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Solun Decius
01-11-2011, 22:52
OK! Do you know we already have two full board games painted? Let's see if last months painting saw even more finished.

Welcome to the Tale of Board Game Painters

What's it all about?
A lot of us wargamers have bought or been given some really impressive board games through the years that have had one extra special selling point; cool miniature game pieces. Mine (and my brother's) include Hero Quest, Space Crusade, Blood Bowl, Space Hulk (both editions) and most recently Chaos in the Old World.

When we opened the boxes we all dreamed of how awesome it would look (in just a few weeks, right?) when we'd have painted every single miniature to the best of our abilities. Awesome atmospheric board pieces with super realistic miniatures all over. Then a few weeks go by, sometimes a few months and for way too many of us a few years. The games are still awesome but all that paint seems to have taken the wrong turn at Albuquerque.

Enter the Tale of Board Game Painters. Now we're going to use the collective power of motivation to really get it done! Participants choose a miniature board game from their collection - one's enough for most of us; after all, they've been unpainted this long already, let's not get carried away :D - and paint it up in 5 to 10 batches over a period of 6 to 12 months.

At the end of each month (or the beginning of the next actually) we take photos of the month's good work, post it on that month's show off thread and give comments and encourage our fellow painters to keep on truckin'!!

More detailed description of the time plan and structure can be found in the OP of the signup thread here! (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=313544)

Here are our painters at the moment:

Please let me know if you feel any of the info is wrong or if I've misinterpreted how/when you're painting the games.

Board games finished: 2
#1: steevn - Utopia - 5 minatures
#2: robscott5598 - Fury of Dracula - 5 miniatures

In this thread we start by posting last month's painting, our batches of finished miniatures. Include info on what the miniatures are and what portion of the whole game we feel we've finished. Then we comment on each others good work and begin posting WIPs of our next batch.

Don't forget you can still sign up anytime!

Happy Painting!

01-11-2011, 23:09
Where's your quota from this month? @ Solun - you can't get away with it! :p

Here's mine anyway - hope you like;









Sorry about some of the poor quality pics, there wasn't much natural light around to take pics when I got in from work and artificial light is never as good.

02-11-2011, 12:31
lady and the musketeers : finished boardgame


next: cadwallion (for the next 4 months: 5 figures/month) !

Solun Decius
03-11-2011, 10:00
Where's your quota from this month? @ Solun - you can't get away with it! :pSorry sorry, I'm doing my best, hahaha!

OK, again rather quick phone pics, and there still may be a few finishing touches left. I'd like to do the eyes although they're ridiculously tiny. Also need to clean up the bases a bit.


I tried something new on the cultists' chaos icons. Some kind of glow but with a black outline of the star icon. They're tiny though and I didn't want to waste a whole lot of time on them. Hope it's nicer that the flat red. I'll do this on the Nurgle ones too, except with a green tint.

Good job guys! It's now 3 finished games and counting.

03-11-2011, 12:39
your phonepics are better than my pix, guess i'll have to find me a big white papersheet and some additional lighting :)
oh and the models are really nice :) for the eyes : maybe just a fine dot of orange?

03-11-2011, 18:25
Nice work Steevn, though I'm not that familiar with the game those models look very nice. I think the bases could do with something though, maybe a painted paving or something, as there seems a lot of black there but overall a really good job!

@ Solun, lovely stuff - I have always been a fan of the Blood gods servants and you do them justice (I especially like the bloodthirster). Just how small are these minis? Are they about the standard 28mm scale or smaller still?

03-11-2011, 19:01
Here my Trio for October and before someone mentions it, yes, i forgot to finish the helmet in the claw, will post the correction later.





And a group shot:


03-11-2011, 19:36
@ DAGabriel, I Love that your doing them as Deathwing Termis! They look loverly.

So nice to see that as opposed to more Blood Angels red Termis. Although those are equally nice and iconic it's nice to see some love for the old Deathwing Expansion. Good job. The pale tones of your Genestealers are nice too.

Speaking of Nice Space Hulk figs,
@Demonslave, your red Term looks really good too. I especially like the "scripture" on the purity seals, nice work, and the nice glowy effect of the greens. Those little details really make the figure pop!

