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pink panther
15-04-2006, 10:48
Hey all, im looking to do a scratch sculpted inquisitor scale miniture for golden deamon. So far i have three idears on paper and am still looking for more. The 1st 1 was a living saint, the second was comander farsight (i no im mad to even think that at =][= scale) and a spryer hunter.

15-04-2006, 13:40
Commander farsight might be a little.. er... big.

The spryer hunter would be cool (I'd just like to see it really) but I simply have to go for the living saint, if only for the fact that now you've suggested it I want to do it too :D

Got any sketches you could show us? Further ideas etc

Rich 123
15-04-2006, 14:30
I think it depends on where your individual skills lie as to which you should choose.

If you are very confidant in your abilities with Green Stuff then the possible detail available to sculpt on the Living Saint could make it beautiful .. and also very hard.

The Spyrer would be easier for having to sculpt less fiddly details, alot of it would be just smoothed areas of green stuff and pipes and such.

However, farsight in his battlesuit could be constructed mainly from plasticard to give clean sharp edges (if you have a good command of plasticard - can you cut and glue it well and create a strong structure for instance) using Green Stuff just for details. This would alos make the (much much larger) mini both lighter and a little easier to make, rather than using green stuff and smoothing it so carefully as it would need for all those flat surfaces! Its huge size would also command alot of attention as this thing would probably easilly be in excess of 150mm tall provided the suit was on the ground.

If you elaborated on your plans as well as maybe post or fill us in on what you have done in the past and your particular abilities. The problem with =I= scale is that any Green Stuff will be over a bigger area and you have to smooth it far more carefully as well as there being more details to be sculpted or reinterpretted from their 28mm equivalent, even though the larger scale makes for larger details.

Post some of your previous sculpts and maybe some concepts for us to see please!
Good luck with this and whatever choice you make

15-04-2006, 14:49
Why not Farsight in person? There's a nice piece of art of him outside his battlesuit in the first Codex:Tau.

15-04-2006, 14:56
I've tried sculpting in inquisitor scale. In fact, it's the only scale I've attempted to make scratch sculpts of anything!

I started this ork several months back. I ended up with something that would be the size of a grot in =][= but would make a decent warboss in 40k... :P


Yes, no way will I be sending this to Golden Daemon... :P

15-04-2006, 15:26
Hey if you want some insperation i'd reckomend; www.exterminatus.net

Regards Oldbury

15-04-2006, 19:51
I'd recommend looking through the artwork in the Inquisitor rule book (available on-line here: http://www.specialist-games.com/inquisitor/assets/lrb/InqLRBpart1.pdf).

There are some great character concepts in its art that have never seen the light of day. In fact, some have already featured in the demons, scratchbuilt for one category or another.


15-04-2006, 20:21
An Ork will be really impressive.. especially when you add a normal human next to him ^_^

Huge = Good

I sculpted a 54mm orc last year for a 54mm brewhouse bash game..


It isn't perfect.. but you get a idea with the Brother Josef model next to him..

15-04-2006, 22:22
For an ambitious project make an Ulthwe Farseer ambassador in a diplomatic Viper limousine.

At least that's what I always wanted to do in 54mm scale.

Rich 123
16-04-2006, 00:05
Oh that is very interesting idea Hortwerth. I to have always been interested in modelling the less martial, more civilian aspects of races in 40k.

A viper could be made pretty well with a vacuum mould too, could be fantastic! That is, if you had access to tools like that. Buut even something like the viper hovering just off the ground or resting on some suitably daintly looking landing skids with the diplomat descending from it.

Great stuff