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30-11-2011, 18:37
The Tale of Fantasy Painters 2011-2012: Month 3 (Nov painting and Dec WIP)

This is the thread where you post what you painted in November.

Please post nothing else for 1 week, and then after the first week of Nov please feel free to comment on the work of others.

Mission Statement:

It is the goal of The Tale of Fantasy Painters, and all Tales for that matter, to help fellow gamers paint their armies by providing them a place to find support and encouragement.

The Tale:

The painters involved have made a commitment to paint and post, by the last day of each month, approx 200 points of their chosen army. They do this each month for the next 12 months.

The way it works is that painting would begin in September and then in the first day or two of October a thread will be put up where you can post what you had done in September (this trend will continue for 12 months). You can include as much information as you wish, but some good things to include along with the picture are: the units, the total points for that month, conversions, highs and lows, plans for next month, and a number between 1 and 6. The number is important because it has to do with feedback.

A week after the initial thread is created you can then (and are encouraged to) add feedback on the work of others. Due to the large number of people who take part in these tales it is suggested that you only comment on those that have the same number as you. Of course if there are ones that really catch your eye, or you are a trooper and want to comment on them all, that is obviously awesome.

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can Ďplay a jokerí and rather than post an update they can post "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with (approx) 200 points of painted and based figures. That is 200 points for 10 of the next 12 months.

In twelve months time we will all end up with a finished 2000 point army.
(Or at least everyone who can see it through to the end ... it's harder than you think!)

Men and Boys:

Because this is harder than you would think ... As last year rather than try and hold everyone to 200 points a month I have decided to allow folks to join in and paint only 100 points a month. Whilst the goal for many remains getting a 2000 point army painted in a year the original and ongoing intention of this whole thing was to encourage and support folks to get stuff painted and 1000 points is better than no points! As a result we have two categories. 'Men' (painting 200 points/month) and 'Boys' (painting 100 points/month).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : When can I join in? Does it have to be at the start or can it be any time?
A : Join in any time.

Q : Can I paint more than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes, but if you can do this time after time then you can probably commit to more. Feel free to sign up multiple times to reflect the amount of work you plan to do (for example sign up for Beastmen X2 and submit 400 points a month, or Beastmen Men + Boy submit 300 points a month).

Q : Can I paint less than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes. But we try to stay on track by painting more points in the next month to 'catch up'. For example if you only painted 100 points one month you could try and get 300 points painted the next month. Equally if you paint more one month you can take it easy and paint less the next month.

Q : What happens when I paint an expensive character?
A : This happens a lot. If your character was over 400 points you would simply paint him over two months (the sort of time your general deserves!) So You start posting him one month and post nothing the first month (unless you want to post WIP) then the second month you post the finished model and all the points get added on.

Q : What do I do when I'm done and the tale isn't over?
A : First thing to do is to include an army shot (everyone loves an army shot) and then it's up to you. Either stay on and paint a model now and then to take part, or start planning for the next tale. If you are really cocky then you can sign up for ANOTHER army is see if you can blitz it in time.

Q : Can I include a short narrative with each months post.
A : Yes. We love background stuff. Write as much as you like it will be read and enjoyed by many.

Q : Can I *insert something here that results in more painting*?
A : A thousand times yes!!!

Q : Can Doi drop out?
A : No he can't.

The Tale So Far:


30-11-2011, 18:42
Joker for me this month, been too busy with university stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to reclaim it in December during break. The bus ride home Is the only time I even get to check the forums

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30-11-2011, 20:16
I really didn't want to be first to post phots but they are ready so I'll be brave!

Army Painted - Vampire Counts

Units painted - 20 Skeletons and 4 Blood Knights with Kastellan

Points Painted for the month - 400 Total Points Painted 930

Highs - Painting the Blood Knights Lows The mantic skellies

Still to do - Complete movement trays


Dice Roll 5

colonel kane trine
30-11-2011, 22:19
Ok so heres this months ogres I really enjoyed a break from rank and file fatties!

Total this month-702 points
4 mournfangs-372 points
Giant-200 points
Scraplauncher- 130 points
Next month I plan on 9 bulls and something else but im not sure yet!

Tomb kings
I thought I was going to joker these this month as ive been distracted with tyranids. Luckily I got a random day off work so painted settra and started 38 archers which I didnt finish!

Im actually running out of tomb kings models to paint! I only have 4 chariots 3 carrion and 5 horse archers left after the archers im doing for december.
After that im not sure what im doing in regards to my tomb kings.

I want to add a few things to them but at the moment im too distracted with my nids and ogres. I am tempted to start a small beastmen army as allies to my chaos ogre kingdoms force. We will have to wait and see what happens in february...
Either way this months total for my tomb kings-475 points
Next month il finish the archers a tomb prince and a mounted liche priest

Ogres-702 points
Tomb kings-475

30-11-2011, 22:24
ARMY: The Sons of the Mountain, 2000 point Ogre Kingdoms Army

UNIT: 6 Ogre Bulls

HIGHS: refined my method of painting metal, and I'm really pleased with how good the end result looks. Was a bit nervous about ruining the nicely layered red on the banner when it came time to do the icon, but I like the finished article. it's no Rembrandt, but then I doubt many ogres go to art college. :p

The army is really starting to come together now. If you ignore the fact that half of them are riding gigantic creatures and focus purely on actual model count, I'm now nearly half way. The front row of my display cabinet is actually full of painted figures! Any borrowers scurrying along the floor probably wouldn't even be able to see the sea of grey plastic behind them! ;)

LOWS: Didn't really have any this month, apart from being slightly disappointed that I only finished these guys last night. Midway through the month I only really had the skin and a few odds and ends to do, so I'd hoped to be able to get a head start on next months work but it took longer to do than expected and i was distracted with other things.


NEXT MONTH: Scibor Butcher/slaughter master (plus 4 lead belchers, time permitting)




colonel kane trine
30-11-2011, 22:37
Heres settra!

01-12-2011, 03:48
ARMY : Warriors of Chaos (3x Men's)

UNITS: Chaos Lord with Mark of Nurgle, Chaos Sorcerer Lord with Mark of Tzeentch, Chaos Sorcerer Lord

CONVERSION: None, these are all straight assemblies.
STILL TO DO: Nothing.

Highs Ė All three of these plastic Chaos characters are amazing and incredibly fun to paint, they ooze character and remind me of many of the old classic chaos models.
Lows Ė Not having been able to paint that much this month (I was busy getting my Emperorís Children ready for a tournament on December 3rd)



Undivided Sorcerer
Tzeentch Sorcerer
Tzeentch Sorcerer Detail, this is just a bit of detail that doesn't show when the sorc. if photographed head on, and yes it does actually say something, those of you with the 6th ed. Hordes of Chaos book can decipher it if you want to.
Nurgle Chaos Lord
Nurgle Chaos Lord Detail, this model is just extremely gross, and I wanted to show another angle on him.

P.S. @ Malorian - can I please change my army from Warriors of Chaos to the Tamurkhan ďGreat Host of ChaosĒ army? Also, I just wanted to make sure that I am down for 3x Mens (i.e. 6000 points) not just 1x Mens?

01-12-2011, 08:21
Army: The High House of Chains, 2400pts of Druchii
Monthly Target: 240 pts
This Months Total: 243 pts
Jokers Used: 0

Completed: 29 Spearmen with Full Command, shields and the Banner of Murder

Background: "Sa'an Ishar!" The 3rd Cohort of Household Guard stand ready, proud and disciplined Druchii greatly skilled with the fearsome Sky-piercers spears. Led by the young but skilled princling Euron Tyr and the hardened veteran Corvin Vallas, the 3rd are renowed for their tenacity and viciousness in battle. Granted the honour of bearing the ancestral colours of the line of Arkitaine, a priceless relic from the days of Naggarythe, the 3rd are yet to falter in battle or allow a foe to escape unbloodied.

Conversion work: A few bits in here actually - a unit filler made from a White Lion from the chariot kit and a handler converted from a previous edition Beastmaster and corsair handbow. The command unit has been converted as well, the musician has a wych head and horn taken from the Dragon Prince sprues, the standard bearer has arms and standard from the White Lion kit and the champion is kitbashed from the High Elf character kit, the White Lion chariot, a Silver Helm head, skulls from the Ogre kits, Dark Elf warriors and the Black Dragon Dreadlord bits. Phew. I know it seems like a lot for a simple champion, but look at him! He's awesome!

Highs: Finishing this unit has pretty much broken the back of the army, leaving me only characters and small units to do. Plus I played a game last night against Brettonians and my god did 60 odd spears and 16 xbows look sexy as hell in their bone armour.

Lows: Nothing major, just all that painting for only 243pts. Sigh. Ah well, it makes up for the impending expensive characters etc that I have left.

Next months WiP: Er, yeah those 6 Dark Riders (146pts) again... I will get them painted...honest. Also, a Cold One Chariot (100pts) and my second mage (160pts)

Dice Roll: A mighty 6!

And the pics.....

3rd Cohort, Household Guard

The Arkitaine Colours

Euron Tyr, Princeling of Hag Graef

Cheers everyone.

Zark the Damned
01-12-2011, 11:12
Zark's Averland Dogs of War expansion Month 3

Roll: 4

30 Paymaster Bodyguard with full command
Paychest upgrade for paymaster

Points: 360 + 50 = 410pts

Total: 831 + 410 = 1241pts

Mostly they are standard miniatures. Using Greatswords as the Paymaster Bodyguard for the extra flair, though really the bodyguard has halberds. Clearly they are using Tilean Flamberges or something, which are lighter...

The Paychest upgrade is something from the fan list which is a bit like Dwarf Shieldbearers and the Skaven Warlitter, in that it is an upgrade to a character which changes their base size and gives a few perks. Otto's personal guard, Franz the duellist and Karl the Kislevite with the big hammer are simply Ulli and Mariquand from Mordheim, mounted on an L-shaped base so Otto can plug in. The paychest is between them (hard to see in the pics).

I used purple as a detail colour rather then my normal red to tie them in better with paymaster Otto from last month, with his opulant purple minkfur cloak.

Sorry for the worse than normal pics today, my camera randomly decided to corrupt my original pics and I didn't have time to set up my normal picture taking area, so I re-took the pics on my painting table.

For next month I want to do some smaller units, so will probably work on the Manflayers and/or the Fighting Cocks.

Paymaster bodyguard

Franz & Karl

Otto being guarded

Everyone together

As it's thematic with the army, thought I'd also post the Pride of Averland from my Dreadfleet painting. Old mad Marius was jealous of the Heldenhammer so sunk some of his vast fortune into commisioning a copy.

01-12-2011, 14:25
Mawgazers go to war month 3

Roll: 3

Unit: level 4 slaughter master

Points: 300 with magic weapons

Total: 532+300 = 832pts

I bought this mini on the day he came out 7 odd years ago. The new ogre rules, and TOFP has totally kept me motivated to complete him!

Highs: I've always liked this mini, and he was a lot of fun to paint.

Lows: I meant to paint a unit of ironguts, but got distracted.....:rolleyes:

Next month: maybe I'll finish those ironguts, but I did just kit-bash a level 2 butcher, and a BSB.



Here's a full army shot.....not to shabby for 3 months work!

Here's that BSB (full disclosure: I nicked this idea from TuShan over at ogre stronghold)

Finally the level 1 beast butcher

01-12-2011, 15:41
Roll 2

Mens - Ogres
Units - Bruiser BSB, 7 Ironfists

Highs - Really enjoyed painting these, so much ive started a new army WOC (in the boys cat please)

Lows - None so far:)

http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/9503/006ydn.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/841/006ydn.jpg/)
http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/9506/009dcyt.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/819/009dcyt.jpg/)
http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/250/011tas.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/341/011tas.jpg/)
http://img828.imageshack.us/img828/333/010ej.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/828/010ej.jpg/)

Boys - WOC
Units - BSB, Sorcerer

http://img847.imageshack.us/img847/4899/014xe.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/847/014xe.jpg/)
http://img856.imageshack.us/img856/269/012vdp.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/856/012vdp.jpg/)

Highs - Simple scheme to paint which looks good imo

Lows - Again none so far apart from the pain in my wallet:D

Also im improved the snow bases which arent in these pics last night, tried a new mix of bicarb soda & pva which looks fluffier & alot better

01-12-2011, 16:50
Hi all,

Waaaagh Riksmeg returns with.....

Dice roll: 2
Army: O&G
Unit: Goblin Great Shaman with Catchweb Spider Shrine
This months points: 185
Total: 310

Highs: Enjoyed trying something different out when painting the greenskin, though didn't like it as much in the end.

Lows: fiddly model to put together and will prob not use in battles.


Great horned owl
01-12-2011, 21:46
ARMY: 1000 points High Elves

BACKGROUND: This army defends the kingdom Avelorn, in the north of Ulthuan. After centuries of fighting many elves have died. Especially in the province Avelorn on the border with Nagarythe. The remaining elves mourn for their dead brothers and sisters.

UNIT: Chariot.

BUILD/CONVERSION: I bought this chariot online. It had some Ďbattleí damage. I repaired it with glue and green stuff, but it still has one wobbly wheel.
I havenít added the banner because the chariot rides on roads in a forest.

PAINTING: The High elves have changed the colours of their clothes. They wear darker colours, like shadow warriors. This is a token of their great sadness. Gold, dark brown leather and tan robes will be the unifying colours. Each unit will have two spot colours. In this case dark blue and purple.
I painted the dragon icon silver, because I want to paint a star dragon next summer. That way the dragons will tie together nicely.

BASING: A Micro Art cobblestone chariot base.

Lows: Another busy month. I didnít even have time to comment on last monthís entries (Sorry for that. I will post comment for everyone in December.)
Highs: I love painting horses. They are the reason I started collecting high elves long ago.

I will make up for the missing points during the Christmas Holiday. Probably Swordmasters.