Is it just me or maybe I'm just a little late to the discussion but after looking at your Genestealers I went back and drug out the box set and confirmed......Several of the Genestealer sculpts are missing their fourth arm!?!?!? WTF

And @ Solun D, I do not envy you the task of painting those tiny little guys from Chaos in the Old World, but you've done an excellent job, especially with making such tiny details really stick out and bring the figures to life. Your highlighting is also very smooth and well done for such small figs that most would just drybrush it and call it a day. Much respect....

Here's the Fury of Dracula minis, previously posted over in WIP for last month but I guess should be represented here for Finished in October.
Again, They're pretty simple with the exception of the subtle OSL effect for the lantern, The fact that the bases were just some random new handpainted effect I decided to try, which works out extremely well apparently, and that the shadow are actually painted onto the bases with black and brown ink layers...






03-11-2011, 20:26
Sorry for the extra crummy photos this time, I need to get something better set up since I won't have decent daylight for the next 6 months. Anyway, here's the second squad, and a very early WIP shot of one of the enhanced Spaceship X rooms (I won't be doing this level of customizing on more than a few of the pieces.) The business end of the heavy flamer has some nice scorching, but of course you can't see it at all, and for some reason the armor highlights are invisible while the shoulder pad highlights come out bright white, they are less extreme in person.


04-11-2011, 10:29
@ DAGabriel : nice, very nice , will you drill out the barrels of the assaultcannon ?

@Demonslave : paintjobs like this make me not want to start painting my spacehulkterminators... i fear the red :)

@robscott5598 : thanks a lot, because of you everybody notices my lack of basing :D, mind if i try to copy your cobblestone effects?
and is the game itself any good? i hesitated on buying it last time i saw it at spiel in essen germany

@ Solun Decius : i'm impressed by your "golds", how do you do it?

@ ecurtz : how did you build the flooringtiles? is it all games workshop cityruins?

Solun Decius
04-11-2011, 11:29
@Daemonslave: I really like your Space Hulk paitning man. Bright and strong colored stealers and great detail on the Terminator.
Regarding the size of the CitOW minis, I guess if you take the top of the axe the Bloodthirstir is about as tall as a 28mm Space marine. I answered this question with an image in the last thread (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=319379&p=5833665) where I set the Nurgle minis up next to a paint pot and if you scroll below you can also see a WIP of Khorne with some size references in the background.
Thanks dude!

@steevn: Very nice! Second boardgame finished :D They lookgreat and I hope you get a chance to play these boardgames now that you've finished them.
The main colors for the golds are Bestial Brown and Reaper Master Series Clear Yellow. Bad Moon Yellow is a perfect substitute for RMS Clear Yellow and you can just as well use Sunburst Yellow.
I do these golds from darkest to brightest, unlike most NMM where I start at a medium color and then both shade and highlight. I start by mixing Bestial Brown and Black and covering everything in that. Then I go straight to pure Bestial Brown,covering almost everything, just leaving the deepest shades. Next I mix Brown and Yellow. I usually mix yellow and white into that mix for the next pass and then use a mix of yellow and white without the brown. What I usually do at this point is take a very thin pure yellow and wash most of the area with that, just to get a little color into it as the brown and white usually makes it a bit dull. After washing until I feel it's properly yellow I do a pure white highlight dot is select spots.
If I have more time I use it not to do more mixes but just to use thinner paints and go back and forth more until I feel everything is perfect. In this case I decided not to get stuck in too much detail so the golds are a bit leathery brown, but that's the trade-off for more time though.

@DAGabriel: Very nice painting this month! They really pop with the strong bright paint schemes. You take the bold, big brush strokes style and make it work. It's somehow spot on for Deathwing.

@robscott5598: Thanks man! Much appreciated comments. I turned my back on drybrushing a while ago, but I'm still always trying out ways to speed up my painting, while keeping a fairly smooth feel, especially for the boardgame projects.
Again, the FoD minis are great. The bases in particular are really impressive!
Do you mean to paint Claustophobia and Lost patrol both in this month and post in the next or should I move your whole project back one month in the chart?

@ecurtz: Wow! That 3D room is impressive. I look forward to seeing it painted. The Termies look nice and smooth and that's another 5 so you're almost finished with the Marines, right? Red can be really tricky in digital photography so don't sweat it, although it's always frustrating to see all your nice highlighting work washed out like that.

Alright people! I still hope to see a few more of last month's finishes minis here.

