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20-10-2011, 22:52
A friend and I are considering starting Warmaster at our store. It'd start with the two of us and progress into... maybe as many as 6 others. The end goal would be for each person to have about 4,000 points.

Now, I've got all the downloads and whatnot, but I'd like some advice from you grizzled vets as to what dark elf units I should get for 2,000, 3,000, and 4,000 armies. A side board is ok, too.

I know I'll need at least 8 spearmen units (3 stands each, so 8 blisters, right?), 4 crossbow units, and 1 general (or is it 1 general per 1,000 points?) - how many would you recommend of the other units?


Cpt. Drill
21-10-2011, 03:09
Cold one Knights are some of (if not) the best cav in the game and seeing as Warmaster is usually won with cav, max out on them. After that Harpies are really useful so always try to fit in as many as you can. From 2k+ I would say that a hero on manticore is a must have. I always like 'fanatic units' such as witch elves because they do so much damage and will generally make their points back. After that its up to you.

21-10-2011, 08:45
I know I'll need at least 8 spearmen units (3 stands each, so 8 blisters, right?), 4 crossbow units, and 1 general (or is it 1 general per 1,000 points?) - how many would you recommend of the other units?

Yes that's right, 8 blisters. There's a unit in each blister pack. You can (and must have) only have 1 general whatever the points cost. I'd recommend the sceptre of sovereignty, it prevents your characters from being assassinated if they blunder a command check.

I've just painted up a 3k dark elf WM army. I've had about 7 games with them so far. Here's what i'm finding......

As capt drill says Cold Ones Knights are very good and very expensive units. Dark Elves don't have chariot units. I consider hvy cav and chariots to be fairly similar units in regards to the game (chariots are initially harder hitting, hvy cav has the armour. Chariots overall slightly weaker, hence cheaper) If you get to fight on your own terms with these units they are lethal. In 2k i'd max out, 3k and 4k i wouldn't max out. (your break point will be too low)

War Hydra's and Dark Riders haven't been great for me so far, but that's probably because my main opponent is the Bretonnians. Best against infantry. I take a War Hydra because i like the figure.

I've been taking as many bolt throwers as i can, mainly because they are cheap. But they've been performing great. Same tactic as usual, concentrated fire.

Spearmen and crossbowmen have performed surprisingly well for me. Two xbow units either side of 2 RBT units works well. If you play alot of scenarios and objectives then spearmen are going to be the ones that hold them.

Harpies are good. I normally have 2 units in a 3k game. Flyers are nasty if they land behind the combat (especially with a Cold One charge)

Witch Elves are okay, i'm unsure about them so far. You need to protect them from shooting. They're very good at guarding against a flank charge. I've found mine have died quickly.

Manticore i haven't taken at 2k, but i would at higher point games.

You won't have many characters, it's only 1 hero and 1 sorceress per 1,000. I've taken close to max all the time.
I've converted a cauldron of blood (you can't buy it, but it's in your army list) it's been ok, helps get a one-shot spell off

01-11-2011, 22:26
Nuada gives good advice.


08-11-2011, 09:59
Don't forget, magic and shooting are not as effective in this game as in others.
Yet terror causes are.
So a unit of cold ones with a terror causing hero attached is a formidable opponent, even more so if you can get them into the rear or flanks.
Whenever I buy an amy I decide on what points I will eventually hope to field and max out to that for each troop choice, for 4000 points of DE you will end up with 6000 points of models, but a load of choices when it comes to picking your forces ;)

hence why I have 10000 points of Chaos, high elves, skaven to mention just a few ;)

09-04-2013, 21:15
Sorry for this bit of nefarious threadomancy, but if anyone has some Warmaster Dark Elves they're looking to get rid of, please let me know.