02-12-2011, 01:18
ARMY: 4000 points of High Elves

BACKGROUND: This army defends the immaculate lawn of the Shrine of Asuryan. The last time the lawn was defaced, Malekith tried to show the world he was just as good as his dad. Some soot got on the nearest shrubbery and the army was cast into disgrace. Now they fight to regain their honor, and for the glory of the regiment.

UNIT: 30 White Lions, 15 more Spears, 16 Archers, 18 Lothern Sea Guard, 2 Bolt Throwers, Tyrion, Archmage.

BUILD/CONVERSION: They're all pretty bog-standard, except for Tyrion - I didn't like how the model looked on the packaging. Like he's posing for a camera shot. This guy MURDERS PEOPLE WHO LOOK AT THE LAWN FUNNY. No wings and a slightly different position for the sword.

PAINTING: Still trying for green as dominant, with white as secondary. I wanted a more muted green palette but broke down and made Tyrion a bit brighter.

BASING: Lawn grass.

Lows: I got sick of elves at the end, but fortunately, with magic items, I believe I've made 4k now.
Highs: I am rather pleased with Tyrion - I admit I spent more time working on the Dark Elf interloper on his base than on Tyrion himself. Sorry, JackDaw, just wanted to make sure it was proper and all :P

POINTS: 2500 (perhaps just a bit below - haven't calculated it out and don't care to, I almost never play)



Some pictures, for your viewing pleasure - apologies for quality, my better half usually takes these and is out tonight, and my hands shake terribly -

Archers and Bolt Throwers -


White Lions -


Lothern Sea Guard and Archmage -


Tyrion -


Please Stay Off The Grass -


02-12-2011, 01:50
Demon Army -

ARMY: 2000 points of Demons of Chaos

BACKGROUND: Have you accepted Khorne as your personal slaughterer today?

UNIT: 29 bloodletters, 5 flesh hounds of Khorne

BUILD/CONVERSION: All standard - I have five of each set of flesh hounds produced, looking forward to doing them all up a bit different.

PAINTING: Red red red. And the bright green. I know some folks aren't a fan of how bright they are, but I can't seem to help myself.

BASING: Beats the heck out of what I used with the high elves. Takes a lot longer though.

Lows: None so far!
Highs: I've had a lot more fun painting these than the high elves, or my other projects I've currently got in the fire. Trying some horrors next.

POINTS: 366 and 175 - plus 600, so about 1140.


Some pictures - again sorry for quality.

Flesh Hounds -


Bloodletters -


Army Shot -


02-12-2011, 03:40
I would like to join in with about 3k worth of High Elves. I'll start this month by catching up with 600pts of elves. two bolt throwers for 200 and 20 white lions for a total of 530pts by the end of december

02-12-2011, 04:34
Give me a Joker for now, but after next Thursday, I plan on buying these guys back! This semester has thrown me under the bus and I'm just trying to make the best of it at this point. Winter is my long break so I plan on making up a lot of ground and then some.. I've actually finished about 400 points, just don't have time to post it unfortunately.. Looking forward to seeing everyones stuffs~

02-12-2011, 10:11
Painting station will be set up within a few days now then i can hopefully get stuff painted in time to make an entry this month :)

02-12-2011, 17:21
Goblins (Boys)

UNIT: 1 Skulker, 1 Fanatic

BUILD/CONVERSION: Out of the box, Fanatic is 5th edition


HIGHS & LOWS: Didn't have to paint many points this month, which worked out well due tests. I really need to start painting some of my goblins though! Pictures not too good, took a quick one to get my post up. Will try to remember to get a better one later!

TOTAL: 312/1000



02-12-2011, 18:35
ARMY: Ogre Kingdoms

UNIT: 9 Iron Guts, incl. full command

BUILD/CONVERSION: The standard bearer carries an O&G banner and the Gutlord wields the club that comes with the Giant kit, which probably is my most ambitious conversion to date.

HIGHS & LOWS: I really have had trouble getting any painting done this past month, so I guess it's a high that I managed to finish something. After some minis lately that I was very happy with, these are not to my liking, though. Part of that is to blame that these are repaints. I got a bunch of Ogres on ebay a while ago, mainly for the metal minis, but I decided to keep the plastics to see if I could salvage them. They are good enough to stand in the back of a unit, I figure.




NEXT: Stonehorn

EDIT with better pictures:

One of these days I will invest in a larger piece of paper to use as a backdrop. But you know, with the economy being bad and all...

As for my Dark Elves:
They continue to be a problem for me...

03-12-2011, 12:16
ugh well unfortunatly for me its another joker, work has just been kicking my ass, to top that off my chimney breast needed gutting out so qwell hopefull next month will hold better for me as xmas is near i think it will

03-12-2011, 12:53
ARMY: Dwarves - 2000pts (MEN)

UNIT: 4 Hammerers + 1 Shield Maiden (counts as Longbeard).

BACKGROUND/THEME: A Hold of Dwarves living in the far north of the world, in a region under the terrible influence of Chaos. Led by the ancient and dwindling Purplebeard family, they fight to survive against the unending tide of Chaos. Many Gnomes live and fight alongside them too.

BUILD/CONVERSION: 2 Old Citadel figures, 2 old Dixon figures, 1 Asgard girl.
STILL TO DO: Nothing.
HIGHS & LOWS: High - finishing some rank-and-file (lol).


DICE ROLL : 6, but I'll try and comment on as many entries as I can!

Dwarf Hammerers



More to follow shortly....

03-12-2011, 12:54
ARMY: Gnomes (Empire proxy) - 1000pts (BOYS)

UNIT: Gnome Wizard Lord (Mtd)

BACKGROUND/THEME: A Hold of Dwarves living in the far north of the world, in a region under the terrible influence of Chaos. Led by the ancient and dwindling Purplebeard family, they fight to survive against the unending tide of Chaos. Many Gnomes live and fight alongside them too.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Old Citadel LOTR Tom Bombadil figure.
STILL TO DO: Nothing.
HIGHS & LOWS: High - finishing him.

POINTS: (1/2 x 250) = 125

DICE ROLL : 6, but I'll try and comment on as many entries as I can!

Gnome Wizard Lord!

I used an old Citadel Tom Bombadil figure - he took ages to find! I enjoyed painting him and like the colour scheme I ended up with.

03-12-2011, 13:01
ARMY: Renaissance Dwarves (Empire proxy) - 2000pts (MEN)

All I have for you is a WIP shot. This fella is 3/4 done, but I can't settle on colours for the straps, saddle, etc. At the moment, I have gone for a chestnut brown, but am not 100% sure yet.



I have another 7 of these guys plus 40-odd swordsmen half-done, so appearances can be deceptive. This applies equally to my 'traditional' Dwarf army, the Gnomes, and the Chaos armies too. There are loads of WIP figures which I should be able to turn out soon, if things go well.

03-12-2011, 15:17
Hello everyone !

Army : O&G
Category : boyz
Points so far : 195 pts

Orctober's painting (:D) :
5 orcs with 2 choppas (full command group) : 50 pts
5 orcs with 1 choppa (full command group) : 50 pts

TOTAL : 100 pts (295/1200 pts)


HIGHS : I finished my first unit in 15 years of hobby !! First standard painted also, with a try on layering. I'm not entirely satisfied with it, but it will be quitely enough for the time being.

I also applied the same recipe as my black orcs for the red armors, and it went well. I'll redo all the red armors on the 2 choppas orcs soon.

LOWS : still R&F orcs, but at least the army's painting is progressing.

STILL TO DO : varnishing and putting some grass on the bases

Onto the pictures now :


And the army so far :


03-12-2011, 18:36
Army: at least 1000pts Expansion of Tomb Kings

Total Points for the Month: Necroshinx 235, Necrotect 60

Total Points for the Tale: 855 pts

Conversions: Wanted a nice base for the sphinx, and the Necrotect neededa better sword.

Highs and Lows: That sphinx had a helluva lot of details. Glad I managed in a reasonable fashion.

Plans for Next Month: Hope to do the 10 TG with halberd and/ or a ssc.

Dice Roll: 6, but I try to do erveryone again.



03-12-2011, 21:22
ARMY: Rutgar's liizardmen - 1000 points

UNIT: 9 saurus warriors, including Musician and Champion

PAINTING: Still going green :)

POINTS: 117 + 110 = 227 points

HIGHS AND LOWS: Couldn't figure out how to paint the banner, so that's going to have to wait til next month.

NEXT: Standard bearer and some temple guard.


The army so far

03-12-2011, 21:42
Army : High Elves
Bacground: A detachment of High Elves in Lustria, recently landed.

Category : Boyz

Points so far: 112 pts

November's painting :

1 Prince with Lance (on Griffon): 156 points

TOTAL : 266/1000 pts)


HIGHS : Finishing him and taking the pics. I’m really happy with the cloak, and I think the gold came out well.

LOWS : I am not happy with the pic lighting. The highlights are washed out, particularly on the green, which is annoying.

STILL TO DO : The Griffon mount, obviously. I’d actually like some insight on it. I want a bright, tropical color that still contrasts with the green. I was thinking of doing something similar to the color I used on the magical energy at the base of the IOB mage I painted (pic attached at bottom), then with a stripe of yellow feathers for contrast. I was going to try for a darker jaguar or panther approach for the back portion. I'd appreciate any thoughts, advice, or insight.





04-12-2011, 14:41
hate to do this but:

JOKER for my Empire

and I'm dropping my Tomb Kings for the tale. Really caught up with real life and can't seem to find the time to do so many projects at one time. Maybe the next tale.

04-12-2011, 21:55
Hello boys and Men.

Army: Dwarfs.

Novembers Painting: 25 Warriors are done out of 29, so next month they will get a pic fully finished. Dwarf cannon plus crew.



HIGHS : Love that cannon and crew! Fun to paint. And i got my paintingmojo back!

LOWS : Being old some details where a bit vague.

STILL TO DO: The very much boring dwarfwarriors...grr. And the rest of the army.

Well, I thought i could finish two cannons and the warriors before this month but it just cut short of time because of unforseen(damn you Tzeencth, and Nurgle!) actions. But this means next month will be rich in points. Warriors+Cannon+something random. Maybe bugmans brewers.

Well here is a pic anyway, or two!



05-12-2011, 12:30
Hi, this is my first month in the Tale. So I have posted a couple of army pictures. I have approximately 11K, 800 ish figures, to date.

Army: Skaven.

Previous Painting: For me this will be a renew of motivation to get my army painted. I have painted about 5K already but nothing much for a couple of months.


HIGHS : I love the Skaven figures. Seeing the large units fill up with painted figures is brilliant!

LOWS : So many figures!

THIS MONTHS TASKS : For December I will be painting 10 Plague Monks and 15 Slaves. 102pt with a musician for the slaves.

Some of the army so far.




05-12-2011, 15:12
My camera is acting up and eating batteries. I wont be able to post my Wood Elves for a few days. Another 100 points of woodies are waiting to be photographed.

06-12-2011, 04:08
Army: High Elves

Background: Spartans

Units: Giant Eagle (50) Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower (100) Dragon Princes w/ Muso (160)
ArchMage (345)

1 Archmage
1 Bolt Thrower
1 Giant Eagle
5 Dragon Princes

Points: 655

25 Lothern Seaguard w/ mus and standard 315
25 Lothern Seaguard w/ mus and standard 315
19 Phoenix Guard w/ Banner of Sorcery
14 Swordmasters w/ Badass poses
1 Archmage
1 Bolt Thrower
1 Giant Eagle
5 Dragon Princes

Total Points: 1848

Lows: Well the Spartans are in their 5th incarnation, with a losing record after 6 games. Thinking im going white lion horde (like Roman Velites).....Oh yea, I hate eagles, warmachines, and Cav to paint. so i got all the stuff i dislike outta the way. On to rank and file!! (i like painting rank and file!)

Highs: Like the look of the army, going to paint up 2500 pts rather than 2000 Pts. Just 29 White Lions and another giant eagle and the army is complete!!

Nov models


Dragon Princes


Wizard and Warrior (test white lion)


06-12-2011, 11:15
Army: Wood Elves (Men's Category)

Novembers Painting: One Branchwraith, Level One Wizard with Cluster of Radiants, at 140 points.



HIGHS : Dryads are fun to put together and fit well.

LOWS : Skyrim stole a bit of my painting mojo this month, and I must get it back.



Morglum Necksnapper
06-12-2011, 12:29
Army: Orc and Goblins

Unit: 12 bases snotlings and a Snotling pump wagon.

Background / theme: These are all snotlings ment for a spiderriding goblin army.

Build / conversion: Quite a lot.
Still to do: Nothing
Highs & Lows: Happy how the pumpwagon turned out.

Points: snotlings 360
Snotling pump wagon 75 (A gigantic spider with howdah, It has shooting hairs (counts as giant exploding spores, ignore armour saves), are spiders after all (counts as flappa's, ignore difficult terrain) and Long Limbs (counts as outrigga, 4d6 move)
Total points: 435
diceroll: 2






06-12-2011, 14:59
ARMY: Clan Mortkin Skaven

UNITS: 35 slaves, 4 Rat Swarms, and 3 Warlock Engineers

BACKGROUND/THEME: An expidition sent out from Hell Pit to find shards of the fabled purple warpstone, a chunk of which supposedly landed in the nothern part of Troll Country recently.

PAINTING: Tapletop finish only. Base colours, then doused in magic wash, aka Devlan Mud, with armour and eyes picked out after.
STILL TO DO: Just the same as always. Snow on the bases. I never seem to have any motivation left to do that the end.

HIGHS: Finishing my third big unit in as many months! I was always least looking forward to painting the big units and now I've finished the three biggest. Also, see lows.
LOWS: Not a low per se, but since I needed my slaves, three engineers and 26 stormvermin for a tournament this past weekend, I spent the last bit of November solely painting skaven, leaving me little time to finish other stuff for the Tale. On the plus side though, now I'm already almost done for December: the last of the big chunks of models!

