs and they look good! Do they get shields later?
@JohnnyG: Great looking litter. Boneripper looks good as well!

Page 5 till 9:
@someone2040: Nicodemus looks awesome as does the Truthsayer! Great idea to paint SoM for the tale!
@Trustey: Lovely warriors, the finished base looks great!

Comments on comments:
@Lord Dan: Thanks! It's a constant fight with the mobilephone's cam, I hope I can take the next month's pictures with my brother's reflex cam...
@Toshiro: Thank you! Bragg is a lovely mini indeed, even if finecast can be problematic sometimes...
@colonel kane trine: Glad you like them! My rusted metal is painted like this:
1.) Drybrush Boltgun Metal over the whole metal area.
2.) Wetbrush (drybrush when the brush isn't entirely dry) the whole metal slightly with Tin Bitz.
3.) Slightly wash the metal with Devlan Mud.
3.) Dab (is that the right word?) the areas you want to rust with Bestial Brown. I use a old brush with the top cut off, leaving around 2 mm of hair.
4.) Dab the rusted areas with a mix of roughly 50/50 Blazing Orange/Bestial Brown. Using different mixes can give some variety.
5.) Carefully highlight some edges with Mithril Silver. (not necessary if you do not want to)

@Great horned owl: Thank you!
@dwarfhold13: Thanks, I hope I can do them justice!
@Spar666rawk: Thanks, the yellowish tone and crappy quality is my mobilephone combined with a lack of daylight bulbs. ;D
@ Goat of Yuggoth: Thanks for the tip, I have to test it these days!
@Richmt11: Many thanks!
@Purplebeard: Thank you. Funny thing is, I like the single Irongut the most as well! Must be the chainmail mask...;)
@dagreenmoonboyz: Thanks, exactly what I wanted to make them look like!
@JackDaw: You're too kind, seems I have to paint the Maneaters rather soon...!
@DAGabriel: Hehe, jep, a Daylight bulb would make quite a change!
@Roostmanuva: Thanks, I'll give them a go soon!
@Doi: :eek: 60?! I think, I'd need a whole year for those!
@Kaltheras: Many thanks!
@Thalenchar: Thanks! I'm not sure yet, I have a total of 8 Ironguts now, maybe another 8 from the new battalion? But usually I use a unit of 7 with the Slaughtermaster between them.

Phew, my fingers are smoldering!

11-10-2011, 16:55
Phew, my fingers are smoldering!

Well, don't blow on them!!! And also don't submerge them in your dirty brush water, who knows what kinda weird nurgle type infection that would cause!

the gobbos with the masks will be my bolt thrower crewmen.. i've got to dig out my lizardmen bits and give them different weapons though..

11-10-2011, 20:19
Still no pics, just primed 16 skeleton warriors with chepesh and shield, one unit filler and a skeleton destined to fish in the oasis i am doing for this months ToTP.
Will do pics after the first wash.

@ doomscape: will there be wood structure on that spear?

11-10-2011, 20:53
@ Doomscape: they don't look terrible at all, mate! A unit of 30 of these will look very good, especially with the nicely contrasting yellow gems that you put on there. And just use whatever you see on here to inspire yourself to improve. The Tale's great for that! Maybe you could try highlighting / drybrushing the metal on the helmet and the spear to make it look even nicer?

11-10-2011, 22:11

Sorry guys just wanted to say its a joker for me, I have painted my 100pts for beastmen but not my tomb kings but unfortunately I moved house in sept and they are all packaged, hopefully should be able to show photos next month tho.

11-10-2011, 22:11
ok comments on comments and after WIP for October :)

@Richmt11: well thank you. those are some nice word
@Toshiro: im glad that you are glad that i like ur minis :P
@Purplebeard: ur making me blush >>moving my head away before realizing that im looking at monitor<<
@dagreenmoonboyz: oh... my mom thinks im special too :P thx, btw
@JackDaw: thx JackDaw
@DAGabriel: the blue mantle, together with the red and purple one is a start on a full units ot dualists (maybe to be used as tomb guards when complete), inspired buy the dualist of Bravos, the port city in the best roman of all time - "Song of Ice and Fire" by George R. R. Martin; just like int the books they all wear colory cloth and stuff (the unit will probably like the unit of dead psycho clouds, which im ok with btw)
@Roostmanuva: thx, thx, and again thx
@Doi: ah finally someone who likes my color choice, but i think they look to similar, will probably go in and put some changes to them :P (just kidding, thx)
@Kaltheras: im out of stuff to ramble about. thx anyway :)
@doomscape: its always nice to hear about carnival from someone having doom in his name, makes u wonder what might happen :evilgrin:
well it was a mask&ball when the original dead arrived. thx for the comments, more is to come
@Thalenchar: oh. im glad u like it. and since u want to see more go here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=218145&page=2) (second page, from 29 post)
@Morkash Gorehowl: well now u fmake me fill all bad inside... ok, ok i admit i had two of my wolf already painted, so its not that much that i had to do :P

and some WIP of my BOSS, Vampire Count of the millennium, etc. one and only -> Walha Letviah (his not a vamp at all - to find out more go here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=218145&page=2) (from 29th post starts new stuff))



again all about him you can find here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=218145&page=2)

C&C everyone

11-10-2011, 22:22
DaGabriel - Wood structure is something I've never known how to do, unfortunately. I'd love there to be some, of course, just haven't the foggiest.

Thelenchar - thanks mate! I've highlighted them with some chainmail / mithril silver but the flash on the camera kind of washes it out :( I'll try to take some better photos in a few hours.

Now to work on the other 29 - eek!

