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01-11-2011, 07:43
Welcome to the Tale of 40k Painters 2011-2012!

What is the Tale all about?
The aim of the Tale of Painters is to get an army fully painted within the next 12 months.

For most 40k armies the size will be somewhere between 1000 and 2000 points, but you can go higher if you want to (and you're crazy enough)! AI, BFG and Epic armies will be slightly different, but as long as you choose an appropriate sized army for your game system then there's no problem.

Once you've chosen your army, your target is to paint roughly 10% of your army each month. For example, if you've chosen a 2000 point army then your monthly target would be 200 points. The Tale runs for one year (September 2011 to August 2012), so if you stick to your 10% monthly target then you'll only need to paint for 10 months of the year.

To cover the months when you can't/don't paint, you get 2 'Jokers'. You can play a 'Joker' at any time (provided you haven't used them both up!), which essentially means that you don't have to meet your target for that month. They can used for real life events (such as births, deaths, marriages, exams, holidays) or if you're just having a bad/slow month. If you play a 'Joker' then feel free to post a suitable image instead (of a Joker or something funny).

What is this thread all about?
This thread is for completed entries for last month (up until the 7th) and work in progress (WIP) for this month (from the 8th). Please only post completed work for last month until the 7th.

From the 8th, feel free to post any WIP pictures of what you're going to be painting this month, army lists, background stories, battle reports, questions, and comments on anyone else's posts. You can post as little or as much as you like in the thread, but please keep it WIP from the 8th of the month. Do not post any completed work for this month until after the next thread opens at the start of next month.

If you have not posted by the 8th of the month, then you will have to play one of your 'Jokers'. If you have failed to post by the 8th of the month and have already played both of your 'Jokers', then unfortunately you will be out of the Tale.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q : Am I too Late? Can I still Join in?
A : No, you're not too late and can still join in! Just post in this thread stating which army and how many points you would like to paint, and I'll add you to the list in the second post. For example, if you wanted to paint 2k of Orks you would put 'Orks - 2000 points'. Please aim to paint at least 1000 points in total (or at least 500 points for each 'Multiple' army).

Q : Do I have to stick to just one army? #NEW#
A : No, you can paint more than one army if you want to! Quite a few people like to paint more than one army at a time, so if you fall into this category then just list each army you wish to paint when you sign up. 'Multiple' armies don't have to be the same size, but please aim to paint at least 500 points for each army, otherwise you're probably better off starting your own plog if you just want to paint lots of random things. For the purposes of 'Multiple' armies, As long as you aim for 10% of your combined total each month then it doesn't matter what order you paint things in. You could paint 10% of each army each month, or alternate armies each month, or 5 months of one army followed by 5 months of another army, or whatever combination best suits you.

Q : Can I paint more than 10% of my army in a month?
A : Yes, you aren't bound by the rules of the Tale, and it's great to get ahead. BUT, we would like you only to post 10% (approx) each month and try to stay roughly on track with 10% per month. For example, if you're painting 2000 points that means 200 points in month 1, 400 points by month 2, 600 points by month 3, etc. This way you won't depress those of us who are struggling to keep up.

Q : Can I paint less than 10% of my army in a month?
A : Yes, you aren't bound by the rules of the Tale, but we would like you to try to stay on track by painting more points in the next month to 'catch up'. For example, if you're painting 2000 points and you only painted 100 points one month you could try and get 300 points painted the next month. Equally if you paint more one month you can take it easy and paint less the next month.

Q : What happens when I paint an expensive character/tank/unit?
A : This happens a lot. If your character/tank/unit is over 10% of your army you could simply paint him/it/them over two months (the sort of time your general/tank/expensive unit deserves!). For example, one year my monthly target was 200 points and I painted a Stompa (600 points). I split painting the model into (roughly) 3 months of 200 points, posting new WIP shots each month.

Q : Do I have to play my 2 'Jokers' during the Tale?
A : No, you don't have to play them at all. If you can manage to paint/post for the full 12 months then congratulations, you'll have exceeded your target and truly embodied the spirit of the Tale!

Q : Can I 'buy back' my 'Jokers' during the Tale? #NEW#
A : Yes, you can 'buy back' your 'Jokers' during the Tale. If you have already played a 'Joker' and manage to get a month ahead (either by painting double one month or painting a bit more than your target for a few months), then just state in your entry for that month that you wish to 'buy back' your 'Joker' and I'll take it off for you.

Q : What's with the D6 roll in your post?
A : The D6 roll was an idea introduced to help ensure that everyone gets some comments on their work. If everyone rolls a D6 when they post (I use the [D&D dice roller] if I don't have a D6 to hand), then we should have six roughly equal groups each month. Then, if you comment on those people who rolled the same as you everyone will receive some feedback. So, if you roll a 1, comment on all of the other 1's, if you rolled a 2, comment on all of the other 2's, and so on. Of course, if you have the time/want to, there's nothing stopping you from commenting on anyone's/everyone's work.


I'll start off by posting my completed entry for last month. Feel free to copy my post to use as a template (edited to suit your army), but as long as you post your Monthly total, Total to date, Unit(s) painted and a picture then that's fine.

If anyone has any other questions, please direct them to misterboff (me).

01-11-2011, 07:43
Here is a list of who's signed up for the Tale of 40k Painters 2011-2012 so far (people in ITALICS still need to confirm something):

Aenarion - Blood Angels - 400/2000 (0 Jokers played)
BigJon - Grey Knights - 0/2000 (2 Jokers played)
bleedcrimson - Space Marines (Sons of Lazarus) - 205/1750 (1 Jokers played)
burni - Imperial Guard - 130/1000 (1 Jokers played)
colonel kane trine - Tyranids (Hive Fleet Barbarossa) - 0/2000 (2 Jokers played)
crandall87 - Grey Knights - 466/2000 (0 Jokers played)
dangermouse425 - Space Marines - 0/1500 (2 Jokers played)
Darnok - Chaos Daemons - 150/1000 (1 Jokers played)
DarthSte - Sisters of Battle - 0/1000 (2 Jokers played)
Deusmex - Dark Eldar - 224/2000 (1 Jokers played)
Deusmex - Space Wolves - 0/1500 (2 Jokers played)
Deusmex - Blood Angels (Angels Sanguine) - 0/1500 (2 Jokers played)
Devilish - Dark Eldar - 0/1500 (2 Jokers played)
djc - Imperial Guard - 370/1500 (0 Jokers played)
djc - Chaos Daemons - 365/1500 (0 Jokers played)
Doi - Orks - 220/1000 (0 Jokers played)
Doomseer - Necrons - 0/1000 (2 Jokers played)
f2k - Orks - 0/500 (2 Jokers played)
Fanny Crowbar - Dark Eldar - 219/1000 (0 Jokers played)
Frgt/10 - Dark Eldar - 0/1500 (2 Jokers played)
give_me_a_d - Chaos (various) - 115/1000 (1 Jokers played)
GomezAddams - Imperial Guard - 0/2000 (2 Jokers played)
Green Feevah! - Eldar - 210/2000 (1 Jokers played)
gwarsh41 - Chaos Daemons - ~150/500 (1 Jokers played)
gwarsh41 - Space Wolves - 0/500 (2 Jokers played)
Hypaspist - Tyranids (Hive Fleet Frigus) - 210/2000 (1 Jokers played)
iPaint - Imperial Guard - 0/2500 (2 Jokers played)
ironduke - Space Marines - 550/1500 (1 Jokers played)
Iziuth - Space Wolves - 0/1500 (2 Jokers played)
Jacktheripper34 - Dark Eldar - 0/1500 (2 Jokers played)
Jibbajabba - Grey Knights - 0/2000 (2 Jokers played)
Jihad_Ragsta - Space Marines (Crusaders) - 375/1500 (0 Jokers played)
Jihad_Ragsta - BFG (Orks) - 195/500 (0 Jokers played)
Jihad_Ragsta - BFG (Imperial) - 360/1000 (0 Jokers played)
Jonahmaul - Space Marines (Brazen Claw) - 230/2000 (1 Jokers played)
juxt - Imperial Guard (Cadian) - 120/1000 (1 Jokers played)
Kalidane - Space Wolves - 0/1000 (2 Jokers played)
lilloser2010 - Space Marines (90's Ultramarines) - 0/1500 (2 Jokers played)
Lord Dan - Grey Knights (Machine Cultists) - 0/2000 (2 Jokers played)
Lord Setra - Space Wolves - 125/2000 (1 Jokers played)
MalusCalibur - Imperial Guard (42nd Mordecai) - 175/2000 (1 Jokers played)
matt_17 - Imperial Guard - 415/1750 (0 Jokers played)
mcgarnicle - Space Marines (Ultramarines) - 0/750 (2 Jokers played)
mcgarnicle - Tau Empire - 0/750 (2 Jokers played)
mcgarnicle - BFG (Imperial) - 0/1000 (2 Jokers played)
Mini77 - Space Marines (Dead Suns) - 230/1500 (1 Jokers played)
Mini77 - Space Marines (Howling Griffons) - 0/1000 (2 Jokers played)
misterboff - Orks (Deathskulls) - 200/1500 (1 Jokers played)
Monsterzonk - Space Marines (Heralds of Faith) - 390/1500 (0 Jokers played)
nagash66 - Space Marines (Space Sharks) - 0/1750 (2 Jokers played)
Nilo - Imperial Guard - 0/2000 (2 Jokers played)
Niveus Procer - Space Marines - 405/2000 (1 Jokers played)
Niveus Procer - Orks - 0/1500 (2 Jokers played)
Panzer MkIV - Orks - 0/1000 (2 Jokers played)
Panzer MkIV - Imperial Guard - 0/600 (2 Jokers played)
perplexiti - Space Wolves - 160/2000 (1 Jokers played)
pudsey098 - Dark Eldar - 36/1000 (1 Jokers played)
pudsey098 - Orks - 85/500 (1 Jokers played)
punkfish - Imperial Guard (Elysian/Cadian/Arbites) - 350/1500 (0 Jokers played)
Raven667 - Eldar - 391/1500 (1 Jokers played)
razcalking - Chaos Daemons - 0/400 (2 Jokers played)
razcalking - Dark Eldar - 0/400 (2 Jokers played)
razcalking - Necrons - 0/400 (2 Jokers played)
razcalking - Tau Empire - 0/400 (2 Jokers played)
razcalking - Tyranids - 0/400 (2 Jokers played)
razormasticator - Orks - 506/2000 (0 Jokers played)
Rikk - Orks - 0/1000 (2 Jokers played)
Saim-Hann Lord - Space Marines (Hawk Lords) - 0/2000 (2 Jokers played)
ScytheSwathe - Space Marines (The Sundered Scythes) - 0/500 (2 Jokers played)
ScytheSwathe - Dark Eldar (Eldar Pirates) - 0/500 (2 Jokers played)
Setha - Imperial Guard (Death Korps of Krieg) - 0/2000 (2 Jokers played)
Sgt John Keel - Blood Angels - 0/2500 (2 Jokers played)
Shnerg - Blood Angels - 0/1000 (2 Jokers played)
superawesomeraptorman - Necrons - 0/1750 (2 Jokers played)
SuperMitch - Sisters of Battle - 70/1500 (1 Jokers played)
Sycoa - Blood Angels - 400/2000 (1 Jokers played)
T3h D4ve - Space Marines (Ultramarines) - 0/1500 (2 Jokers played)
Terranova - Orks - 275/1000 (0 Jokers played)
Thalenchar - Imperial Guard (Terra's Judgement) - 310/1500 (0 Jokers played)
TheMaster - Black Templars - 0/1000 (2 Jokers played)
vcassano - Dark Eldar - 0/500 (2 Jokers played)
vcassano - Grey Knights - 185/2500 (1 Jokers played)
Vimes - Space Marines (Space Sharks) - 0/1500 (2 Jokers played)
Walls - ???? - 0/???? (1 Jokers played)
Xazil - Space Marines (Imperial Paladins) - 245/1500 (1 Jokers played)
Zander77 - Dark Eldar - 0/1000 (2 Jokers played)
Zujara - Imperial Guard - 225/1500 (0 Jokers played)

Please can you check your entry and let me know if anything needs changing.