POINTS: Slaves - 89,5; Engineers 3*100; Rat Swarms 100; Total 489,5


06-12-2011, 15:09
ARMY: Empire Dogs of War - Thalenchar style

UNITS: The second of the Bang Bang Brothers, Lil' Bang (or, in game terms, a Mortar), and Lady Clarissa Horendal, Wizard Lady.

POINTS: 75 for the Mortar and 210 for the Wizard, divided by 2! So 142,5.

HIGHS: Converting Lady Horendal. Frankly I didn't really know how to do her, but I think I came up with a cool enough model. Taking my time to paint her though.

LOWS: As mentioned with my Skaven, I didn't really have too much time last month to paint my Dogs of War. As such I didn't get far enough with either of these models to call them finished. But I'm not worried; with my skaven already almost done for this month I have plenty of time to finish up these models and do the unit I had originally planned for December!

CONVERTING: Well, I made Lady Clarissa using a Daemonette and a Wych, then tried to sculpt a sort of harlequinesque mask on the face, since the only face that'll go on a Daemonette's body is a Daemonette's, and I wanted her to look human!

STILL TO DO: All the painting except for the base colours (which are already on there, obviously)

NEXT UP: Either Zharuff's Black Hearts or Squeal Sharpeye's Fusiliers. Two more of my own Dogs of War units I have ready to paint.


Fabius Bile
06-12-2011, 20:48
Army = 2000pts + Ogre Kingdoms

Unit = Gnoblar Scraplauncher

Points = 130 pts

Points so far = 533 pts

Highs/Lows - this is a really nice kit, an absolute pleasure to build and paint, it just seems to be a lot of painting for a relatively low points cost

Dice Roll = 2


06-12-2011, 23:24
joker...big post next month

07-12-2011, 09:03
Orcs & Goblins booster Tale force, month 3

Dice roll:

I've not had much interest in the Tale lately, to be honest. It just seems that only a minority if following the original idea of painting 200 / 100 pts per month. Even disregarding the ones that don't post anything, there are more people posting far more than the normal limits, which makes it less about everyone progressing at the same rate and watching each other's armies grown, than about people just posting stuff as they paint it.

This month:

- Savage Orcs with additional hand weapons and full command (116 pts)
- Goblin lvl 1 Shaman (55 pts)
- Goblin Wolf Chariot (50 pts)

Some of the Savage Orcs have right-hand weapons transferred to their left hands, as the left-hand weapons are often a bit small and weedy.

Chariot is converted much like the previous one. I've included a Big Boss model partly because I might want to use it as a Big Boss in chariot and partly because I was running out of old metal Goblins for crew. I have since bought some 3rd ed metal archers which will go on the later ones.

Goblin Shaman is the old Forest Goblin one I've had lying around unpainted for a decade or more.

As normal. Goblin got a few bright colours because that's okay on a Forest Goblin and to make him stand out. Reasonably happy with the warpaint on the Savages.






Looking a bit more like a force and a bit less like a random collection of models.


Points so far:
432 + 221 = 653

Unrelated to this, I got my talons on the vintage Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch model I've been looking for for some time now, the one with the staff, globe and lower body of a flamer. Neat!

... and lowlights:
Originally I had highlighted the skin of the Savages way too bright and it was quite a job to bring it back down.

Next month:
10 more Savages, a third Wolf Chariot and a Savage Bigboss.

07-12-2011, 11:01
ARMY: Warriors of Chaos

UNITS: 3 Trolls


HIGHS: Being able to paint what is probably my favourite GW plastic set for Fantasy, possibly for any range, period. I love these trolls and if I could find a decent Throgg model somewhere (I do not like the book art for it) I would have done a Troll army years ago! Yes, I know these trolls don't look very Chaos-y, but I like em just like this!

LOWS: As mentioned with my Skaven, I didn't really have too much time last month to paint my Chaos Warriors. Also, I've been having trouble staying motivated painting warriors, so I decided to deviate from my original plan and just paint some Trolls instead! So now I'll have to take some Trolls in this army. Oh well!

STILL TO DO: Snow on two of the three bases and I need to figure out what colour to paint the vine on the left Troll... Haven't found something I thought that a) might work and b) I could pull off!

NEXT UP: Well, I don't have any more River Trolls to paint, so it's back to warriors! Or knights, since I need to paint those too. We'll see!


07-12-2011, 13:45
DoC (Boys)

10 Chaos Furies - 120 points

367 points total

Dice: 4

Rather uninspired I know, but I thought these would make a nice contrast to the brighter Tzeentch daemons.

With two horrors

08-12-2011, 13:27
Well its now the 8th, so I'll kick off the commenting frenzy.

Page 1
@ Rootsmanuva - the more i see of your undead, the more I like them. Those eerie ethereal weapons are a nice touch against the bleaker colours of the nights. The army as a whole looks ace

@ CKT (Ogres) - for me, these are much better than your TKs. The mournfangs are looking good.

@ Laborious - more really nice Ogres mate. The flesh tone is very smooth and the bases as always are great

@ Kaltheras - beautiful characters mate, really just beautiful.

@ Zark - that greatsword/Paymaster Bodyguard unit looks great, I applaud th bravery of purple and yellow. Very nice ship as well

@ Confessor Atol - those Ogres are coming along nicely mate, the BSB conversion looks especially good.

@ Daismith906 - more nice Ogres! The blue skin tone is great, very smooth but with some nice depth. The chaos stuff is looking good as well, that mage is awesome.

@ Rikk - pity you won't be using him that much, I think he's turned out really well. What is it that you dont like about the skin?

@ Great Horned Owl - that chariot looks great, the detail on the base finishes it off nicely. Kudos for enjoying painting horses, thats the one thing I hate painting

@ Doomscape (High Elves) - DAMN YOU SIR! *shaky fist* THE HOUSE WILL HAVE ITS VENGEANCE! Honestly mate, I'm honoured by that touch of yours I really am. Tyrion looks much better without the wings to my eyes, and the pose is just right - he really looks like he's directing the troops. The army as a whole looks good as well. Get yourself down to Swindon so I can water your lawn with your upper-class elven blood ;)

@ Doomscape (Daemons) - I'm still not sold on the bright green but if its working for you, who am I to say otherwise? Altogether, the units look good.

@ Zujara - the gobbos have a nice classic look to them, nice work

@ Emperor Norton - sorry to hear about the druchii mate, hope inspiration strikes soon. On the flip side, your Ogres look great - even as an ebay repaint, they've turned out nicely.

Page 2
@ Purplebeard13 (Dwarves) - really nicework on those classic dwarves mate, really nice

@ Purplebeard13 (Gnomes) - that model makes me chuckle, and his pony looks great.

@ Purplebeard13 (Renaissance Dwarves) - as much as the gnome made me chuckle, this guy makes me laugh - in a good way. Great model and the paintjob is coming along nicely. His 'tache is full of win.

@ AzhagMorglum - every month you do a really good job of making the Orcs look good fella, every month. Your skintone is superb, much better than the cartoony GW norm. Can't wait to see more.

@ DAGabriel - I think I mentioned how bright and..well, blue that Necrosphinx was looking last month - but I like it. The metallics have come out very nicely as well. The Necrotect looks good as well.

@ Rutgar - nice to see non-blue saurus, the bases finish them off nicely.

@ IamJack42 - the prince has turned out nicely indeed, be good to see how the griffon matches up.

@ Kaos - that old-school sculpt is awesome, much better than the current plastic, loads of character. The mix of blue and gold is really nice, very regal.

@ Wreiro - welcome to the Tale fella. Impressive array of skaven you've already got, looking forward to seeing decembers output.

@ Shandowner - you never disappoint with your high elves fella, each month something great comes out. The basing is awesome, that neutral tone really sets off the colours on the Dragon Princes.

@ Tekore - nice Branchwraith conversion, the owl is a nice little touch

@ Morglum Necksnapper - all those spiders give me the creeps. But in a good way. There's some real nice character and conversions in there fella, judos ot you.

@ Thalenchar (Skaven) - they are coming aling very nicely mate, I like the bright eyes - they stand out nicely and make the models look almost fevered.

@ Thalenchar (DoW) - nice conversions, though personally I think the leather could do with a little wash to give it a little more depth.

@ Fabius - nice work on the scraplauncher fella, its turned out very nice indeed

@ Avian - kudos sir, kudos indeed. You've made the savage orcs look very nice, the warpaint especially is a winner. Sorry to hear you're not feeling the Tale that much this year, hope that turns around for you as it would be a pity to not see any more work from you.

Page 3
@ Thalencahr (Chaos) - a third entry? You busy busy man. Those trolls are looking good - easily one of the best kits recently released by GW in my opinion.

@ Gargobot - nice work on the Furies fella. I'm not a fan of the models themselves, but your paintjob is very good and they do stadn out nicely from the horrors.

Phew, that's that done then, until more stuff gets posted up. WiP-wise for me, decembers Dark Riders are nearly done but I think the chariot may have to wait until January. I'll probably do my second mage instead, so it'll still be about 300 points altogether. Pics soon people.

Cheers :)

08-12-2011, 18:47
Army - High elves

Pts target per month - 200

Painted this month - 300

Models painted - 3 rbt`s

Notes - White lions are still WIP and with COD coming out ive struggled to get them done! However managed to knock out my rbt battery and there is a pic of the white lions at about 50% complete

Jokers - 0

Dice roll - 5

Pts so far for tale - 840

Heres what ive been up to..........................




White lions WIP


08-12-2011, 18:52
@ all: good jobs so far, will do my comments and WIPs as soon as my pc is back from service.

08-12-2011, 23:11
ARMY: The Red Lion 3k High Elves
UNIT: 5 of the 20 White Lions, Swordmaster Command and Leader of The Reaver knights.











I have to say I haven't picked up the new White Lions. But I really still love the old models and had 20 laying around unpainted sooo..

09-12-2011, 03:20
Army: Dark Elves
Monthly Target: 200
This Months Total: 154
Total To Date: 524
Jokers Used: 0

Completed: Master BSB

Conversion work: This guy consists of: Black Guard legs, old metal Cold One Knight body/head, both arms from the current plastic Cold One Knight kit, brass rod for the banner pole, the banner itself is from the Corsair kit and the banner top from the plastic Cold One Knights again.

Highs: I've really pleased with how well this guy turned out

Lows: My light box for photos arrived in the mail but I havent had time to set it up properly (i.e. no lights...) so the photo is only marginally better than previous months if at all

Next months WiP: Minimum will be a Supreme Sorceress on Pegasus and depending on time constraints I have two more on foot Sorceresses and an Assassin sitting there ready to paint.

Dice Roll: 5



09-12-2011, 03:23
Joker for my Ogres :(.


Hoping to get last month's Stonehorn done this month.


09-12-2011, 09:24
Right time for some comments

Roostmanuva - lovely work, the blood & gore looks really good, epseically like the green glow effect.

colonel kane trine -The giant is really good, like the mournfangs fur too. The chariot rocks, always good to see well painted skelies.

Laborious - Amazing work the skintone is perfect & so smooth.

Kaltheras - The amrour is very good & really smooth for a metallic, the bases make them really stand out though.

JackDaw - Youve really pulled off the muted paint scheme to a high standard youll have one nice looking army when your done m8.

Zark the Damned - Purple & yellow = win. The dreadfleet ship looks ace.

Confessor_Atol - Really nice conversions you've done & the slaughtermaster looks quality.

Rikk - Awesome conversion shame he wont see the battlefield though:cries:!

Great horned owl - The mottled horses are a quality paint job & the cobbled bases really make the models stand out.

doomscape - Those White Lions are great, the dead DE details on the lord are very good. Really like the bright green on the daemons.

Zujara - Great start on the fanatics.

EmperorNorton - What can i say they look amazing, such a smooth paint job, just fel the bases need something extra as they look a tad plain to the quality paint job.

Purplebeard - Youve done a really good job on the old minis as sometimes they lack detail to the newer range but yours dont.

azhagmorglum - Id be well happy if i could paint to that standard let alone being your first time, awesome work.

DAGabriel - One on the best sphinks ive seen, simple as.

Rutgar - Thats how lizzies should look imo, cant wait to see more.

iamjack42 - Very deatiled work will be a great centre piece for your army when completed.

Kaos - Amazing detail on such little minis as dwarfs the paint shceme works wonders.

wreiro - I have so much repsect for your painting all those minis & to such a good standard too.

Shandowner - Its great to see different paint schemes on high elves than the standard metal & white, they look good.

Tekore - Love the bases just as wood elves should look and the paint schemes great too.

Morglum Necksnapper - Great conversions, the cobweb effect rocks.

Thalenchar - Nice work on the rats, stick at it m8 will be worth it when there all painted.

Fabius Bile - Really really nice work there, might even get a scraplauncher now after seeing yours.

Avian - Best orcs ive seen, the way youve painted the bone is quality & the tribal paint rocks.

Ill finish the rest of the comments later.



09-12-2011, 12:25
ARMY: Renaissnace Dwarves (Empire Proxy) - 2000pts (MEN)

UNIT: 1 Dwarf Pony Rider (counts as Knight)

BACKGROUND/THEME: An unusual band of Dwarves live in the Empire and hire themselves out as mercenaries to fight for the humans. They are led by the strange Lord Purplebeard, who claims a connection to an ancient and long-lost Dawrven clan of fabulous wealth. He bores everyone in the taverns with his tales of this, but, sceptical as they are, they humour him.

BUILD/CONVERSION: 1 WK pony rider.
STILL TO DO: Nothing.
HIGHS & LOWS: High - finishing something :)

POINTS: 11.5 (1/2 *23)

DICE ROLL : 6, but I'll try and comment on as many entries as I can!

The first figure in my army - finished!



09-12-2011, 12:34
WIP Stuff:

I also have some more WIP shots for you. For the Dwarves, the Lord is coming on nicely - he is 3/4 done now. The skin and bronze have been finished., The blue, mail, and purple are all part done.