12-10-2011, 08:03
Thanks for your comments guys about my orcs. And yes they still lack their shields, but they will get them eventually (I didn't count the points for the shields of course)

Here are some wips for month 2 (mainly black orcs) :

- a test mini
- 4 Wip BO

12-10-2011, 11:19
Looking forward to seeing them black orcs! Love the red sheme from book but I haven't been able to pull it off!


colonel kane trine
12-10-2011, 11:30
@azhagmorglum loving how the orc wips are progressing I particularly like the armour plates on the belly

Also quick fluff question if anyone can answer
How many ogres would a small ogre tribe be made up of?
Im wanting to write more to my gront fluff that I added earlier. As a tribe that has been whittled down to a force of veterans in the chaos wastes how many ogres should I aim to collect?
At the moment I have
24 bulls
24 ironguts
16 leadbelchers
2 tyrants
2 butchers
Paymaster maneater
4 mournfangs

thats only 74 ogres so im thinking of going to 100+ ogres
If I buy 2 battalions bragg firebelly golgfag 2 box mournfangs 3 thundertusks/stonehorns and 2 ironblasters would that pass as 'tribe size?'
Im also struggling for gnoblars at the moment I have 46 of the current models to sell as I dont like them.
I do want around 100 gnoblars but am thinking of using marauder/flaggellant/ungor etc to represent mutant dregs in my army. Just got to explain why my crazed ogres havent eaten them....

12-10-2011, 15:11
If I buy 2 battalions bragg firebelly golgfag 2 box mournfangs 3 thundertusks/stonehorns and 2 ironblasters would that pass as 'tribe size?'
Im also struggling for gnoblars at the moment I have 46 of the current models to sell as I dont like them.
I do want around 100 gnoblars but am thinking of using marauder/flaggellant/ungor etc to represent mutant dregs in my army. Just got to explain why my crazed ogres havent eaten them....

uh.. yeah.. that would be a lot of stuffs.
my buddy is buying something like 50 of the scibor goblins and using them as gnoblar.. they aren't cheap though as the unit will be around 300 bucks!!! but I'm even going to game zone gobbo wolf riders instead of gooey looking GW ones and spending almost 200.. sometimes you take the good with the bad i suppose!

12-10-2011, 15:15
*sigh* I know I should do replies earlier, that way there aren't that many to mention. ;)

Page 1
@ Padz: Nice work, especially the damsel. I know from painting gobbos that un-uniform uniforms can be a pain. What I did was paint the base layers all the same tone (dark tones of brown and grey), and then highlight with different colours (various lighter browns, greys and tans). That way you get a suitable ragtag look without too much time spent.
@ Mace1982: Try taking more close-ups, that way it's easier to comment. One tip I'll give straight away is that it's better to paint the pupils larger, so the model doesn't appear to be staring quite so hard. Good luck going forward!
@ Toshiro: Good idea on the conversion work, but I'd go for a more elaborate paint scheme on the characters, to avoid them looking too much like rank and file. I have given up on converting characters from troopers myself as I could never get them to look heroic enough.
@ juicytomatoes (halflings): What a cute, little bunch. What about a close-up or two?
@ juicytomatoes (TK): Very impressive banner!
@ colonel kane trine: It's not much of a Tale if you paint and post everything all at once...
@ Zujara: Nice conversion, I especially like the painting on the gemstone - I can never get those to look good myself, so please share your tricks.
@ Great horned owl: Argh, another person who can paint good gems. Bah! Very nice wood.
@ Purplebeard: My eyes keep getting drawn to the axe haft, which stands out because it's green. I'd consider repainting it and trying to get the face to stand out more instead. Maybe he could have a purple beard or something... :D
@ Lord Dan: Not much to say here - your armies are always among my favourites. Great work!
@ andrewdrexler: Ambitious start. Really looking forward to seeing this army grow.
@ Fanny Crowbar: If only the spearmen models were as nice as the paint you put on them...
@ gogs78: Really looks like it's going to be an impressive army. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the banner.
@ Roostmanuva: Suitably icky undead.
@ Kaos: Excellent beards all around, but what is up with the turquise shoes?
@ dwarfhold13: Yeah, tell me about it. I'm looking into the various Vallejo washes and foundation paints to see if there are some corners to be cut when I do my own savages.

More to come...

12-10-2011, 17:56
Alright folks.

Im afraid with my limited typing skills it would take me around 3 years to comment on everyones work.

I would like to say that the level of painting on here is outstanding, i do have a few standouts but will hopefully get more time to comment as this thing goes on.

Thanks for the kind words from many of you about my painting and the good thing is i can reply to them all at the same time! At the moment i am torn between painting on a phoenix or replacing the standard with the new plastic one so all the banners in the army will match ( i have severe OCD).

Think i will leave it for now until i paint some other banners and see how they look. Have plenty other things to get going with!

Keep up the good work all!

12-10-2011, 18:07
@ doomscape: Found this tutorial helpful: http://www.coolminiornot.com/articles/1487-painting-woodgrain-on-a-smooth-surface

colonel kane trine
12-10-2011, 18:27
Quite a few people are doing large armies this tale. I have pledged to do 8k+ of tomb kings and already said I had to knuckle down in the 1st month as I have alot of band stuff coming up. From now on im sticking to 1k a month for both my tales so painting 4k in my 1st month doesnt really ruin it. I had previously said all this

12-10-2011, 19:20
First off, thank you everyone for the kind words. The bowstrings are really very easy to add for the effect that they bring. I will probally be back to assembling GG in the next few months and will post a full tutorial on how I do them at that time.

Here are the WIP for this month, 10 Eternal Guard (with one figure I am using for a champ). These figures are not modified since I love the way they look. I was more uniform in how I painted these guys because I always pictured these guys as kind of a house guard\standing army as opposed to semi-feral tribes eaking out a living deep in the forest. As a result the yellow on the cloaks is a little more prounonced than expected. If its too much please comment to that effect.

My white balance is off on these pictures a bit. I am still futzing with the settings to get some better pictures, but these are better than the GG ones.