01-11-2011, 07:45
misterboff's Deathskull Orks: Orktober 2011 (D6 roll = 6)


'...the Boneheadz family of Death Skulls once overran and plundered an Imperial penal colony, and wore fragments of convict clothing printed with black arrows for generations afterwards.' - Waaargh The Orks!

Skullhamma w/Skullhamma Kannon, Kannon and two twin-linked Rokkit Launchas - 200/400 points
(I'll count it as 200 points for assembling and 200 points for painting)

Where to start? The main body is a Shadowsword/Stormlord, the front mounted Kannon is from the Battlewagon kit surrounded by the dashboard and ram from the old Truk kit, the Battlewagon Ram mounts and a spare Deff Dread gob plate. The sponsons are simply spare Deff Dread Rokkit Launchas (that look twin-linked anyway), and the Skullhamma Kannon is a Forge World Supa Kannon. The damaged panels (back right 'slash' and front left 'hole') are from the Stompa kit, the two Grots at the front are from the Stormboyz kit and the large exhaust at the back is the Shadowsword Cannon placed to cover up the Imperial reliquary. The whole thing is covered in various glyph plates from many (if not all) of the Ork vehicle kits, and any uncovered Imperial eagles have been roughly clipped off. The 'Kaptin/Mekboy' is from the Stompa kit and I've also based the Supa Kannon crew so that they're easier to paint and can be used separately (as Ammo Runts or Big Gun crew) if needed.

The first colour is the basecoat, the second is a wash and the third is a drybrush. The bases are simply Vomit Brown followed by Citadel Sand.

Nob Skin: Orkhide/Knarloc/Thraka/Camo
Ork Skin: Knarloc/Thraka/Camo
Grot Skin: Gretchin/Thraka/Camo
Blue Face: Enchanted/Asurmen/Ice
White Face: Astronomican/Badab/Skull
Teef: Dheneb/Ogryn/Bone
Eyes: Mechrite
Pants: Chaos/Badab/Adeptus Battlegrey
Top: Astronomican/Badab
Straps: Adeptus/Badab
Metal: Boltgun/Badab/Mithril

Paint it!

Highs: I think my Skullhamma looks rather Orky, and the Ork weapons fit quite well into the Imperial mounts.
Lows: Assembling the tracks was quite fiddly, as was getting the Supa Kannon to stay put (it needed pinning to the hull in three places in the end, and still fell off after I undercoated it anyway).

I'm going to spend the second of two months on my Skullhamma, having assembled it this month I'll be painting it next month. Best get some more Enchanted Blue...


[Skullhamma - front, left, right, rear, krew]

Lord Setra
01-11-2011, 10:04
Lord Setras Space Wolves: October 2011 (D6 roll = 4)


After a long period of recruitment and rest in the Fang, the 1st company are ready to patrol the stars in the Emperors and Russ's name.

Rune Priest Thorrik Sargedson, Rune priest to the Wolf Lord of the 1st Great Company


The model is based on Inquisitor Coteaz model which I thought would make an excellent rune priest. The two-headed eagle would also represent in my opinion an excellent Chooser of the Slain. I used my dremel to remove any inquisition iconography and also to remove the sand timer from his waist and added a belt from the SW tactical squad sprues. The back pack was added by again using the dremel to clear a smooth area on the fur of his back and adding the SW back pack higher than normal to give the model more height. I left the demon hammer on the model as I thought by adding the two winged skulls to the side of it, it would look runic enough to represent a rune priest, but still look like it could be thrown about and do some serious damage.


Standard SW colours with the reds and yellows used to break up the Space Wolf Grey of the armour. The base was done using codex grey and then a space wolf grey drybrush. The snow is simply pva glue and white paint mixed together with bicarbonate of soda and added to the base in places I thought would suit the model.

Highs: Finishing what is my first model in 5 years!
Lows: Discovering the quality of the finecast was not as high as I had originally thought.

10 Grey Hunters to be done if my Army Painter Wolf Grey spray arrives in time.

Lord Setra


01-11-2011, 10:40
Thalenchar's Imperial Guard - Special Task Force Terra's Judgement: Month 2


An inquisitorial request has arrived at the Supreme Command of the Radiance Worlds Crusade, aka the Burning Crusade, so named because a big part of the Crusade is made up of ultra-religious adherrents to the Redemptionist Cult. Lord Solar Deveurre is an extremely pious man and is a known supporter of the Cult. The request ordered the dispatching of a special task force that will assist the Inquisitor and his other aides in locating and dealing with the recently renegaded Swords of Vengeance Space Marines, who are believed to currently be on the forest world of Annis Prime, not too far from the Radiance Worlds.
Drawing from different Regiments in the Crusade, and putting them under the command of Lord Commissar T. R. White IV, this task force contains a variety of units, all specialists in their own field. As is to be expected from any force from the Burning Crusade, most troops are Redemptionists, but other units have been chosen specifically for this assignment, most notably Krieg Engineers and Lamnar Steel Horns.

Steel Servitude, a Leman Russ Battle Tank, and a little helper to keep him running!

Straight from the box. I might have accidentally given the servitor an arm that belongs to another servitor. I'm sure. Regardless, I doubt it'll count as a conversion!

Snow on the base! Figure out a way to not mess up the Tank's name when I paint it on. Touching up of the metal on the tank here and there (I hate painting tracks). Also, see Lows.

Highs: Getting this tank done. Been wanting to do a Redemptionist style guard army for a while now, and I've finally started. Huzzah!
Lows: Noticing there's a fairly obvious gap in the hull weapon housing after I'd drybrushed the entire tank 4 shades of red. Will have to fix that later.

Reinforcements! Either another tank or some infantry. We'll see how much time I have left after spending the first two weeks of November trying to get 2400 pts of Fantasy Ogres tabletop ready for a tournament on the 12th!

Dice Roll: 1

01-11-2011, 13:23
Mini77's 'Dead Suns' Space Marines: October 2011 (D6 roll = 1)

TOTAL TO DATE: 230 pts

The Dead Suns are a 8000 pt strong homebrewed loyalist Space Marine chapter.

Reclusiarch 130 pts
Scout Squad 100 pts

The Reclusiarch is an old 2nd Edition Chaplain model. On keeping with the age of the model I made sure to use the right type of plastic arms and bolt pistol as well as the banner and backpack. The Scouts are all 3rd Edition metal miniatures.

As with almost everything I paint most colours are basically one basecoat, one shade and then one highlight. The exceptions are the bone on the Chaplain with is Dheneb Stone-Gryphonne Sepia-Bleached Bone-Skull White and the cloak on the Scout which is Mechrite Red-Asurmen Blue-Blood Red-Blazing Orange.

I still need to do the bases at a later date.

Highs: I love the old metal minis.
Lows: Painting Faces

Hopefully I'll finish off the Terminators that were intended for last months submission....



http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/005-2.png http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/006-2.png

http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/004-3.png http://i252.photobucket.com/albums/hh16/mini77bucket/002-5.png

01-11-2011, 13:54
Dark Eldar 1000 points: October 2011 D6 roll = 2

MONTHLY TOTAL: 120 POINTS (monthly target: 100 points)

The Kabal of the Bloody Tongue

Haemonculus with dark gate, liquifier gun (85 pts)
Acothyst with hexrifle (35 pts)

Haemonculus is converted. Head swap with a Wych and right arm with a Talos arm. Swapped dark gate to left hand.

I want my Dark Eldar to have a neon/Tron feel to them.
The armour is mostly dark blue (Necron Abyss) with light blue (Ice Blue) highlights. Some plates are painted silver.
Glyphs and hair are bright green (Scorpion Green) highlighted to white.
I'm painting the Dark Eldar's skin as I would bone. Dheneb Stone base with a Devlan Mud wash. Highlighted with more Dheneb Stone up to white.
The bases are bits of slate and sand. The slate is painted Codex Grey and drybrushed with Fortress Grey. The sand is painted Snakebite Leather and drybrushed with Dheneb Stone and then given a wash of Devlan Mud. Finally I added some static grass.

Highs: Pleased with the Haemonculus. No major issues with finecast (yet:shifty:)
Lows: None this month thankfully.

Court of the Archon


01-11-2011, 15:38
Imperial Guard 1500 points: October 2011 D6 roll = 6

MONTHLY TOTAL: 190 POINTS (monthly target: 150 points)

Imperial Guard 'S' Company

Armoured Sentinel Squadron, 1 with Lascannon, 2 with Autocannons


As an Imperial Guard 'S' or security company, my aim is to keep the scheme muted with black armour and codex grey fatigues. I'll be using yellow and red as spot colours.
These Sentinels were basecoated black before being highlighted with mixes of chaos black and codex grey. The cockpits received a final edge highlight of pure codex grey. Visors, lenses and windows are picked out in red, Eagles picked out in yellow and skulls in grey/white.
The weathering was done with charadon granite stippled onto the model using some blisterpack foam, followed by a further stippling of chain mail. Further directed weathering then used on high wear areas.
The bases were painted black first, then a drybrush of adeptus battlegrey and a final highlight of codex grey.


Highs: I'm generally pleased with how they've turned out, black is a hard colour to get right but I like to think it's turned out ok.
Lows: The lascannon sentinel was a bugger to put together!

Elysian Sniper squad and Elysian Squad (although masquerading as a veteran demo squad)




01-11-2011, 19:01
Great work to all so far, will have to post a joker for this month :(
Have been painting too much ToFP but have almost finished half a unit of 25 Boyz so will def finish a unit by end of this month ready for next months post

01-11-2011, 19:46
ARMY: Imperial Guard
TOTAL TO DATE: 225/1000


UNITS: Platoon Command Squad with 3 Flamers and a Heavy Flamer, Infantry Squad with Grenade Launcher and Heavy Bolter team

BUILD/CONVERSIONS: Command Squad has Flamers from the weapon upgrade sprue and the heavy flamer is part of the Grenadier heavy weapon team. Infantry squad is the firing one, with a heavy bolter team.

PAINTING/BASING: See month 1 or ask

Highs: Got more done than I thought I would

Lows: The resin lasguns are very stubborn to straighten sometimes!

