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21-10-2011, 18:46
Well, in our current group we have a wardancer, and she reached lvl 4 recently.

While i am certain that people know of the prowess of this hero early on, i must say that it keeps getting better and better. What i'd like to point out, though, is the luck factor for Wardancers.

I've not seen this for many other heroes out there, but the fact that they can buy luck points (for 1000gc each) lead me to wonder why. The answer came after our first wardancer died during a troupe visit.

This hero is extremely reliant on luck in order to achieve good results in his settlement (troupe) ventures, but most importantly, in order to "dip" his swords into those fabled springs of Ariel.

Our current Wardancer has delayed its level progression in order to buy Lucky Charms and avoided to use any luck points during dongeons: she uses them solely for the troupe visit, and even more precisely for the "Wild spirit" occurence. We did find a peddlar twice in our travels (50gc lucky charm!) as well.

This means that since lvl 3, she could reliably get 1-2 aspects between each adventures.

The result is just insane: the fully boosted Swords of Orion are definitely the best item(s) of the game when it comes to pure prowess. Nothing come close, because the item grows in power as the character levels up.

We are confident that after the next dongeon, she will be able to get her last two remaining aspects. Here's the run down on our little dancer:

+3 Toughness
+2-6 attacks
+2-8 wounds inflicted
Enemies are at -2 to hit
Dodge 5+
Regenerate 4+ (1D6w)

Not only this...but we've come upon a Spell Eater Rune... (5+ Magic resistance). Imagine a rune of Death :skull:

If you have a wardancer with your team, remember this and have him/her save her luck for the real thing :)

23-10-2011, 00:51
I reread the booklet today, it is pretty bonkers. Not only do you have to find the troupe first, you've still got to go on the wild hunt and find the springs. And even then you're still a glass cannon who could get crumped in a couple of turns if things go badly.

24-10-2011, 18:01
Indeed, that's why they rely so much on luck points.

Having a team that is willing to help you find the "trophies" is also very handy (example: we stayed for a dozen extra turns fighting monsters to wait for skavens to show, that was the only way our wardancer could pay his blood money).

But the result, once the swords are on their way to completion, will definitely help prevent the "glass cannon" effect. At least that's our observations with the local lvl 4 wardancer in our team.

The best monsters of the game (super high WS) will hit the wardancer 22% of the time (-2 to hit, dodge 5+). Most will do so only 11% of the time.

I'm not saying the wardancer is the best hero, but merely stating a way to make him shine seriously. Someone not focusing on the luck/swords factors will perhaps end up with just what you said, a glass canon.

24-10-2011, 18:29
Well yes if your going to min/max then any character is powerful.

For example, The Witchunter who stays at a low level and rolls away on his help chart will become devilishly hard. Iron Talisman warhammer lets you channel faith for an extra D6 Damage per point. Now using faith to hit, you then strike for regular damage plus an extra 10-20D6 (with all those holywaters you rolled up) laughing off the damage with your insane health (from the special healing potions).

My Lord of Anarion got lucky and kept rolling A on the training table. The result was a warrior with WS8 and A10 dealing 3d6+S+weapon bonus damage with all of about 15W.

The sword aspects are good if you can get them but if she is level 4 and she has basically all the aspects allready thats some pretty damn impressive dice rolling, even with re-rolls. When the dice smile like that anyone can be happy.

24-10-2011, 20:58
Blah screw it...the point was simply to serve as a note to other wardancers who want their swords to buy those lucky charms and save luck for troupe stuff.

That's it.

25-10-2011, 00:09
Point noted, however my response was aimed more to the fact that while every wardancer aims to get the swords aspected up, you have to be doing some serious level grinding and min/maxing to get that many aspects at level 4.

Your looking at finding a troupe, surviving the hazards of meeting the troupe, going on the wild hunt, rolling a 5+ to find the spring of Ariel. Then he needs to repeat this after every adventure to get a new aspect.

And yes, RAW that lucky charm is definatly dodgy, should be one use only IMO.

25-10-2011, 04:18
I'd probably agree with you, but the troupe thing is seriously weird; the chap needs luck to get anything worthwhile done and survive the bad mishaps.

25-10-2011, 13:09
Its no worse than alot of other charts and tables in the game, look at some of the things that can happen to the poor chaos warrior when he gains a mutation.

WHQ is well known for the severity of its charts and tables, there are events in town which will kill a top level character on a bad dice roll with no comebacks. There are discussions below on this subject and how to change it for the better.

Luck is very useful to avoid this in any situation, the Imperial Noble has a skil lto restore his luck before entering a settlement for example.

25-10-2011, 18:00
I agree the charm should be one use only, but maybe cost a little less. 1000gold is harsh for a one time bonus.