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Dirty Mac
03-10-2011, 09:01
I have decided to make a 1600pt list, It will be a Corsair raiding party list.

I have suggested to my friend that, we roll for terrain and deploy normally, but because of the element of surprise (Invasion) that i get first turn.

But i was also thinking that fluff wise, He might not have time to muster all his forces. so he might not have a Lvl 4 arch mage ready, only a lvl 2, or maybe limit his elite troops.

What do you guys think? what do you suggest to make it fluffy but not too one sided? Thanks.

03-10-2011, 10:05
Give him a small elven village to defend on his side. You start the game. If you feel like it dig up the not too old WD raid rules and use those.

Dirty Mac
03-10-2011, 10:26
I explained my idea to him and he just thinks he will get slaughtered like he usually does. so i told him to just write a regular 1600pt list. and i will run my corsair list.
Thanks for the tip, I will delete my list in the OP just in case he reads it.

03-10-2011, 12:33
Look man if the guy is afraid of losing "like he always" does then you should give his defending party like 400 "extra" points to play with.

That way I think you're both gonna have more fun. It's just a thought.

Placing an opponant used to losing vs your Dark Elves in a scenario where the odds are stacked in your favor seems pretty.. meaningless.. to me. So yeah, do the Scenario like you wrote but let him have 2000points while you just have 1600points.

Oogie boogie boss
03-10-2011, 12:57
I'd go further than that, and play a reinforcement based game. For example, you have 1,600pts, he has 3,200. However, he only starts with 1,000pts for the first two turns, then his units come on randomly in groups of 500pts in each subsequent turn, as if his coastal force is reinforced by troops from the area. Thus though he will have a numerical advantage, he won't be able to concentrate those forces overwhelmingly. There could also be two or three objectives for you to capture/him to defend.
You could also do a random game length, so you have the advantage for the beginning, but each turn the game continues, the balance swings.
I've done this before and it's fun, different, and works with the background of your force.

03-10-2011, 13:04
spearman archers and local noble (bsb) from the village
level 4 with swordmaster bodyguard who happen to be nearby
eagles- fluff says its often the eagles that warn of DE raids, maybe reavers

would have thought thats all he needs to beat you

at 1600 level 4 with life and swordmasters is savage

Dirty Mac
03-10-2011, 13:39
Well, this will be our 4th serious game. and last time at 1500pts he took a lvl 4 with life and Sword Masters and he conceded half way through the 2nd turn. I don't think my list would have stood up to a brutal assault as it was basically one block of corsairs. with some shooters as support.

03-10-2011, 14:53
My general view is that if you want to do a scenerio, and the main/only reason is because of the cool things it does for you, don't do it.

I know you want to do it to be fluffy, but setting up a game and claiming auto first turn and restrictions for you opponent's army put the mechanicts firmly on your side.

Plus, fluff based mechanics are slippery things. There is just as good an argument that the HEs say the corsair ships, had time to gather their full forces and are waiting, therefore they should have auto first turn. Maybe a reculsive level 4 archmage lives in the village after leaving the White Tower.

Personally I think coming up with a scenerio to use a specific army in is a bad idea.

Dirty Mac
03-10-2011, 15:33
Yeah, I was just seeing what other people thought. i thought that not taking a mage or harpies or a hydra or any other real infantry would make it unfair for me.
And i wasn't sure what would be acceptable fluff wise. it's just a list that i want to try.

i thought it would be nice to have a theme to it. if it all fails i'll just keep running the same old 1500pt list as before.