NEXT MONTH: A vehicle, need a break from infantry!


02-11-2011, 01:29

I've just not been able to get any painting done at all lately. With any luck, I'll be able to catch back up next month.

03-11-2011, 14:49

Sadly i have to use a Joker this month. Had no time to paint but i have a week off work soon so gonna catch up and hopefully buy the Joker back.

03-11-2011, 20:47
Lol. I actually have the set of card with that joker picture on them, bleedcrimson.

Anyway, my pics will be up on the weekend when I have to post properly.

04-11-2011, 10:43
Hey guys! I actually did manage to pull off another squad. :D

But first, comments!

misterboff: Skullhamma's looking great! I'm really looking forward to seeing it all painted up.

Lord Setra: Great painting on that Rume Priest. Love the detail on the belt buckle!

Thalenchar: Nice tank! But I like the servitor even more. The skin tone is great!

Mini77: Those Scouts are impressive, and I really like the Chaplain. Great banner!

Fanny: I love that Haemunculus! The different tones of skin on his coat are really cool...

punkfish: Cool Sentinels. I like the muted colour schemea lot!

Zujara: Man, I wish I could afford a Death Corps army... Your colour scheme works really well, and I like the mud effect!

So, here's what I've been up to.

Monsterzonk's Heralds of Faith Space Marines

D6-roll = 2


Actually not a lot so far. I'll need to work on this...

Tactical Squad II, 4th Company (sergeant with power fist, flamer, heavy bolter) - 195 pts.
I must admit I still haven't finished the sergeant for the previous month, but I did paint up a stand-in Deathwatch Marine. No pics of him though, due to my crappy phone cam... :(

Straight from the box. Again, I've added a few chainswords to get some more dynamic poses. Power fist is from the Commander set, the heavy bolter is a very old metal one...

As usual. Chaos Black armour with Adeptus Battlegrey highlights. Shoulders and faces are Bleached Bone with Skull White highlights. Metals are Boltgun Metal / Dwarf Bronze.

Nothing but transfers, but I don't have those yet...

I don't know yet. Possibly my counts as Lysander Chapter Master, or maybe a Dreadnought or some Terminators, depending on the time I've got for painting...


Monsterzonk :skull:

04-11-2011, 11:44
Like I said last month, I will have to joker again due to moving house this month. Haven't had any spare time to paint. I will try to earn back some jokers before the end of the year.

04-11-2011, 17:09
djc's beastman guard (D6 = 6)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 180 points
TOTAL TO DATE: 370 points

3x Heavy Weapon Squads - 180 points

Finish the bases (I want to have snow themed bases, but I'm planning to do all my bases in 1 go)

Highs: These have been glowering at me from my shelf for a while, so getting them finished was good.
Lows: I'm not overly happy with them - the Catachan arms are a bit too big for the Ungor models, and I'm not overly happy with the paint job.


04-11-2011, 17:14
djc's daemons (D6 = 5)

MONTHLY TOTAL: 200 points
TOTAL TO DATE: 365 points

Keeper of Secrets - 200 points

Finish off the base (My Daemons have burnt grass, bushes and branches on the bases).

Highs: I'm quite pleased with the way the skull turned out.
Lows: The pink armour could be better!

Lord of Change.

04-11-2011, 18:14
Sorry, as said before I have to use my 2nd Joker.

RL is taking a turn to the better and I'm going to redo my Reaver jetbikes and convert my Wrack Raider.

I can't wait to get my hands on the Dark Eldar christmas box, it will be the next thing I buy.

Umm... how do the thumbnailed pictures? This Joker turned out quite big.
EDIT: Found it

colonel kane trine
04-11-2011, 21:43
Can I join in with this? Have to play a joker now and buy it back sometime?

Tyranids mens league please

05-11-2011, 03:21
Army: Space Marines - Imperial Paladins Foot seige assault vanguard list. (d6 = 6)

Monthly total: 245
Total to date: 245 / 1500
Jokers: 1
(Almost enough to buy back my joker)

Unit: Tactical Squad with Seige Mantlets, plasmagun, plasma cannon and sergeant storm bolter.






05-11-2011, 14:18
Misterboff, sorry about this but please could you change the name of my Chapter to Crusader space marines? Thanks :D


MONTHLY TOTAL: Crusaders 165 POINTS/ Orks 75 PTS/ Imperial Navy 180 PTS (150/ 120/ 180 TARGET)
TOTAL TO DATE: 375 POINTS/ 195 PTS/ 360 PTS (300/ 240/ 360 TARGET)



I've also completed a Gothic Class cruiser for my Imperial Navy but no photo as camera outta batteries - you'll have to take my word for it :eyebrows:


People kept confusing my White Minotaur Chapter with the Minotaurs from IA 10, and as I want people to like this little project (and stop flaming the paint scheme) I have renamed them Crusader space marines (thank you Lexicanicum!). The Crusaders are a recent Chapter and as such they have no dreadnoughts or Terminators (yes, I KNOW I have a squad of them in this project, shut up. I plan to replace them later). The Chapter work as line breakers, favouring waves of power armoured infantry supported by Rhino-based tanks and Thunderfire cannons.


IN Gothic cruiser.

I have pulled together 10 Tactical Marines with a flamer and melta gun - its not a legal unit but the points cost is all I'm bothered with right now.

Ramship squadron completed for my Ork Warfleet too!
Straight from the box. I've added some MaxMini heads and made sure I had some running legs and dynamic poses in this unit to make them look more dynamic. I need more of those though.

An upgraded version of the Termie squad - NO drybrushing on the armour at all now. 2 coats of Gryphonne then 1 of Devlan for the shading. Highlights Boltgun Metal and a little Chainmail if I want something to stand out. Basing is flock then static grass (pretty pleased with the improvement from last month).


Everything is up to date except the Crusader squad - they need their purity seals painted (add I want to add more seals to the armour seeing as they're big on spiritual and physical purity). They also need their Chapter symbol, which will be the sword from the Dark Angel transfer - my freehand skills aren't good enough.

HIGHS: The Tactical Marines look MUCH nicer than my test scheme on the Termies, plus I'm pleased with the freehand writing on their shoulder pads. I'm looking forward to having a solid core of 3 fully furnished Tactical Squads for the next update. Also, I'm much happier with the new name of Crusaders - I can make up what I like for them now!

LOWS: Realising that my Termie squad are definitely sub par but ho hum. Also realising how many BFG escort ships I've committed to for next month!


Well, I have 2 more squads of Tacticals to do, plus all 3 of the sergeants and their heavy weapons. Loads of Imperial escorts ships AND my Ork Hammer class Battlecruiser...

05-11-2011, 21:31
Undying 14th Cromorian Legion (IG): September 2011 (D6 roll = 1)


Cromorian Legions are structured into 5 tiers. These tiers are all numbered giving rise to the set of five numbers in roman numerals on the side of every vehicle and right shoulder pad of every soldier. The tiers and their organisation are outlined below.

IG equivalent: Regiment
Quantity: 1/Legion
Full Strength Personnel: 12 000 - 14 000
Command Structure: Each Legion is led by a General and his staff of adjutants, advisors and bodyguards. The members of the General Staff are hand picked by the general himself and may be of any rank and experience, though they are generally highranking officers and experienced NCOs.

IG equivalent: Company
Quantity: 12/Legion
Full Strength Personnel: 1 200 soldiers (or Approx 300 fighting vehicles in the case of armoured Battalions)
Command Structure: A Commander leads each Battalion. He is supported by a 1st Lieutennant Commander, a 2nd Lieutennant Commander and 12 NCOs (sufficient to form command squads for each officer)

IG equivalent: Platoon
Quantity: 12/Battalion = 144/Legion
Full Strength Personnel: Approx 100 Soldiers (or Approx 25 fighting vehicles)
Command Structure: Division are led by Captains. Each Captain is supported by a 1st Lieutennant, a 2nd Lieutennant, one of each NCO (Master Sergeant, Gunnary Sergeant and Staff Sergeant) and sufficient guardsmen of appropriate ability to fill a command squad for each officer.

IG equivalent: Squad
Quantity: 12/Division = 144/Battalion = Approx 1 700/Legion
Full Strength Personnel: 6-10 + 0-1 Chimeras (or 1-3 fighting vehicles)
Command Structure: Each contains a Sergeant (I) who is responsible for morale and small scale tactics, a Corporal (II) who is responsible for communications and a Lance-Corporal (III) who is responsible for the squads nonsstandard weapons. The remaining soldiers (III - VI/X) hold the rank of private.

IG equivalent: Guardsman
Quantity: 6-10/Squad = LOTS/Everything else
Full Strength Personnel: 1 (1 vehicle + 1-6 Crew Members)
Command Structure: Each individual is responsible for their armour and weapon.

NOTE: The 11th and 12th Battalions are a legion's Armoured Battalions. With the exception of Chimera transports all fighting vehicles in the Cromorian Legions belong in one of these battalions and are distributed among the other battalions as and when necessary. The 11th Battalion is home to short range weapon vehicles (in game terms those with primary weapons with range less than 48") and the 12th is home to those with longer weapon ranges (longer than 48"). Vehicles are treated as the individual the legion command structure, crew members are therefore assigned a 6th, sub-individual number to establish the relative ranks withing the vehicle crew.

Some example ID number are given below:
XIV.XII.IV.I.II - 14th Legion, 12th Battalion (therefore a vehicle), 4th Division, 1st Squadron, 2nd Tank (this is the Leman Russ from last month)
XIV.XI.VII.III.I - 14 Legion, 11th Battalion (again a vehicle), 7th Division, 3rd Squadron, 1st - and therefore squadron command -tank. (This month's submission)
XIV.III.I.II.VI - 14th Legion, 3rd Battalion, 1st Division (therefore a veteran), 2nd Squad, 6th Guardsmen (normally this would make him a private, but given that he's in the 3rd Battalion's veteran division that may not necessarily be the case.)
XIV.IV.IX.V.I - 14th Legion, 4th Battalion, 9th Division, 5th Squad, 1st Soldier (Squad Sergeant)

And so on... officers and other members of the tier command staff have the appropriate numbers replaced with a C.
XIV.C.C.C.C - 14th Legion General.
XIV.III.C.C.C - 14th Legion, 3rd Battalion Commander
XIV.III.C.C.I - 14th Legion, 3rd Battalion, 1st Lt-Commander
XIV.VI.IV.C.C - 14 Legion, 6th Battalion, 4th Division Captain

And so on.

I've written enough, more next month... I obsess over this stuff too much don't I?

Leman Russ Executioner - Plasma Cannon Sponsons
Single Guardsman tester.

As it comes straight out of the box, with the exception of the rolled up camo net on the back -not something I ever intend for the model to use... but it looks cool... least I think so.


Painted using pretty much the same steps as the last one with the addition of the plasma veins which are done in Midnight Blue -> Regal Blue -> ICe Blue -> Skull White. Successively less paint was used for each with the midnight blue going everywhere and the white being drybrushed.

Guardsman paintig method next month when I've done more of them and have the method down more precisely.