10 Eternal Guard for Oct:

And the two units side by side:

12-10-2011, 19:37
Thanks to everyone for all the comments! There's been so many! I've read them all and it's much appreciated. I want to comment on everyone else's pics but while I'm away with work I'm using tapatalk on iPhone which doesn't make it easy!
I will however be able to return a full load of comments next month.

@avian Thanks for the comments. Your tip on painting un-uniform sounds good I think I'll try it next :-D

12-10-2011, 20:15
@ andrewdrexler: Even if the language may be a prob have a look at the pics in this thread: http://www.gw-fanworld.net/showthread.php?t=132755
Found it wonderful and a great source for ideas. Keep it coming.

Just wanted to take a few WIP shots and found my cam gone with my wife to visit my daughter. Sigh:confused:

12-10-2011, 21:22
[QUOTE=DAGabriel;5840114]@ andrewdrexler: Even if the language may be a prob have a look at the pics in this thread: http://www.gw-fanworld.net/showthread.php?t=132755
Found it wonderful and a great source for ideas. Keep it coming.

Thanks for the linkage. I had not seen this WE army before and there are alot of ideas for me to steal... err.. pay homage to ? hehe.

12-10-2011, 23:00
Some comments:
juicytomatoes (EMP): BUILD/CONVERSION: "Out of the box"? That’s a bit of an understatement for miniatures you sculpted yourself. Great painting, really breaks up the monopose issue.

juicytomatoes (TK): A bit hard to judge from the photo, seems like I am looking at earthy TK goodness.

Great horned owl: Dunno if that helps, but I looked for minutes and couldn’t find that mould line. Wood grain looks good and I like the darker color scheme.

Purplebeard: There goes my one shot at seeing the White Dwarf as Purple Dwarf :p Great painting and I like your style, goes well with your fluff.

Lord Dan: Great conversions and painting, the OSL came out really nice. And your theme is just awesome.

dwarfhold13: I guess I said everything in your log already. Bang up job on the Savage Orcs (and boars). I’m looking forward to your Tiki-Gobbos.

Tonny: Looking forward to some Warhammer Forge goodness.

Avian: I like the rust on the Black Orcs, and the old Pump Wagon looks way better with additional Snotlings; crowded as it should be. :

z4carlo: Pics aren’t great, your painting seems to be though. The feathers on the shields are a nice idea, might steal that one day.

Darnok: Five years of waiting paid off for this guy, very cool evocative conversion and great painting.

Saulot: Crisp and clean painting, indeed reminiscent of HEs.

piotrov: Welcome back to painting I guess. Don’t know how good you were before, but this looks good.

Toshiro: Haven’t seen yellow as a main color for NGs, works well. Shaman #2 looks cool, like the dealer of the tribe (he probably is).

colonel kane trine: That’s about 4000 points right? Seems like I need to make room next to my Emperor Norton and Harry posters for the new star in horde-painting. :D

Roostmanuva: This unit looks like a shambling mass, which is great considering it’s a ghoul unit.

DAGabriel: Does that BSB’s face always look like that, or did you do some GS-work? Regardless it looks very cool.

Richmt11: You did a great job on Wurzag, the cloak in particular looks pretty awesome. Also very unusual color scheme on your HEs, I like it! ^^

dagreenmoonboyz: Very nice painting, the tattoos on your Savage Orcs look great as do the Trolls.

JackDaw: Cool color scheme and good execution make for a great DE force.

doomscape: I like that you didn’t paint every horse in the same color as most lazy people do (i.e. me). Good use of blue and yellow to make your characters pop.

Spar666rawk: Interesting way to paint, makes for unique and colorful troops. I vote cool. ^^

doi: Bragg looks good. Did you paint him with really bad teeth, or is that the lighting? And cool Gamezone mini, didn’t know they had stuff like that.

Goat of Yuggoth: Superb OSL on the Necromancer.

Thalenchar: For a quick paint job these look very good. The yellow and red make a striking combination. If the goal is to paint these as quickly as possible I wouldn’t paint the teeth, you can still do them later after the army is completely painted otherwise. The Chaos Sorcerer looks good so far, where is that model from btw?

Kaltheras: Your Warriors have a very fitting gritty look to them. I think if you’d use a darker color for the base rims this effect might even increase.

Morkash Gorehowl: The Rustguts are indeed rusty. The man-eater conversions are really amazing, looking forward to those.

Commenting comments:
@Lord Dan: Posted an explanation (and excuse) to those robes in my log. Dunno if that’s enough, if not holler.

@Toshiro: Thank you clean was what I was going for. ^^

@colonel kane trine: Tried to explain it in this post (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=5830119&postcount=599).

@Great horned owl: Thanks mate, I appreciate you dropping by my log.

@dwarfhold13: I can’t really judge if I got better or not, so it’s always nice if somebody else notices progress. Thanks for that.

@Spar666rawk: Thank you very much.

@Goat of Yuggoth: You’re welcome. :p

@Purplebeard: Reads like a list of what I set out to do when I thought how I wanted to paint the guy. Thanks. ^^

@Richmt11: :D I guess it’s okay to blush if you don’t paint hardy Hochland men, and if it isn’t I don’t care. Thank you very very much.

@dagreenmoonboyz: I agree, he’s literally a white collar bad guy. ^^

@JackDaw: Cobbler, stick to your trade. Works for me. ^^

@Roostmanuva: Mostly I follow this guide (http://boringmordheimforum.forumieren.com/t705-tutorial-taking-photos-of-your-miniatures-by-hyun).
And I use a blue gradient (http://www.caletaparaisoowners.info/BlueToWhiteGradient.jpg) as backdrop. Oh and thank you.

@DAGabriel: I thought about another wash for the gold, but decided against it because I wanted to keep the model as bright as possible. The bases are very… basic I know, but in our gaming group we all do them like this. I do agree that they would probably look better with more creative bases, but these aren’t my minis, so no dice. :D

@Doi: Nope, supposed to be a herald. I have to admit though, while painting this mini I thought about starting a HE army, I do have the IoB set here. Then again I have enough on my plate with Empire and DoC right now. Can’t everybody be an Emperor Norton, colonel kane trine, etc. ^^

@Kaltheras: Thanks, good to know.