04-11-2011, 16:49
The floor tiles are the "Spaceship X" terrain from Creative Gamescapes (http://www.creativegamescapes.dreamhosters.com/) I'm using some GW and Scibor bits to try and give the rooms some personality like the 3rd ed. tiles but most of the corridor pieces will be "off the sprue". Another of the minor complaints I have is that they don't match the CoD floors, but it's understandable in terms of added size and cost. I know I keep mentioning issues, but they are quite nice, all my complaints with Spaceship X are really of the "it would have been amazing if..." variety.

@Daemonslave: Another beautiful month's work. This may seem like a weird thing to notice, but every time I see the doors I think "wow those are amazing" for a second before remembering they are the printed 3rd ed. doors and what is amazing is that your base painting matches the printing so well it fools me.

@steevn: More nice figures. I'm jealous of the variety of stuff you've been painting. I've never heard of this game, so I'm off to BGG to check it out as soon as I post.

@Solun Decius: Very nice texture to them, and I think the standards are a big improvement over the solid color. It has nothing to do with your painting, which is again excellent, but I really dislike that Bloodthirster mini, especially compared to the GUO.

@DAGabriel: Every new mini I see I like your style on these more. It seemed a little untidy at first, but it's like an impressionistic painting where everything comes together as a whole perfectly. I haven't painted in so long I'm currently a bit stuck painting "within the lines" but I hope I can return to having more individual style of my own as this tale progresses.

@robscott5598: Welcome to the tale. Those figures are really nice, lots of personality even with the muted palette. The idea for the painted bases with shadows is terrific and they look great as well. Did you give Dracula a shadow? (I know he has one in movies so it can be menacing on the walls in the cut-away shot, but it would be a nice way to very subtly separate him from the hunters.)

04-11-2011, 17:33
@robscott5598: Welcome to the tale. Those figures are really nice, lots of personality even with the muted palette. The idea for the painted bases with shadows is terrific and they look great as well. Did you give Dracula a shadow? (I know he has one in movies so it can be menacing on the walls in the cut-away shot, but it would be a nice way to very subtly separate him from the hunters.)

Yeah, the palette was muted because I wanted to emphasize the whole running around in the dark of night just before dawn thing and the person they were painted for really wanted them to be as accurate to the cards for the game as possible. It didn't help that some of the faces were only half molded....pretty crummy plastics actually and much smaller than the normal 25mm GW minis I normally do. It was a pain but very fun at the same time thanks to things like the bases and the OSL effect and the shadows.

Dracula's base was entirely painted in darkness/shadows with ink. I figured that would emphasize the fact that one, he is a supernatural creature of darkness, and two, he is really the character hiding in the game with everybodies goal being to find him before dawn and he escapes.

04-11-2011, 18:43
@ Daemonslave: how much the lighting changes things. As said last time: cool painting. Don`t really like the blood(?) smeared E-fist, but it is in style.

@ steevn: lovely style, cool minis. Would have liked some painting on the bases.

@ Solun Decius: Now that is Khorne style, love them. Blood for the blood god!

@ robscott5598: Those minis make me interested in the game. Love those cobblestone painted bases.

@ ecurtz: really productive, but want to see that room painted!!!!!!!!!

And some replies:

@ robscott and Solun: Thx for the kind words, my Deathwing love is not unselfish, got a DAArmy who need more DWTermies, will do some magnetized 40k bases at the end.

@ steevn: drilling? Don`t know, haven`t got such a fine drill.

@ ecurtz: I thing they are 3rd generation DWs, I have painted Dark angels for about 15 years and it is a certain routine to do them. I try to train my detailing on the tk minis for the ToFP;-)

And sorry, no new pics, am still doing the other tales stuff.

06-11-2011, 01:11
Still not so good with the pictures, but here's another 5 genestealers from me this month with little bits and pieces left to do (Forgot about their tongues and eyes :().

Morglum Necksnapper
06-11-2011, 18:27
Great painting so far! I will post individual comments later. I've finished the doors, just need to take some pictures. Here is some work in progress on the first Imperial Fists terminators.







06-11-2011, 18:54
Ok, Finally got time for pictures, so here's the first batch of Heroquest models. To refresh everyone's memory, this batch includes:

2 Orcs, 2 Skeletons, 1 Fimir, 1 Mummy, 1 Barbarian, 2 door bases, 1 Table, and 1 Bookcase top.

On to the pictures!

Group Shot!

Our first hero, the Barbarian!