Highs: Played a few games in the month by borrowing/proxying models. Generally performances have been good, more importantly I'm enjoying the change in playstyle from my daemons.
Lows: Need to get the painting crisper on the guardsmen. Especially the face... that should coem with time and practice with the model/paintscheme.

Vet squad and anything else I get time for.

The executioner: Blessed Silence




The tester guardsman

colonel kane trine
05-11-2011, 21:38
Thankyou for adding me to this il be posting my stuff in the next thread.
I will buy back the jokers

06-11-2011, 01:23
Unfortunately I'm going to have to joker this month :(. Looking to make it back in November though!

06-11-2011, 16:51
Perplexiti’s Space Wolves: 2011




BACKGROUND/THEME: Ragnar Blackmane’s Great Company.

UNIT(S): 6 Wolf Scouts.

BUILD/CONVERSIONS: These are a mix of the 3rd edition old looking scouts with a few of the current plastic ones, I stuck a couple of the 3rd ed heads on as well.Added the meltagun, plasma pistols and one of the metal guys has a 2nd ed power sword.

PAINTING/BASING: Basecoated black, then a Fenris grey coat, with very heavy drybrushes of shadow grey then spacewolf grey. The metal bits were chainmail with a badab black wash. The various pouches and whatnot were dheneb stone then washed with devlan mud, I did their cloth dehneb stone then a gryphonne sepia wash.

STILL TO DO: Nothing but the basing, I've decided to sit down at the end of the tale and base all of them at once.

HIGHS AND LOWS: No real lows, just been struggling with my motivation due to the Rugby world cup, but my boys won so I should be good to go now!

Next Month: I'm not sure maybe some armour.

Wolf Scouts:


Niveus Procer
06-11-2011, 18:27
i have my stuff done i do. i just have no pictures to prove it i will post later this night into early morning.

im sorry for my tardiness

06-11-2011, 20:11
Give_me_a_d's All Things Chaos: October 2011 (D6 roll = 1)

Monthly Total: 115 pts (100 Target)
Total To Date: 115 Points (0 last month - jokered)
Jokers Played: 1

Background/ Theme:
A growing warp rift has spawned a daemonic host and is beginning to attract Chaos marines

The mounts for 5 Seekers of Slaanesh (Daemonette riders to come) – Seekers are 17pts each so I'm counting the mounts as 9pts each, which gives me 45pts worth
An Aspiring Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons legion (the first of a 9 strong unit) – 70pts (60 basic but he has to take a psychic power which are a minimum of 10pts)

Build/ Conversion:
Nothing special here, the Seeker riders will be converted hence why they haven't been painted yet

Painting/ Basing:
Seeker Mounts – sprayed black, basecoated Codex Grey, drybrushed Fortress Grey, Badab Black on the upper scaly parts, Leviathan Purple on the top of the undersides. Horns, claws, hair/back ridges highlighted Fortress Grey then Astronomican Grey. Tongues basecoated with Hormagaunt Purple and highlighted with Tentacle Pink. Saddles done in Chaos Black with Adeptus Battlegrey. Eyes done in white with Dheneb Stone then Tallarn Flesh, then Calthan Brown and finally a dot of white.

Sorcerer – sprayed black, basecoated Mordian Blue, washed with Asurmen Blue, drybrushed Shadow Grey, then Electric Blue (what they used to call Ice Blue and yes its about 20 years old). Shoulder pad and helmet/ crest further highlighted with Space Wolves Grey. Gold basecoated Calthan Brown then gold, washed with Ogryn Flesh and highlighted Mithril Silver. Yellow bits basecoated Iyanden Darksun, washed with Ogryn Flesh, highlighted with Iyanden Darksun, then Golden Yellow. Axe done in black, highlighted with Adeptus Battlegrey and Fortress Grey.

Bases – basecoated Caradon Granite, drybrushed Graveyard Earth then Kommando Khaki. Edged with Graveyard Earth. Wet bits done with black ink, green ink and a thick coat of PVA.

Still to do:
Re-paint the gem stone on te Sorcerer’s belt because its rubbish

Highs and Lows:
Highs: Staying on British Summertime, just about, this last week and painting for 30 minutes or so before going to work. This has meant some real progress on the seeker mounts.
Lows: Not making great progress last month and the start of this one.

Next Month:
I'm going to try to get more Thousand Sons done, 2 are very nearly there. I may also move on to my Noise Marines. There are also Horrors to finish that I started at the beginning of the last Tale.



colonel kane trine
06-11-2011, 20:27
Guess this counts as my wip for november

I have about 12 hormagaunts and 3 warriors im aiming to paint in that scheme

Hive fleet barbarossa
This fleet has only been encountered in raiding parties that arent big enough to digest planets. Although they have been stopped so far the attacks have increased in ferocity and regularity.
Hive fleet barbarossa favours tide upon tide of creatures that are used before the large constructs are deployed.
Currently the fleet is involved in large skirmishes all over the kaskad sector. This sector is made up of 8 large hive worlds and many smaller manufactorum planets. Many planets in the sector suffer from constant night time and extreme arctic conditions. Most general residents and workers have to live and work in sealed environments to protect them from the weather conditions. These hives were never intended to be submitted to warfare conditions. Most of the major structures arent heavily armoured or defended by anything more than a state guerrilla force.
The tyranids have a deadly advantage in the densly packed arctic environment and it has proved deadly so far. They have immunity to the cold and excellant night vision and senses. Although the hives defenders have night vision and arctic clothing they have the disadvantage of it being bulky and restrictive equipment.
Tyranids have infiltrated the hives in larger and larger numbers day by day.

Its only a matter of time before the hive fleet commits a full invasion force intent on destroying the entire sector. Distress signals have been sent out its just a matter of who makes planetfall 1st...

06-11-2011, 22:42
Adeptus Custodes 2000 points

MONTHLY TOTAL: 201 POINTS (monthly target: 200 points)

Adeptus Custodes

Venerable Dreadnought (201pts)

Forgeworld Contemptor Dreadnought parts with a chaos space marine in his grip.

The model was painted the same as my dreadknight, with shining gold for the gold areas, washed with a light sepia wash. The red areas are Red Gore highlighted with blood red. Silver areas are mithril silver washed with black wash. The base is a city theme with a couple of ruined city parts.

Highs: A great model lookswise. Very easy to paint even though it's not my highest standard
Lows: The assault cannon and fingers were a pain to glue on.


NEXT MONTH: A strike squad using some Scibor parts and Grey Knight parts!

07-11-2011, 08:58
Orks 1000 points

MONTHLY TOTAL: 116 POINTS (monthly target: 100 points)
TOTAL TO DATE: 220 POINTS (total target: 200 points)

11 Ork Boys w/Big Shoota (finishes off last month's mob)
1 Ork Nob w/equipment

Other than some minor head/weapon/arm swaps they are mainly standard kit.

Same as last month.

Highs: First ork mob for the army finished (and I've only had them for since before the newest Ork Codex :p)

Lows: Picture quality...


Next Month: The Warboss!


07-11-2011, 18:45
JOKERS PLAYED: 0 (Won them back)

Captain Tyco's Company

Tactical squad 1: Power weapon, plasma, missile launcher
Tactical squad 2: Power fist, plasma, missile launcher

Standard built, mixed in some parts from the death company box.

Basing has some plasticard to make it look as if rushing into a ruined temple, of sorts...

H: Second squad was previously half finished, getting them done and the first squad done was great.
L: Time....

Bases on all! Markings. First squad needs a few boltguns and the plasma.



07-11-2011, 20:48
pudsey098ís Evil Sunz Orks: October 2011 (D6 roll = 1)


Continuing expansion of my Evil Sunz Klan of Waaagh-ness. With as many clanky smokey contraptions as possible

1 x Cyboar and 1 Cyboar nob with a Power Klaw

The Cyboars are from Warhammer range with legs and weapons from the 40k range, and various random bits.

The bases!

Highs : Getting the over sized legs to actually fit on to the boar
Lows : Not as much detail as I planned and no bases!



Some form of Warboss I reconÖ.

07-11-2011, 20:50
pudsey098ís Kabal of the Black Gate : October 2011 (D6 roll = 6)


Kabal of the Black Gate is a uneasy alliance between the Archon Rahi of the Black Gate and a Haemonculus Coven, focusing on entering realspace to provide souls for Commorragh Black Gate. Their current realspace raid is on a ruined Eldar Temple planet, and only their Archon and Haemonculus Ancient know why.

1 x Beastmaster and 2 x Khymerae

The Beastmaster is form the plastic Hellions kit as I felt they provide a less static pose than the metal version. Khymerae are straight out of the box. Bases have slate and some Scribor resin heads.


Highs : Really enjoying the Dark Eldar models, so much so I keep buying and planning more units.
Lows : Not finishing my first part of my Court of the Archon, well at least she will be ready next month!





Kabalite Trueborn and Venom

07-11-2011, 21:03
ARMY: Brazen Claws

UNIT: 5 Man Scout Squad and Devestator with Twin-Linked Lascannon and Missile Launcher

PAINTING/CONVERSION: Blue & Red! This is the last batch before I started using Army Painter Pure Red so hopefully everything will look the same!

HIGHS: Getting something posted in the tale!

LOWS: General lack of motivation with painting at the moment which is making it hard but I hope to find some soon! Finishing off some stuff and finding a recipe for my Ogre's skin (see TOFP!) will hopefully help.

STILL TO DO: Basing. I'm doing these on snow bases with bicarbonate/PVA mix so wanting to do them in batches


TOTAL: 230

NEXT MONTH: A Land Raider Crusader and if I have time some Terminators that are gonna hitch a ride so I can buy back a joker (or possibly just a Librarian in Terminator armour as think that'll bring me back up to 600 points)

Dice Roll: 5

Sgt John Keel
08-11-2011, 01:46
I'm skirting the edge here, still have to varnish and glue the two dreads together, so I'll reserve this spot and post pictures to-morrow.

Dieroll's a two, incidentally.

08-11-2011, 06:43
This is my placeholder. Pics up in the next day or so. Still acclimating to being home after being away for a week etc.


Total Painting for October: 206

21 Boys, 2 with big shoota’s, 1 with rockit, 1 Nob with big choppa = 161 pts
1 Wartrakk Skorcha = 45pts.

I have a ton of other WIP’s in progress as well but those will have to wait.

Continuing to use the non traditional techniques and I have to say I am pleased with the results. I am working towards getting a solid table top standard as quick as possible. I think its a successful technique and as I said, I am pleased with the results.

Here is the Youtube Video Thoume produced based on the Warseer thread about Fun with Washes: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showth...209588&page=14

I am using Scab Red, Thrakka Green Wash, Devlan Mud wash, Vallejo Sky Blue, various GW paints for hoses etc. a Scorpion Green Drybrush for highlight, MIG pigments for the rust, with a touch of solar macharius orange super watered down.

Scorched brown, Snakebite leather brown.. highlight of graveyard earth. Dead Static Grass.

Still to Do:
Dull cote, some misc details etc. a drybrush of green on the ork flesh. Some more rust on the Warrakk

Highs and Lows:

A lot of work in a short period of time.