I am going to mount him either on Shieldbearers or on a built-up scenic base to count as the same - maybe a jutting stone to look like a cliff with some snow effects on the base. The Runelord, BSB, and Queen have also been worked on, and I hope to have the 4 characters ready to go soon.

As for Chaos, I have started my Sorceror Lord - this brilliant old Warlock figure. He is going to have rainbow hair, and either electric blue or mottled blue/green/yellow robes. I'm going to research butterflies and paint his wings appropriately.


As you can see, he is only at an early stage right now though :P

10-12-2011, 00:31
Hey everyone,

Finally got hold of a camera worth taking some picture with off my friend so time to catch up and buy back last months joker :)

Dice Roll : 5
Background : Middenhiem

Units : Engineer - 65, Cannon - 100, 5 Crossbowmen - 40

Build/Conversion : Very happy with the engineer, he was initially the old metal steam tank commander, swapped out his left hand for gloved dagger from militia and his right arm with another militia arm. Greenstuffed the right arm to match the ruffles and slits on the left. Cannon is standard and Crossbowmen are from old militia box.

Painting : Same blue and white theme through the army, dark brown on the woods. The crossbowmen have alot more browns added to make them less regimented.

Still to do : The wood is still so so in places, tried to add grain lines but they are preaty subtle in places because i dont have much patience to get the mix right some times!

Highs : Realy happy with the engineer he has alot of character especially his monocle and tash.

Lows : I'm now thinging that i realy want my Cannon to be on a 60mm round base, ive found my warmachines to be just too annoying to play with properly on thier big bases...

Points : 205 (402 total)

Next Month : Next Post!





10-12-2011, 01:07
So on with this months work!

Dice Roll : 5
Background : Middenhiem

Units : Mounted Warrior Priest - 118 , 5 Halfling Archers - 40, 6 Swordsmen - 30

Build/Conversion : Another character conversion, this one i built along time ago but was very happy with the build. Lots of work, the priest was orgionally a chaos knight! Swordsmen are a mix of 7th and 8th edition state troops as before with 6th ed spearmen sheilds. Halflings come from lumpin croops.

Painting : Same blue and white theme through the army, dark brown on the woods.

Still to do : Everyone still has black hair, never sure what to do with it realy dont think i can bring myself to try and achieve different but natural tones on each different model :/

Highs : Love the Warrior Priest, for some reason i like the folds in the back of his cloak especially... Also the halflings are very enjoyable to paint, lots of character.

Lows : None particularly come to mind this month!

Points : 188 (590 total)

Next Month : Will try and get lots of state troops done! Hopefully my woodsmen unit will finally make an apearance, they have had a decent amount of work so im excited to see how they come out!






And the Swordsmen Unit as it stands atm

Finally the Army as it stands

Have plenty more pics but dont wana flood the tale, will get a Project Log started soon and add the missing pictures.

Great work everyone, will post comments separately soon.

10-12-2011, 18:03
Sorry this is so late, between the impending holidays, OT at work, and my paint area being a disorganized pile die to “cleaning” I could not get pictures in on time.

Dice Roll: 2
Army: Wood Elves Boys category
Points so far: 230
Models this month: 7 Eternal Guard (1 standard and 1 Musician included) 100 points.

Highs: Finishing off my Eternal Guard and going back into construction mode for December.

Lows: My camera decided to act funky in the middle of taking some army shots, so I did not get shots of what I painted this month, but they are in with the block of Eternal Guard. The other low is forgetting what container of flock I used the first two months and using the wrong static grass on the newer EG (if you look close you can see that it is definitely a buff color as opposed to the burnt green of the older models). Since my camera is acting up, I could not go back and take some follow up pictures so the painted figures picture is dark on the right side.. ugggh.

Issues: I seem to have ran out of movement bases. I used the old hard plastic preformed bases from GW up to this point, but I seem to have misplaced (used maybe?) my extras. I have my Wardancers mounted on a GF9 base, but I am not too happy with it for some reason. I will continue detailing the base and see if my opinion changes as I go. If not, EBAY will be my friend (I hope).

Progress on army so far including the Eternal Guard I painted this month;

And the WIP for Decemeber. Keep in mind that since December is a construction month, I will be just be assembling\converting before going back to painting in January.
#1. Eagle. The tree he is swooping out of is almost done.. It just needs some additional shaping and finish work before he can be primed. I am going to use some lichen or Woodland Scenic flock to add some volume to the tree top (not too much since it IS Autumnal themed)

#2. Wardancer unit 1. This is the movement base that is in need of additional detailing I mentioned above. It is just too flat and boring the way it is currently. I have another 8 dancers, so I might change out the poses some since they seem to have a coherent look to them.
edit: Sorry about the size, I resized this thing 5 times and it is still HUGE.

#3. Tree-singer on Unicorn. I always hated the staff on this figure, so its getting clipped off. I might reposition the arm while I am at it. If so then there will be some pretty drastic reworking of the entire left side of her torso. Holding off on doing that until I have a definite plan of action.

#4. Army shot. This is just a WIP shot of the armies’ progress. Nothing too organized yet, just units I like the look of. I need to look at my 1k army list to be sure that I am not spinning off and painting what looks good as opposed to what I need. The Calvary is converted Wild Riders (on the left side rear). The big black thing on the right is a scratch built treeman, and the spindly wire armature on a base is a unit filler for the Eternal Guard.

colonel kane trine
10-12-2011, 18:28
Heres what im currently working on. I have done the archers that I mentioned in my earlier post so you wont see them until next year/update!

I will post my comments monday when I get on the laptop again.

I do have abit of a dilemma. I have nearly done all of my tomb kings and fancy a break from them. I want to start beastmen but if I do il put my tks on hold.

Should I persevere with my tomb kings? Or start my beastmen and go back to tomb kings in a few months?

I have to buy 3 tomb sphinx and a box of tombguard then my tomb kings are finished.

So beastmen or tombkings? :s

10-12-2011, 22:36
Just wanted to quickly chime in and write down the names of people who rolled a 4 to comment on them tomorrow. Seeing how there's only three of us I might as well squeeze my comments in before going to bed. :)

@Zark the Damned: Didn't realize you paint 400 points a month, very impressive. Nice work too! The banner looks really good. And the L-shaped base is a cool idea.

@azhagmorglum: 15 years, eh? Congratulations! :yes: That would explain why you have those cool metal bits in the command unit.
Lovely painting btw, which includes the standard of course. :)

11-12-2011, 20:14
Alright, comments time. I should be able to opost my work in the next couple of days, just been lacking time to take pics.

Page 1:

@Roostmanuva: Great idea using the chaos knights! The look very bloody too. I don't particularly like the mantic stuff, most of it doesn't suit my tastes, and I'd love some cheap Dwarves! The zombies however rock IMHO.

@colenel kane trine: That's a power of work for your ogres mate! Well done.

@Laborious: Nice ogres man, I espically like the basing.

@Kaltheras: Those new plastic characters GW are bringing out are nice right? You've done a great job on those ones too.

@JackDaw: Awesome Druchii mate, that armour is really nice.

@Zark the Damned: Great unit man, sweet idea to use Ulli and Marquand as well.

@Confessor_Atol: Nice job on the slaughter master, good to see stuff you've had for ages get done too.

@daismith906: Can't see a lot from the pics, but they look really well done.

@Rikk: Cool little forest gobbo, the skins nice as.

@Great horned owl: Great chariot, the horses especially.

@doomscape: That's a huge load of elves to get done, awesome job mate! Ols school looking khorne demons too, sweet as.

@Zujara: Awesome gobbo skin mate! And the skulker looks nasty.

@EmperorNorton: Great job on the giants club conversion, looks awesome.

Page 2:

@Purplebeard: I love seeing your stuff mate, and this months edition is great!

@azhagmorglum: Great skin! Not so green but it looks fantastic!

@DAGabriel: Wow, that's a bright sphinx! Looks great.

@Rutgar: Nice saurus mate, I've got a bunch of those to do too.

@iamjack42: Your prince looks good man, I like the gren cloak.

@Kaos: Yay, Dwarfs! They look great man.

@Shandowner: Really well painted elves, the dragon princes look the height of arrogance painted up like that! Well done.

@Tekore: Cool stuff man, love the wee owl on the branchwraith.

@Morglum Necksnapper: Hehe, forest snotlings, great stuff!

@Thalenchar: Nice, the eyes really pop out of the shadows in the pics. Good to see the other brother as well, and the lady wizard looks cool, kind of mysterious.

@Fabius Bile: Well done, that's a big kit to paint all right. I really like the grain you did on the wooden parts.

@Avian: Love the warpaint you did mate, everything looks really good.

Page 3:

@Thalenchar: Nice, they look slimy and all. Well done mate!

@Gargobot: I think they look good man, and the contrast will be nice as well.

@gogs78: Clean looking elves, very nice.

@Guardsmen Hawke: Great looking Elves mate.

@Doi: It's a shame I can't see anything as the silhouette looks pretty cool.

@Purplebeard: Great mini, it looks pretty fun.

@z4carlo: Really cool looking empire guys, great colour scheme.

@andrewdrexler: The eternal guard look nice man, I like the yellow cloaks.

12-12-2011, 04:02
A second joker for me. :(

12-12-2011, 22:24
For the ď2Ēs:

@daismith906 Really nice job on the Frost Ogres. I particularly like the job on the AoW model, itís a great miniature, and youíve done it justice I think. I like the mask as well, intimidating. The Chaos Warriors are also turning out well, the blue edge highlighting looks very nice, particularly like it on the BSBís legs, and how the armor and boot look so distinct with a similar base tone.

@Rikk The shaman is well done. I think the wood in particular really looks nice.

@Great horned owl Nicely done chariot. I think the horses turned out well, itís clear they are a labor of love.

@zujara I love the little gobbos. Wish there was more like them ;-)

@Morglum Necksnapper The snotlings turned out quite nicely, and must have been a lot of work. The Spiderweb looks suitably icky.

@Thalenchar I love the eyes on the Skave. Contrasted with the dark base tones, they really look like the paradigmatic evil eyes staring from the darkness.

@Fabius Bile The scraplauncher turned out nicely, I like the pastel colors youíve chosen, not a common palette, but it works, particularly on such a hodgepodge model.

@Avian I think you should be very happy with the warpaint on the savages, its remarkably well done. I am most impressed with the bone, though. Really nicely painted.

@andrewdrexler I like the wood elves. The yellow cloaks are nice, and the bases are very well done.

Fabius Bile
13-12-2011, 13:19
Chaps - a question - can anyone out there with the Storm of Magic book tell me the points cost of the Cockatrice?

Many thanks in advance!

13-12-2011, 20:40
Btw I have to ask whats the dice roll for?

13-12-2011, 22:04
Btw I have to ask whats the dice roll for?

It serves to divide up the participants into 6 approximately equal and approximately random groups, so that everyone will receive comments from numerous and different people each month, but no one will have the drudgerous task of commenting on too large a number of fellow painters.

Also, we play warhammer, we kind of like dice. :p

14-12-2011, 00:11
lol was just wondering what happened when I rolled

14-12-2011, 20:39
Comments time for me - done from first to last (multiples together):

@Roostmanuva (VC): Gory, gory Blood Knights. Some nice skeletons too. You have a lovely army coming together.

@colonel kane trine (TK &OK): The Mournfangs look great. Really imposing.

@Laborious (OK): The simple colour scheme is really well executed. Fantastic bases too.

@Kaltheras (WoC): The Tzeentch Sorceror is great, especailly the copper and blue colours.

@JackDaw (DE): Reallly menacing Dark Elves. I love the colour scheme, particularly the armour, but also the pale flesh. That basing must have taken some effort!

@Zark the Damned (DoW): I like your approach - lots and lots of figures! The unit looks dynamic and fierce.

@Confessor_Atol (OK): Awesome Ogre conversions there. Your army will be great when it'c completed.

@daismith906 (OK & WoC): Your blue winter Ogres are full of menace. The WoC characters look good, but you could really do with brighter pictures.

@Rikk (O&G): Yep, I can understand your frustration. It even looks really fiddly, BUT, it also looks great. You should be proud.

@Great horned owl (HE): That is a lovely chariot - lovely rich, warm colours, and with a lovely scenic base. I'm looking forward to your next instalment.

@doomscape (HE & DoC): Wow. Your army looks fantastic, and 2500 pts is no mean feat. Tyrion looks cold, majestic and imperial, It was a good call to get rid of the wings and reposition the sword. Your Daemon army looks great, the green is brilliant.

@Zujara (O&G): Very characterful and sinister little fellows.

@EmperorNorton (OK): Those Iron Guts look good. Have you got a limit in mind on the size of your (already large) Ogre army?

@azhagmorglum (O&G): Beautiful. These Orcs look mean, they look fierce, they look right. I think that the skintone is very well chosen, and the same goes for the deep red.

@DAGabriel (TK): I like the Necrosphinx. I want to paint one myself!

@Rutgar (Liz): Very well painted Lizzies. Your bases are something special.

@iamjack42 (HE): Looking good. I bet he was a lot of fun to paint.

@Kaos (Dw): Seeing your Dwarves makes me always makes me happy :)

@wreiro (Sk): Oh dear. 800 is a lot of figures. It is great to see loads of minis though. I hope that your painting speed is nothing like mine - otherwise you'll be at it forever!

@Shandowner (HE): Fantastic 'jewelled' effect on the green fo the Dragon Princes.

@Tekore (WE): Great figures. I want some.

@Morglum Necksnapper (O&G): Very smart idea. The use of the trees adds character too.

@Thalenchar (Sk & Em/DoW & WoC): Interesting Empire/ Dogs of War figures. Trolls and Skaven are always good too.

@Fabius Bile (OK): That looks like one big project. Finished, it looks impressive.

@Avian (O&G): These are all looking great. The marking on the Savage Orcs caught my eye, as did the model swap (the wolves on the chariot).

@Gargobot (DoC): The birght and clean painting style really shows the detail of the models.