@doomscape: Thanks, I hope you won’t be too disappointed by next month’s update.

@Thalenchar: Tried my best to make it clear that this is a daemon and not a mortal, since I’m notoriously bad at conversions I had to achieve that through painting. I’m glad to know that worked out.

@The Yak: It’s sad to lose one of the major Empire painters so early in the tale. Good luck with everything!

@Morkash Gorehowl: Thank you good sir. ^^

Lord Dan
12-10-2011, 23:26
Quick WIP:


Green Feevah!
12-10-2011, 23:35
I'm really sorry this is so late, life kind of exploded. If I need to take a joker that, I understand. But I have been working. Below is a shot of the Swordmasters, and also shots of my White Lion Chariot and Silver Helms I'm working on this month. They are still WIP. The Lion Chariot is almost finished, I just need to paint the banner (not in the picture). The Silver helms are only about half done. There's a lot of work still to be done there.


I'll roll my dice and post comments later today (hopefully). Again, sorry.

12-10-2011, 23:36
Comments for the 1s! If you rolled a 1 and I missed you let me know
@Toshiro: I like your conversions and your yellows!
@Richmt11: Those are some nice looking high elves, I really like your bases and golds
@doomscape: Nice greens on your high elves, I was thinking of painting my own with green and you show that it works! Your bloodthirster looks suitably menacing.
@Trustey: Nice to see you and your son painting together, the minis came out great. Really looking forward to seeing how you two progress through the tale. The lava bases on your warriors look really awesome!

Hopefully next month I have more time to comment on everyones work, everything is looking great!

Thanks all that commented on my work. As for the criticism on bases, I am going for an older feel when GW used to just flock and goblin green the bases. Not the greatest look I know, but it makes me nostalgic!

@Avian: I used this tutorial: http://www.necrotales.com/necroTutorials/tut_gemstonesf.php colours I used were Dark Angels Green, Snot Green, Goblin Green and Scorpion Green then coated it with gloss varnish

13-10-2011, 00:45
I'm jealous of everyone's painting. I'm going to temporarily joker... hopefully I can buy it back before november 1!

13-10-2011, 02:42
@juicytomatoes: Great halfling miniatures! Which company produces them?
My company (http://www.riceballminiatures.com) ;)

What about a close-up or two?
Will do... I'll finish them up for next month's submission and take a proper photo.

Thatís a bit of an understatement for miniatures you sculpted yourself.
Ah, thanks mate! ;) It is the truth, though.

Base seems a bit light, but thatís probably just the pic, right?
Yeah, I had to adjust the levels on the photo to get it to be more visible. Will try to take better pics next time around.

13-10-2011, 06:38
DAGabriel: Not a bad idea, I'm toying with some blood red as well.
Goat of Yuggoth: Looking forward to seeing that batch painted up!
Tonny: Thanks Tonny! I hope I can keep it up, gonna need to if I'm gonna get the remaining 125 goblins done :p
colonel kane trine: Looking good, I like your tyrants tattoos, although I think I'd choose a brighter color yo make them pop out more :)
Thalenchar: Thanks man, I like multi basing the unit much because of the elaboration it allows n the bases and positioning :)
The Yak: Sorry to hear s =(
Confessor_Atol: Oooh, I am looking forward too seeing that one finished! :D
doomscape: I think those are going to look ace when ranked up together!
Morkash Gorehowl: Thanks man, I'm really glad you like them!
Spar666rawk: Me likey! He/it? looks really evil!
azhagmorglum: I like the Black Orcs, I always thought that red armor fits them well.
Avian: Thank you, you might be right, I'm gonna think a little bit on it, perhaps some blood red on them t make them stick out :)
andrewdrexler: Those EG are really good looking, and that's just WIP?!
Gargobot: Thank you! Yeah, not that you mention it, he does kinda look like a dealer, hadn't thought about that before, coool :p
Lord Dan: As always your work blows me away!
Green Feevah!: Better late then never, especially with an entry like that! Looks really really really good!
Zujara: Thank you!

colonel kane trine
13-10-2011, 09:52
@toshiro thanks for the tattoo comment I do have to admit its an area im struggling on! At the moment its literally just chaos black as im unsure how to actually do them! If anyone has any suggestions id appreciate it

13-10-2011, 10:11
The trick with painting tattoes is not to use pure Chaos black - mix in a little Vomit brown or Knarloc green, or even some of the base skin-tone you've used (Tallarn Flesh etc) just to take the edge off the black. It'll look a bit more natural.

It's a bit more difficult to do colour tats on a model this size, due to the size - the details etc will blur together and look crammed in. You should get a better result from simple geometric designs in dark block colours.

colonel kane trine
13-10-2011, 10:36
Im sticking to pure blackwork similar to what covers most of my body! Il try it with a tiny bit of tallarn flesh added and go from there

13-10-2011, 15:12
Hey folks, just a quick update. I've almost finished my actual Hydra although not the handlers but I've had hardly any painting time and got my mother visiting this weekend so that's out the window too! To be honest I've been lacking motivation recently but I'm hoping that once my internet gets activated next Monday (finally) actually being online and seeing all your lovely miniatures will inspire me to get my ass in gear (if I can find the time). I'll probably just do a double post at the end of the month with the Hydra and some Harpies (I think I'm going to be aiming for the boys total than the mans!).

Ogre's are made but need a little green stuff and waiting for some bases to come from a friend (he's casting some for me) but I hope that I'll get them painted too.