Mummy and Skeletons

Fimir and Orcs

Solun Decius
08-11-2011, 11:18
YAY! Heroquest!
No disrespect to anyone else but I was really looking forward to there being Heroquest in this Tale. Thanks iamjack42! Now there is.

@Morglum Necksnapper: Nice conversions on the old SH Termies, as far as it's possible to convert those chunks :D Great bases too!

@someone2040: Excellent set of stealers there. You're making good progress here. I like the stark colors, strong blue and purple but really deep shadows too.

Thanks DAGabriel!

@ecurtz: I actually agree on that. The GUO has the most character of all the greater daemons, amazing actually for such a small mini. The Bloodthirster on the other hand is the weakest mini, I think. God detail but a strange character to it. Looks like kind of a doofus. Still, for such small minis the whole Khorne army with Bloodletters and all looks kind of bad-ass :D

I've got a little WIP on the Tzeentch minis.


Also, in the background, you can see the start of my first Dreadfleet ship, the Black Kraken.

Good start of this second month. Good painting for the next one!

08-11-2011, 17:27
DAGabriel: I like your terminator, really good metallics on him and he looks very imposing. I've said before I really like the pastel colours of your genestealers though I think I would like to see a tiny bit more contrast between flesh and carapace - but overall some cracking stuff, keep up the good work!

Robscott: I don't know why but there's something I really like about those Dracula figures, they're nostalgic but in a good way. Your paint job really brings them to life and the pebblestone bases really finishes them off. Good Stuff!

Oh and yeah, a few of the Genestealers do indeed only have three arms, I remember painting the one pictured above and getting confused when painting the black nails at the end because I knew I had painted three hands and I couldn't find a fourth :p

ecurtz: Nice terminators mate. Good strong vibrant red that really makes them stand out. I agree with some of the other comments that they need some work on their bases (but that's just what I would do ) any plans to include the Spaceship X boards pieces as part of your tale?

Some2040: Although still a bit dark, your models are more visible than the previous photo and you can see the detail a lot better. Very nice sir! The really dark 'Stealers give the impression they are in a poorly lit Hulk, and come across as very threatening. I like it!

Morglum: Wow - those are some old Terminators, Classic! I don't think I've ever seen anyone do an Imperial Fist Space Hulk before, and you don't disappoint. It's nice to see a more dirty looking yellow for the 'Fists rather than the bright yellow we are accostomed to. :)

iamjack42: I must confess that, like Solun, I've been wanting to see someone do this and you have done it well! This is the game that first got me into GW so it will always have a special place in my heart, and you've painted it really well, the subtle shading and highlights look really good! I hope you're going to paint the plastic bits that go on top of the book cases and that hold the treasure chests together - cant spoil the game by having ugly lumps of brown plastic! I look forward to seeing this progress.

Solun: You've made a good start. The colours are bright and certainly the type to be associated with Tzeentch. Not sure about the pink feathers yet, but I shall wait and have faith - the Khorne dudes were so good that I shall give you the benefit of the doubt :p

08-11-2011, 19:47
iamjack42: I must confess that, like Solun, I've been wanting to see someone do this and you have done it well! This is the game that first got me into GW so it will always have a special place in my heart, and you've painted it really well, the subtle shading and highlights look really good! I hope you're going to paint the plastic bits that go on top of the book cases and that hold the treasure chests together - cant spoil the game by having ugly lumps of brown plastic! I look forward to seeing this progress.

Thanks. I actually have been painting the furniture, although its a bit hard to tell in the pics. Here's a couple mediocre closeups of just the furniture, and maybe next month I'll do a side-by-side of a painted and unpainted version.



Solun Decius
08-11-2011, 21:06
@Daemonslave: Thanks! I actually hesitated myself before painting the same pink on the Lord of Change as the others. However, my original decision was to stick to the same base colors on all minis for each god. However, I'm pretty sure we'll see some orange blended into the highlights on the Lord of Change.

Here they are after a sloppy wash. It really melds better already.


Nice furniture closeups iamjack42! Heroquest really had some great scenery pieces.

10-11-2011, 21:31
The wash does make it look better but I'm still not sold on the LoC arms - you plan on using a flesh colour or something to highlight it a bit?

Anyway here's my months progress so far;







I've ground to a halt at the moment - I've run out of Badab Black wash and I use it on nearly everything!

