View Full Version : Using the RP Book without the rest of WQ

Mister Magister
24-10-2011, 18:55
Would it be possible to use the RP Book as a pure RPG without any of the other stuff from the box set?
I'm gonna be running an RPG for my gf and a few friends when I next get to see her and I'm hoping that it's doable as I really loved WQ and it'd be cheaper than getting into WHFR, GURPS or D&D.

24-10-2011, 19:03
Short answer: not really.

Long answer: WHQ is not an RPG in the same way as shadowrun or d+d, it's more of a combat board game with some rpg elements. The rpg book would certainly make a good sourcebook, but is really intended to expand the basic WHQ game to something more advanced.

26-10-2011, 17:41
I tend to agree with Necantrhope. IMO it wouldn't work as a deep, standalone RPG.

I think there is enough potential though to expand a quest into more of a narrative adventure than just a hack and slash dungeon crawl, where other skills/abilities might come into play rather than just WS and BS. If they're not much used to RPGs too, WHQ might be great because it has more depth than a typical boardgame but far less complexity than a full-fledged RPG.

Mister Magister
26-10-2011, 17:50
I'd love to get them playing WHQ, but the ebay prices are daunting to say the least. It would be nice to have 200+ spare, let alone the price of buying all the bits seperately!

The plan (well, half-baked idea, really) was to get the RP book from ebay and use that alone to run something basic, but it's been years since I last played (we're talking 97-ish) and it was a copy belonging to a friend. Since that's not feasible, I guess I'll just have to spend a bit more money on WHFRP!

Thanks for the help :)

26-10-2011, 18:19
If you have access to the rules you can play quest without all the pieces. You would have to draw it out on a grid in a similar manner to a more conventional RPG. This would, imo, be a pretty bad way to do it though. You'd be far better off playing WFRP if this is the kind of thing you want.

Mister Magister
26-10-2011, 18:34
Yeah, that sounds like the best bet. She's shown a lot of interest in Warhammer and 40K, so GURPS and D&D would have been a last resort!

I'll just have to start a WHQ fund and save up for that for a later date!

27-10-2011, 09:12
If you can find a copy of the rule books, it is possible to play Quest with no miniatures, and the rules are simple enough that most people pick them up quite quickly.
When playing the advanced version of the game, there is no need to use the multitude of cards that were provided with the game really, especially when the GM designs the dungeon layout first. But the cards do make the game run at a better clip, and the board sections and miniatures have always brought the game to life for me :-)

31-10-2011, 16:29
The roleplay book for quest is mostly dice tables for events, travelling and visiting settlements, the monster biestary and so on. If a Warhammer Roleplaying game is what your after, you are better served with Quests Big Brother, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP for short).

This is a very brutal and gritty roleplaying game set in the warhammer world. There are hundreds of character options and it is a very good game for capturing the essence of warhammer.

Problem is, its out of print. First Edition is good, Second Edition is better provided you ignore most of the background (It was all set during the "Storm of Chaos" which now hasnt happened....)

This is no real problem, the core books are all on ebay at a much more reasonable price than WHQ and you can play the whole thing with just the main rulebook, anything else is an optional extra.

There is a third edition in print by Fantasy Flight Games. Its...ummm...a bit rubbish IMO being a cross between a board and card game, however its biggest drawback is that in order to play the same number of characters and options as the second edition rulebook (about 25 when it came out) you need alot more than just the core game (Probably the best part of 200...I wish I was kidding....)