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ghost hunter
18-04-2006, 18:38
out of the serises of black library books which of these would you recomend getting first

Ghaunts ghosts



so i would like to read them all but which one first

18-04-2006, 19:58
If you want read about ImpGuard, start with Gaunt's Ghosts. Bear in mind that the series is up to #9 or so now, so make sure to read in order.

If you are more interested in =][= material, start with Eisenhorn, and then progress to Ravenor, since Ravenor is the sequel/spin-off to Eisenhorn.

If you decide to start with GG, don't forget Double-Eagle, which is a spin-off for GG.

18-04-2006, 21:11
If you're going to read GG, generally it's a good idea to read them in this order (if you can find the older books).

-"The Founding" Trilogy
First and Only

-"The Saint" Series
Honour Guard
The Guns of Tanith
Straight Silver
Sabbat Martyr

Double Eagle (technically stand alone, but should be read after The Saint Trilogy, some carry over.)

-"The Lost" series, in progress
Traitor General
His Last Command (I don't think it's out in paperback yet)

18-04-2006, 23:19
Read the true original: The Inquisition War trilogy. The omnibus should still be available.

18-04-2006, 23:51
Read the true original: The Inquisition War trilogy. The omnibus should still be available.
Don't. It doesn't match current fluff and the last two books in the trilogy are unreadable to my mind. Ian Watson is very much an acquired taste and when given free reign as he was in the last two books...well, not much meshes well with the 40k universe as I know it.

Loricatus' suggestions make the most sense. If you like Guard go with Gaunt, if it's Inquisitors go with Eisenhorn. Just make sure you read them in the right order or it won't make sense.

18-04-2006, 23:56
Read the true original: The Inquisition War trilogy. The omnibus should still be available.

Dear god no. These are three of the worst 40K novels in existence. If you absolutely have to read them, read the first of the three and then make up your own story for the remaining two books. Your ending will be vastly more entertaining, logical and coherent.

Again... worst 40K books ever made.

I say start with Eisenhorn.

19-04-2006, 00:40
I see it more as the newer stuff being what doesn't match the canon ;) Sure, the end is a bit shaky, but not nearly as shaky as First and Only. And it's far more interesting.

Major King
19-04-2006, 01:11
I liked the Gaunt's Ghosts series when it begun, but as its gone on in time, i've felt a little let down by the storylines. It's a bit too Sharpe sometimes for me...

19-04-2006, 01:18
I'd say the Eisenhorn books hands down. Ravenor is also pretty good, I've not read Ravenor Returned yet.

@Major King: I've felt the same way about the Gaunt books, but I can see that at least some of it has come from me getting older and the books staying in the same style. When I go back and read First and Only or most of the books now and see just how incompitent Abnett has made the "Elite Bloodpackt" and the millenia old Chaos Marines I just have to stop reading.

Storm of Iron is easily the best 40k book about armies fighting, The Commissar Cain Books are the best Imperial Guard books, while the Eisenhorn books are easily some of Abnetts best work (though they do still show some of his annoying little habbits like giving weapons the wrong name, they don't have is major mistakes like lack of a decent ending.)

19-04-2006, 03:54
I would reccomende the Gaunts Ghost novels I love them