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16-04-2006, 16:05
While I was looking for a codex to read I unearthed these, does anyone here remember the good ole days with the squats and uber powerful psykers.

16-04-2006, 16:06
Aye, I have them. Dark Millennium too.

Da Reddaneks
16-04-2006, 16:09
unfortunately i threw out mine when the new ones came out. it never occured to me back then when i was a kid that i might want to keep them for background information. The one that really kills me is that i threw out my copy of Freebooterz too. AAAARRRG!!

and probably the worst thing about it is that i always would chastise my mom for even thinking about throwing out my comic books when i was a kid. and then i go and throw out my warhammer stuff. well, at least i still have my old comics.

16-04-2006, 16:11
Aye, I have them. Dark Millennium too.

Same here. And some old Codices. I hated the colourful layouts, so Im quite content with the stuff they have now.. ;)

16-04-2006, 16:13
Stuff like Temporal Distortion, where you either got another movement, shooting, assault, or psychic phase; or took one of those away from an opponent. How about all vehicals having toughness, wounds, and armor saves pre-armor values.

Save and to-hit modifiers were good, too bad GW thought simple addition and subtraction was beyond the average gamer.

16-04-2006, 16:33
I have those and Codex: Imperialis.

Ah, terminators with a 3+ save... on 2D6! Along with the plethora of grenades. Wee vortex!

16-04-2006, 17:29
Sample 2nd edition balanced army:

Lord: All Marks of Chaos, L4 Psyker, Terminator Armour with chainfist and bolter/melta, Fortune of Tzeentch, Allure of Slaanesh, Praise of Khorne 394
Great Unclean One 275
Sorcerer Lord: Mark of Nurgle, Nurgle's Cloud of Flies, Nurgle's Rot, Terminator armour with lightning claw and bolter/flamer 290
3 Terminators All: Mark of Nurgle, Chainfist. 2 Reapers, 1 bolter/melta 299
3 Terminators All: Mark of Nurgle, Chainfist. 2 Reapers, 1 bolter/melta 299
Dreadnaught: Lascannon, thunder hammer, Nurgle infestation, havoc missile launcher 260
Predator: Sponson lascannon 180

1997 points.

Mad Doc Grotsnik
16-04-2006, 17:34
Yes. I remember a 2,000 point game taking several hours to play to conclusion. I remember Super Hero characters single handedly taking my army apart. I remember my opponents entire turn being overwatch declarations and so on.

2nd Edition was fun, but I prefer 4th, mainly for speed of play. If I want a more complicated game, with genuine tactical decisions, I play Fantasy!

16-04-2006, 17:54
All the Vehicle Cards! Cards were aplenty back then..

16-04-2006, 18:16
yeah vechicle cards and vortex grenades those were the days... I remember when my mates librarian picked up my land riader and dropped on my command squad with telekenesis. When eldar exarchs could take out whole squads at a time and shuriken catapults were the bane of marines- following fire dice and -2 save modifyer. They were so cool marines could take them as special weapons..

Da Reddaneks
16-04-2006, 19:13
i am glad the days of supercharacters are gone and i hope they dont return. i enjoy 4th edition (and enjoyed 3rd once i got used to it) more than i did second. However, i was one of those that went into shock from 2nd to 3rd for about a year. In second i played a deathskull army loaded to the hilt with as many heavy weapons as i could get. I had three (i think) shock attack guns and then 50% (if that was the max) of heavy weapons. My orks could rain down a wall of lead that no one could cross through. My shock attack guns were the bane of terminators!

then came the age of 3rd (and the force orginazation chart) and orks couldnt shoot or have any of the cool stuff i totally tricked my army out for. Suddenly orks were almost entirely a hand to hand army and couldnt shoot their way out of a barn from inside the barn. My all shooty orks, who were believe it or not the kings of firepower, now were rendered virtually impotent.

after about a year my love of the orks overwhelmed my irritation at being forced to play a type of ork i really didnt want to play and i began to collect models again. Eventually i built myself back up to being the ork of orks. I have a huge footslogging army consisting of 220 models which march their way across the field like a scene straight from LotR.

Then came Clan Rules.

Now i have not only my beloved reddanek footslogging orks but have created a decent (great by no means but with luck and a bad opponent i can with) shooting ork army in the form of a Bad Moons list.

After all is said and done i really do like 3rd and 4th better than i did 2nd. the uber-characters were simply way too powerful and i hope they never rear their ugly heads again. The force orginazation chart is really not that limiting and does a world to help with game balance more than the old percentile system they used to use.

My hope now is to just get my new ork codex someday so that thhe game will be even better for me than ever before!

16-04-2006, 19:36
Actually, I recently bought the 2nd ed. rulebook and Dark Millenium expansion. If you hadn't spotted my thread on it already. :D

I'm looking forward to getting a force done, but since I'm planning to use the minis for 4th ed. too I can't go quite as crazy as I could've otherwise. I suppose models having to be viable for "normal" 40K as well could actually make my force not horribly broken. :o I could always stack up on high-level psykers and then some Terminators but that'd be unfun.

Then there is only the small matter of finding someone to play against...