13-10-2011, 17:12
change of plan guys. ill be doing some more skeletons this month (18 of them), and Walha Letviah (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=218145&page=2) will be postponed for November (cos my exams are in November, and it'll be easier for me to leave one unit instead of 18 for that time)

p.s. sorry for me spamming my other thread, but i really want some response there from u :)

13-10-2011, 18:00
Comment time! (Page 1 and 2 and 3)

Padz: Beautiful looking damsel. I made my m@a all brown, and your patch work looks a lot better.

Mace1982: I like the way you painted it but the face looks a little... odd. Maybe I just haven't seen that one close up before.

Toshiro: Nice character in that night goblin unit. Mine is just ranked up and bland.

Juicytomatos: It might just be 60 points but they look fantastic. The main thing is that you painted something. Is the TK bsb top heavy?

colonel kane trine: Holy character attack batman! Holy infantry attack batman! You sir, are insane (in a good way).

Zujara: Great to see I inspired something :)

Great horned owl: Mold lines are a pain. Typically I just pretend they aren't there. Faces look perfect to me.

Purplebeard: I'm torn on if the white dwarf should have a purple beard or just purple high lights or just left as it is ;)

Lord Dan: That's a lot to get done in one month, especially with all the converting you did.

Andrewdrexler: bow strings on bows always make me smile.

Fanny Crowbar: The pale skin is very well done and I love the freehand on the shields.

gogs78: Would be nice to see something on the banner, but otherwise it's perfect.

Roostmanuva: I envy you. I've never been able to make blood loove good.

Kaos: Don't worry about chipping, just expect ti to happen and touch it up once a year.

dwarfhold13: I absolutely love what you did for the skin and the handprint. Very well done and I wish you had painted my orcs.

Malorian: Pretty small model count... what? were you sleeping the entire month?

Tonny: The main thing is that you started.

EmperorNorton: Drop the dark elves and double up the ogres. do what you love.

DAGabriel: Looks like you missed a part of the pole where her hand is.

Zark the Damned: Great looking unit. Well worth the effort.

the_slosh: I've never seen that model before. Neat!

spikedog: Well aren't you fancy with your spinning pictures ;) (The dwarf player in me doesn't let me acknowledge chaos dwarfs.)

Richmt11: I like how you did the wood for the mask. I don't think I've ever seen high elves with purple hair before... are you friends with Purplebeard by chance?

USASOCRanger: It's a start. Now make some more :)

Confessor_Atol: I like that you made each one individual.

dagreenmoonboyz: There are definately more than one or two conversions...

JackDaw: Now THOSE look like evil dark elves.

Tekore: I feel like a dark wash would really make this model pop and show off the details.

Avian: Those old pump wagons are the best. A note on rust: metal rusts where water pools.

z4carlo: The lines might take a while but they are well worth it.

doomscape: The bloodthirster would have been fast but that's a ton of high elves to get done in one month.

gsmc: Good to see you picking out all the details. PS my orcs want to fight you.

Shandowner: Awesome. Just... awesome. Can't wait to see the rest.

Kaltheras: Crazy! You actually made the dragon ogre look good!

Jardain: The wood on the chariot is really well done.

Trustey: I like the increasing blue on the totem.

Thalenchar: Dark and gritty, just the way they should be.

Laborious: I love that model, and you certainly did it justice. Well done.

Gargobot: Ha! Until now I never knew there was a human face mixed in. It's usually hidden in the blue.

Darnok: The maw-face makes me smile.

Saulot: I hate it when something like primer kills the momentum before you even get started. Glad you plowed through it.

Goat of Yuggoth: Very cool necromancer.

Great horned owl
13-10-2011, 18:48
1000 points High elves, work in progress oktober

I've got OOP and classic models and a few new ones.
This month I'm going to paint a chariot. With horses, no lions.
I love high elf horses. They are the reason I started collecting high elves years ago.

Picture of work in progress on one of the horses:


13-10-2011, 19:18
@Malorian, Gargobot, and the other ppl who mentioned giving the White Dwarf a purple beard (heretics!!!): There's nothing stopping me from getting another White Dwarf and giving him a purple beard. In fact, the general of my original Dwarf army from c.12 years ago was the very same version of the White Dwarf, but painted with a purple beard and in my army colours of black and white. I still have him. He is the only survivor from those ancient times though (quite fitting really).

I might photograph him for you, but the paintjob is much worse than my current stuff. I could get a third and do it in my original colours - then compare and contrast :)

He is my favourite Dwarf model. My only concern with the model is that he is a bit small by AoW or even modern GW standards. He could look awesome with the right base (i.e. looking fierce on a big rock) or shieldbearers though.

Oh, and good news. I have gotten hold of and sized up the 80s Tom Bombadil figure - he is perfect for a pony-riding Gnome Wizard. I am going to do 1000pts (Boys) Gnomes again Malorian. And I promise now that I won't make any more changes. My decision is final - Dwarves, Imp Dwarves, Chaos 2000pts each, Gnomes 1000pts. If I succeed, I will break the back of the painting left to do to my collection, otherwise I will hopefully still get loads painted.

@Great horned owl (HE): Lovely horse, very nice spots/dappling there.
@Lord Dan: These look really dynamic and enrgetic.
@Green Feevah!: Lovely work. Flowers on the bases, movement trays, and everything. Your care and attention really shows through.
@andrewdrexler: Great bases and trays again, especially with the leaves.
@azhagmorglum: They look great in the thumbnails. The picture viewer has decided not to work for me today, so I can''t see them properly.
@Confessor_Atol: One fierce-looking beast you have there.
@doomscape: Green HE - cool.
@Spar666rawk: Your WIP guy looks very promising.

