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26-10-2011, 13:57
So, how do you base the models that you're using for Warhammer Quest? bases painted a stone grey? sand flocked bases painted grey maybe, or do you go all out and make flagstone bases with layers of greenstuff? I've had fun with the bases of my warriors cutting up flagstones out of 2mm thick card and sticking it to the bases. It means I have to cut the tabs off the models and glue their feet to the base, but the effect is pretty cool.

Also, what about your monsters? Have you got an entire dungeon's worth of monsters on grey stone bases, or are they just based for the battlefield because they come from your Fantasy armies?

26-10-2011, 14:23
In the old days they were lucky to be painted at all if they were monsters. I used to base my Warriors on circular bases painted black with the old GW modelling gravel on them.

This time around i'm still deciding on brown square bases, or plain black. I will probably want to use my monsters for the occasional game of warhammer or mordhiem after all. Maybe even 40k for the demons.

26-10-2011, 17:34
If I bother basing at all, it's generally dark brown or grey, with no added texture or flagstones. This applies to heroes and enemies. I like the idea of black-painted bases though, since that would help the characters stand out even more.

27-10-2011, 10:44
I usually use Heresy metal flagstone bases, or I have a set of green stuff moulds that I created from some flagstone bases sculpted from milliput/greenstuff. You just put a blob of greenstuff on a standard base, push it into the mould and "Robert's your mother's brother" as they say:

http://imperialvault.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/22102010821-300x225.jpg http://imperialvault.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/02112010886-300x225.jpg http://imperialvault.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/31102010878-300x225.jpg

You'll have to forgive the painting and poor camera work, I have more enthusiasm than skill when it comes to the modelling/painting side of the hobby. I have some more recent 20mm bases that I used for my Skaven that are done with smaller tiles rather than one larger tile per base, I'll dig them out and take a pic soon if I can.

I usually paint mine plain grey, but there are small details sculpted onto my own bases like chains, swords, skulls or whatever that are picked out with a bit of colour. I also glue bits of masonry or the odd small object like a treasure chest just for variety. For my daemons I went for odd colours like blue or green, just to make them stand out a little bit.

28-10-2011, 09:15
I use either the Sanctuary resin bases from Dragon Forge or do my own using York stone paving sheets from Wills. Depending on the colours used I also add some grass if it doesn't detract too much from the model itself.

Some models, however, come with very nice bases as well, in which case I tend to use them as well (just paint them the same sort of colours (dark greys usually).


28-10-2011, 14:55
using York stone paving sheets from Wills
Have you got a link for those?

28-10-2011, 15:23
Have you got a link for those?

Here's a link to them being sold on Antenociti


They do a number of sheet materials, good roofing tiles and stuff like that too. Does get frustrating though - cutting these sheets for each monsters base - hence why I like the resin bases (though they need some work if you have slotta models)

28-10-2011, 15:44
Thanks for the link, Daemonslave. I'll be sure to check them out :-)