Solun Decius
11-11-2011, 07:48
Ah, so it's the arms you were skeptical about. Then maybe I've fixed nothing :D
Nice progress! Brother Goriel is such a great mini. Badab Black is a difficult one to be without once you've gotten used to having it.

This is my progress now:


I took the neck and head a bit out of the pink scheme, but haven't done that for the arms (and I meant to just let that slide). Maybe the arms and head now look like they don't belong to the same "person". It is Tzeentchian though :rolleyes:
I also have to pick up the shine on the headdress, so it looks a bit more gold.

11-11-2011, 15:37
It looks so much better with the highlights. Still a touch too pink for my tastes, (I know I'm a hard man to please), but looks good nevertheless.

Can I ask what the green stuff is? I can't really make it out from the pic. Warpfire?

11-11-2011, 21:08
Solun, I'm not too familiar with Chaos in the Old World but I dont think the banners are meant to droop so much :p Happens a lot with FFG plastics if thin enough, tons of my WoW arms and swords were at akward angles.

A good deal late for your Khorne and Tzeentch, but if you run them under a warm tap for a few seconds, then pinch the banner between 2 fingers and gently bend the plastic straight and run it under a cold tap it should hold straight. Dunno if youve basecoated Nurgle and Slaanesh yet, but just a tip.

Also add another "YAY!!!" for HeroQuest from me, love that game.

Might add a log to this myself, if I get lucky with stock while visiting my FLGS tomorrow, will see.

Solun Decius
12-11-2011, 11:36
@Daemonslave: I'll see what I can do about the pink, but I also have the same answer as I have for gunmonkey below. There are certain things I let slide simply in order to keep the tempo up and not get draggend down into details :D
In game terms Warpstone is importand for the Tzeentch player, so I imagined the Warrior and Greater Daemon Bases were supposed to represent Warpstone crystals. All the green, eye's, tongues and warpstone, has yet to be highlighted, so this will hopefully look much more crystalline.

@gunmonkey: I hope your game store visit went well and we'll see you around here in the Tale :D
Thanks very much for the pointer. I realize the icons shouldn't droop like that and I also have a fair idea of how to fix it. On the other hand, when I start a project like this I have to start by listing a bunch of things that I'm not going to do, even if it would look better, just so I manage to finish sometime. In this case I decided not to work on the models at all and only clean mold lines minimally. Also no shades except washes and as few colors per army as I could get away with. In most cases I'm washing all base colors with the same shade color to keep the speed up. Up until now I think leviathan purple is the only wash color I've used, on Khorne, Nurgle and Tzeentch (Green, Red, Pink and Blue), sometimes with a little Badab Black mixed in to darken it.
Nurgle is already finished but Slaanesh is not yet primed. I still won't be fixing this problem there either. I'm cutting a lot of corners in this project and as soon as I allow myself to fix some of them I'll get sucked into all the details.

OK, here's a WIP. Probably not much different from the last one. I think I'll withhold further Tzeentch WIP so the finished pics next month will be interesting :D


Here's also a WIP of the Black Kraken, for the other Boardgame I'll be painting alongside CitOW. I'll put more power into Dreadfleet once I've finished CitOW though.


I couldn't resist the urge to practice a little OSL. Even though I'm also not going all out perfectionist on this project I'll be allowing myself a bit more detail and fun experimenting.

13-11-2011, 10:28
@Solun: Hehe ok, just its the kind of thing that sends my OCD into overdrive. I would be sitting there with hand shaking and face twitching if playing with those thinking "Its....not....STRAIGHT...." :p

And yeah....

http://img64.imageshack.us/img64/8031/1000094p.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/64/1000094p.jpg/)

....got lucky in the store, one of only 2 copies they got in. Almost walked out without it as its was hidden on the top shelf behind another game. Gonna try get them cleaned and assembled this month and start into the Tale next month, have to get some practice in on some trash minis as I am measuring the time since I lasted painted in Ice Ages :D

13-11-2011, 19:51

@Daemonslave Very nice Stealers. The shading and the faces are marvelously done. Iím also impressed with the termie, particularly the script. The blue gems are nice as well.

@steevn I like the musketeers. Never heard of the game before, thatís very nice. Iím currently reading Twenty Years After, so musketeers are particularly fun to see.

@Solun Decius Very nice Khorne models. The highlighting is great, and I particularly like the brass

@DAGabriel I love the paint scheme for the Ďstealers. The albino look reminds me of cave dwelling animals, an apt look for aliens living in a vast space derelict. The white on the terminator is well done.