Not getting my photos up in time, this stuff has been mostly done for a week or so. I was on vacation etc.

Next Month: 20 Boyz at least, 3 Killa Kans… and whatever else strikes my fancy. Maybe an additional Warbuggy.


Wartrakk Skorcha (Konverted in propa Orky fashion)


Boys, and I was wrong. There is 3 Big Shootas and 1 Rockit also the Nob.

More details on DA Boyz in my log.

08-11-2011, 06:59
Meh I`ll Have to play a Joker. Damn you work getting in the way of my life!!

I have a couple of days off so I`ll see what I can get done maybe avoid this joker , but until I have results, its a joker on all 3.

08-11-2011, 10:20
Bah, I am also having to Joker, work has been crazy and I've also been diverted by the requirements to scratchbuild *Deleted by Da Orkquisition* for another army other than Tyranids...

I humbly submit...

The Joker.


08-11-2011, 11:27
Raven667's Ulthwe Eldar (D6 roll = 6)


An Ulthwe strike force, I tried to create a uniformity with the core colours, black, bone and gold, but I still retain individual aspects traditional colours in minor but visible parts, i.e. scorpions green, fire dragons red, dire avengers blue, etc.

Farseer - 95 points
Scorpions - 143 points
Fire Dragons - 153 points

Built as standard, only conversion is the scorpion exarch having a bitting blade instead of the regular chainsword.

Airbrush primed with vallejo black primer, dheneb stone for bone then given a wash with delvin mud and a slight highlight of dheneb stone. Mechrite red for the most of the reds, with the fire dragons given additional attention in this area with scab red. The metals were done with vallejo game colour tinny tin as the base then vallejo game colour bright bronze as a highlight. The steel was done with vallejo game colour gunmetal. Finally the models were given a touch up with vallejo model air black for anywhere i'd been sloppy (something that frequently happens;))

The Bases were vallejo black lava, then painted vallejo game colour extra opaque heavy charcoal and then a small amount of vallejo game colour extra opaque heavy bluegrey was painted over to emphasis the texture. Odd bits and static grass were then glued to the base.

Produce small (less than a few millimetres across) Ulthwe decals to go on the warriors helmets, take and up load photos hopefully by the weekend!

Highs: Having two finished squads and a character in front of me!
Lows: Mixture of real life mess and having to re-do some of the scorpions due to basing problems! And having reworked my 1500 point list my scorpions didn't make the cut :(

Think I'll reward myself with some vypers

08-11-2011, 20:20
Well done to everyone who's posted so far - I'll get my comments up at the weekend.

i have my stuff done i do. i just have no pictures to prove it i will post later this night into early morning.

I realise it is the 7th but can I use this as a place holder until I can take pictures on friday? Will update this post.

I'm skirting the edge here, still have to varnish and glue the two dreads together, so I'll reserve this spot and post pictures to-morrow.

There's no problems with the placeholders guys, but if you can post your points then I'll get them updated while we wait for your pictures.

I'll also get some of my WIP pictures up at the weekend too. I've managed to basecoat, wash and partly drybrush the main body of my Skullhamma so far. I've just got to drybrush the blue and then neaten it up and pick out the details/rivets. I've still got the actual Supa Kannon and Krew to paint too, but they shouldn't take too long (hopefully)...

08-11-2011, 20:44
Alright, comments time.

Page 1:

@misterboff: Looks awesome man, can't wait to see some paint on it.

@Lord Setra: Always good to see more Wolves, and that's a nice wee conversion mate.

@Thalenchar: Nice bright tank there man, looks good.

@mini77: Oh man, still awesome huh mini77? Those are some great scouts.

@Fanny Crowbar: Good to see someone else keeping the standard from the last tale up, nice Haemonculus.

@punkfish: Cool sentinels man.

@Zujara: Those Death korps minis are really nice man, you've got a good trench mud vibe going on with them.

@Monsterzonk: Nice tac marines, the bone is done well mate.

@djc: Looking good, such a great theme you've got going. Is that an epic scale KoS?

@Xazil: Nice use of the rhino doors, is that an imperial armour unit? Or a homebrew idea?

Page 2:

@Jihad_Ragsta: Awesome scratch built BFG stuff man, nice marines too.

@Matt_17: Oooo plasma death! Nice camo all round too.

@give_me_a_d: Great sorcerer, the seekers look really nice too.

@Crandall87: Nice work man, those dreads look nice as.

@Doi: Great orks mate, are they Bad Moons?

@pudsey098: Cool cyboars man, bring back the old school goodness :) Nice Dark eldar and beasties too, very well done.

@Jonahmaul: Nice marines, love those quarterd schems.

09-11-2011, 04:53
Uni live took up steam. Sadly, for this month it has to be a joker.


09-11-2011, 06:18
If anyone has a blood angels codex handy could you let me know the points total for 5 death company without jump packs with 2 power swords a power fist and a plasma pistol. I seem to have lost my codex :(

09-11-2011, 06:30
If anyone has a blood angels codex handy could you let me know the points total for 5 death company without jump packs with 2 power swords a power fist and a plasma pistol. I seem to have lost my codex :(

175 points.

09-11-2011, 06:55
Have to drop out. Appologies. :o

09-11-2011, 10:26
Terranovas Orks: October 2011 (D6 roll = 1)


Still no real background yet, that will come as the army expands and starts to develop some character. I'm finding the idea of clans hard to picture with how i view the orks at the moment though.

unit of AOBR deffkoptas.

Just stock.

To be honest this is quite variable, still trying to work out what i like and don't like, once i know i'll be sure to put it down here. At the moment it is mostly knarloc green, thrakka wash, reknarloc green but leave shadow and then highlight up using bleached bone and more washes.


Pretty happy with these. Working on some converted deffkoptas at the moment and think i will try to blend the colours on the nose etc this time rather than wash.
Lows: L.E.D. light that i used for the photos has changed some aspects of the colour and put a strange blue tint to the group picture.
Deffcoptas, runt bot and some nobz, i just don't know which collective i will finish first. This still applies.






09-11-2011, 13:17
Comments! I rolled a 3 and nobody else has so far, so I've pulled a bunch of random entries for my feedback.

Misterboff - feel your pain re. collapsing models, whoever designed the metal/plastic Devastators needs a beating. It's shaping up nicely though so look forward to progress - you have to lead by example you know ;)

Punkfish - excellent Sentinels, any chance of a walkthrough on that black? I have a Chaplain to do eventually... The fluff behind your IG is interesting - are they a security detachment ala NKVD or are they anti xenos etc?

Thalenchar - nice work! Maybe the flames on that tank could do with a brown wash though? Might be the photo. I haven't seen this theme before so great execution.

Mini77 - blue wash over red cloaks? Never heard of that before but looks nice and rich. Must try it. I have one of those Chaplains too but it won't compare I fear!

Zujara - lovely stuff mate - reminds me of the old IG veteran upgrade 'true grit' :D

Monsterzonk - looking good, sir, I too am working on a homebrew chapter so I feel some support is called for! Nice strong bone colour you've achieved. I'm going to emulate Mini77 in modifying current transfers rather than create my own though.

Xazil - sweet, a rarely seen Chapter! I like the group shot - I think the eyes and armour edges could do with another highlight to give them some depth though. The siege mantlets look cool.

matt17 - for someone who never painted vehicles before this Tale you're surpassing yourself - that's an excellent tank there. The Guardsman looks FINE - rememeber they'll be dozens of these guys so don't get too sucked into it. And yes, your fluff was alarmingly involved ;)

Jonahmaul - Brazen Claws look really cool and gritty, nice work! By the way, I took your advice on my bases and made the rims black - they look much nicer so thank you! Now get on with it, you have a Joker to buy back! ;)

Perplexiti - thanks for the kind words, glad you like them! Your Wolves are looking good - I like the use of older and new models too!

Terranova - those Orks look awesome, even if you're not decided on the paint method yet!

T3h D4ve
09-11-2011, 15:42
Hey guys,
Sorry, but I was busy as hell the past two months, so unfortunately I'm going to have to play my second joker this early and make up for it by the start of the new year.
It's always the way that I set up to start painting, get something half started, and then get a call about something last minute....however in the spring at least I can boast about it here when it's on :D
Plenty of downtime this month to sit inside, in the heat and actually FINISH painting something! :D
But everybody else seems to be coming along nicely!

09-11-2011, 20:00

Very well done to everyone who posted something this month. To all those who didn't, hang in there!

I rolled a 1 so here are my comments on the other 1s:

Mini77 - A nice strong colour scheme well executed. I particularly like the red cape and your attention to detail in getting the same vintage plastic arm etc for the Reclusiarch

matt_17 - I like the tank and the detail about the organisation. I think the yellow makes the camo scheme work very well. I think you're going to need a steady hand to do the numbers for your troopers.

pudsey098 - looking good. I think the legs will work - very orky. With bases these will look just the job.

Terranova - deffkoptas are possibly my favourite ork models and these are top notch. Nice attention to detail with the dials and checks and nice weathering.

And just because that isn't many comments I'll also comment on razormasticator by saying that I'm looking forward to your photos and having watched the video I must say that system looks pretty speedy but damn effective.

Also thanks to perplexiti for your comments.

09-11-2011, 20:42
My photos will be up in the next few hours.

09-11-2011, 21:08
Misterboff, can you up me from 1000 to 1500? I will paint the difference this month. Now for comments!

Page 1
@misterboff: That tank looks nice and orky! Looking forward to seeing it painted.

@Lord Setra: Nice conversion, he came out great and should fit right in!

@Thalenchar: Great looking tank, the red is very nice and I love the flames.

@mini77: Love the old chaplain, I have that one in a box somewhere. Your paint scheme is well executed!

@Fanny Crowbar: Swaps look good, model came out great. I really like how some of the skin patches are different colours.

@punkfish: Sentinels look great, I like how your scheme is dark yet every area pops out.

@Monsterzonk: Really like these marines, especially how much their faces pop out at you. Nice highlighting on the black!

@djc: Nice conversions, and I don't think the arms look bad on the ungors. They may not be proportioned, but it adds to the mutant look I think. Love the old Keeper as well!

@Xazil: Good idea for the shields, and I like the blues you used

Page 2
@Jihad_Ragster: Nice BFG conversion, and I love the metallic armour on your marines.

@matt_17: Love your Executioner, though I may be bias since it is my favourite tank. Good weathering and I like your searchlight. Tester guardsman looks promising!

@perplexiti: Good looking wolf scouts, I really like the older ones.

@give_me_a_d: Nice looking sorcerer, and the steeds came out really good!

@crandall87: Love seeing Contemptors, and yours came out well.

@Doi: The boyz came out nice, and I like the snow bases they really make the Orks stand out.

@pudsey098: Love the cyboars, especially the one with they wheel! I like the use of a hellion as a beastmaster, good idea.

@Jonahmaul: I love the quartered scheme, you pulled it off really well.

@Terranova: Nice looking koptas, I really like the basing on the middle one.

09-11-2011, 21:36
@perplexiti: Good looking wolf scouts, I really like the older ones.