@gogs78 (HE): Very neat and bright painting. Your white looks brilliant.

@GuardsmenHawke (HE): Red HE will be interesting to see.

@Doi (DE & OK): The base looks great but the pic is too dark for me.

@z4carlo (Em): Varied selection of models, they look good and I bet that they were a lot of fun to paint.

@andrewdrexler (WE): Your Wood Elves are coming along really well.

I think we're (mostly) slowing down early this year. Come on everyone.

Anyway, I've been on with more towards my Chaos Sorceror Lord, and I have finished the painting on my Dwarf BSB and Dwarf Lord now, and am nearly there on the Queen and Runelord. Hopefully I'll have another update for you all this month.

colonel kane trine
15-12-2011, 11:07
My comments will be up later had a bad week
But started my beastmen!

15-12-2011, 19:47

I have, sadly, had to sell my ogres for different reasons. As I'm sure you can guess, this means I won't be continuing the tale. I'll still keep an eye on those of you who are sticking with it, I really hope you all finish it!

Good luck!

colonel kane trine
16-12-2011, 00:18
@roostmanuva-i really love your vampire knights the scheme has really grown on me and now i think its amazing! nice gore soaked vampire knights you have there! the mantic skellies look very ghostly too!
@laborious-love your ogres! the skin looks amazing how exactly do you do it?
@kaltheras- love the chaos figures you have done this month! that nurgle lord is definately my favourite though! awesome work all round
@jackdaw-awesome work as usual its good to see this unique force grow! love the unit filler and the banner!
@zarkthedamned- i love the bright yellow and the nice fillers in your entry! its turning into a very characterful empire force!
@confessor_atol-great slaughtermaster! love the blood and the army shot is looing very good!
@daismith906-the blue scheme is definately growing on me! that bruiser is awesome i love the head used from the ironblaster! the chaos lok awesome too its a good scheme! esome red on the robe too
@rikk- love the shaman but cant wait to see it complete on its spidery mount!
@great horned owl- love the chariot is is quite an old edition one? looks way better than the newer type!
@doomscape-awesome amount of work to have got done! loving the scheme and how this armys coming together! the demons are awesome too! love the unique scheme you have gone for to break up the ocean of red!
@zujara-love the old school fanatic but that skulker dude is awesome!
@emperornorton-awesome ogres! love th use of the giants club and the hunter head from the thundertusk! the skin looks great aswell i wish i could take pictures as good as that!
@purplebeard-awesome as always! its cool to see you entering models ive never even seen before!
@azhagmorglum-those orks are amazing seriously one of the best orc skin tones i have seen! great work!
@dagabriel-love the detal on that sphinx the blue looks great and its ery neat and well done
@rutgar- i really like the natural scheme on these when will we see a stegadon? :P
@iamjack42-that prince looks great nice and neat and a good scheme! its going to look cool when its done
@kaos- that cannon has so much character! i love it!
@wreiro-4 aboms? 8 warmachines? i love it! cant wait to see more! especially the exalted vermin lord whos hiding in the background...
@shandowner- awesome looking dragon princes! love the old style figures!
@tekore-i love the owl and the wood detail especially the greyish claws! a unit of them would kick ass
@morglum necksnapper- awesome conversions and very orcy!
@thalenchar- liking the rat swarms they have always been one of my favourite kaven units! good work! lady clarissa is pretty awesome too! and i love the trolls the best!
@fabius bile-thats scrappy looks pretty cool how did you paint the rusty parts?
@avian- loving the savage orcs especially the white tattoos!
@gargobot- thats a nice scheme on the furies and its a nice contrast to the pink horrors
@gogs78-thats quite a scary looking battery of awesome bolt throwers you have there! i wouldnt like to be on the recieving end of those!
@guardsmenhawke-loving the banner and the armour :) they will look cool when formed into units
@doi-that banner is amaing love the freehand detail on it
@z4carlo-that engineer conversion guy is superb i love it! it all looks great
@andrewdrexler-great as always its cool to see a few units together in that scheme

Lord Dan
16-12-2011, 04:19
Another joker for me friends, but not without purpose! I spent the last month converting the rest of my army and everything is now undercoated. I'm currently halfway through 40 swordsmen, 30 free company, and have two characters about 90% done.

I'll drop by for comments tomorrow. Everything is looking great!

16-12-2011, 08:47
I'm going to count both armies as jokering this month too as I don't want to post really late again. Ogre's will be back next month with a post that's big enough to buy back both my jokers hopefully (300 points total post) but Dark Elves might bite the dust. I really like the Harpy conversions I've done but I've lost interest with the army itself at the moment. I might get motivated or they might strangely become rats....

colonel kane trine
16-12-2011, 10:19
Im the same with my tomb kings. I have alot of them painted and I dont want to buy anymore of them at the moment so there changing into horned hairy beastmen!

16-12-2011, 10:21
Some cool stuff going around here!

16-12-2011, 13:37
Oh dear, last to post again?



UNIT: 30 skink cohorts w/2krox and command, jungle swarm and one salamander


BUILD/CONVERSION: The 'krox' were originally my sallies but i won 8 of the godzilla cold ones so they got promoted, i think they look nice and scary.
You can see the temple 'road' effect on the sallies base, im hoping to use this on the temple guard i painted last month. Not quite sure if it looks ok.

Last picture is my saurus unit filler, which will be used as my EotG proxy until i finish its conversion. Im a bit dismayed that you dont see more LM conversions, hope you like it.

HIGHS: Getting a skink horde done and making movement trays for my main units - first game i played of WFB i took over 100 skinks and didnt bring any trays, my opponent wasnt impressed.

LOWS: I have another skink horde ready to paint....

NEXT MONTH: Will probs give myself a break from skinks, so sallies and maybe terradons.

16-12-2011, 13:41
Pictures being strange...

colonel kane trine
17-12-2011, 00:28
Heres a wip of gronts new allies

Graktar one-horns warherd is ready to bring down the lands of men!

My tomb kings are on hold and replaced with beastmen!

17-12-2011, 03:26
Hi guys! Sorry for this very late post AGAIN. Here's my Month 3 entry:

The Muster of Quenelles
2,000 points (Men)

MONTH 3 POINTS: 95 pts

UNIT: Damsel, Lore of Beasts Lvl 1, Prayer Icon of Quenelles: 95 points.

BACKGROUND/THEME: The standing army of the Dukedom of Quenelles. I love Bretonnians and this will be a showcase army for me. I will use blue and white for my army's colours, with green as an accent color. Being in the shadow of Athel Loren, I want to play with a connection to Elves-- although nothing explicit like conversions or count as models. I will do this by keeping my palette reminiscent of HE and WE armies and keeping a "clean" look throughout. (Quite a challenge for me, coming off from an all Night Gobbo Army).

BUILD/CONVERSION: For this month, I painted the Damsel with staff on foot straight from the box. In the future, she will be protected by my Men-at-Arms unit while giving them the Blessing of the Lady.

PAINTING: Cammo Green for her dress, with my standard blue for her cloak. Painted the rock on top of her staff as a chunk of amber (Amber Spear, anyone? :D). Also painted her gemstones as amber (Scorched Brown, Blazing Orange, Sunburst Yellow, Bleached Bone progression).

BASING: Sand painted with Graveyard Earth, drybrushed Fortress Grey, washed with Scorched Brown. Glued Static Grass in clumps to finish it off.

STILL TO DO: Will add a few embellishments to her cloak when I have time / inspiration. Missed painting the fur lining of her cloak as well.. Will paint it white now.

HIGHS: Finally getting this mini after longing for it for quite some time.

LOWS: Horrible picture-fu this month. Also, super busy with work so painting hours were few and far between. And, again, still very much behind on points. I'll decide whether to move down to Boys category after month 6.


Month 3 entry:




Army so far:


Cheers everyone!

Fabius Bile
17-12-2011, 14:35
@fabius bile-thats scrappy looks pretty cool how did you paint the rusty parts?

Thanks Col - I'm pretty pleased with it myself, though the gnoblars need finishing. To answer your question, I prime with Chaos Black Spray, then paint all the rust and wood parts Scorched Brown, then lightly stipple Vermin Brown over the metal parts, then mix 50/50 Blazing Orange/Vermin Brown and lightly stipple again. I then lightly drybrush a 75%Chainmail/25%Chaos Black mix over the top (though Boltgun Metal works just as well), and then finish with a slightly watered down Devlan Mud wash - I hope this helps!

17-12-2011, 17:19
Hello guys, here's my comments on the number ones:

Wreiro: That's a really good start on the skaven horde. Is there any chance of getting a closer look at that big guy in the background of the first picture? It looks really good.

Replies to others comments:
JackDaw: Thanks, I've never really liked the official blue colourscheme.

daismith906: Thanks

Perplexiti: Thanks, good luck with your lizardmen.

Purplebeard: Thanks, the bases represent a ruined temple city. In time I may do some matching terrain.

Colonel kane trine:I have two stegadons primed and ready, so they are on the way...

Only two people with a dice roll of 1... I'll try to post some more comments later, but now I'm going to watch the last Transformers movie with my wife :p

17-12-2011, 19:35

Rutgar: A fellow lizard player!:) I really like the bases on your models, could you give a closer look? Are they self made?

Weiro: Wow that is amazing, a tidal wave of pointy rat-things. I like that you have alot of artillery. I dont often see many of the catapults, makes me want to see you play a large siege game helms-deep style.

Doomscape: I really like both armies, the elves remind me of warmaster. Not sure why.
The daemons are great, the colour scheme works well.

17-12-2011, 20:44
Ok i wont be able to post this month but please dont count me out, i do intend on playing catch up :)

18-12-2011, 14:03
Hi everyone,

I'll comment on the 4's and some other stuff, as it seems a lot of people forgot to roll a die.

@ Laborious : good job on those ogres. the snow base is particularly well executed, and the painting on the ogres themselves is very good also. I like the banner sign, very subtle yet stunningly simple and great !

@ Jackdaw : i'm glad to see the progress of your army. Your choice of colours, your painting and the fluff are all great and enjoyable. Keep it up !

@ zark the damned : great unit, you seem to have quite masterized the use of yellow. Also great use of different models from different games to represent your characters. I like it all !
Ho, and it's nice to see a the heldenhammer with a different paint scheme.

@ confesor_atol : you didn't roll a 4, but I wanted to comment on your BSB conversion : simply excellent ! Very clever choice of bits (some that I didn't know of). And the painting is nice also, with a good standard

@ doomscape : I'm intrigued by that little red squig in the army picture. What does it represent? Your army looks great by the way. It's always nice to see lots of models painted and united by a theme.

@ avian : great work as usual, the savage orcs are shaping up nicely.

@ gargobot : it is the sculpts that are above all uninspired; whereas your painting is good and efficient. Keep it up !

@ andrewdrexler : your bases are really great, I said the same last month, but it's worth repeating it now. They look so real that they literally give life to your models. I can''t wait to see all those conversions painted also

That 's all for this batch of comments. Thanks to everyone who commented on my work also, it really helps to motivate me for latter work. I'll try to diversify my entries and paint some more monsters, but I haven't found the right colour scheme for them yet (trolls and giants mainly)

18-12-2011, 19:17
Hey all. My entry is 75% done, but I just can't seem to find the time to paint, so I'm going to use my second joker, and try to buy one back by finishing double for next month.

On the upside, I've decided what to do with the bases. They'll be snow and ice.

18-12-2011, 20:05
ok guys time for some comments.

colonel kane trine - I say it every month but I'm astouded by how much you manage to paint! Really like your mourfangs.
Laborious-Lovely lovely unit. I relly like your understated banner and you have done a fantastic job with the snow. Have you said how its done?
Kaltheras- The more I see of you minis the more I love them. The tzeentch guys armour is wonderful. The crew together look amazing!
JackDaw-Love the muted tones, its how DArk elves should look. The bases are very nice also.
Zark the Damned-Anyone painting yellow go's up in my estimation you have done a very good job with it too boot!
Confessor_Atol-That guy is bad ass! The group shot looks wonderful.
daismith906- The blue skin has totally swayed me you can now consider me a fan! The chaos guys look top of the range also.
Rikk- Anyone painting gobbos is up there in my estimation. Can't wait to see the spider.
Great horned owl - Nice piece the base look really well done and I love the mottled coats on the steeds
doomscape- OMG what an army in only 3 months! Hats off sir.
Zujara- Big fan of the old school fanatic, looking forward to more.
EmperorNorton- Super smooth painting, lovely weathering. Are you planning to do any more to the bases?
Purplebeard-Nice mix of old minis, nicely painted, brings back memories:)
azhagmorglum- Said it before and will say it again love the skintone. Wonderful orcs!
DAGabriel- Very nice blues you have acheived really pops!
Rutgar- Nice unit, you have done a great job on those bases especially.
iamjack42- Nice start, will look terrific when you have the griffon done also.
Kaos- Love the old school dwarfs some of the best metals GW has ever produced. In your hands it was always going to work out well!
wreiro- Massive collection!
Shandowner- Those princes really stand out. Like the group shot.
Tekore- Lovely scary dryad very nice indeed.
Morglum Necksnapper-Watch out fan boy inc! love these.
Thalenchar- Woah those eyes really add so much, can't believe I haven't seen them done like that before looks awesome.
Fabius Bile-Really like the weathering on the metals. The gobbos skin looks like a wash would help it along a bit.
Avian- Wasn't sure about the white tatts on your test model, but looks super cool en masse!

Only got time for 2 pages of comments at the moment guys will try my best to get the rest done asap.

@JackDaw-Thanks for the comment mate really helps to get stuff done!
@Cheers mate. Just noticed you live near me in sunny south wales :)
@perplexiti I'm in complete agreement with mantic minis, I've learned you should never by cheap minis as you will have no motivation to paint them. Spend a little more and get the models you like!
@Purplebeard and colonel kane trine cheers guys.

Keep up the painting everyone!!