@robscott5598 I am impressed with the bases. Really marvelously done. The models are really nice as well, very characterful.

@ecurtz I love the Blood Raven Terminators. It looks like youíve really got smooth, strong color, I wish the highlights had shown up more accurately.

@someone2040 Nice job on those genestealers. The stealers themselves are well done, but Iím most impressed with the work youíve done on the bases. The twisted metal looks great, very realistic.

@Morglum Necksnapper Iím excited to see the finished old school termies. Iím confident theyíll look great, it seems youíre making a promising start.

Morglum Necksnapper
14-11-2011, 16:48
Beautiful highlights on the stealer. The partchment on th Blood Angels is great, so is his bloodied hand with drips...

Lovely painting, althouh it's hard to see in the pictures like you said.

Solun Decius
The axeblade of that big Khorne deamon is cool! So is the rest of your painting actually.
The work in progress looks like it's going to be great as well.

Wow, that is a gorgeous Deathwing miniature!
Stealers are great aswell.

Again, wonderfull.

The Terminators are certailny going in the right direction.
The little 3D chamber is going to be massively cool.

I like the dark colors on your genestealers very much. The torn metal floorboard looks very realistic.

Great to see you doing Heroquest, a game like that deserves to be painted. Looking great.

Here are a few of the 25 3rd editon Spacehulkdoors I've painted up to look real dirty and old.
I like the thick cardboord of these doors and the wonderfull stands. I've dirtied them up a little. Also, painting Spacehulk stuff has got me all excited and I am making a project log about the developments, as Ive got all kinds of ideas to expand on the original models and build a carring case. I am only showing a few doors, as there are 25 in total, the rest can be seen in my project log.





25-11-2011, 23:17
I'm supprised no one has commented before me @ Morglum, those doors look really good. They look really well aged and pitted with corrosion. The verdigras is subtle and very well executed. You're a braver man than me to paint over your doors (I think the ones that come with the game look good anyway), and I look forward to seeing more contributions from you in this tale.

A Question to you all if I may;

Having completed my months quota, I'm now preparing stuff for the following month, which involves the last 5 doors, Brother Deino, the Broodlord and the C.A.T. - Should I put the CAT on a base? officially it doesn't take up a square, so I would like to leave it without, but I think I am bound to lose it otherwise. What about the chalice when I get round to doing that? Any suggestions?

Morglum Necksnapper
26-11-2011, 12:34
Thanks Deamonslave! As for your question, I've never seen 3rd edition Spae Hulk in real life, but I can't see how you would have the risk of losing the miniatures if they are not on a base. You simply put everything back in the box after playing.

26-11-2011, 12:48
Thanks Deamonslave! As for your question, I've never seen 3rd edition Spae Hulk in real life, but I can't see how you would have the risk of losing the miniatures if they are not on a base. You simply put everything back in the box after playing.

Here's a pic for scale;


My house has a mini black hole somewhere, where lots of things appear to have vanished. It doesn't take much for things to disappear. By basing them they will be more visible but they will take up to much room (hmm decisions, decisions)

Solun Decius
28-11-2011, 15:24
Thanks for the nice comments iamjack42 & Morglum Necksnapper!

Haha gunmonkey! I totally understand that feeling. I'm trying to break my own OCD as I'd never finish anything if I'd allow it to fester :D
SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE! I'm really hoping for that to be my next boardgame painting project too. Can't wait to see yours unravel in the Tale ;)

@Morglum Neckasnapper: The doors look great, and it'll really add a little uniqueness to your set.

@Daemonslave: The C.A.T. and artifact actually look pretty cool on the bases. They definitely don't need the baseing but i understand your frustration with fiddly little parts and they'd be a bit more solid on the bases. Maybe you could use a little marker when another model is carrying them and only use the models themselves when they're dropped.

OK, only a few days left of this month. Hope we'll see a good wave of submissions later this week.
Happy painting!

Solun Decius
01-12-2011, 09:22
Are you ready for the new month's thread?
You better be 'cause it's here: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=325682

@gumonkey: I signed you up and added you to the sheet with Super Dungeon Explore (you're not getting out of this one!). Set you up to start posting now and kept it open till the end of the tale. If you want to set another time limit just let me know.

15-01-2012, 05:14

Super Dungeon Explorer is awesome!!!