16-04-2006, 19:53
2nd ed? Naw don't remember that at all :rolleyes:

16-04-2006, 20:13
I envy your Wargear books. :p



16-04-2006, 20:20
And here I am with a handful of crappy old plastic Marines I got for free being the oldest things I have. They're not even RT plastics.
Damn oldies.:rolleyes:

16-04-2006, 20:27
2nd edition was great, especailly Marneus calgar when he was W10 I8 and went I order with his power fists...those were the days :angel:

16-04-2006, 20:42
Combat wasn't resolved in Initiative order back then.

Two words to strike draed into the heart of anybody who played Imperial Guard back then. VIRUS OUTBREAK.

Strategy cards were fun though.

16-04-2006, 20:50
Vortex grenade! Wooooot!

Hey I got all that stuff under my bed. I break it out every now and then when I think I can persuade ny mates to play a quick game of 2nd ed.

Those old citadel annuals were great, I chucked mine out the first time I became dissalusioned with GW and regretted it every day since. :(

16-04-2006, 23:00
After taking that pic I forgot I didn't put in any of my susstained fire dice, or orks boyz and gretchin in there. Just wish I had a true codex so I could play a game. Closest I get I a friend of mine has the angels of death, and nid codex from 2nd ed.

C. Langana
16-04-2006, 23:22
Two words to strike draed into the heart of anybody who played Imperial Guard back then. VIRUS OUTBREAK.
That's ten years of counselling you've just wiped out there. Just like my poor men, argh! The death card. Nooooo
But yeah strategy cards rocked.

16-04-2006, 23:27
When I bought my army off ebay it came with a 2nd edition codex. It is crazy looking through it to see what everything used to look like. Except the war walkers are the same haha

16-04-2006, 23:45
the 2nd ed eldar codex is great- loads of fluff and atmosphere not to mention harlequins, exodites and pirates.. i've still got my 2nd ed nid codex too..

17-04-2006, 01:15
Funny, despite all that I never recall being as scared of any non-psyker character in second edition, as I am of a lot of characters or Monstrous Creatures in 4th edition..

17-04-2006, 02:01
I started playing in 2nd ed (started collecting January 1996) and kept all of my old codices for the stories, which i now consider a wise move. still try to find the rest of the 2nd edition books too, I have all but orks, the 2nd ed rulebook, Dark Millenium and the Battles book. Heheh, fluff-nut, moi?

17-04-2006, 02:40
Combat wasn't resolved in Initiative order back then.

Two words to strike draed into the heart of anybody who played Imperial Guard back then. VIRUS OUTBREAK.

Strategy cards were fun though.
Yes. That would be the one subject of eratta in the history of 2nd edition: throw away the Virus Outbreak card.

17-04-2006, 03:12
Has anyone played RT? i joined around 1999/2000 but have always been one after all old school books. I know there was a bat rep using RT rules maybe a year back but i can no longer find it.

17-04-2006, 03:15
Uber-characters? Granted some characters were pretty powerful back then, being able to carry a veritable arsenal of destructive madness.

However their killing capacity in hand-to-hand by terms of bodycount was actually less than it is now. How so you ask?

Well back then you could only attack whoever was in base-to-base with you. And you fought each of them in turn, with each opponents after the first and each thereafter would gain +1WS and +1Attack, so outnumbering really meant a whole lot more than it does now.

So that meant if you were on a regular sized base you could at most kill only 6 opponents, provided they surround you. Basically your killzone was limited to base to base.

Nowadays you could wipe the floor with guys who aren't in base to base but within 2", being able to kill up your number of attacks each turn.

My favorite? Running 5 Carnifexes, 10 wounds each, Toughness 9, Voltage Field (4+ Invulnerable that destroys other nearby fields) and Regenerate (regains wound each turn on a 4+, even if reduced to below 0).

17-04-2006, 03:54
no gentleman, the ultimate attack was a techmarine on bike with two bionic eyes armed with vortex grenades. space marine shooting ability (BS + bionic eye enhancment) + space marine strength = vortex death.

17-04-2006, 04:06
Ah I remember second edition. I enjoyed it in some ways a lot more then fourth edition. Especially the Imperial Guard. Though that's because I dislike taking so many command squads and boat loads of guys. Back then you took one command squad per three squads of guys and three heavy support options I believe My old codex isn't infront of me. But yeah I remember it well. I have the Angels of Death, Space Wolves, Ultra Marines, Eldar, Imperial Guard and Assassins books as well as the rule book, war gear book and the general codex book out of the box but not the Black book. Wishing I could get my hands on the Sisters of Battle book, Ork book, and Nids book so I could have a complete codex set. That would rock. Oh how I miss hand flamers and thud guns.:D

17-04-2006, 12:28
MUHAHAHA!!! i still have all the old codex's, i'll have to get the digi camera out to prove it :)

17-04-2006, 16:01
I still have the old Ultramarine dex somewhere may have to go and dig through the pile of books in the corner, the only thing I wished I didn't do was throwing away the angels of death codex

17-04-2006, 16:08
It's not that long ago. Maybe we can just go back and ignore what happened in the last 10 years?:angel:

17-04-2006, 17:59
I remember vortex grenades (wipes away teer), you could use them to kill your friends uber character so your own uber character could slaughter his army. Good times.

I also miss the sheer variety of armies you could face, especially with every army (but Nids allowed to take allies.

17-04-2006, 18:27
Don't forget the Graviton Gun...my personal favorite. What was the other one?...Conversion Beamer I think.