I agree, I wish I'd fleshed the unit out when I could still get them. But had other priorities at the time. They just look so much more lone wolfy than the newer ones.

10-11-2011, 02:50
Photos are up. Comments tomorrow. Sorry about the delay guys.

10-11-2011, 10:42
Comments time (slightly longer comments for my fellow 1 rollers - names bolded)

misterboff - So much orky goodness. I very much look forward to seeing it painted.

Lord Setra - Nice work. I like the colour tones you've got going, the red especially.

Thalenchar - FLAMING TANK! Awesome! I like. Only critism is the heavy bolter barrel, there should be something to show that they're gun barrels, not just blocks of metal. Either drilled, or simply given a black dot. Not a big issue, nor hard one to fix and on the whole the model is very nice - I know from experience how hard it can be to get such a nice tone of red going.

Mini77 - Very nice work. Crisp detail and rich colours - especially on the sniper guy's cloak. The old 3rd ed models are looking good here. How was the detail on the banner done, freehand or home made transfer or some other method? However it was done it looks excellent. Any plans on how you're going to base them?

Fanny Crowbar - Good work again. The haemonculus is suitably creepy.

punkfish - I'm pretty much always a fan of a good, dark colour scheme. These are looking very, very nice.

Zujara - Very nicely done. Seems like your guys have been trapesing through the mud, which is, I guess the point.

Monsterzonk - I really am liking this army. Something about the colourscheme and its execution that I just really like. Good work, keep it up.

djc - Nice submission. The incongruety of such obviously non-tech guys firing mortars is spectacularly chaosy. I like, very much.

Xazil - Riot shield marines! AWESOME! Where did you get the shields from? Are the meant to be shield or are they scavanged from somewhere else?

Jihad_Ragsta - As much as I thought your termie were cool I agree that these marines are even better. I really like the burnished metallic colouring for the armour.

perplexiti - Cool scouts. They're looking suitably Space Wolfy. The guy with the beard and topknot is specially well done.

give_me_a_d - For Chaos! The sorcerer is looking amazing. Some of the detail work - on the axe and face, for example - is very, very nicely done. I'm loving the paintjob on the mounts too, which is saying something given that I'm not a fan of the Slaaneshi models in general. Good work.

crandall87 - Custodes contemptor dread, nicely done. Time for him to use that chaos marine as a clud for hitting the next chaos marine. And the one after that.

Doi - Good old greenskinned orkiness, always makes me happy.

pudsey098 - Orks doing what they do best, making the ridiculous not only work but look good in the process. The boar with his hind legs replaced with a wheel is excellent; I shall forever think of him as motorcycle pig though.
The dark eldar part of your submission is amazing, the beasts especially they actually look like exposed muscle, sinew and bone. I love it. Probably my favourite submission for the month.

Jonahmaul - The half and half red/blue colour scheme is good concept and well executed here. The army, when done, will look very striking arrayed on a battlefield.

razormasticator - Much the same comment as last time. Very well painted orks with weathering that doesn't overly obscure the original shapes/colours of the models. Excellent work.

Terranova - Beautiful work. Just stunning. The attention to detail is amazing. The colours are well chosen and smoothly executed. This is among my favourites for the month. I really look forward to the converted ones. If you attention to detail in painting carries over to your modelling/converting they will be amazing.

10-11-2011, 17:15
Misterboff; Can I add 1000 points of Howling Griffons in addition to my Dead Suns. I can Joker the first two months and catch up from November.


Misterboff: Suitably Orky! Look forward to seeing it painted next time.
Lord Setra: Nice conversion work with the Coateaz. I might have to steal that idea!
Thalenchar: Striking scheme. I really like the servitor.
Fanny Crowbar: As good as ever. I really like the work done with the skin cloak.
Punkfish: Black can be tough to paint but these look great.
Zujara: Gritty. I like!
Monsterzonk: I love the colour scheme. Simple yet memorable.
DJC: They don't look bad at all. Good to see you continuing with the same army.
DJC: Nice work work with the Daemon.
Xazil: Nice. What did you use for the siege mantlets?
Jihad_Ragsta: Nice scheme. Those MaxMini heads work really well.
matt_17: Nice camo and weathering. Searchlight is really good too.
Perplexti: Nice job with the scouts.
give_me_a_d: I really like that sorceror. Colours are great.
crandall87: Always nice to see traitor scum getting squished :p.
Doi: Snow bases are unusual for Orks. Look good though.
pudsey098: Love the Nob. Pretty awesome!
pudsey098: Very nice work on the muscle with the beasts.
Jonahmaul: I love the Brazen Claw scheme, and it's nice to see someone do a good job with it.
Razormasticator: Nice Orks!

For the people that asked about the Chaplain's banner - it was scanned in from Codex: Ultramarines (from way back) and printed onto photo paper. When it was cut out the edges and back were touched up with black paint.

11-11-2011, 23:25
Well done to everyone who's managed to post this month, I think we've had a similar turn out to last month. Comment time from me:

@Lord Setra: Good conversion, and the model suits the SW colour scheme well. Extra congrats for it being your first model in 5 years - nice one!

@Thalenchar: I always loved the Redemptionists in Necromunda, and your tank takes their colour scheme to a whole new level - I love the deep red. Are you gonna include any Redempionists as Priests in your army?

@Mini77: Great work as usual. I love the old Scout Sergeant model, and I think that all their faces look great.

@Fanny Crowbar: Such a simple yet brilliant conversion. I love the little Talos arms, and it suits him well. His cloak reminds me of Fabius Bile, but it's a nice way to make him stand out from your brighter colours. THe Hexrifle looks awesome to.

@punkfish: That's a good looking unit you've got there. I like the individuality of the poses, and the spot colours were a great choice.

@Zujara: Another brilliant Command Squad, and Infantry Squad too. Being an Ork/Dark Eldar player, I wouldn't like to face that many template weapons in one unit!

@Monsterzonk: Good looking squad, with a nice variety of poses. It looks like the guy with the Flamer is showing us his war-cry, and the Sergeant looks ready to give someone a good beating.

@djc: Such a wide variety of poses on your Heavy Weapon Squads, and is that a bit of sprue rubble on the second Mortar in the second picture? Your KoS looks nice too, it's interesting to see more purple than pink on a Slaaneshi Daemon.

@Xazil: What an unusual looking unit, are their shields Forge World pieces or Rhino doors? Either way, they look cool. If only the shield could save the Plasma Cannon from Gets Hot!

@Jihad_Ragsta: I really like your Crusaders, expecially all the old style helmets. Your BFG stuff looks good once again - the huge Orks glyphs are very fitting!

@matt_17: Another lovely tank, the blue of the Executioner and Plasma Cannons is just right (not too bright or dark). The Guardsman looks great too, it'll be great to see a whole Squad/Platoon painted like that.

@perplexiti: You've got a great looking mix of models in your Scout Squad. I think my favourite is the one on the right with the ponytail and Plasma Pistol (a deadly combination).

@give_me_a_d: Cool Sorceror, the limited colour palette works really well. The seekers looks good too, looking forward to seeing the Daemonettes.

@crandall87: Another nice looking walker. I like the exposed metal on his legs and the red shoulder pads.

@Doi: More good looking Orks. The chips/weathering is great, and I really like the variety of helmet colours for some reason!

@pudsey098: What an innovative use of Orky bitz. The Dread/Kan legs and Warbike wheel both look great. Does that mean that you've got a Dread/Kan and Warbike with trotters? Lovely DE too, especially the Khymerae (fantastic models).

@Jonahmaul: I like the use of green as a spot colour on your Dreadnought, and the Scouts look great too. The quartered colour scheme is very striking (much like the Howling Griffons).

@razormasticator: The oversized Skorcha is very Orky, and great work on the Boyz too. I never would have thought to use green on an Ork (as you did with the Big Choppa cable), but it looks really good!

@Terranova: Another month of lovely Orks, with a very post-apocalyptic look to them (IMO). The girders help to break up the bases nicely, and the checks on the middle one are fantastic.


I've made quite a bit of progress on my Skullhamma. I've managed to basecoat, wash and drybrush the main body (leaving the Supa Kannon, Mekboy and 3 Grotz separate), and hope to at least neaten it up and pick out all of the (many) rivets this weekend.

Here are a few WIP pics from me...

[Basecoated side/top, Washed side/rear, Drybrushed front]

12-11-2011, 17:31
Thanks for the positive comments guys.

Punkfish - excellent Sentinels, any chance of a walkthrough on that black? I have a Chaplain to do eventually... The fluff behind your IG is interesting - are they a security detachment ala NKVD or are they anti xenos etc?

My fluff is still in flux, however, I see them as being as a designated 'S' (for Security) company attached to a Commissarat task force. The force will have a strong Commissarat presence, with a full complement of Stormtrooper squads.

The black was done with a basecoat of Chaos black. The first highlight was done with a mix of Chaos black and codex grey. A second highlight was then added with a little bit more codex grey in the mix. The cockpits were painted with a final highlight of pure codex grey.

Anyway, comments time.

@Lord Setra: Really inventive conversion. The colour scheme works very well.

@Thalenchar: Redemptionists!!! Love the colour scheme

@Mini77: Old school - I like!

@Fanny Crowbar: Nice conversion. The colour scheme works really well. Love the colour on the rifle.

@Zujara: Those Krieg look really nice dude. Love the muddy coats

@Monsterzonk: Still really like the colour scheme, the bone areas are especially well done.

@djc: I think you're being too harsh on yourself, the heavy weapon squads look really cool and the conversions are very inventive. The KoS looks really nice.

@Xazil: Interesting squad - those shields really look the part.

@Jihad_Ragsta: Another nice squad, good work dude.

@matt_17: I like that tank. The plasma coils are very nicely done. The tester model for the infantry is very nice too.

@perplexiti: You've got a great looking mix of models in your Scout Squad. I think my favourite is the one on the right with the ponytail and Plasma Pistol (a deadly combination).

@give_me_a_d: Nice Sorceror - The blue armour really works well.

@crandall87: I really like the Contemptor model - good idea to put it in your custodes army.

@Doi: Good looking Orks (if there is such a thing) The weathering is subtle yet effective.

@pudsey098: Those Cyboars are brilliant! Love the DE models too - very nicely painted.

@Jonahmaul: Nice to see a Brazen Claws army - not a lot of those about. The quartered scheme works very well.

@razormasticator: Great work on the Skorcha and the boyz look great too.