19-12-2011, 05:54
Some comments:

Roostmanuva - love the bloody and gory Blood Knights. And impressive speed to quality painting ratio!

colonel kane trine - I'm still amazed by your ability to amass and paint that many minis in a month! Good job.

Laborious - Those boys look menacing. Love the smooth painting all over.

Kaltheras - Those minis were worth waiting for! Your metallics are very well done! Love the Tzeentch Sorcerer's skin and the Undivided Sorcerer's white robe.

JackDaw - Impressive as usual. Love the banner's colours!

Zark the Damned - Nice looking horde.

Confessor_Atol - Nice conversions. The army shot is looking pretty good already!

daismith906 - Blue ogres are pretty unique. What works for you is your impressively smooth painting! Also really like the very dark WOC Sorcerer! Colour choice is just brilliant!

Rikk - I think the Great Shaman looks menacing! Well, as menacing as a Goblin is permitted to be! Looking forward to see more of Waaagh! Riksmeg.

Great horned owl - Your HE has a somber feel to them, which I think is great! Nice bases, and great job on the horses.

doomscape - Another impressive speed painter! I like your unique HE colour scheme and the green flock / Lawn of War makes me smile. Demon army is looking a little Christmasy, but it red and green does make for a nice mix.

Zujara - That Fanatic is one adorable mini, until it destroys your heavy cavalry in one lucky round of movement. hahaha Fun minis. More!

EmperorNorton - Amazing painting quality. And the photography is pretty good too. My eyes are doing a happy dance.

Purplebeard - Love the old models and the purple beards amuse me. Looking forward to more.

azhagmorglum - Impressive painting quality! The battle damage on the red armour is very well done!

DAGabriel - Another unique colour scheme! It looks good, feels more alive than most Necrosphinxes out there.

Rutgar - I always liked green lizzies better than blue, so, good job there. hehe. Also like the slow and steady approach to painting.

iamjack42 - Green, white, and gold looks great for HE! Can't wait to see the gryphon painted!

Kaos - Your blue and gold is so rich and wonderful! I also love that burning stick! Always a treat to see anything new from you.

wreiro - Welcome to the Tale!

Shandowner - Those bases are so pretty to look at! Wish you showed an army shot though. I bet it looks impressive!

Tekore - I used to have a Level One Wizard with Cluster of Radiants, at 140 points, until I took an arrow in the knee...

Morglum Necksnapper - Characterful additions to your already swelling O&G collection of yurs. Good job!

Thalenchar - Good job on finishing those rats! And interesting army theme for your DoW!

Fabius Bile - Good-looking scraplauncher. I think the effort paid off..

Avian - Another incredibly smooth paint jobs! Sad about you losing interest in the Tale.. It would suck if you quit! I know what you mean about the posting style (as I feel the same way) but at least it gets people to finish more now!

Thalenchar - Damn! A THIRD army?? Anyway, love our take on the river Trolls! Are you watering down your paints? It looks really good!

Gargobot - Technically flawless! I love seeing your updates!

gogs78 - A combination of colour choice and smooth painting execution makes for one of my absolute favourite army here in this Tale! The White Lion's banner top looks awesome!!

GuardsmenHawke - I like your colour scheme! Show us an army shot next!

Doi - Very nice conversion! It looks like it was sculpted just like that! Looking forward to more!

z4carlo - Wow! Another great conversion! And the all-white look is very flattering on the engineer! hahaha The army blue and white is great as well!

andrewdrexler - Looking good! Quite intimidating looking at the army arranged in front of you like that! hehehe Can't wait to see paint on the rest of the models!

MOMUS - interesting conversions / count as models! Those old skinks also take me back to when I started WFB!

Saulot- Pick up the pace, SLACKER! hahaha

19-12-2011, 13:52
Afternoon everyone - some more comments on peoples stuff from me and some replies as well. Then some WiP pics.

Page 3
Gogs78 - very nice clean looking High Elves, kudos for the finish you got on the white

Guardsman Hawke - nice start on the elves, good to see red as an alternate colour

Doi - love that Bsb conversion man, absolutely love it. I'd totally thieve that idea if I hadn't already done mine.

Purplebeard - great work on the AoW dwarf lord, he looks ace so far.

Z4Carlo - great looking Empire - I'm considering Empire as my next army and minis like yours are making it more and more likely.

AndrewDrexler - quality work as always mate, your bases really make the models look good.

Page 4
Momus - not really a Lizardman fan, but great work you've done on them - the old cold one unit filler is a great idea.

Saulot - really nice work on a great model - can't wait to see you take on some Knights ;)

And replies to those kind enough to comment my stuff:

@ daismith906 - cheers fella, years of practice painting bone is starting to pay off now I've cracked the method
@ Perplexti - again, cheers mate, glad you like the colour scheme
@ Purplebeard - the basing was deceptively easy to be fair, I cheated and bought moulded plasticard sheets and cut them to shape. Nice to know the army still has the menacing Druchii look, even in bone armour
@ CKT - cheers mate :) They are growing nicely at the moment. Good to know the banner came out all right
@ Azhagmorglum - theres plenty to come mate, painting and fluff wise - thanks for the kind words.
@ Rootsmanuva - again thanks fella, its a massive boost to know people think my take on Druchii is fitting and that good.
@ Saulot - cheers mate, I was worried the banner wouldn't work.

And a few quick WiP pics - the Dark Riders are done and can be seen in my plog among with their background, so I'm currently working on my second mage, Nether Damoskien. So far, its just skin and armour done:


Cheers all, looking forward to seeing what else everyone gets up to.

colonel kane trine
19-12-2011, 14:38
Heres my wip for the next month so I may have to submit a prime/glue entry for january but I have these to do

Nurgle lord
Karanak- for bestigor unit filler
Box ungor
Box gor-going to make 2 shamans with these
Box spawn
Box boarboyz-for razorgor conversions

Not pictured
2 stonehorns
4 Box minos
Beast battalion
2 box bestigor
Box gor
Box ogre bulls-for maneater conversions

So as you can see I have alot to do!
If I glue and prime as much as I can and do 2 brayshaman conversions will that be ok for my entry on jan 1st?

colonel kane trine
19-12-2011, 21:36
Also heres the new scheme I decided to go with for graktars horde.
I had the old beasts of chaos book lying around and I decided I really liked the old studio scheme.
With a tiny bit of adapting I managed to work out an easy method for doing the skin that colour.
Im happy to have a scheme sorted finally

19-12-2011, 23:05
Damn you JackDaw! I don't need any more Sorceresses (I've got seven already) but now I need to steal that conversion of yours :p.


20-12-2011, 16:54
Haha my work here is done Doi! I won't mention that I'm probably gonna steal that bsb conversion of yours in return.......

colonel kane trine
20-12-2011, 18:54
I have to say guys the jabberslythe is a joy of a kit! Its awesome!
I just finished him and 2 razorgor conversions

21-12-2011, 23:02
Hey all,
After having a fantastic run the last two years, getting my Dogs of War (2k), Beastmen (3k) and High Elves (1k) painted, this Tale just hasn't been working out so well for me.
You'd think painting a few monsters and a few character models would be easy work! Well... it is to an extent! But I have been struggling to find the time and motivation to paint at the moment. I have barely done anything over the past two months due to work, and unfortunately it looks like January is going to be even worse.

So sadly, I am going to have to pull out of the Tale this year. Maybe I'll step back in after work calms down a bit and I can go back to my usual lunch break painting, but we'll see.
Good luck to everyone in the challenge, especially those painting horde armies with such large model counts!

colonel kane trine
22-12-2011, 11:33
Sorry to hear that works dragged you away from the tale!
Have a good xmas and see you when/if you rejoin

22-12-2011, 12:20
Hi all,

Comments time for page 1 (Wil try get comments for all pages by end of this week)

Roostmanuva - Great painted mini's, the bases work really well together to tie the army, looking forward to seeing more
colonel kane trine - Cool looking models, like the snowy bases, nice touch, that scraplauncher is v cool, seriously don't know how people find the time to get so much painted (I'm off work today as young un not well, so think will try to get a'rok finished)
Laborious - skin tone and red goes incredibly well together and snow theme is great!
colonel kane trine - v cool settra
Kaltheras - I've seen alot of these models being painted lately and most go for gold/silver, but the coppery/bronze look you've done is actually pretty cool, think I may try that on some of my plated mini's (Actually I'm going to have the get the Tzeentch sorceror for my daemons army)
Jackdaw - Cool DE, where did you get the bases from? or how did you make them? they look cool
Zark the Damned - Impressive unit, colls work really well together and that boat is great
Confessor_Atol - V nice Butcher, army looks great and that WIP battle standard is v v cool
daismith906 - omg, that Blue scheme works so well and the occasional red banner really helps make it stand out, blue tint to armour is something I've been wanting to do on my Black Orcs for a while, but wanted to see someone pull it off first, now I have I'm going to give it a go for mine in Jan
Great horned owl - great base, horses look good, esp the grey/white one
doomscape - again, I don't know how ppl find time to get so much painted in such a short time, looking v good, liking the army theme alot. Are you planning on putting any design/transfers on the shields?
doomscape - not seen green mixed with red khorne before, looks v good
Zujara - v nice, I like the older sytle fanatics
EmperorNorton - Ironguts painted v well, nice mixing of colours for the cloth and v nice weathering on weapons/armour

Comments for page 2

Purplebeard - V good painting as usual
Purplebeard - Gnomes, lol, always puts a smile on my face
azhagmorglum - I do v much like your painting style and the skin tone for the orcs is v good
DAGabriel - Nicley painted, I like the colour scheme
Rutgar - v nice, bases look good, have you got enough for rest of army? think will tie it all together v well
iamjack42 - coming along nicely, I know how you feel with lighting for photo's, I'm struggling to get a good set atm, there's lots of useful threads out there though, going to try get my hands on daylight bulbs later this week/after xmas
Kaos - Blue colour scheme works really well
wreiro - that's alot of mini's, wow, don't think I'll ever see that many for my OnG, looking forward to seeing the Plague monks.. and also that FW Rat daemon thingy
Shandowner - very like this theme alot, and that base for great eagle is v cool
Tekore - great looking unit, I like how you've added flock, wood, bits to base to keep a wood-ish theme to the army
Morglum Necksnapper - v interesting army coming along, v much liking the spidery theme
Thalenchar - that's alot you've got done in a month and looking good, well done (I really should stop watching movies and reading books and get on with more painting...)
Thalenchar - DoW coming along nicely
Fabius Bile - hehe v nice Scaplauncher, looks like it was a pleasure to build, I think most of what GW is producing these days is v cool, with plenty of options to customise which makes for fun and varying army looks/styles
Avian - warpaint v v good, I'm a bit nervous about starting my Sv orcs do to the fact I'll have to try warpaint :( really like how the wolves turned out, v nice looking force so far, that sail on pump wagon is v cool

22-12-2011, 13:12
Sneak peak of next month, what colour shall I paint my terradons...red?

22-12-2011, 18:39
Ok, sorry for the delay folks – work’s eating me alive. Here are some comments. Will probably have very little painted up for my demons this month, hopefully it’ll pick up in January.

Also, please put me down for 2000 points of dwarves Malorian.

Roostmanuva – Oh, loving the ethereal work! And the blood spatters on the shields (and all over the Blood Knights) is excellent, how’d you do that?
Colonel Kane Trine – The ogres look boss mate, nice and crisp and clean.
Laborious – think the red really brings them together – they look like they’re off to the pub. Nice to see a unit so cohesive.
Kaltheras – I find myself fascinated by how you did the eyeballs, both the regular eyes and the one on the sorcerer’s staff and belt. Not sure how I feel about the yellow basing yet.
Jackdaw – I am pleased to see them standing on the approved paving stones. :P Working on a test model that looks something like them currently; your stuff’s an inspiration as always.
Zark the damned – I love the look on Otto’s face! Just splendid mate. Love seeing Empire get some love.
Confessor_Atol – Oh dear - I too shall nick that BSB idea when I get around to my ogres. The army’s really coming together! Liking the basework as well.
Daismith906 – The blue on those ogres is marvelous – is the bruiser a conversion? The helmet makes it.
Rikk – but if it looks cool how can you not field it? It’s never steered me wrong yet, anyhow. I won a game once even! Love the skull and spider-work on this guy especial..
Great Horned Owl – I love the work you do on the horses, here. Your stuff will require further study on my part.
Zujara – Hooray for the old fanatics! I’ve got a mess of those to do. Love the way you shade their skin tone, always a hard part.
EmperorNorton – You’ve done fantastic work with their facial hair – and I’m loving the skin tone on these boyos.
Purplebeard – I’ve got a thane 9/10 of the way finished but I can’t figure out how you manage that lovely light purple tone. Send a beardling a hint if you get the time and don’t mind my mere decade of experience!
Azhag Morglum – love the red you’ve put on the armor – I think it works really well and is worth the time to do. Also squigs! I know they’re from last month but I’m still very fond of them.
DAGabriel – nice blending on the sphinx there mate!
Rutgar – The green on the lizardmen really makes them – that and the very nice flagstones with moss. They look ready to walk across the table and whup something…
Iamjack42 – Splendid work on the cloak indeed – shame about the lighting, take more pictures of him if you get a chance!
Kaos – oh, this model just arrived from Ebay – might steal the blue if you don’t mind?  They look fantastic!
Shandowner – I love love love the eagle. You’ve really sold that model. Like the brightness in your army too!
Tekore – she looks corkin’, love the owl especially – have to wonder who’s really in control of the situation here, the owl or the dryad?
Morglum Necksnapper – boy it’s a good thing I don’t have a problem with giant spiders – I’ll be over here in the corner – love the glistening look to the arachnids especially here!
Thalenchar – boy, they look like they just crawled out of the ground, don’t they? Splendid work, really nicely tied-together army.
Fabius Bile – Wow, very complex model, but you’ve certainly done it justice! How was it to put together?
Avian – The wolf-replacement on the goblin chariots – and are they boar chariot bodies? – is a stroke of genius. I may have to try that. Yes, looking much more like a force now than it has – cheering you on mate!
Thalenchar – The new river trolls are some of my favorites also – some of the best models GW has made in a while. They look sickly and dangerous, well done!
Gargobot – FUUUURIIIIESSSS – like how they look next to the horrors. Nice and…expendable.
Gogs78 – Man, those look clean and crisp. Wish I could manage that sort of work. Looking forward to seeing the White Lions finished up!
GuardsmanHawke – Wow, those look great! I hadn’t thought of using that colour red with my elves but now I might have to see if I can fit it in somewhere…
Doi – Sounds like I have some bitz shopping to do – that looks really, really wonderful. GW should take notes!
Z4carlo – Ponce Von Fofflebottom IV! (That’s his name in my army anyhow) – love seeing this model done up so well, you’ve really done him justice. Good use of lighter colours on the footmen too.
Andrewdrexler – The Eternal Guard turned out nicely, didn’t they? Very fae-ish (dangerous fae, not silly fae), just walking out of the woods to butcher some poor sod alive..