13-10-2011, 19:46
sorry i took so long to reply, school started and this quarter has been about as hectic as they usually are...

here is my BSB and chaos sorcerer on steed
you may recognize the BSB model form the older bloodletter models but i figure that now that the awesome bloodletters are not cannon or in the WoC army i might as well finish painting/converting them and use them as hero's and whatnot in my army :D
naked points value:
sorc lord w/ horse: 234 or as hero: 101
BSB: 135

as i like to run them
sorc:~390 (lvl 4 with fun bits)
BSB:~210 (doom totem)
and without further ado..





this month i aim to finish 20 marauders + another sorc

13-10-2011, 22:18
Comments for all the 5's:

@Great horned owl - Fab bolt thrower and a great base.
@gogs78 - Lovely Phoenix Guard. The purple, white and gold work very well together.
@Roostmanuva - I'm not a fan of Mantic's stuff, but these look great. Really gruesome.
@gsmc - Great Skaven!
@Goat of Yuggoth - Love the Necromancer. Very effective!
@piotrov - Great stuff. Brilliant white, I don't envy you painting all that.
@someone2040 - Nicodemus ftw! Brilliant stuff. I love the tattoos on the Truthsayer.


@Lord Dan - Thanks mate! Your stuff is as amazing as usual. The cannon is very impressive.
@Toshiro - Thanks! The shields are indeed freehand.
@colonel kane trine - Thanks! I'm impressed with how much you have painted.
@Great horned owl - Thanks for the compliment.
@dwarfhold13 - I wish I hadn't used metallics on the shields. NMM is something that eludes me yet.
@spar666rawk - Thanks!
@Goat of Yuggoth - Cheers!
@Purplebeard - Thanks for all the compliments!
@Richmt11 - Thanks!
@andrewdrexler - Thanks!
@Roostmanuva - Cheers!
@dagreenmoonboyz - Thanks!
@JackDaw - Thanks! I've waiting for my next bunch of stuff to dry right now. I'm loving the bone armour on your Dark Elves.
@DAGabriel - I may add some gore at the end of the tale.
@Doi - Thanks!
@juicytomatoes - Thanks!
@Kaltheras - Cheers!
@doomscape - Thanks!
@Frejdruk - Thanks! I love that old Corsair model. It's always the first model I paint when I change my colour scheme :D
@Tonny - Thanks!
@Thalenchar - Cheers! The freehand isn't so bad as I tend to paint models in two's. Takes longer, but I need to mix it up as I can get bored quickly.
@Morkash Gorehowl - Thanks!
@Avian - Thanks! I don't mind the models. Gigantohands aside I like 'em :D
@Malorian - Thanks!

Green Feevah!
14-10-2011, 01:13
I finally caught some time to go through the thread.

I rolled a 3, so as far as I understand means I comment on all the other 3's. Which is a great group.

@Padz - Very clean work, I can't wait to see more. I've always had a soft spot for Bretonnians
@andrewdrexler - Your bases are amazing, and to do bowstrings on all the models? Craziness. I love the palette you've chosen
@the_slash - He looks good and gribbley, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your beasts.
@Confessor_Atal - Love the work on your skins, really makes the unit look imposing. Also great work on the banner.
@JackDaw - Great contrast colours, and your bases are amazing. Your WIPs are some unbelievable conversions. Excellent ideas, especially the Dark Riders.
@Tekore - Great start, I can't wait to see what you do next
@Thalenchar - Your glowing green eyes are great, and I really like how you've made the unit uniform without making them all the same. Great colour balance.
@Morkash Gorehowl - I like your gritty palette, they make your ogres very menacing. Also on your WIP, love your conversions
@Doi - That model is a great find, and I really love the subtle paint job you've given her.
@azhagmorglum - Kudos for using regiment bases, you hardly ever see them any more. Love your clean paint job, especially on the double choppas boyz armor.

Oh, and the information I forgot to post with my pictures:

Army: High Elves
Theme: Default armybook?
Unit: 20 Swordmasters, full command, ironcurse icon
Conversions: none
Highs and Lows: Got a great early start on this unit, then it fell to the side as a I got swamped with other projects, and life. Last minute dash as I got home from a wedding...not cool.
Points This Month: 335

My work for October, as was shown in my last post, is a Lion Chariot and 8 Silver Helms. 364 points.

I haven't gotten anything done on them since my post yesterday, as I'm trying to get a leg up on my other projects.

Panzer MkIV
14-10-2011, 01:28
Painting went well last month: did 6 Chaos Warriors including the standard bearer and the other 6 are also nearing completion for this month.

Unfortunately my camera is broken and beyond repair and I'll get a new one in a couple of weeks: should I use a Joker for this month then?

Lord Dan
14-10-2011, 01:36
Painting went well last month: did 6 Chaos Warriors including the standard bearer and the other 6 are also nearing completion for this month.

Unfortunately my camera is broken and beyond repair and I'll get a new one in a couple of weeks: should I use a Joker for this month then?

I would, as you can just buy it back next month.

Panzer MkIV
14-10-2011, 02:20
I would, as you can just buy it back next month.

Here it is then: a reluctant Joker


14-10-2011, 07:25
I'm going to have to joker this month as well, perhaps fairly obviously at this point.

I have got nearly 300 points of stuff nearly done, some am hopeful of redeeming myself with a double post next month!

Fingers crossed for 30 skinks and a Saurus BSB come the first week in November.

I find I really grind to a half when things just need finishing...

14-10-2011, 08:54
@Malorian: Yep it is pretty much so. It's a lot better now, with the conversion, but the original metal one was hopeless. I just couldn't get it to stand up.

Okay, that kinda sounded wrong... :shifty:

14-10-2011, 09:11
I find I really grind to a half when things just need finishing...

I am the same way... Love starting projects, big and small, and once the first few things are done I start to lose interest. Hence me joining here and actually getting more stuff done!

14-10-2011, 10:33
hey gusy. just a quick wip of my skelies, before i of to college.



will do some comments later today.. see u :)

14-10-2011, 14:02
To add to the skellies here my WIP for 3 Tales:


14-10-2011, 21:47
My delayed page 2 comments!