@Terranova: I think the Orks are awfully abundant around here ;) Nice unit and the bases work really well.

colonel kane trine
12-11-2011, 17:59
first comments from me on here :)
@misterboff-im loving the way that skullhamma is looking! great conversion!
@lord_setra- thats a great looking wolf priest love the bird familiar!
@thalenchar-love the flame effect on the tank and the reds looking good
@mini77-those are some real nice marines! the scouts look great
@fanny crowbar- that haemonculi looks better with he conversions you did to it! great looking models so far
@punkfish-i love the urban style schem o the sentinels!
@zujara- the dkok minis are awesome and your painting looks great on them!
@monsterzonk-liking the scheme and the bases on these :) what you adding next? i vote a dreadnought
@djc- i love that your bringing beastmen back into the 4ok universe! the conversions look great and im loving the old school keeper of secrets!
@xazil- love the shields on them how did you make them? nice scheme too
@jihad ragsta- those marines look geat i really like the red shoulder pads! the prk ships ook cool to are they fully scratchbuilt?
@matt_17-thats a great looking tank i love the camo scheme on it and the tester guardsmen is looking good!
@perplexiti- love the scouts nice looking greys from what i can see!
@give_me_a_d-that sorcerer is amazing i love the blues on the armour! those steeds are beautiful!
@crandall87-i love the contemptor dreads are you going to wash the gold to tone it down abit or is it just the picture?
@doi-i love your orks how did you do the bases?
@pudsey098-those conversions are great and well painted too! i really like them! the beastmaster is very nicely painted and i love the blue detailing on his skyboard! nice khymerae too
@jonahmaul-i love the scheme you have chosen for these i think they will look great as a full army!
@razormasticator-i like your orks alot especially the blue bits with washes over them. It looks very effective! nice boyz too!
@terranova-theres some really nice koptas you have there! my favourite is the yellowy one on the end and i like the dag detailing on the front of the middle one! great work

13-11-2011, 09:21
Reponses- Perplexiti got it right, they are BT rhino doors for seige mantlets. The rules for them are in IA10 where the list for the Seige Vanguard SM list is found.

Lord Setra: Nice conversion work. Making an intersting model.

Thalenchar: I like your theme, very striking.

Mini77: Very nice colour scheme. Great looking reclusiarch.

Fanny Crowbar: Disturbing, disturbing models. Great. :)

Punkfish: Nice sentinel squad, well done on your blacks and the subdued scheme bringing it all together.

Zujara: Love the infantry and bringing the mud up the legs tieing them more into their bases. Very nice job on very nice models. :)

Monsterzonk:Very nice colour scheme on the marines, well executed.

djc: Love the conversions, when I did IG dwarves I did hand swaps instead of whole arms. Well painted. The daemon is also well done in a disturbing way.

Jihad_Ragsta: Love the colour scheme for the marines. Great metal painting and definition.

matt_17: Great tank, good weathering and paint chipping. Like the camoflage on both tank and guard.

perplexiti: Nice old style wolf scouts, they have real character.

give_me_a_d: Great blending of the colours on the sorcerer, I like the undertones on the mounts also.

crandall87: Love the conversion work on the forgeworld mini.

Doi: Nice winter themed bases, brings out the green.

pudsey098: Great conversions on the boars, those like some happy, happy orcs. Also very nice dark eldar.

Jonahmaul: Good dread and colour scheme carryover to the scouts.

razormasticator: These orcs look unhappy, love the weathering and wear details.

Terranova: Nice squad of koptas, love the extra detailing scattered over them.

13-11-2011, 10:57
Thanks for the comments everybody =) positive comments always gets me motivated to paint more so I'll be working hard on this months stuff when I get the chance. And here's my comments for everybody elses's work:

misterboff - absolutely great conversion. has still got enough of the original tank underneath to look looted but is definitely suitably Orky. Can't wait to see it painted.

lord setra - great to see somebody coming back to the hobby after such a long break and the conversion and painting on the rune priest are great. one slight criticism is that I don't like the snow on the side of the base but that's personal preference

thalnchar - cool looking tank and servitor

mini77 - great looking marines, really neat and impressive painting, just checked out you HG's too and they look fantastic

fanny crowbar - excellent stuff once again, love the crisp looking scheme on the armour and that flesh cape is brilliant

punkfish - good work on the black which is indeed very hard to paint well but you've definitely managed it

zujara - great looking guard, I'm really impressed with just how much your painting has improved since I first saw it in the early Tales. Keep up the good work

monsterzonk - really like that colour scheme, they're very stirking and the painting is ace.

djc - great looking stuff for both your armies. I think you're being overly harsh on yourself with those mortars as I think the crew look great and the arms don't look too big to me at all. The ungors look quite hunched like deformed men which I think fits the theme of your army great


Xazil - great looking marines

jihad ragsta - really nice looking stuff although could we get some better pictures please =) are you painting those marines gold then washing or are the washes over silver paint?

matt_17 - the tank looks really great as does the tester soldier, looking forward to seeing some more

perplexti - nice looking stuff although could also do with some better pictures! Well done on winning the RWC, you should've been playing us in the final though (I'm Welsh although I live in England now!)

give_me_a_d - excellent looking stuff, looking forward to seeing the converted riders

CKT - nice WIP, looking forward to seeing more but seriously do you have some method of stopping time?!?!

crandall87 - nice looking dreadnough, intrigued as to what you're strike force is going to look like

doi - yay, snow!!! really great lookin Orks, the painting is excellent and I love the little bits of battle damage

pudsey098 - awesome stuff, I love those conversions, they look very Orky and are also painted very well too. Really loving the DE too, the contrast with the Orks is great and really shows the range of great painting skills you have. Not really paid much attention to those Khymerae models before but they might just have come by sabertusks for my Nurgle themed OK army!

razormasticator - they look great and even more so if you're getting them done quickly (I've not watched that vid yet!). That nob looks great, are you using nmm?


terranova - great looking koptas, Orks really are popular this Tale and all the armies looking ace, keep it up!

misterboff - that tank is coming along nicely, really looking forward to seeing the final job

13-11-2011, 11:50
Thanks for all the positive mojo guys. I will get around to posting comments tomorrow.
Sorry for the azz draggin, no worries though. i didnt forget you.

colonel kane trine
13-11-2011, 13:52
Another wip guys I was hoping to get enough done to just about enter this month but I dont think I managed it in time. I will be buying my joker back without fail next month.

Good work guys!

13-11-2011, 16:29
perplexti - nice looking stuff although could also do with some better pictures! Well done on winning the RWC, you should've been playing us in the final though (I'm Welsh although I live in England now!)

You're not wrong mate, your boyos probably played the best looking rugby all tournement. It was a shame Warburton had a brain explosion as I think they would have won that game with him there.

Also thanks for all the kind comments, and I'll be trying to sort the pics for next month. Just need to get some practice with my new camera in I think.

13-11-2011, 17:26
Some comments for those that rolled a 2.

@Monsterzonk - Great Marines. Really like the edge highlights on the black.

And that's it :wtf:

Some comments for those that caught my beady eye.

@Mini77 - Lovely painting. Very clean. The red on the scouts cloak is fab.
@Fanny Crowbar - Awful, awful stuff. You might as well drop out now you cack-handed scum! :mad::shifty:
@djc - Great KoS. A classic model, really well painted. The purple skin in particular is very good.
@pudsey098 - Awesome boars! Very Orky. Your Dark Eldar are my favourite entry this month. The Beastmaster is very eye-catching.
@razormasticator - Brilliant Orks! The skin tones are great and the blue works very well indeed.

14-11-2011, 10:52
Time for my 40K comments. Iíll comment on everyone here since there arenít as many as with the Fantasy Tale. After this Iíll get started on this monthís painting; spent all of last week painting Ogres to get them ready for a tournament!
Here we go:

@MisterBoff: This tank is looking awesome. Nice WiP pics as well. Will be curious to see it finished.
@Lord Setra: A nice model put to a new use. Well done on spotting the potential and on your paintjob. Love the extra touch of snow dripping off the base.
@Mini77: Great to see that chaplain again. And he fits your colour scheme very well. Great job on the scouts too. Faces especially came out great.
@Fanny: Striking colour scheme applied very well to Haemonculi Coven models. Loving this.
@Punkfish: Love the sentinels, the black is very well done. Wish I had some sentinels to use for my Tale, but alas!
@Zujara: Nice and gritty, just the way DK should look. Straight out the trenches!
@Monsterzonk: I like these a lot. The chest eagle and the static grass help to make the models really good. Well done.
@DJC (IG): Well done for getting these finished. They are really nice conversions and the paint job does them justice. Good stuff.
@DJC (daemons): I havenít seen that model in ages! Excellent! I especially like your purple.
@Xazil: Nice idea using those as shields. Looks very imposing.

@Jihad Rigsta: I do like that colour scheme. It just works. Love it.
@Matt_17: Nice fluff, well thought out. Great looking tank as well. My favourite bit is the searchlight.
@Perplexiti: Well done getting these finished amidst all that cool rugby! Looking forward to seeing what you do next month.
@Give_me_a_D: Excellent job on both the sorcerer and the seekers. Very nice colour schemes and very wel executed. As an aside, I rolled a 1 too, yet get no comment? Whatís that all about? ;)
@Crandall87: Great model and a great theme. Keep it up!
@Doi: Iím always put off painting horde armies for 40K. With fantasy you can just paint the front rank properly and the rest adequately and be done with it. Not so with 40. And you have made every Ork look great.
@Pudsey098 (Orks): Those are awesome! A whole unit of these will be insanely awesome.
@Pudsey098 (DE): That blue works well with that purple. Iíd have never thought it, but it does. Well done!
@Jonahmaul: I have a soft spot for quartered marines and yours look excellent! Iíve tried a quartered scheme myself once or twice, but always stop when I remember how much work itíll be trying to do a complete army like that!
@Razormasticator: Great looking Orks. Love your metal.

@Terranova: Cool looking Koptas, and excellent looking bases. I donít care you havenít settled on a particular recipe yet, all three bases look ace and complement the model!

Comments on comments:
@Monsterzonk: Thank you!
@Perplexiti: Thanks!
@Jihad_Ragsta: Thank you. The flames have come out a bit pale, true, although part of it is the dark red Iím using. Iím just afraid Iíll have to redo the flames completely if the brown wash doesnít work out though :p Maybe Iíll man up and try it for this monthís tank.
@Zujara: Thanks a lot.
@Matt_17: Thank you kindly, sir. Will fix the barrels for you ;)
@Mini77: Thanks. Heíll get friends to hang out with, too.
@Misterboff: Regretably, I havenít planned on using redemptionists as priests for my army. I am, however, planning on using them as an Infantry Platoon. Hope that is ok too.
@Punkfish: Thank you!
@Colonel: Thanks, man. Looking forward to seeing how many points youíll churn out per month here ;)
@Xazil: Thanks.
@Jonahmaul: Thank you.

14-11-2011, 15:07
Okay guys, finally comment time!

@MisterBoff: Love the skullhamma. I think you have done a great job with the use of the bits you chose.

@Lord Setra: I really like the blue on this guy. A different take on that model in particular.
@ Thalenchar: I really like the fleshtones on your servitor. And your Color Scheme is exciting.

@Mini77: Love the Chappy and the Scouts are very well done as well.
The faces do indeed look striking.

@Fanny: Love this scheme, and you execute it so well. The Flesh coat is especially convincing.

@Punkfish: Sentinels look great and are subtle and well executed.

@Zujara: The DKOK look really good, love the green and the basing.

@Monsterzonk: Is that a creme color on the shoulder pads or a white. I like your chapter very much!

@DJC (IG): Love the beastment Mortar teams, especially the sprue bits as bricks. well painted and cool as hell!

@DJC (daemons): I always loved the old Keeper of Secrets model. And it is well painted to boot.

@Xazil: Dig these models alot!