Whew! That’s it for me. So, at this point I’ll have ten horrors of Tzeentch done up in the traditional colours, and probably not much more for this month – oh, except the new dwarf army that came in an Ebay lot known at my flat, alternately, as “The Great Setback” and the “Damnit I’m Thirty And A Grown Man And Can Do As I Like” kit. Will see what gets done, work’s brutal. Ciao folks!

Also, Jackdaw, I live in the States currently - bit of a walk to your FLGS then, I'll wager? ;)

22-12-2011, 19:16
Well I'm pretty late, but here's my stuff!

Dawi : 2000 POINTS (MEN)

UNIT: 20 Miners with full command.


BUILD/CONVERSION: No conversion, these are of course the BfSP miners. Not the greatest sculpts in the world, but I now have two 20 strong regiments to pop up behind people! I used a classic metal miner for the prospecter though, I had a spare one floating around.

PAINTING: For the metal, chainmail, with a badab black wash then a chainmail drybrush, Tallern flesh with an ogryn flesh wash and a dwarf flesh drybrush. The gold was gryphonne sepia over chainmail and the same yellow as the rest of my throng.

BASING: Was done the same as the rest of the Dawi.

STILL TO DO: Nothing.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Again, I love the classic Dwarf stuff, and this minis no different. The only problem with him is fitting him in some regiments.





Army so far:


Next month: I’m not sure, with Xmas and the new year I may get nothing painted at all unfortunately.

22-12-2011, 19:16
Lizardmen : 2000 POINTS (Men)

UNIT: Slann Mage Priest


BUILD/CONVERSION: No conversion at all.

PAINTING: The palanquin was basecoated black, then fenris grey, and through some lighter greys that I can't remember. Gold is gryphonne sepia over chainmail.

BASING: Sand, painted black with a heavy vermin brown drybrush.

STILL TO DO: Just a eventual tidy up.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I don't know why, but this guy was a slog to do. I love the mini, but really struggled with the painting. I'll probably come back to him in the future to tidy him up.



Frog front:


Frog Back:


Army so far:


Next month: Probably make a start on my Saurus regiments, or maybe temple guard.

colonel kane trine
23-12-2011, 05:31
Heres my wip armyshot :p I ended up buying so much I got a free doombull+box of minos. Theres 6 boxes and 6 blisters that arent in that picture.

Liking everyones wip so far and thankyou for all the comments.

23-12-2011, 06:14
Right, so what are you going to paint next month then? :p


23-12-2011, 06:27
Not much to paint then, lol!

colonel kane trine
23-12-2011, 07:26
Haha nah hardly anything to paint il blast it all in a weekend :p

Atm im working on 10 gors and some minotaurs.
Ive done 37 tomb king archers and a tomb prince and the 9 ogres I posted earlier.
Im hoping to get abit done during the holidays as im off til 3rd jan now

23-12-2011, 09:30
Better late than never, eh?^^ I planned to finish the Mournfangs faster, but University, Skyrim and lots of details on the minis themselves kept me busy. Until now! So without further talk, I proudly present you...the Linebreakers!

Army: The Stormbreaker Tribe [Ogre Kingdoms]

Unit: The Linebreakers Ė 4 Mournfang Cavalry led into battle by Hagroth the Heavy

Build/Conversion: Straight out of the box. Awesome minis do not need conversion!

Still to do: Nothing. They are finally finished after around 10 hours of work per miniature!

Highs: Awesome miniatures with heaps of little details. A pleasure to paint. Endless conversion options with the remaining bitz!

Lows: Heaps of little details... I'm a slow painter so 100 little addition can distract me for quite some time, thus the late entry.

Points: 350 (4 Mournfang Cavalry with Heavy Armour, Ironfists, Musician and Standard Bearer with the Dragonhide Banner)
Together with the 643 from the last two month that makes a total of 993!

Next month: Golgfag. I need a BSB. Also working on the Thundertusk, so maybe you will see it instead.

Dice roll: 1

Actual Pictures:

Whole unit:
http://img825.imageshack.us/img825/5755/mournfangunit.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/825/mournfangunit.jpg/)

Hagrod the Heavy (the Crusher):
http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/2097/mournfangthunderlord2.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/265/mournfangthunderlord2.jpg/)

Standardbearer with Dragonhide Banner:
http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/5718/mournfangstandardbearer.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/256/mournfangstandardbearer.jpg/)

http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/7722/mournfangmusician2.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/88/mournfangmusician2.jpg/)

Lastly...the paints involved, damn the incredible amount of detail on those beauties! :D
http://img849.imageshack.us/img849/8753/coloursinvolved.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/849/coloursinvolved.jpg/)

I'll comment these days, otherwise Merry Christmas!


23-12-2011, 14:11
Heres my wip armyshot :p I ended up buying so much I got a free doombull+box of minos. Theres 6 boxes and 6 blisters that arent in that picture.

Liking everyones wip so far and thankyou for all the comments.

Bloody hell !
That little lot will keep you busy a few minutes............................

23-12-2011, 18:19
OK, i am back online! Seem to be the last one commenting so i will do everyone:

Page 1

@Roostmanuva: Cool painting and basing. Would have liked perhaps one more whitish highlight on the skeletons.

@ colonel kane trine: Lord, what do you do besides painting???? I stand awed.

@ Laborious: Meatballs on the rocks! Like those bases.

@ Kaltheras: I really like these sorcerors. This eye/gem is a winner. Only the nurgle sorcerer is not sick enough in my opinion.

@ Jack Daw: Nice additions to the army, a very “cold” style.

@ Zark the Damned: Nice and stylish, love Franz&Karl. Cool idea with that Pride of Averland.

@ Confessor_Atol: That is a bloody one! Don`t want to meet him (off the table).

@ daismith906: I like your metal painting. What is it about those ogres??? WoC is much more to my taste.

@ Rikk: I love him. Nice model, good painting!

@ Great horned owl: Nice painting, nice base, would have liked some more weathering on the wheels.

@ doomscape: I like those White Lions, effective color scheme. Tyrions horse is a little… suboptimal?
You seem to love those demons more, the painting there seems way better.

@ Zujara: Sweet tiny green ones.

@ EmperorNorton: Ogres look good, too bad with that joker, to much shoppin for x-mas presents?

Page 2

@Purplebeard: they look nice with that purple beards,where did you get that idea??? ;-) That Gnome wizard Bombadil looks nicebut a little glossy.

@ azhagmorglum: Nice orks, good painting. How about a background for those pics?

@ Rutgar: I am a fan of Lizardmen, i like the idea, i like the basing but i miss a highlighting or more highlights.

@ iamjack42: quite good as far as you came. Would have liked another(?) wash on that gold.

@ juicytomatoes: Noooooooo, not the TKs, everything else, but not them.

@ Kaos: Sweet cannon. Love that blue scheme, don`t really know why ;-)

@ wreiro: That are a lot of skaven, can`t say much about the painting, some close ups?

@ Shandowner: Great, it develops to one of my favorites.

@ Tekore: lovely, even if they are a little bit out of focus.

@ Morglum Necksnapper: Cool conversions, nicely themed army. Love your basing.

@ Thalenchar: Like the way the fur turned out, and your way seems to be productive.
Those trolls turned out very good, hope the bases will do them credit.

@ Fabius Bile: Lovely model, but with a snowy base I would have expected some snow on the launcher, too.

@ avian: excepting the way too clean chariot verly nice painting, the shaman is top notch.

Page 3

@ Gargobot: the chaos furies are well done, and I don`t think them uninspired. The concept with the dull colors will work.

@ gogs78: Nice and clean HElves The Lions are coming along very well.

@ GuardsmanHawke: The WIPs are cool. Like the inclusion of red into the clothing and the feathers of the rider.

@ Doi: I am so waiting for that lightbox!!!!!!!!!

@ Purplebeard: That rider is hilarious, well done! And I am already in love with that dwarf lord.

@ Z4carlo: I have to agree on the wood-problem. I like your painting, but I fear the bases are falling off against the minis.

@ andrewdrexler: speechless, love that WIP.

Page 4

@ MOMUS: I like Lizzies, perhaps I will add another boys contingent of them in the second half of the tale.

@ Saulot: Nice damsel, and the pics aren`t that bad. Only a little small.

@ perplexity: Very natural looking Slann, love it. Only the base could need some more work.

Page 6

@ Morkash: Ogres? More of them? Noooo. Ok, let`s stop trying to be funny. Nice scheme, nice bases, what do we want more.

@ all commenting: THX for the positive comments on that sphinx, hope the ssc coming next will be up to expectations.

23-12-2011, 20:10

@JackDaw: '" His 'tache is full of win " - I like that. The sulpts are really enjoyable to paint - they are available from White Knight at his site ' White Knight's Miniature Imperium ' . They are sculpted by John Pickford, and are multi-part models, with interchangeable heads, weapon arms, etc. I like them because they are a bit 'cartoony', but not too much. And there are more Dwarves/Gnomes on ponies - I have just assembled a Gnome Cleric/Warlord (counts as Warrior Priest or Knight Grandmaster) today. I actually have enough now to field a small all-mounted army (about 25). Before you ask - I don't even know why. It just happened. :p

P.S. I am very much looking forward to the Lelith Hesperax conversion.

@daismith906: Thank you. I like a lot of the old models. It can be a challenge as some of them lack detail, but I think a decent paintjob can make any figure more attractive.

@perplexiti: Cheers! You are powering through your Dwarves and that's great. I've got some catching up to do. My current thinking is to go for the 'low-lying fruit' - all the half-done and semi-finished things, the point sinks (Lords!) and artillery. In fact, I've seen that Foundry has a sale on and they have some nice stonethrowers and cannons, so you might be seeing a few of those from me in the next couple of months :D

@colonel kane trine: Thanks. Some of them are pretty old, but its not really deliberate. I just like the idea of all the Dwarves as separate characters in themselves, and I think that armies look better when the units are either fully monopose, or fully mixed. I just go for maximum variety and stuff I like. Glad you like them ;)

BTW you are doing amazingly well at getting through the Beastmen and the Tomb Kings. I looked at the pic with all the new boxes and thought, that if anybody can tackle that mountain, CKT is the man!

I am really looking forward to the Jabberslythe.

@Roostmanuva: Thanks. Glad to rekindle some.

@Saulot: I'm happy that they do.

@Rikk: Thank you.

@doomscape: My painting is just layering - dark to light from a black undercoat. So I might do 3 or 4 coats of lighter shades for a beard on a normal trooper, starting with an all-over basecoat (say dark purple), then a couple of progressively lighter drybrushes (so maybe mid-purples). After that one or 2 layers of hand-painted highlights (eg. light purple, pink, pinky-white in some cases). That's it. For characters I might do a couple more layers, but just the same really. I'm not that old BTW - I'm still only a tender 20-something!

@DAGabriel: The idea came from way back - there is an old pic of a Dwarf miner in some GW artwork with what appears to be a very faintly purple-tinted beard. I figured that since the game was 'fantasy', maybe Dwarves weren't bound to have the standard hair colours and merrily started adding purples, blues, greeens, and what-not to my figures.

Hmm - I don't know why Bombadil came out like that - I used good varnish (ronseal). Maybe I didn't stir it properly. At least he didn't suffer the fate of my White Dwarf the other month - I got an 'alternative' matt varnish and he came out shining like a jewel! Thanfully I took photos beforehand. I've also given him a coat of matt on top, and that seems to have dulled the effect a bit. The lord is now done btw, save for a suitably imposing base.

Well, that's me done folks. Hope you all get some great painting time (and eating and maybe drinking time) over the next few days. See you in the new year!

colonel kane trine
23-12-2011, 21:12
Thanks im looking forward to painting the jabberslythe but im not sure how im going to paint it yet.
I want it to be brown and camouflaged but dont want to put any paint near it until im 100% sure how im painting it.

Gors will be the 1st thing so the jabber might be a few months away yet but I am itching to get it done.

Just got the mountain of sprue and glue induced comas to get past first :p

colonel kane trine
23-12-2011, 21:20
Totally forgot about this and my weird phone internet wont let me add a pic to a post thats already posted!

Theres a size comparison of the new cygor/ghorgon kit.

I still have the 2nd one of them to glue!

Its a beast!

25-12-2011, 12:39
Some more comments:

MOMUS: I like your skinks, they look good.

Morkash: I really like those Ogres.

Replies to comments:
@ MOMUS: The bases are selfmade, plasticard and the lizardmen glyphs from GW. I'll see if I can't get some better pictures of them at a later date.

@Roostmanuva, Saulot: Thanks.

@ Rikk: My lizardmen are supposed to defend an ancient temple city, so I have already made similiar bases for the temple guard. I have another unit of saurus warriors which I had planned to do with jungle bases, but I may rethink that.

@ doomscape: Thanks, one can of whup-ass coming up :D

@ DAGabriel: I'll have to see about some more highlights, personally I'm quite happy with them.