Malorian:They look good! Some things I would change are dirtier armour and the bases. I am not a fan of bases full with static grass, but it works wonder together with gaming mat.
EmperorNorton:Very nice! The red swords and the red inside of the cape do work nicely together.
EmperorNorton:Great unit The metal is really great!
DAGabriel:Two great mini's! Great colour choice!
Zark the Damned:Looks great! Would it be possible for next month to have bigger pics?
the_slosh:Nice, the muted colours looks good, still a litte bit more contrast between colours would make the stand out more.
spikedog:Awesome, this is for me the highlight of the first month. I love everything about it, the mini's, the colours, the red, the metal. It's perfect! :D Everything is so professional!
Richmt11:The shaman is fantastic, very colourful character! The black orcs are nice too!
Richmt11:Another painting machine:P Great work!
USASOCRanger:The black armour is very well done! Good contrast with the red! Very nice!
Confessor_Atol:Another fantastic tale, the painting is done at a high standard! The skintone is very good!
dagreenmoonboyz:Love the tattoo's, the skintone is also very good! Great work! The stonetrolls are ace, love the statue colours!
JackDaw:The metal is great, it fits perfectly my image I have about Dark Elves! The skintone is super!
Tekore:A huge close-up! And it still looks good! Great work! The painting and the base are very well done!
Avian:The AoW shaman is a great mini and you have done it justice! It's a shame that the shamans face is a bit difficult to see in the pic. The pump wagon is great! Well done! The black orcs are also good, only the metal rust could have some different colour tones in it. Still very nice!

Page 3 will follow soon:)

14-10-2011, 23:32
whew! painting is going very slow this month. midterms ruined my roll, and dreadfleet also introduced a speed bump.
got my hands on some long owed moneys and went to the store the other day... i've been working on conversions and stuff instead of painting. I picked up two more boxes of boars, 2 boxes of savage orks, the other box of trolls, my 2 mangler 'pigs', and ordered the ultraforge giant, gamezone wolf riders, and the scibor summer ork! my wallet is on fire, and I really couldn't keep the money in it.
the scibor summer ork will be 'floating' in a skink spawn pool, and I can't decide if I'm going to making it into a turn counter or something just for the scenic base

edit.. i'll add some wip:

15-10-2011, 06:35
@dwarfhold13 - Absolutely LOVE the worshipping Savage Ork. Pure brilliance!

15-10-2011, 10:04
That worshipping orc might just be the single best model I have ever seen, I love it!

15-10-2011, 13:29
thanks guys! lol, I love how he came out too, and I had to do something like the heart on his butt.. I was going to try and paint something like "MUM" in it, but that'll be a detail later.
For those curious, the ork is a boar boy ork from the box but I had to green stuff the joints and add the balls of his feet as they are kinda flat in the box.. nothing more than drill a hole and put a blob of liquid green stuff, let it dry for a bit and then smooth it out when it's putty like.
The leaves are actually made of aluminum foil. there is a thin layer of glue and it's doubled over. you cut football type shapes out and fold them over the edge of your knife. After you unfold them, they have that crease down the middle, you glue them to wherever they are going, and add the ripples to the edges.. done!

15-10-2011, 15:29
That's awesome.
I should write down the instructions for building the leaves somewhere.
Where are the goblins with the masks from?

15-10-2011, 17:44
Argh, more stuff arrived in the mail today so now I'm wondering if I can get four wolf chariots converted and painted by Friday.

15-10-2011, 18:57
@dwarfhold13: Wow brilliant model!
Have you thought about this guy (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/tiki/sku-down/14488) for your army, I think he'd fit the theme perfectly.

@EmperorNorton: The goblins and part of the shrine from the worshiping savage orc are from reaper. (Link (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/pygmy/sku-down/03497))

15-10-2011, 19:33
A joker for this month I'm afraid.

Next month, I hopefully will have a Sorceror and Lord done.

15-10-2011, 23:36
@dwarfhold13: Wow brilliant model!
Have you thought about this guy (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/tiki/sku-down/14488) for your army, I think he'd fit the theme perfectly.

@EmperorNorton: The goblins and part of the shrine from the worshiping savage orc are from reaper. (Link (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/pygmy/sku-down/03497))

thanks! and thanks for pointing emperor in the right direction.. that's exactly where I got them.. they are fairly expensive ($20), but I couldn't live without em.. this is by far the most expensive army i've ever built.. i'm somewhere in the 750 mark now, and still have a little way to go. you forget about the little things that add up.. like basing and paint/primer... oh well.. it'll be worth it!
i'll have to see if I can add that guy in somewhere.. he's very much decked out.. if I had a gobbo caster or something he would be perfect..
someone gave me the idea of a piglet herder swarm.... i'm looking at malifaux stuffed piglets and something for herders

everyone else is doing awesome on here.. guys, keep it up.. and i'll just try and keep up :) got the 3 pigs base coated lastnight, so they are in progress.. need to just finish up the troll and i think i would feel better..

15-10-2011, 23:39
Page 3 comments:

z4carlo:Those look great! But I would love to see a closer look? Would it be possible for the next month have close up pics?
doomscape:Damn 900+ points! The green works very well! Great army!
gsmc:Very nice! The skaven look great, I am waiting to see more and how you will tackle the hordes clanrats:P
Shandowner:This is Sparta! Hehe they look great!
Kaltheras:Beautiful! I really like dark colours, it works perfectly! Wulfrik the Wanderer is really well done, the armour is fantastic!
Jardain:Both models looks great! Although I hope you find your camera next month:P
Trustey:Oh, those savages orcs do look great, I am more fan of darker green for Orcs, but your orcs really do look good with lighter green.
Thalenchar:The Skaven look great, the same colour as I am doing my Skaven army:), the chaos warrior also looks good!
Laborious:Beautiful! If your whole tale have insanly high standard, it will be a marvelous army!
Gargobot:It could be painted by the eavy metal team. It's perfect, congratulations!
Darnok:Very nice, I am a fan of a more human skintone on orcs. Or atleast a lighter skintone. The rest is very well painted! Looking forward to see more!
Saulot:Cool a Bretonnia tale! Very nice bowmen, I see you used the old metals. I am curios how the rest of your army will look like:)
Goat of Yuggoth:Cool graveguard, I am not a fan of blueish weapons, I think it's difficult to pull of, You did a good job at it! The necromancer is great!