@Jihad Rigsta: Your models have a realistic look to them. Well done on the marines, and I love the Ork Ships!

@Matt_17: The tank is well painted, the color scheme is well executed. I hope its not too much to paint.

@Perplexiti: I really like those wolf scout models. Great Character they have. Is that the traditional wolf scheme?

@Give_me_a_D: Love that Sorcerer... he is hella sexy.

@colonel kane trine: Like the scheme from what I can tell. Black with purple? Need more photos of better quality my friend.

@Crandall87: Dig the contemptor dude, custodes are a seriously interesting thing to work on.

@Doi: Nice work here my friend. Keep up the good standard you have going.

@Pudsey098 (Orks): Solid work from you as usual. Well done green skins.

@Pudsey098 (DE): The Skyboard Hellion looks bad ass. Like the monsters as well.

@Jonahmaul: Props to you for working on a chapter that doesnt get alot of love. Well painted and great looking models man!

@Terranova: The Koptas look grand and the color scheme is colorful and bright! True freeboota style.

@ Mistaboff... with a coat of paint and wash its that much more sexy. Love your conversion so much!

14-11-2011, 16:22
@Perplexiti: I really like those wolf scout models. Great Character they have. Is that the traditional wolf scheme?

Thanks! Yeah, it's based on the 2nd ed (when I started playing) scheme. I'm crap at highlighting though so just drybrush the armour. Although I think it makes them look a bit scruffy like wolves should be.

14-11-2011, 17:39
Thanks! Yeah, it's based on the 2nd ed (when I started playing) scheme. I'm crap at highlighting though so just drybrush the armour. Although I think it makes them look a bit scruffy like wolves should be.

You have totally pulled that off then. I started playing back in RT and then 2nd ED days, so I thought it looked pretty traditional.

14-11-2011, 20:13
Comments time

But firstly thanks for the great comments everyone, to be honest Im quite surprised

So all the Roll of 1 comments

@Thalenchar - Nice idea for a Guards army, the Redemptionist Cult have always caught my eye and I look forward to seeing this army develop

@Mini77 - Great crisp painting, really like the black edging, which paints did you use to the crisp lines?

@matt_17 - I must admit the background stuff is really thought out and really is a good numbering system, looking forward to more next month. The tank looks great too, nice subtle chips and weather

@give_me_a_d - Great smooth painting on both sets of models, and a nice use of pink/purple to give a bit of colour to the seekers, looking good

@Terranova - Good dirty ork Deffcoptas, nice detailing across the models and simple yet effective bases

And Roll of 6

@misterboff - Great Skullhamma build, I really like the turret with the stompa face and the sponsons are a nice touch. The WIP painting is bringing out even more details, it will look great when finished

@punkfish - Good work with the black Sentinels they do look like a Security force and work well with the bases

@Zujara - I have always loved the Krieg models, and I am looking forward to your army, good to see the dirt looking good, but not over powering

@djc - Great to see the Beastman Guard back as I really enjoyed this army last year, and great mortar in action really adds to the squad

@Xazil - Great use of shields to give the squad an individual look but still very much Space Marines

And the winner of my favourite entry this Month goes too.... (drum roll)

@razormasticator - The blue works really well and looks great, the Nob is especially well done :yes: :yes:

Everyone else great work and keep it up!

15-11-2011, 02:11
@Mini77 - Great crisp painting, really like the black edging, which paints did you use to the crisp lines?

Thanks dude. It's Codex Grey for the edge highlighting.

15-11-2011, 12:26
Once again I will have to use a joker. I have been bogged down by exams.

15-11-2011, 13:46
@ pudsey thank you sir! I was especially happy with the Nob's chekerboard pattern. I still need to do his eyes. But that is on its way.

colonel kane trine
15-11-2011, 23:19
My nids are charadon granite with codex grey armour thats edged with dheneb stone. The fleshy details are tallarn flesh with a leviathan wash then the entire models washed badab black
Il get better pictures asap

16-11-2011, 11:52
Just popping in to say good work everyone! I'm in the middle of exams (last one tomorrow) so I'll try to get some comments up afterwards. So far the only model I've managed to get done for any of the ToP projects is my Warboss's Attack Squig :p. Have got some minor stuff done on the Warboss himself as well.


16-11-2011, 13:05
My nids are charadon granite with codex grey armour thats edged with dheneb stone. The fleshy details are tallarn flesh with a leviathan wash then the entire models washed badab black
Il get better pictures asap

It looks like a great scheme, I just couldn't really discern as much detail as the models deserved. Its all good man. No worries.

16-11-2011, 17:33
Just wanted to let you all know, I have finally updated my place holder post on page 2. I know I promised friday with pictures, but you know RL. And today is the first day I've had the chance to do take the pics in the lights.

I think this means I win back my joker. (Misterboff im down for 2 jokers? Can you update :))

I rolled a 3 so comments to come tomorrow, here's pics of this months WiP.


I'm going to attempt an assault squad and some death company...

18-11-2011, 13:41
Here's the first part of my pledge this month, an Eysian Sniper Squad. I'm also working on an Elysian infantry squad to bring me up to the monthly points total.

I've gone for a fairly gritty/dark scheme, with the visors picked out in red to provide a strong contrast. This will be a theme that'll be carried on by the rest of the army.

Next time, I'll add more to the base before I start the painting. I'm keeping an eye out for some of the 40k basing kits so I can add some rubble and other features to the bases as at the moment, I feel they're a bit too sparse.

Anyhow, pics below, let me know what you think.





19-11-2011, 17:06
Thalenchar: Really sorry for missing you on the comments, I should have guessed when the number I was commenting on seemed low. I like the flames on the Leman, sort of like solar flares. The servitor is cool too, the sort of blue skin works well with the red. And thanks for the comments as well.

Some responses:

Zujara: Thanks, I'm very pleased with the steeds
matt_17: Glad you like the sorcerer. I really like the new Slaaneshi models and I think it shows!
Mini77: Thanks mate
misterboff: The sorcerer was nearly just blue and gold but I thought I better put something else in as well
punkfish: Thanks, yeah I think I've got the blue sorted now. Those drop troops are looking sweet, they are some of my favourite guard models
colonel kane trine: Thank you very much, praise indeed
Xazil: Thanks, I was trying for something 'not quite grey' for the mounts and I'm pleased with the results
Jonahmaul: Thanks, unfortunately you'll be waiting a while for the riders as I've only converted 1 so far
razormasticator: Glad you like him
pudsey098: Thanks, I wanted a hint of colour but mostly grey as the daemonettes will be more colourful. I think it work well.

Painting continues at a reasonable speed; I'm now well into 3 Thousand sons marines after finishing the 2 I was painting along side the sorcerer. I've also finished a stand of nurglings that I'd done a base colour on ages ago. Check out my chaos log for pics.

20-11-2011, 16:06
This months WIP is a Custodes Strike Squad. I may also have a rhino for them soon.


21-11-2011, 16:30
Yikes, I just noticed I had 2 jokers used? I completed my Sept model


I did have to take a joker for October though, and I still have a little before November is due!!!! Ill have a points value for that daemon prince when I post my model for November.

21-11-2011, 17:40
Just wanted to let you all know, I have finally updated my place holder post on page 2.

I think this means I win back my joker. (Misterboff im down for 2 jokers? Can you update :))

Nice work - all done! The bases look fine to me, what are you planning on doing to finish them off?

Yikes, I just noticed I had 2 jokers used? I completed my Sept model.

I did have to take a joker for October though, and I still have a little before November is due!!!! Ill have a points value for that daemon prince when I post my model for November.

Oops - my bad! I must have skipped over the post because there were no points on it. I've put 150 points for now, but I'll update it for you when you get the actual points value.

21-11-2011, 18:07
@ Aenarion agree with mistaboff. Those bases are ace! Nice work getting your entry in.

colonel kane trine
21-11-2011, 18:41
Ive had to totally change my army scheme as I bought an 8k army. Therefore its easier to repaint what id started than paint the 8k army to match!

Im hoping to get everything I own painted and the new army tweaked slightly over the next year in the tale :p

colonel kane trine
25-11-2011, 18:00
Rubbish pic
Of my new scheme
Im hoping I get enough sunlight next week to be able to get better pictures
I wasnt keen on my other scheme so tried leviathan. Its easier faster and I like it. It also matches with an 8k+ army im buying in a few weeks ;-) expect decembers update to be MONSTROUS....

25-11-2011, 20:02
I would like to join, I've just started a Space Marine army. 1500pts please.
I'll do an uberpaint to catch up for next month's thread.

28-11-2011, 22:14
I would like to join, I've just started a Space Marine army. 1500pts please.
I'll do an uberpaint to catch up for next month's thread.

Welcome to the Tale dangermouse425!

If you can manage to post 150 points (or more) in the next thread (November completed/December WIP) then you'll just about be able to squeeze into the Tale this year by using a JOKER for September and October.

I've managed to finish my Skullhamma (hurrah!), so here's a sneaky pic of the Supa Kannon Grotz that I painted up separately. I just need to varnish it now (if the Great British weather lets me)...

30-11-2011, 10:25
Sadly I haven't been able to comment this month since I've been really pressed for time between end of year exams and extra shifts at work but those of you who've been kind enough to comment on my work deserve replies!

@Doi: Great orks mate, are they Bad Moons?

Nah, I'm painting them in a random mix of the different clan colours. You'll find black, red, yellow, checks and dags all over the place (you just wont see any/much blue because I think it clashes with the other colours. You have to go either all Deathskull or not at all).

@Doi: The boyz came out nice, and I like the snow bases they really make the Orks stand out.

Doi - Good old greenskinned orkiness, always makes me happy.

Doi: Snow bases are unusual for Orks. Look good though.

Thanks guys!

@Doi: More good looking Orks. The chips/weathering is great, and I really like the variety of helmet colours for some reason!

Variety is the spice of orkiness :p.

@Doi: Good looking Orks (if there is such a thing) The weathering is subtle yet effective.


@doi-i love your orks how did you do the bases?

Thanks, I've explained my basing over in the TOFP.

Doi: Nice winter themed bases, brings out the green.


doi - yay, snow!!! really great lookin Orks, the painting is excellent and I love the little bits of battle damage

I'd have a thought a Brit like you would be sick of snow :p.

@Doi: Iím always put off painting horde armies for 40K. With fantasy you can just paint the front rank properly and the rest adequately and be done with it. Not so with 40. And you have made every Ork look great.

Thanks a lot. Definitely not looking forward to the Grots though :p.

@Doi: Nice work here my friend. Keep up the good standard you have going.


* * *

Well so far the 40K Tale is the only one I've gotten anything done for this month. Quite happy with how my warboss has turned out (just needs basing and its done!).


30-11-2011, 23:57
Hi guys and gals,

The new thread is now up:

The Tale of 40k Painters 2011-2012 MONTH 4 (NOV completed work & DEC WIP) (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=325663)

The new thread is for completed entries for November (up until the 7th) and work in progress (WIP) for December (from the 8th). Please only post completed work for November in the new thread until the 7th.

02-12-2011, 15:57
Oh god, must get painting!