Merry christmas everyone.

27-12-2011, 09:53
Hi, sorry I haven’t commented as of yet so here you go.

Firstly thanks very much to everyone who commented on my army so far. Yes there are a lot and I really should paint the FW Vermin Lord but I would like to do more slaves first.

@Roostmanuva: Great idea using the Chaos Knights as Blood Knights. The head swaps make them look very vampiric.
@ colonel kane trine: Wow that is a lot of great painting going on there.
@ Laborious: Those Ogres are great. I really like the striking red colour scheme on the snow bases.
@ Kaltheras: Those characters are all awesome I need to get round to painting mine.
@ JackDaw: The Dark Elves are great. The black lion unit filler is awesome and I like how you have tied it into the banner.
@ Zark the Damned: Love the dogs of war. The paymaster is great with his body guard!
@ Confessor_Atol: Love the Ogres especially the Beast butcher holding the heart conversion.
@ daismith906: I really like both of your armies. They are looking fantastic.
@ Rikk: Goblin looking great. Will there be a big spider making an appearance?
@ Great horned owl: The detailed base really adds to this great looking model. Great looking horses love the mottled effect. I hate painting horses!
@ doomscape: That is a lot of High Elves. Well done for sticking with it. Love the bright Khornate daemons.
@ Zujara: Gobbos rule. Love the old school fanatic!
@ EmperorNorton: Great Ogres. Really like the rust effects.
@ Purplebeard: Dwarves and Gnome are cool!
@ azhagmorglum: Love the Orcs. Like how you have incorporated the brown into the skin tone.
@ DAGabriel: TK Sphinx is an awesome figure nice to see a different colour scheme for it, the blue stone really works well.
@ Rutgar: Saurus are looking great. Love the old stone stabs on their bases.
@ iamjack42: Great job on the rider. Looking forward to seeing his mount finished too.
@ Kaos: Looking good. Dwarves can never have too many cannon!
@ Shandowner: Love the High Elves. I really like the way you have got movement trays to match the bases.

Sorry to those of you I haven't got though.Time has just run away from me.

My painting is all finsihed for this month. No WIP pictures though I am afraid.


27-12-2011, 13:16
Ok, so this is my second set of jokers...

I'm not out of it yet though!

27-12-2011, 17:37
Alright, so after the semester, I've had to gear up for Christmas, search for a new computer as mine died in the middle of finals, and spend lots and lots of time with the family, there has been very little time to put to modelling..
I have though, been painting here and there, but I'm behind. Before I head back to school on Jan 17, I want to be done with the savage orcs in my list, but I'll get a post up of what I've done so far soon so that maybe, just maybe I won't have to play another joker!
thanks guys!

Morglum Necksnapper
27-12-2011, 17:55
Hang in there dwarfhold13, you'll soon have time to finish those wonderfull savages of yours. Today was only the second day this month I could find some time to paint. It really sucks when other things besides painting cost so much time. I will post comments before the end of the year.

Morglum Necksnapper
28-12-2011, 10:51
Comments for the ones with diceroll 2:

Very cool armour on the ogres and the snowbases are great.

Goblin shaman is very nice, will you put him on an Aachnarok spider?

Great horned owl
Fantastic chariotmodel, the basing and skin on the white horse is wonderful. The huge unit White Lions are great as well.

That's a good start.

Am looking forward seeing the griffon. The model looks promising so far.

gritty painting and evil yellow eys, these Skaven look the part. This is going to be a wonderfull army!

Fabius Bile
The rust and bone looks great. In my opinion the gnoblars could use a shading on the skin.

The savage orcs look manacing. The bonecolor is spot on. That is going to be a great unit. Using chaoshounds for the chariot is a nice touch.

Striking wood elves, my compiments for your patience, adding the bowstrings
I very much look forward seeing your warhawks develop. Great movement trays for your skirmirsing troops aswell.

29-12-2011, 17:52
Just finnished painting my valkia the bloody model and thought id try quick shade to see if it can bring out the details more, and i messed up the whole model :( it looked really bad and the model broke when i was shaking the dip off of it so ive just dropped it in a bottle of acidtone. Any advise for using quickshade or stripping models from anyone has thats a weeks work gone and dont want that to happen again :(

W.H. Painting Studios
30-12-2011, 07:31
All the models look really good this thread is a great inspiration, thanks

Great horned owl
30-12-2011, 21:43
Comments for everyone. And I wish you all a happy New Year's Eve. Be carefull with the firecrackers, you need your fingers and eyes to paint your miniatures.

@Roostmanuva: why donít you like the skellies? They seem all right to me.
@colonel kane trine: Over 23K points? My house would not be big enough for that. Are you going to paint the beastmen at the same speed as your tomb kings?
@Laborious: Your metal is great. But maybe the ogres look a little clean?
@Kaltheras: I like the teeth of the undivided sorcerer. They make him look a bit like a skaven. The rust on the axe is great.
@JackDaw: the lions and armour fit nicely together. The faces are a bit too pale for my taste. They look a bit to much like undead to me.
@Zark the Damned: I think Ulli and Marquand look great as bodyguards. Very character full.
@Conferssor_Atol: You made the blood very realistic, with the little spatters all over.
@daismith906: I like the blue skin tone and the gutplate of the bruiser.
@Rikk: I hate spiders, but this is a nice model. I agree, more fitting for a diorama.
@Doomscape (elves): It is strange to see a high elf army in green clothes. But I like it. The background story is very funny, please write more.
@Doomscape (demons): I like the old skool flesh hounds and their red/green colours.
@Zujara: fanatics are always fun. Good job on the teeth of the skulker, makes him look meaner.
@EmperorNorton (ogres): I must admit that your firebelly last month was perfect. But these are also very nice. No need to hide them in the back row.
@Purplebeard (Dwarves etc): How many points of dwarfs and gnomes do you have in total? Great OOP models. Do you hunt for them on ebay? The paintjob on the pony is great. But I would have given him a matt varnish.
@azhagmorglum: congratulations with your first finished unit. Well done.
@DAGabriel: Nice contrast between the weathered metals and the bright blue and orange and yellow.
@Rutgar: Iím looking forward to seeing the standard bearer, will it be a snake icon?
@iamjack42: good job on the prince, I am looking forward to see the griffon.
@Kaos: Congratulations on getting your mojo back. It shows, great dwarfs.
@wreiro: That is a lot of rats, maybe next time a few close up pictures?
@Shandowner: I like your eagle, maybe I will do mine in month 5 or 6.
@Tekore: Nice wraith. Can you aim the focus of the camera on the models face next time please? That is the detail people want to see most.
@Morglum Necksnapper: I hate spiders, but I like snotlings. And your bases are very good.
PS thanks for the compliment on my chariot, but the white lions are not mine. So this compliment is for Doomscape.
@Talenchar (skaven): Good job. I like the red accents. Snow will make the models stand out from the bases.
@Talenchar (empire): The story of the Bang Bang brothers is very funny. The models are great. Maybe you could add a little soot to the face mask.
@Fabius Bile: great job. And I think you are right, a lot of work for only 130 points.
@Avian: I think your savage orcs are top. Great war paint, especially the face on the left one.
@Talenchar (chaos): Good trolls. I would go for knights if I were you, horses are fun to paint.
@Gargobot: I think it is more difficult to get depth and contrast if you use only one colour. Good job!
@gogs78: Nice and clean paint job. I like the wood grain.
@GuardsmenHawke: more high elves, great. Nice paintjob, and I like the bases. Too bad that the pictures of the white lions are out of focus.
@Doi (dark elves): The best conversions are when they donít look like one. You have managed that, congratulations.
@Purplebeard: Iím looking forward to the sorcerer with rainbow hair and butterfly wings.
@Z4carlo: I agree, your engineer is top. I have also put my elf bolt thrower on a round base, and it looks better that way. Nice clean paintjob on your troopers.
@andrewdrexler: the new models blend in nicely with the others, I didnít notice the difference in the bases. The tree base for your eagle looks great. Is there a chance we might get the bowstring tutorial in the next two or three months? I have got my archers planned in April or May.
@MOMUS: the camera washed away the depth and highlights of your colours. Thatís a shame, because I like bright coloured lizardmen. I like the bases. Good bases always add so much character to an army.
@Saulot: great job on the damsel. The hair looks very natural. Thanks for the amber recipe. I think I will use that on the gemstones of one of my elf units.
@perplexiti (dwarfs): the newer models are not always better. I like the classic dwarfs. Which clan uses this yellowish colour? It is a nice change from the reds and blues.
@perplexiti (lizardmen): your metals are top. I like brighter lizardmen, but that just personal taste.
@Morkash: You have done a great paintjob, I can see the amount of work you have put into it. But I donít like the mournfang models. The ogres look strange so high on top of these beasts, as if they can fall off if the beast jumps or sprints.

colonel kane trine
30-12-2011, 21:52
Im not going to paint them as fast as my tomb kings. Im doing lods of things at the moment so cant dedicate all my time to one army.
Altogether I own 30k points I think

31-12-2011, 11:55
Great horned owl: Thank you! :) I agree with the position of the saddle, there is indeed room for improvement. I would've changed it, but it is molded on the back and would require loads of work to change (plus I'm not that good with GS either)

Colonel Kane Trine: So you're only painting 1000 points per month? ;) Nah, fun aside...you got a nice army there, loads of Gors and Minotaurs. I look forward to see the Jabberslythe and the other big gribblies!

Lastly, I wish you a "Guten Rutsch!" into the new year, and see you again soon! :)

colonel kane trine
31-12-2011, 12:24
:-P going to stick to under 400 points a month for my beasts
My ogres are nearly done too theres a list in my beastly alliance plog

31-12-2011, 17:30
Hey, great work everyone this month!

Sorry its so late but here are my comments...

Page 1
Roostmanuva - Love the ethereal green on the skellies, the knights are great too - very bloody.
colonel kane trine - So much great stuff dont know how you get through so much.
Laborious - Very nice ogres, love the bases realy brings it together.
Kaltheras - Awsome characters I particularly like the Nurgle lord myself.
JackDaw - Beutiful and clean unit the bone armour is great.
Zark the Damned - Very characterful unit and a well thought out paymaster conversion.
Confessor_Atol - Great Bucher the blood looks realy gruesome and realistic.
daismith906 - very clean and i love the icy look on the bases much more crystal than most snow bases.
Rikk - Great shaman nice colours all round.
Great horned owl - I think you have those horses spot on, the mottled colour is very subtle but looks great.
doomscape - wow thats ALOT of work kudos on that! both the elves and demons are looking great.
Zujara - Great minis love the old fanatic especially.
EmperorNorton - More clean and great looking ogres! The champs ginger beard realy jumps out at me.

Page 2
Purplebeard - Great vintage minitures there the varied colour schemes on each mini make them all realy stand out.
azhagmorglum - realy like the dull green skin tone you have used for the orc boys, makes the black orcs realy stand out.
DAGabriel - Very deep bronze colour you have there.
Rutgar - Like the green colour for the lizzies and the bases are great.
iamjack42 - prince is great hope the griffon has come out good too.
Kaos - The cannon is great and the blue is realy stong nice work.
wreiro - Wow lots of models there whats painted looks great.
Shandowner - Wow those dragon prices are so vibrant yet clean and smart.
Tekore - Great natural tones throughout.
Morglum Necksnapper - Great snotlings so much fun character to them!
Thalenchar - Lots of minis great work keep up the pace with the skaven. The Dogs of war are very fun and well thought out.
Fabius Bile - Scraplauncher looks great, I allways resent so much painting for so few points myself.
Avian - Savage Orc tatoos look great very nicely done.

Page 3
Thalenchar - Great Trolls, these realy make me want to give those models ago myself the 2 green tones go together perfectly.
Gargobot - I have 5 of those furies sitting on my desk atm myself! Youve done them very nicely.
gogs78 - very nice and clean as HE should be, like the flesh tone specifically.
GuardsmenHawke - great work on everything like the swordmaster banner the most.
Doi - Great conversion model looks realy large and will defo stand out.
andrewdrexler - Beutiful the colours look so natural and the bases are some of the best ive ever seen.

And the late commers :)
MOMUS - Very nice, i realy like that skink great idea.
Saulot - Great Damsel the blue cloak is great.
perplexiti - Miners look realy drak and grimmy then the yellow just pops out at you, brilliant. Great slann too.
Morkas - More great ogres very nice unit, sorry tired of commenting on ogres now!

As for my painting thos month not much has happened unfortunately due to much travelling to see family ect over chrimbo, hope others have gottn on better, i will be jokering jan :/

03-01-2012, 10:19
Hey Malorian, I am going to drop my Dark Elves as I've completely lost inspiration for them at the moment. I am planning to do a mega post this month (300 points) to make up for my two jokers and I might even move my OK up to 1500/2000 points if I can make up some more points next month but at the moment the weather is so bad I can't spray anything to actually paint it which is incredibly frustrating. Means this month might just be a giant building month ready for an epic paint fest next!

04-01-2012, 23:24
Hey Malorian, I am going to drop my Dark Elves as I've completely lost inspiration for them at the moment.

Braad is the table master. I just post up the threads and boss people around ;)

05-01-2012, 20:04
Indeed. I command an army of tables.

06-01-2012, 05:14
I know there is another post for the new month, but in order to keep it clean, I'll post my pre update here.
I've actually gotten a little done since my computer crashed, I just don't want to start dumping pictures on my buds computer..
I have just about finished wurrzag and a bolt thrower, and i've been working on my pump wagon, and gorks foot (template model).. and i've got allll my savages in front of me for the next month or so..
i'll snap pics when i get my new motherboard in for my laptop... this might be a first!

08-01-2012, 17:31
Thanks for the comments guys.

@Great Horned Owl: Thanks man, I'm not sure which clan has yellow, although an old editor of white dwarf had a Karak Norn throng that was yellow and black. I only did that as it's the colour of the local rugby team I support, the wellington Lions!