Next time I will comment page 4!

16-10-2011, 04:40
I've been sick this month so i'll have to pull out a joker :(

16-10-2011, 10:58
Dwarfhold, the shrine is ace! A simple, yet incredibly effective combination of models!

For myself, I got a Troglodyte from... 1983 I think (a few years older than myself anyways) to use as Gorger. Problem is: The model is tiny, even for a old model. :D It is supposed to go on a 40x40 base, but is smaller than a Orc warrior! :D

colonel kane trine
16-10-2011, 13:29
I found a super old chaos dwarf randomly the otherday! Its older than me!
Expect to see it in my army soon!

I also found tzarina katarina if any empire people want her pm me

16-10-2011, 23:58
How is everyone faring so far this month?

I've got my Dark Elf entry done (but when I only had to paint one model again that wasn't hard :shifty:) but my Ogres are still in the process of being built. My liquid greenstuff just arrived in the mail so I can fill in the gaps on my Irongut's arms but I've got to finish the TO40KP Orks I'm currently working on before I start painting them.


17-10-2011, 00:27
I am already around 600 points this month (i think)... guess i am ahead of schedule.
But i am procrastinating on rank and file boyz.

17-10-2011, 01:14
putting along and slowly! it's been a busy month.. tests, tests and more tests..

17-10-2011, 06:26
Going slow for me, a number of deteriorations at my workplace has kinda drained me of energy and taken away my painting momentum. Haven't even touched a brush or a model in four days now. :(

17-10-2011, 06:33
I'm about done for next months entry. Just a couple of Dark Elf Crossbowmen(elves) to do.

17-10-2011, 06:52

Brilliant! Cute little heart on his buttocks ;)

Only the magnificence of the shrine orc overshadowed these cute little critters. Well done on these too!

17-10-2011, 08:05
Here's a sneak peek at what's up next for our savage orcs...


17-10-2011, 09:30
Hello joining in a month late but these two minis i actually painted in September.

Loving everyones work so far, very inspiring

I thought I would share with you the beginnings of my frost themed Ogre Kingdoms army.

Got inspired after watching Thor so smurf blue ogres it is.

Sorry about the poor pictures the skintone isnt that flat up close.

http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/3204/004kxi.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/809/004kxi.jpg/)
http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/6871/002zat.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/194/002zat.jpg/)

http://img845.imageshack.us/img845/2521/002cco.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/845/002cco.jpg/)
http://img844.imageshack.us/img844/8518/001jgq.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/844/001jgq.jpg/)

Next is 2 sabretusk and then onto the Bulls

17-10-2011, 10:09
Time to put up my WiP pics.

My skaven will be bolstered with 30 Plague Monks this month. Coupled with the clanrats I did for last month thatīll be the two of the biggest units in my force over and done with, which is nice. Also, that'll probably mean I'll do a smaller unit for next month most likely :p Going for a tabletop ready finish, while my WoC will get a better paintjob.

Speaking of which, for my WoC I'll be finishing the sorcerer I started last month, and make a start with a unit of Warriors. Going for a very light grey / white scheme for the Warriors, so we'll see how they'll end up!

As for my Daemons, Iīm still struggling over a colour scheme. So much so that Iīm considering swapping them out for another army altogether :p I do want to paint more stuff, so I'll decide soon.

P.S. if the bases seem to be a bit white, that's because the PVA glue was still drying when I took these pics!

17-10-2011, 11:58
Slow progress for me this month gents - my firstborn has been playing up recently, leaving me little time to paint in the evenings. On the plus side, the crossbows are pretty much finished, just the skin and a burst of purity seal to go. Then I'll try and get the Emissary done to make up the rest of this months points.

Goat of Yuggoth
17-10-2011, 12:35
Thanks for all the comments folks!

Update on my part: Upped the storyline a bit, it's on my blog (in the sig), have a read if you're interested in dismal tales of the old world ;)

And I did a raw color tester on the Ghoulies, here you go!


Goatey Matey

17-10-2011, 15:09
Argh again, the extra gobbos I have been waiting for (they are Heartbreaker Goblin archers) show up, but it turns out they are far too large to fit with my other gobbo chariot crew. :(

17-10-2011, 15:48
So I have been painting a bit and making some fairly decent progress, only for Griffin (my little boy) to decide he was gonna repaint one of my wraiths whilst I was at work nightmare! I'll try and get pictures to show the damage.

colonel kane trine
17-10-2011, 18:15
I have nearly finished my tomb king side of the tale 600+ points and I totalled up my ogres there past 1000 points currently! Might have an easy month in november and just paint my 4 mournfangs!

Keep up the good work everyone! Cant wait to see your next entries!

17-10-2011, 19:21
Small update - despite my earlier moan about no painting time, the crossbows are now done - yay! Finished pics and background can be seen in my plo - obviously I'll put some pics up here as well once it's time.
Started on the Emissary - hour and half of painting = bone armour done. Why in God's name did I choose this colour again? ;)

17-10-2011, 21:09
@JackDaw: lol, if you already feel that way about the armour colout now, you'll be pulling your hair out by the end of the Tale! Hang in there ;)

@Colonel: Good stuff :) And you know painting four mournfangs in a month would be a regular month for us normal people, right? ;)

colonel kane trine
17-10-2011, 21:51
@thalenchar Itd be alot less than my current tale promise! Im meant to paint 2 600 point blocks a month but if I paint settra and the mournfangs I would be under my target but I dont think itd matter too much for 1 month
Keep it up mate I love the bone scheme its so unique! Also I need to pm you regarding that maneater :-P